Before I show you my eats, I have a fun story to tell you.

Today I passed out while saving three lives. That’s right. It sounds dramatic but really I just gave blood for the first time (did you know one pint of blood could save the lives of three different people? That’s why you should go donate!).

My school does the biggest blood drive in the country (1,255 pints last year!) and I decided I really wanted to donate this year, even though I find needles pretty terrifying. I have O- blood which is an even bigger reason why I should donate, so I decided to suck up my fear and I signed up for a donation appointment, I figured the worst that could happen was that I could pass out. Well…

I went through all the pre-screenings fine (the nurse was even super impressed with my iron levels, she said it was the highest she’d seen all day! Who says vegetarians don’t get enough iron?), and I felt totally find through the whole donation process. I stood up, took a couple of steps and the room started to spin, I sat done and the next thing I know there’s a huge bald guy waking me up and wheeling me off to a curtained off sections with all the other fainters. I’ve never fainted before, or even come close, so this was quite the experience.

And of course all the other fainters were good after 10 minutes. I had to hang out for a good 40 minutes before I could even stand up. That would happen to me. At least I got to spend an hour eating hot Pop-tarts (I can’t even tell you the last time I ate a pop-tart! I thoroughly enjoyed it) and wrapped up in a shiny silver blanket. Pop-tarts mark great medicine, doctors should start prescribing them (though I’m sure my stomach didn’t appreciate it). The nurse also gave me a recipe for liver stir-fry, because apparently it’s good to eat before giving blood, not that it helps me much. Then I had to go take an exam, yeah, that was fun.

Okay back to the food:

I’m still really bad about remember to take pictures of my food, so… sorry.


Peanut butter oatmeal, 2 eggs over easy and some unsweetened Baker’s chocolate. Typical. FYI it is totally okay to eat unsweetened chocolate for breakfast because it has no sugar in it. The best days are the ones where chocolate is consumed before 9am. Just saying.

11:00 am

I had cut up chunks of sweet potato and a golden delicious apple, which you’ll have to imagine because I didn’t take pictures of it. Whoops.

2:00 pm

An Earnest Eats Choco Peanut Butter bar. I’ve never tried on of these before but holy cow it was delicious. It was one of those snacks I never wanted end.


I had some pepitas because my stomach would not stop rumbling. The guy I sit next to must think I never stop eating because I always eat at least one snack (but usually two) before the class is over.

What can I say? I don’t get a lunch time on Tuesdays. And I didn’t eat the whole jar, I stashed a small container in my book bag.

5:00 pm

I had an entrepreneurship exam to study for, so I set up shop in the campus coffee shop:

It was en effective set up, especially the coffee.


I went to the gym for some weights after finishing up my studying and bought a hard-boiled egg to hold me over on the drive home.

Check out that sweet App Card in the corner.


I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home for a few things and spent too long looking at fall decorations.

I picked up a few things for the rest of the week. I ran out of peanut butter Tuesday morning and was not about to wake up today without any. And typically I really hate Wal-Mart and try to avoid going, but I do have to give them props for being the first grocery store I’ve been to in town with PUMPKIN. I was a little bit excited about it.

For dinner (does it even count as dinner when it’s 10 o’clock at night?) I heated up my latest crock pot creations.

Tofu, chopped eggplant, bell pepper and onions, Trader Joe’s curry sauce, coconut milk and veggie stock. Hit the spot.

Afterwards I realized I needed some more veggies in my life so I roasted up some green beans and tomatoes.

With a side of brown spicy mustard, which I’ve been eating like it’s my job lately.

And a side of cantaloupe while they roasted away in the over.

I love that you can see where I was gripping on to the slice for dear life while I cut the rind off. I was not going to drop it.

And I had another apple with a cup of coffee before going to bed (the sign of a true addict I think), but you’ll have to use your imagination again because a picture didn’t happen.

Have you ever passed out?

Have you ever donated blood?

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  1. Hi Lea! Just found you through WIAW. 🙂
    I never gave blood, but probably should too, because I also have type 0.
    Oh, and we have dinner after 10 most days nowadays, because the only time I have to cook is when after my son is in bed!

  2. I never remember to bring snacks to class. But you make it looks easy, I am going to have to remember to put some snacks in jars.

    I of course could not resist fall decorations. I never can.

    love the idea of the tofu and chopped eggplant thrown into a crock pot!!

    • I can’t forget to bring snacks, I get pretty cranky when I’m hungry so I try to spare the people around me! Jars and small tupperware containers are awesome for snacks!
      And fall decorations are definitely the best (:

  3. Good for you for donating blood! 😀 Yum, that earnest bar looks/sounds intriguing – I’m gonna have to look for one in the store.

    • Thanks! It was worth passing out if it means helping out other people! And I’ve only tried that one flavor of earnest bars, but I’m definitely keeping my eye out for more! They taste kind of similar to a Clif Bar

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