Over the Hump

Happy Hump (and Leap!) Day! Only one more day of class and then I’m home freeee! I’m so ready for the weekend, I need quality R&R asap. I’m headed home for the weekend and I’m excited to get off the mountain for a little while, I need a break from school and a good snuggle with my kitties! Also can I just say that it blows my mind that tomorrow is March, I swear it was just January like yesterday.

I started off the morning with a 1.5 mile run in just under 16 minutes, it wasn’t much but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was still half asleep (but apparently not sleepy enough to go back to bed, because believe me I tried) and my calves are still sore from Monday’s run so I just decided to take it easy. I’m trying not to do anything ridiculous to myself before Saturday, because I’m real good that. I foam rolled my little heart out after dinner and it felt like heaven. Dear foam roller, I love you so much, thanks for being there for me and my tired muscles, you make it hurt so good!

Bonus, this afternoon I got free coffee!


Everything tastes so much better when it’s free. It’s true. On Wednesdays various clubs host a free coffee hour in one of the lounges in the student union to try to get you to join them. I’m a terrible person and just hit it up for free coffee and then leave. Let’s be honest, you can’t offer free food to college students and not expect them to take advantage. And who can turn down quality free coffee? Not me that’s for sure. Plus my campus serves super delicious coffee. Seriously, they serve Counter Culture coffee beans at most places on campus and that stuff is awesome. And Fair Trade. Bonus.

And then I spent two hours printing out plates in the graphic arts lab, awesomeee. Notsomuch. I TA in one of the intro level graphic arts classes, and today I was in charge of printing out all the plates for the printing press, yeah it’s just as fun as it sounds. It takes 2-3 minutes for each plate to print out, and there were 20+ kids in the class that had to print out plates. I think I almost dozed off at the computer a few times, so much for that free caffeine kick.

But I did actually remember to take a picture of my dinner! Credit for this delicious meal goes to the dining hall salad bar.


I love salad bars so much. This salad creation had lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, onions, olives, cauliflower, black beans, red cabbage, salsa and some kind of bean salad with garbanzo beans, kidney beans and corn in it. I wish they had bigger plates for the salad bar, I’ve contemplated taking two plates through the line but that might look a little crazy, and expensive (it’s priced by weight). Now looking at that picture I really want another salad, even though its 11:30 pm.

And I just misspelled about half of the words in that last paragraph so I’m going to call it a night, see you later alligators.

Long Day.

I’ve spent a good 6 hours in front of the computer today. Good grief! That sounds so much worse when I write it out. My eyeballs feel like they’re going to fall out. I applied for a summer internship a couple weeks ago and they want me to send them some portfolio pieces, so I’ve been working on perfecting them. Fingers crossed I get it! Got some serious school work done too, I’m just trying to plow through all my assignments before spring break in two weeks!

I got my butt out of bed in time for an 8 am yoga class this morning. I felt like amazingness during class, but afterwards my body felt like it had been hit by a truck. Does that happen to anyone else? I felt a lot better after lunch and I can tell I’ve been holding a lot of tension in my body lately. I’ve been neglecting yoga lately (though not by choice, I miss it!), so maybe that explains it. And running has been making my muscles so tight! I miss the noodle I used to be when I was dancing hardcore in high school, I need to get that back! I”m thinking a hot date with my foam roller tomorrow night is just what I need, woo! woo!

I’ve got to admit I could never be a straight up food blogger. I’m an eating machine. I get straight up hangry every 2-3 hours. Not just hungry. Hangry. I’m not a pleasant person with an empty tummy. So what I’m basically saying is that I eat a really delicious meal and then on the final bite I’m like “oh, this was delicious, I should have taken a picture of it”. Sorry guys, I’m forgetful when I’m hungry. I did remember get a picture of my dinner only halfway through eating it, that’s close right?


Salad a la Dining Hall with lettuce, carrots, red onions, tomatoes, olives and hummus (the best salad topper, just saying). Just double what you see there and add 2 hard boiled eggs and a stonyfield yogurt with some granola on the side. It hit the spot, I love me vegetables. And for lunch I had a salad with kale, sweet potatoes and tofu, very yummy but devoured within minutes, so no picture. Oops, what can I say? My 10 am Photoshop class sure works up an appetite. Seriously, I’m a starvin’ Marvin when I leave that class, but that’s probably just because it’s close to lunch.

I’ve got a 3 mile run planned for the morning, it might be my last one before my 8k on Saturday! I haven’t decided if I’m going to try to squeeze in a short 2 mile-ish run on Thursday of Friday or not, but knowing me it probably won’t happen. Which is good I want some fresh legs to run on this weekend!


Kicking Off the Week

With a 4.5 mile run! I like doing my long-ish runs on Mondays, as crazy as that sounds it feels nice to start off the week with some kind of accomplishment. Even if the rest of the week is a flop, I at least started it on the right foot!

Oh and FYI I’m loosely following Hal Higdon’s 8k plan. I’ve mostly been sticking to the mileage, and just doing cross-training as I see fit in between. It’s been really helpful, especially motivating me to go out for those 4+ mile runs. I think I’m much more motivated when I have some kind of plan to follow then when I just go out on my own.

For lunch I had this bowl of deliciousness:


(Look a picture taken with a real camera and not a cell phone!)
I seriously doctored up black bean soup. I’m not even sure it counts as soup anymore, more like I scrounged my teeny dorm fridge for food, dumped it all in a bowl together and gave it a whirl in the microwave. I took some Trader Joe’s black bean soup (the blended kind that comes in the carton), added some canned black beans, quinoa, salsa and kale. Dorm cuisine at it’s finest. It was seriously life changing when I found out you could “steam” kale in microwave. The wonders of the microwave never cease to amaze me.

Interesting fact: as I am sitting writing this there is a girl walking up and down the hall with the loudest case hiccups I have ever heard. I half tempted to walk outside and give her a glass of water.

And then I spent the rest of the day working working working. One day I’ll catch up on all the work I have to get done. I hope. Well I’m off to bed because I’ve got an 8 am yoga class in the morning, should be a great way to start the day!

Playing Catch Up

I spent 6 hours today doing homework. Ouch. But that’s what Sundays are for, playing catch up to all the work you didn’t do on Friday and Saturday, oops.

My weekend was pretty chill, the weather was DISGUSTING. Friday we were under a tornado warning for 4 hours. Um, what? I live in the mountains! Though fortunately there we’re no actual tornadoes, thank goodness.

I met some friends for lunch on Friday at Black Cat Burrito. They serve the. best. burritos. ever. period. I ordered a ‘Thai Me Up’ burrito which came with tofu, spinach, and rice, wrapped in a spinach tortilla and topped with green coconut curry sauce and sunflower seeds. So delicious, I could eat like 5 more right now. All of their burritos are served with coleslaw and chips, which sounds weird, but is really tasty. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I was hangry, I don’t think I even stopped for air as I wolfed that thing down. I’m not sorry about it.

Saturday was pretty low-key. I ran a quick two miles in the morning, and nearly got blown over walking back to my dorm. The wind was insane, apparently it was bad everywhere else too and living on a mountaintop certainly doesn’t help. I tried to stay inside as long as humanly possible. I did venture out to my friend’s place and she cooked us this delicious meal:


Tofu and veggie stir-fry over brown rice. Stir-fry’s always look like poo in pictures, but they are oh, so tasty. She added orange juice, soy sauce and curry powder to the tofu, which made it unbelievably yummy.

Today has been a get-it-done kind of day. I caught up on some work, worked on some designs for portfolio stuff (and some stuff for this little blog, it’s too bland, the designer in me can’t take it, so I’m working on it), took the final test for my Pilates teacher training (I’ll hear back in a couple of weeks!) and started my yoga teacher training, which was much needed. I always forget about how awesome yoga is until I do some, sorry yoga, I do love you.

I’m off to bed because I’ve got a 4.5 mile run (eep!) in the morning!

Random Things Thursday

Today has been a longgg day. So I’m doing this post in list form, it’s a little easier on the cranium.

  1. I had my Pilates teacher audition today! It went okay, my nerves got the better of me at some points but I think I did fairly well, so I’m going to be optimistic, I got some good feedback. Now I’ve got a written test to take on Sunday and then I should hear back in a couple of weeks. And actually, I start a 6-week yoga teacher training class this Sunday too, I really enjoyed the Pilates teacher training classes, so this should be fun!
  2. I was a bum today. It was BEAUTIFUL outside and I sat inside for more of the day. I didn’t even go running. I just needed unwind and take a break, it felt really nice but I hate that I missed out on the beautiful weather


    Boone, you sure are a beautiful little town when you’re not dumping snow on me! Now I’m SO ready for spring weather.

  3. I did laundry last night and the dryer didn’t dry my laundry AT ALL. I didn’t have enough quarters for a second drying cycle, 24 hours later and I still have a sizable pile of damp clothes, ew. $1.25 well spent, not. Thanks University Housing.
  4. I’m currently watching ‘My Cat From Hell’ on Animal Planet, it’s so ridiculous. Um, there was nothing on TV. Anyway there’s this cat-whisperer type guy named Johnny Galaxy (no lie) who has ridiculous facial hair and helps people deal with their crazy cats. Though in all honesty he gives some really good advice. I think this means I need to go to bed.
  5. I have been a ravenous beast today. My stomach has literally been grumbling every hour. Not a good thing considering the only food I have in my dorm at the moment is oatmeal, coffee and some spinach. Ohhh dorm life. I need to go grocery shopping, like yesterday.
  6. The right side of my headphones isn’t working, I’ve been using them anyway but they make my head feel lopsided.
  7. Tomorrow. Is. Friday. Thank. Goodness. It will be filled with a spin class, lunch at a real restaurant and maybe a hike if they weather doesn’t suck. I’m so excited, this week has been a long one.

Freaking Outtt.

I have to teach an audition class tomorrow for my Pilates teacher training and I’m soooo nervous! This basically decides if I get the job or not and I want to do a good job! Ah, I keep alternating between trying not to think about and obsessing over planning out every detail of the class. I’m sure I’ll do fine if I can manage to RELAX, but that’s easier said than done. Eep.

I started off the morning with a 3 mile run, it felt pretty good. My iPod was dead even though I charged it last night, but I think it’s really beneficial to run without music sometimes, I feel like I rely on it too much for motivation. My run was actually pretty speedy (for me) despite the lack of music, 3 miles in 31:30 (side note: let’s be friends on dailymile!), not too shabby. Then I proceeded the drink the most hippie-fied protein shake, pea protein powder+almond milk+cinnamon+mason jar+shake shake shake=delicious.


I was on the phone with my boyfriend while I was drinking this and he told me I was ridiculous.

Tomorrow I’m hoping for a nice 2 mile OUTDOOR run tomorrow morning since it’s supposed to get up to 63, thank youuuu mother nature! I’m a total wimp and won’t run outside if it’s colder than like 55, my lungs hate me otherwise. Running around the indoor track is slowly driving me insane, 9 laps to a mile gets mind numbing. Anything is better than the treadmill though, not a fan.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday! One more day til the weekend!

Cookies for Breakfast.

Happy Fat Tuesday! I celebrated with a cookie for breakfast.

Not technically breakfast, because I ate a perfectly healthy bowl of oatmeal/quinoa first. But it was consumed before 10 am. Therefore I think it counts as breakfast.

This morning before my 10 am class I walked down to the super delicious Stick Boy Bread Company (they make the MOST amazing cookies, get in my belly!) to purchase this magnificent cookie. It had cranberries and white chocolate and pecans, and a little bit of magic I’m pretty sure. Walking a mile to the bakery to buy the cookie totally negates all the calories right? Right. For lent this year I’m going to give up sweets, so clearly I needed to start off my last day of sweets-eating for the next month and a half with a cookie, before 10 am. But really I’m kind of excited about it, I have one SERIOUS sweet tooth and it’s something I’ve been struggling with so I think taking a break from sweets will be refreshing physically, mentally and even a little spiritually. Plus I seem to do a better job sticking to resolutions when I make them for a concrete reason, not just because I feel gross from eating too many cookies and am disgusted that I’m sporting a food baby that’s entering it’s third trimester. I’m optimistic about it.

In other news, my brain is mush. Seriously, I think I’m about one assignment away from brain soup. I’m currently listening to this song to help me unwind and I’m kind of obsessed:

Monday Funday.

Say what?!

Usually Mondays suck the life out of me, but today was pretty fantastic. I’m going to credit it to the fact that it was my moms birthday. She’s amazing and the best mom ever, and I’m not just saying that because she gave birth to me, she really is fantastic. It’s the first year I haven’t been able to spend her birthday with her (because I had lame responsibilities, like school) but I’ll make it up to her with a cake the next time I’m home. Cake fixes everything right? Yes.

Well, my morning started off with an amazing 4 mile run, it felt sooo good. The 8k I’m running in two weeks feels so much more attainable now. A good run is the best way to start off the morning. I love it. Also exciting I bought new running socks over the weekend and this was my first run with them and they were fantastic. I’m super lame and have been using regular socks, and my feet were starting to protest the fact that there wasn’t much skin left on them. So I shelled out $10 for a pair of socks. It hurt my tightly-clutched-almost-empty-college-student wallet but I have to admit that it was worth it. My feet were blister-free and fantastic after this run.

Completely random but, before I go, I got really excited when I found the tiniest banana ever in the dining hall today, proof:


IT’S SO LITTLE! (That’s what she said? I actually that’s no good, I hope she didn’t) That’s my student ID next to it for size comparison. Weird fact, I’m really obsessed with finding the smallest possible banana, it’s like built in portion control. I think it’s way more satisfying to eat one tiny banana than to try to eat half of a big one (which let’s be honest I just end up eating the whole thing). But really I’m just a weirdo and find all miniature fruits highly amusing.

Lazy Sunday

I feel like Sundays are either my most productive day of the week, or the laziest. This week it was definitely the laziest. I downed 4 cups of coffee (oops) and still couldn’t muster up the motivation to do anything. Maybe my body is just hoarding energy to get me through Moanday Monday.

And the snow certainly didn’t help my motivation


It was like 60 degrees yesterday, what’s up Mother Nature?

But despite my laziness, I did make it to my final Pilates training class! I’m taking a short 3-week course through my university to teach Pilates group fitness classes. It only qualifies me to teach classes at the student rec center but how awesome of a job that would be? Now I just have a final exam to take and 30-minute audition to do (eep, I’m nervous!).

Well I’ve got to get to bed because I’ve got a 4 mile run in the morning! Confession: I’ve never run the far before and I’m both excited and nervous about it.

Hey There!

So I’ve been reading healthy living blogs for a while and I wanted to start my own, so here goes nothing!

I should probably introduce myself,

My name’s Lea, I’m 20 years old. I’m currently a junior in college and living in Boone, NC and I’m originally from Raleigh, NC. I’m a newbie runner and long time dancer. I’m also a vegetarian for going on 7 years and I love it!

I’m excited to start the blog and to see where it goes!