Mayview Madness 5K

Last Saturday I ran in the Mayview Madness 5K in Blowing Rock, NC.

It was one of the toughest races I’ve run, but also one of the most beautiful courses I’ve seen.

Take a look at that climb. The first 2 miles was uphill. Made me glad I didn’t check the race course before running (: But let’s back up some.

Saturday morning was cool and in the lower 60s, basically perfect running weather. I got my start times a little mixed up (I was super prepared for this race if you couldn’t tell), so after picking up my chip I got to watch the kid’s 1-mile run, I usually miss out on the kid’s run in most races so it was fun to watch one! Those kids are awesome, you could not have paid me enough to run a mile at that age. I think they all ran faster than me too, which is a little sad.

The 5K kicked off at 8:30 and I immediately wanted to give up. The course had a short deceptive downhill start before starting the 2 mile climb uphill. Ouch. I’ve been doing a terrible job of running the past couple months, I can probably count on one hand the number of runs I’ve been on since August. Not even an exaggeration. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it all the way through the run, but I was determined to try.

Mission accomplished.

I did have one gorgeous course to distract me though. The course wound it’s way through Blowing Rock (a tiny ritzy little town filled with rich retirees and HUGE mountain houses). Past lots of ginormous mountain houses and beautiful views of the mountains. I wish I ran with a cellphone or a camera so I could have snapped a picture

Just picture something along those lines. Gorgeous right?

Well I huffed and puffed my way uphill, and pretty much wanted to jump for joy when I saw the course take a downhill turn, except I didn’t have the energy for that. After the first part of the course I felt like I literally coasted the last mile to the finish line. Not a bad way to end a race.

And I finished in 31:55! Not fast, but given the course and my general lack of running lately, I’m dang proud of it.

At the finish line I was greeted with a table full of Stick Boy baked goodies and Bald Guy Brew Coffee. I couldn’t resist the Stick Boy spread of free cookies, scones and cinnamon rolls, but I was good and stuck to half a cranberry white chocolate pecan cookie because I was trying to be nice to my tummy. And you better believe I got my fair share of Bald Guy coffee (after hydrating with water first!). Free delicious coffee and baked goods? I think more races should follow suit (:

Overall it was a tough race, but I really enjoyed myself and I’m proud of how I finished! I don’t know if this is a race I’ll be able to do again (because I’m graduating this yearrr!!!), but if I get the chance I definitely would!






Before I show you my eats, I have a fun story to tell you.

Today I passed out while saving three lives. That’s right. It sounds dramatic but really I just gave blood for the first time (did you know one pint of blood could save the lives of three different people? That’s why you should go donate!).

My school does the biggest blood drive in the country (1,255 pints last year!) and I decided I really wanted to donate this year, even though I find needles pretty terrifying. I have O- blood which is an even bigger reason why I should donate, so I decided to suck up my fear and I signed up for a donation appointment, I figured the worst that could happen was that I could pass out. Well…

I went through all the pre-screenings fine (the nurse was even super impressed with my iron levels, she said it was the highest she’d seen all day! Who says vegetarians don’t get enough iron?), and I felt totally find through the whole donation process. I stood up, took a couple of steps and the room started to spin, I sat done and the next thing I know there’s a huge bald guy waking me up and wheeling me off to a curtained off sections with all the other fainters. I’ve never fainted before, or even come close, so this was quite the experience.

And of course all the other fainters were good after 10 minutes. I had to hang out for a good 40 minutes before I could even stand up. That would happen to me. At least I got to spend an hour eating hot Pop-tarts (I can’t even tell you the last time I ate a pop-tart! I thoroughly enjoyed it) and wrapped up in a shiny silver blanket. Pop-tarts mark great medicine, doctors should start prescribing them (though I’m sure my stomach didn’t appreciate it). The nurse also gave me a recipe for liver stir-fry, because apparently it’s good to eat before giving blood, not that it helps me much. Then I had to go take an exam, yeah, that was fun.

Okay back to the food:

I’m still really bad about remember to take pictures of my food, so… sorry.


Peanut butter oatmeal, 2 eggs over easy and some unsweetened Baker’s chocolate. Typical. FYI it is totally okay to eat unsweetened chocolate for breakfast because it has no sugar in it. The best days are the ones where chocolate is consumed before 9am. Just saying.

11:00 am

I had cut up chunks of sweet potato and a golden delicious apple, which you’ll have to imagine because I didn’t take pictures of it. Whoops.

2:00 pm

An Earnest Eats Choco Peanut Butter bar. I’ve never tried on of these before but holy cow it was delicious. It was one of those snacks I never wanted end.


I had some pepitas because my stomach would not stop rumbling. The guy I sit next to must think I never stop eating because I always eat at least one snack (but usually two) before the class is over.

What can I say? I don’t get a lunch time on Tuesdays. And I didn’t eat the whole jar, I stashed a small container in my book bag.

5:00 pm

I had an entrepreneurship exam to study for, so I set up shop in the campus coffee shop:

It was en effective set up, especially the coffee.


I went to the gym for some weights after finishing up my studying and bought a hard-boiled egg to hold me over on the drive home.

Check out that sweet App Card in the corner.


I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home for a few things and spent too long looking at fall decorations.

I picked up a few things for the rest of the week. I ran out of peanut butter Tuesday morning and was not about to wake up today without any. And typically I really hate Wal-Mart and try to avoid going, but I do have to give them props for being the first grocery store I’ve been to in town with PUMPKIN. I was a little bit excited about it.

For dinner (does it even count as dinner when it’s 10 o’clock at night?) I heated up my latest crock pot creations.

Tofu, chopped eggplant, bell pepper and onions, Trader Joe’s curry sauce, coconut milk and veggie stock. Hit the spot.

Afterwards I realized I needed some more veggies in my life so I roasted up some green beans and tomatoes.

With a side of brown spicy mustard, which I’ve been eating like it’s my job lately.

And a side of cantaloupe while they roasted away in the over.

I love that you can see where I was gripping on to the slice for dear life while I cut the rind off. I was not going to drop it.

And I had another apple with a cup of coffee before going to bed (the sign of a true addict I think), but you’ll have to use your imagination again because a picture didn’t happen.

Have you ever passed out?

Have you ever donated blood?

Rough Ridge

Sunday afternoon I headed out with my roommates for a beautiful afternoon hike. Gotta take advantage of the beautiful fall weather while it lasts. And enjoy the Parkway before all the Floridians come and clog it up. I’m talking to you leaf-lookers.

We decided to tackle the Rough Ridge Trail just off the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile marker 302.5 if you’re interested!). Rough Ridge is one of my trails. It’s difficult, but fairly short, so you’re not dead by the time you reach the top.

And the view are AMAZING.

The hike begins with a small bridge over a waterfall.

Not a shabby way to start a hike.

The trail to the top is completely uphill and a little rough, hence the name. But it’s one of those hikes that looks far more intimidating than it really is. The trail is covered in large rocks which are kind of like stairs all the way to the top, which makes things pretty navigable.

About a third of the way in you reach a boardwalk which leads you out onto some large rocks. Oh yeah, and this view:

I spy an old man mountain, which is actually Table Rock Mountain. It looks so close but it’s actually two counties away, it’s amazing how far you can see. Apparently on a really clear day you can see all the way to Charlotte. Which is a 2 hour drive on the interstate from where we were.

This rock reminded me of the Lion King (:

The road is level with the parking lot you start at, and we’re not even halfway to the top yet!

After a quick photo break we continued our way up the trail. There’s a second amazing overlook about 2/3 of the way to the top, this overlook was much less crowded than the one closer to the bottom (apparently we weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the beautiful weather) so we took a moment to soak it all in.

Roommates! Minus one who was being responsible and doing homework.

We peeled ourselves away from the beautiful views and headed the rest of the way up the trails. Even though there are so beautiful stops along the way to the top, making it to the top is so worth it. Plus you feel pretty awesome when you look down and see how far up you are from where you started. You end up climbing about 480 ft from the start of the trail.

What’s up mountains?

They’re definitely called the Blue Ridge Mountains for a reason. Fun fact: the mountains are blue because the trees release hydrocarbons into the air which causes a bluish haze to form around them. You learn something new everyday. I love the blue, it makes the mountains looks like an ocean.

That’s small looking bridge is actually the Grandfather Mountain swinging bridge, which is in the next county over.

Fuzzy caterpillar! This was as close as I could get with my zoom lens.

We eventually worked our way back down the trail, which is about twice as fast as walking up and headed back to Boone. I need to come back when the leaves start to change, I can’t even imagine how amazing the views will look. If I can make it past all the Floridians that is (no offense to Floridians, we just get a lot of tourists this time of year because we have actual seasons, and I’m just lucky to live in a really beautiful area. But really, drive the speed limit).

To say I’m a little sad it’s Monday is an understatement. My weekend was fantastic and I did not want it to end, and to top it off my Monday was kicked off with a test. Fun stuff. Back to the weekend!


I was late to my Friday class but my professor was late-er, best way to start the weekend. After class I went to a 45-minute spin class, which is the perfect length for a spin class because it’s long enough to get super-sweaty but not long enough that you are dead at the end. I also lifted some weights, gotta work on those guns.

Chobani and blog reading makes for the best recovery meal. Also sitting in the student union while you’re still super sweaty and kind of smelly (the gym is on the top floor of the student union). No shame.

Friday night my roommates and I made a late night fro yo run. It was glorious. It had been a month since I had fro yo. Major life problems right there.

Tart, peanut butter(!) and coffee flavored fro yo (the trifecta of amazing flavors) with raspberries, chocolate chips, peanut butter drizzle and Reeses cups. De-freaking-licious. I could have eaten like 3 more cups worth. Luckily I didn’t.

We made a quick run to the grocery store next door because one of my roommates needed to pick up some body wash and some how I left with this:

A box of Bakers chocolate and a bottle of Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale. I think the cashier was judging me a little bit. The pumpkin ale was super delicious and I was excited that Food Lion sells single bottles of beer because I’m incapable of drinking a whole six pack, it’s sad.


Saturday started off bright and early with the Mayview Madness 5K

Look at that sneaky foam roller in the background.

The run was a ton of fun, but the first half was uphill and I’m still sore from it. Recap coming sometime in the next couple of days, pinky swear.

After my race I headed straight to the farmer’s market. Apparently I have no problem with public sweaty-ness/smelly-ness. I left with lots of delicious produce for the rest of the week. The farmer’s market is always the highlight of my weekend, I’ll probably break down in tears next month when it closes.

Saturday night my friends and I got together for a potluck/spa/girls night. We’re bad at pinning down specific plans, if you couldn’t tell. I got to break in my crock pot with a vegetarian chili.

Well I called it chili but it was really a find-what-you-can-in-my-sparse-apartment-cabinets-and-throw-it-in-the-crock-pot, but that’s a pretty long name. I used a can of chickpeas, black beans, corn and diced tomatoes, a chopped onion, green lentils, a diced poblano pepper, veggie stock and water with some pepper and garlic. It could have used more seasoning but the only seasonings I own at the moment are black pepper and cinnamon. College problems. My friends like it though and ate the entire crock pot’s worth so I’ll take it.

We also had green bean casserole, corn bread muffins, cheesecake and my roommate brought mojito mix. It was quite the spread.

We played Quelf, which if you’ve never played you totally should because it’s hilarious.


It involves things like singing, square dancing, story-writing, and hiding the box the game came in under your shirt. You know, typical board game stuff.

Then we made facials out of avocados, coconut oil and honey and painted our nails. Then learned how to wobble. I love pretending like I’m still 14, and now my nails are teal! Big deal since I haven’t painted my nails in like a year, I’m too antsy to wait for them to dry.

It was such a fun night, sometimes you just need some hardcore girl time.


The weather on Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, so my roommates and I headed out for a hike that afternoon. My legs were pretty dead from Saturday’s 5K but the views were so worth it.

But a better recap of that is coming soon too. Man, I owe you guys lots of posts.

And now it’s Monday and that sucks a little bit (actually a lot a bit), how long til Friday?


What’s you’re favorite crock pot meal? I’m hooked on it. It’s my new favorite kitchen appliance, especially now that it’s starting to get a little chilly outside!

Do you like hiking?








Scenes from the Watauga Farmer’s Market (9/22)




 Watauga County Farmer’s Market:























The biggest bunny EVER. Bigger than any cat I’ve ever owned and he could have been mine for the small price of $450.


Fluffy chicken.

My Haul:

Spaghetti squash and acorn squash (for $1!)


Free-range organic eggs, bell peppers (3/$1!) and tomatoes

Best apples ever. Golden delicious, stark delicious and Jonah Golds.

I love all the fresh, delicious, local food I can get for only $15. You can’t beat the farmer’s market!




Mayview Madness 5K!

Mayview Madness 5K!

It was tough but I finished! Recap soon!

“I Think the Oven’s on Fire”

First things first:

I GOT PEANUT BUTTER! I went a whole 36 hours without peanut butter, I’m glad that’s over. Yes 36 hours without peanut butter is an excruciating long time for me, don’t you judge. My roommate texted me when I was on my way back to the apartment last night telling my my debit card came in, and you can bet I high-tailed it to the grocery store as soon as I got off the bus. I made it to the grocery store 30 minutes before closing and made a bee-line for the peanut butter. Reunited and it feels so good.

Apparently EarthFare has a 5% student discount on Wednesday too, it was fate. I think I’ll be at EarthFare every Wednesday from now on. I’m already planning to hold onto my student ID and using it for discounts until I can’t pass as a student anymore. Since people think I look 15 I’m thinking I have about 10 years of discounts left. You think I’m kidding.

Today I spent 9 hours in front of a computer. Six hours of graphic arts classes + 3 hours of work on design projects for those classes = a very tired pair of eyeballs.


Luckily, I had some yummy snacks to help fuel my designing frenzy. This bar was DELICIOUS, chocolate makes everything better, especially when it’s healthy.

I might have had a teeny kitchen disaster tonight while making dinner…


So I made some of Caitlin‘s Flax-Encrusted Sweet Potato Balls (super easy to make and tasty by the way!) the other night and one fell out of the pan and into the bottom of the oven when I pulled the pan out of the oven. I meant to grab it out of the oven after it cooled down but, um, I forgot to. I turned on the oven to preheat it before roasting some veggies (basically what I’ve been eating for dinner daily as soon as the weather dipped below 85). As I’m chopping some brussel sprouts I look over and see a fire in the oven.

Guess what was on fire. Yep, that little rouge sweet potato ball. My roommate and I managed to put the fire out, after stopping to take a picture first, because that’s a totally normal reaction. We just had a smoky kitchen and luckily the only casualty was one very charred sweet potato ball.

And don’t fret, I still got my veggies roasted. They were delicious, and kind of worth the small fire.


What’s your biggest kitchen disaster? I think a fire takes the cake for me.

Tomorrows Friday! What are your weekend plans?


Out of Peanut Butter {WIAW}

I am out of peanut butter. I think my life might be over. All over-dramatics aside, I ate peanut butter-less oats this morning (which was the last of my oatmeal! My world is slowly falling apart) and was starving two hours later. It’s been a sad day for my stomach.

Dear post office gods, please please please let my debit card come in today! Lea needs some peanut butter. Desperately!

Sad part is my roommate offered me some of her peanut butter but it had gelatin in it. Gross, who does that? Peanut butter is no place for gelatin.

Moving on to happier things, It’s Wednesday!

I have not been falling into good habits, but in my defense it’s mostly because I have not money to go grocery shopping so I’ve been scraping together what meals I can.

This week I’m going to divide things up by time rather than meal, I’m done pretending that I eat real meals anymore, it’s more “oh I have to 10 minutes to stuff my face before I have somewhere else to be!”


Oats in a jar! Just pretend that’s a peanut butter jar and not an almond butter jar, that almond butter is LONG gone. I got sad after finishing this because I realized that was the last of my peanut butter. I can’t even tell you the last time I went a day without peanut butter, it’s kinda the love of my life.

So I ate some chocolate to make me feel better:

That’s a lie, I would have eaten the chocolate anyway. Chocolate is delicious. And that mug was full of coffee this morning instead of tea. Coffee is non-negotiable at this point in the semester.


Eggs from the farmer’s market. I love the mismatched sized yolks, it makes them more adorable. Local, free range, organic eggs are so much tastier than store-bought, by a million.


Farmer’s market apple (golden delicious, so tasty!) which missed a picture because I ate it in the hallway of my building. Apples and expensive iMac labs don’t mix. I also had one of the hard(ish) boiled eggs I made last night:

I boiled them for 12 minutes so the yolks stayed creamy, which made them extra delicious. They look a little rough because they were really hard to peel, any tips for easy to peel hard-boiled eggs?


I snacked on a homemade protein bar in between my last two classes:

I like homemade protein bars because I can leave out all the sugar (yes, I’m weird), but they came out pretty crumbly so I need to work on them some more, I think I used a little too much protein powder. These bars included rolled oats, a banana, pea protein powder (unflavored), peanut butter, coconut oil, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, a touch of honey and unsweetened Baker’s chocolate on top.


I had another apple while working on some homework. I wasn’t a golden delicious, but was still super tasty, I forget what kind it was though. I also had my second hard-boiled eggs. I think I’ll be subsisting solely off eggs, fruits and bars until my debit card comes in and I can buy groceries.


I picked up a Blood Orange Chobani at the campus market after  a Power Hour class at the gym (which kicked my butt, we did 12 MINUTES of lunges, I died) and ate it on my way to an honors society meeting (look at me being all academic!). I realized I put money on my student account for printing, which I could also use to buy food. Lea you’re such a genius sometimes.

Chobani, you’re such a lifesaver, thank you for being so damn delicious.


I finally got home, so I could a real meal with real veggies.

Spaghetti squash, tomatoes, kale and curry sauce. A weird combo, but it worked and I mostly just wanted a vehicle for that curry sauce.

Nothing like ending your day with a big bowl of vegetables, and more chocolate (:

Happy Wednesday!

Any tips for hard-boiling eggs? I hate losing half the egg when I peel it!

What do you make when you’re low on groceries? Lots of stir-fries and oatmeal for me, which won’t work since I’m out of oatmeal! The horror.

Scenes from the Watauga County Farmer’s Market (9/15)


Rainy Day {MIMM}

Naps should be a requirement on rainy days. Unfortunately, I didn’t get one, I had silly things like class to go. I even woke up a 7:00 am, you know, to get to my 12:30pm class on time. Early bird problems.

Even though it was a dreary, rainy Monday and I didn’t get the nap I was craving, it was still a pretty marvelous day.

  • I made my own protein bars! I seriously only have $1 to my name right now, broke as a joke (I’m in the process of switching banks and and am officially out of money until my new debit card gets here) so I got resourceful and made some bars to take to campus with me. They came out a little crumbly but that’s okay, look for pictures on Wednesday because I’m too lazy right now. I can post the recipe if you want, but it’s one of those kitchen sink kind of recipes.
  • I got 3 different compliments on my playlist for my Pilates class. Yeayuh.
  • I put some pumpkin air fresheners in my room and it now smells like pumpkin/spicy/fall heaven:
    Bath & Body Works fall collection is going to put me on the poor house.
  • I found the perfect spin class to go to. It’s only 45 minutes so I get an amazing workout without being completely wiped out.
  • I’m learning basic anatomy in my Somatics class and I’m loving it. The human body is so complex, it’s amazing how it all works together. And our class has a plastic skeleton named Skullio, awesome.
  • Free kittens in the farmer’s market!

    My roommates better be glad our apartment complex doesn’t allow pets, or this little guy would have come home with me. . The vendor asked if I wanted to hold the kitten and the conversation went some thing like this: “No… I shouldn’t… No, that’s a bad idea… YES I WOULD LOVE TO”. Why are kittens so adorable?

  • The farmer’s market was on Saturday but that little kitten was so stinkin cute he even made my Monday better. I want him. I’m okay with being the crazy cat lady.
  • I just hardboiled eggs for the first time and finished making these. On a cooking roll. Actually I have to be because I can’t buy groceries until my new debit card comes in (dear post office gods, please let it show up in my mailbox tomorrow)
  • I have 5 different design opportunities coming up, things are going to get a little crazy but I am not complaining one bit.
  • Planned a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend for my roommates.

    Get me up on them mountains. It’s been far too long since my last hike. Over 4 months ago actually, that’s a problem.
  • Everyday that starts with Trader Joe’s dark coffee is a good day in my book

    Joe the Trader, why is everything you make so delicious?


    What made your Monday Marvelous?

    Do you like hiking? If you do, check out the hiking tab at the top of my page for pictures and recaps of all my recent hikes.