Mayview Madness 5K

Last Saturday I ran in the Mayview Madness 5K in Blowing Rock, NC.

It was one of the toughest races I’ve run, but also one of the most beautiful courses I’ve seen.

Take a look at that climb. The first 2 miles was uphill. Made me glad I didn’t check the race course before running (: But let’s back up some.

Saturday morning was cool and in the lower 60s, basically perfect running weather. I got my start times a little mixed up (I was super prepared for this race if you couldn’t tell), so after picking up my chip I got to watch the kid’s 1-mile run, I usually miss out on the kid’s run in most races so it was fun to watch one! Those kids are awesome, you could not have paid me enough to run a mile at that age. I think they all ran faster than me too, which is a little sad.

The 5K kicked off at 8:30 and I immediately wanted to give up. The course had a short deceptive downhill start before starting the 2 mile climb uphill. Ouch. I’ve been doing a terrible job of running the past couple months, I can probably count on one hand the number of runs I’ve been on since August. Not even an exaggeration. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it all the way through the run, but I was determined to try.

Mission accomplished.

I did have one gorgeous course to distract me though. The course wound it’s way through Blowing Rock (a tiny ritzy little town filled with rich retirees and HUGE mountain houses). Past lots of ginormous mountain houses and beautiful views of the mountains. I wish I ran with a cellphone or a camera so I could have snapped a picture

Just picture something along those lines. Gorgeous right?

Well I huffed and puffed my way uphill, and pretty much wanted to jump for joy when I saw the course take a downhill turn, except I didn’t have the energy for that. After the first part of the course I felt like I literally coasted the last mile to the finish line. Not a bad way to end a race.

And I finished in 31:55!¬†Not fast, but given the course and my general lack of running lately, I’m dang proud of it.

At the finish line I was greeted with a table full of Stick Boy¬†baked goodies and Bald Guy Brew Coffee. I couldn’t resist the Stick Boy spread of free cookies, scones and cinnamon rolls, but I was good and stuck to half a cranberry white chocolate pecan cookie because I was trying to be nice to my tummy. And you better believe I got my fair share of Bald Guy coffee (after hydrating with water first!). Free delicious coffee and baked goods? I think more races should follow suit (:

Overall it was a tough race, but I really enjoyed myself and I’m proud of how I finished! I don’t know if this is a race I’ll be able to do again (because I’m graduating this yearrr!!!), but if I get the chance I definitely would!