Spring Time {MIMM}

Happy Monday!

Can I just say that there’s nothing more wonderful thank waking up to beautiful, sunny, 65 degree weather on a Monday morning? Talk about starting the week off right.

(Thanks Katie!)

Marvelous is… Art crawl. Lots of good art, lots of good food. Not to mention I got a free handmade cup from a gallery featuring clay pieces, I’m actually drinking coffee out of it right now (of course!).

handmade clay cup

Marvelous is… drinks with friends on a Friday night.  I’m not your typical party-obsessed college student, and I prefer quieter nights with friends than a wild and crazy party, but sometimes a little bar hopping is necessary to your college experience.


The bartender convinced my friend that the 32oz beer was a much better deal than the pint, which it was, it was also the size of her freaking head (don’t worry mom and dad, mine’s the normal sized beer in the bottom of the picture).


Shots, shots, shots!

I asked the bartender for the least-sweet shooter they had, and I’m pretty sure he lied because it tasted like straight up limeade. Bummer. I got drink redemption with a Jim Bean on the rocks later on in the night. I’m such an old man, I don’t play with that fruity stuff.

Marvelous is… this freaking dessert:

cinnamon sensation macados

A cinnamon roll the size of my face topped with vanilla ice cream. Whattttt. So. Good. I’m pretty sure the restaurant pumps the smell of cinnamon into every corner of the restaurant to make you want to order one of these bad boys. Sometimes a little gluten is worth it.

Marvelous is… hiking trips with fellow group fitness instructors!

glen burney trail waterfall blowing rock nc

glen burney trail waterfall blowing rock nc

We had plans to go to Hawksbill Mountain in Morganton, but only 4 of us were able to make it so we stayed closer to Boone and tried the Glen Burney trail in Blowing Rock. I’ve done the hike once before and it’s a nice little hidden gem in Blowing Rock. The hike is about 1.5 miles ending at a super gorgeous waterfall. It’s quite the workout because you hike down to the waterfall, which means the return hike is uphill the entire way. My booty got a serious workout on the way back!


All four of us! I promise I’m not that short, the rock we were on was slanted.

Marvelous is… taking time to cook a REAL dinner. Or as real as a college dinner for one can be. I’ve been in an eggs + frozen veggie rut and it feels good to get creative in the kitchen again!

kale salad

Kale salad with lacinato kale (my first time trying it and I think I like it better than curly kale, it tastes less grass-y), baby portobella mushrooms, roasted sweet potatoes and eggplant, lemon juice, garlic, curry powder, cumin, salt, pepper and that last couple drops of my bottle of Bragg’s liquid aminos. So fresh and clean tasting.

kale salad

Kale, sweet potato, curry powder, and apple cider vinegar

roasted eggplant and sweet potato

Roasted eggplant and sweet potatoes (I think I see a theme happening…)

vegetarian dinner

Cinnamon and curry roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed spinach with onion and tomato, with sauteed sliced eggplant on the side.

Not much protein happening here, but dinner’s usually finished up with a cup of greek yogurt to balance things out.

Marvelous is… today’s special guest lecturer in my Dance History class. He came to talk with us about the history of musical theatre and he was quite the character. He would randomly start singing parts of the lecture and danced through half of it as well. I imagine if Mr. Rogers had a doctorate in Dance History and gave college lectures, it would go something like that. He was quite the character.

Oh Mr Rogers, I still miss you dearly.

We also watched a Broadway documentary narrated by Julie Andrews, everything with Julie Andrews is marvelous. Everything.

Marvelous is… SPRING WEATHER. In Boone. FINALLY! It felt amazing to walk out the door this morning and not have to grab a jacket.

I love beautiful days in Boone because all the hippies, slack-liners, and puppies come out. Not to mention Boone is absolutely gorgeous when the weather decides to cooperate, there’s no better place to be.

What made your Monday marvelous?

Do you like hiking? Where are your favorite places to hike?

What’s you’re favorite thing about spring? Flowers, beautiful weather and my birthday!

Excitement {MIMM}

I hope you guys had a very marvelous Monday, I know I did. Thank youuuu spring break!

(Thanks Katie!)

Marvelous is… Sleeping for 9 WHOLE HOURS last night. Glorious doesn’t even begin to describe it. I can’t even tell you the last time I got more than 7 hours of sleep much less 9. Clearly sleep needs to be a bigger priority in my life.

Marvelous is… Pilates teacher training! I was at training all weekend (hence me being MIA) and I learned sooo much. I can’t wait to take everything I learned back to my classes, I feel like all the knowledge I gain is going to make my classes a million times better. It was such a great experience, I just have the Mat 1 training done, so I’m hoping to work my way through the rest of the trainings in the next year or so.

Pilates teacher training manual

And the studio I did the training at was absolutely beautiful, I will definitely have to take some classes there over the summer.

Marvelous is… Random frozen custard runs.

goodberry's frozen vanilla custard with chocolate chips
We went to Goodberry’s which is a local NC-only chain, but if you’re ever in the Triangle area go get yourself some. It’s soooo good. I got the vanilla custard with chocolate chips mixed in and it tasted like a straight up cup of Oreos. I love fro yo, but sometimes you just need some heavy-duty custard.

Marvelous is… Thai dinner on a Thursday night.

vegetarian thai food cha da thai

Some friends came to my Thursday night Pilates class and we ended up going out to dinner afterwards at Cha Da Thai (their the only Thai restaurant in town so it’s a good thing their food is good!) which was an awesome treat on a weeknight. I think I could eat Thai food any day of the week and be perfectly content.

Funny story is that they served me the completely wrong dish. I actually ordered the Pad Cashew with tofu (Sauteed with tomato-based red sauce, cashews, onion, carrot and bell peppers), but they gave me the Pad Khing Sod with tofu (Stir-fried with fresh ginger sauce, mushroom, onion, bell peppers, baby corn and carrot). Not even close, and I almost sent it back, but I ordered it last time I ate there and I remembered it being delicious so I ate it anyway. It was just as delicious the second time around, even if it wasn’t what I ordered.

Marvelous is… seeing this temperature while driving around town.

70 degree weather

Marvelous doesn’t even begin to describe. I’m so ready for warm weather again.

Marvelous is… That I’ll be at the beach in less than 2 days! It’s supposed to be super cold (like 45 degrees, what?) but I don’t even care. That just means I can spend all day in the aquariums 🙂

Marvelous is… a much needed yoga class. It’s been too long since I’ve been to one and I can tell my muscles were angry with me for it. The class actually ended up being a Yin-style class which was pretty awesome. Basically you hold poses that require very little  muscular effort for extended periods of time (we held poses for 3-4 minutes) to open up the joints and connective tissues. Wikipedia does a better job of describing it than I do if you want to learn more about the style. It was pretty different from most classes I’ve taken before but it was very peaceful and I really enjoyed it. I did miss my down dogs though.

Marvelous is… I GOT THE INTERNSHIP I INTERVIEWED FOR!!!!!! Excuse me while I squeal like a little girl. But eeeeeee!!! I’m so excited! I will be doing graphic design for the American Dance Festival this summer! It’s pretty much most perfect internship for me and I can’t believe I got it! I actually applied for it last year and didn’t get it, but tried again and it paid off! Cue the excited face:

excited faces

I was in the car on the way home from Boone when they called and told me I got the internship and I pretty much car danced the rest of the way home because I was so excited.

Happy Friday

I’m so excited today is Friday. Friday is my favorite day of the week (I’m pretty sure everyone else feels the same!), I only have one short class, the entire afternoon to myself and usually a nice dinner out and general college shenanigans at night. The word shenanigans makes me feel like an old man, but I’m rolling with it.

Tonight we have plans for a Thai dinner (so excited!) and Art Crawl. One of my roommate’s has artwork on display in a couple of galleries and I’m really excited to check them out. And get free wine. Priorities. My roommate has an art blog if you want to check out her work!

I got in a nice sweaty workout this afternoon which felt SO GOOD. I’m the worst injured person ever, I can’t deal with sitting still. I did this LiveFit workout. LiveFit workouts are my go-to for strength training because they work and I always feel like jelly afterwards. I’m weird and I really enjoy that feeling. I also did a 20 minute tabata workout on the exercise bike that looked like this:

tabata bike workout

I was sitting at one of the weight machines secretly hating all the people on treadmills because they were running and I couldn’t. Lack of exercises endorphins clearly makes me a grouch. So I decided to hop on the exercise bike and test out my calf/knee to see how it felt, and it felt pretty good so I pedaled my little heart out for 20 minutes. I was good and kept it to just 20 minutes. Progress people.

In addition to a great workout I also plopped myself in the coffee shop with a big mug of coffee and my laptop and got a ton of work done. Feels good. I eve made some fun social media buttons to the side bar. I’m trying to make things over on the blog slowly but surely.

And for something fun for your afternoon:

Things Group Fitness Instructors Say

Most of these are courtesy of Fit Expo 

“Yoga block DOWN!”

“You know, when you’re ellipticizing really hard and the handle just ends up in your mouth!”

“I think I just backed over the yoga block”

“My iPod died because I sweated too hard”

“A day without burpees is like a day without sunshine”

I realize I still owe you guys a recap of Fit Expo, it’s coming! I promise!

Have you ever tried tabata workouts? I love them!

What are you doing this weekend?

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway, it closes tonight!!!

I’m a Ramblin’ (Wo)Man & Procrastiblogging {WIAW}

I’m really excited for this month’s What I Ate Wednesday theme:

(Thanks to Jenn for hosting every week!)

I don’t have any good healthy holiday recipes at the moment. All of my recipes fall into the butter & sugar saturated category which I have absolutely no qualms with. My mom and I will be having Christmas Baking Extravaganza 2012 when I get home for Christmas. I can’t wait. Don’t worry, I’ll share some recipes when we finish. Though we can’t take credit for any of the recipes, they’re old enough that they’re still worth sharing, like our fudge recipe from the 1970s. The recipe looks like it was printed on the Dead Sea Scrolls. I can’t wait!

Well know that I’ve completely sidetracked myself, back to the topic of healthy holiday recipes. Like I was saying, I don’t have any, but this Saturday my friends and I are have a dessert potluck, that’s right a dessert potluck, we don’t mess around with silly things like dinner of nutrients, we go straight for the sugar 🙂 Anyway I’m hoping to do some experimenting with healthy holiday treats then, because even though I love myself some sugar, I can’t help myself still have to healthify it as much as possible. When you healthify things it makes eating half the batch totally acceptable right? I agree.

And you can just go ahead and settle in with my rambling, exam time makes my brain a little mushy and my already short attention span even shorter. The huge cup of coffee next to me probably isn’t helping. Just go with it.

Wow that was a lot of words, on to the good stuff, with pictures.

6:30 am

Yesterday morning’s wake up call was particularly painful, luckily I had my peanut butter oats and coffee to comfort me.


I think I’ve eaten the breakfast for more than 100 mornings in a row and if you lived with me you would know that that is no exaggeration. Sad thing is that I’m not even close to getting sick of it. I think that should say something about how wonderful this combination is.


Coffee is slowly becoming it’s own meal lately. It’s a bad bad bad habit but I’m starting to rely on it for all the sleep I’m not getting. Bad Lea, but it’s the only way to make it through exams, sorry body. Luckily it’s been extra delicious lately. While at Trader Joe’s over Thanksgiving break I was picking up some coffee, because Trader Joe’s has miraculously cheap coffee, seriously a miracle, but they were out of my usual coffee choice:

TJ's Joe's Dark Coffee

So I splurged an extra $2 for this guy:

and it has been quite a delicious substitution. I just brew it extra strong because the old man in me can’t drink light/medium coffee. It is chocolate-y and just all around delicious and officially on my regular coffee rotation.

8:50 am

My appetite was surprisingly small yesterday morning, usually I’m one hungry beast in the morning, so I grabbed half a square of Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate on the way out the door so my tummy wouldn’t start growling during class. That’s always an awkward situation.


11:20 am

I snacked on some un-pictured baby carrots and a salad:


Spinach, sweet potato, avocado and Bragg’s liquid aminos. I love this combination, it’s so simple but I love the sweet of the potatoes with the creamy from the avocado plus the savory/smoky of the liquid aminos, plus the avocado gives it some awesome staying power. This salad also fulfilled Tuesday’s Elf For Health challenge. Since the weather has gotten cooler (except for this past week where it’s been in the 60s, which I don’t understand but won’t question!) I haven’t been craving salads like I usually do, but lately I’ve been trying to squeeze more salads into my day which has been a lovely addition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still eating just as many veggies, they’re just usually roasted instead of in salad form.

And look at the baby sweet potato I used to make this salad!


Excuse the foot. Sad thing is this was the largest sweet potato left in the bag I bought. Actually that’s not sad, I love small food, it makes it extra cute 🙂


I had a snack attack between my last two classes and chowed down on some roasted edamame and this new snack bar find:


I usually buy snack bars at EarthFare because they have a much better variety, but they are more expensive. I haven’t done a very good job of budgeting my money lately and I’ve been spending too much money on things like coffee and snacks on campus, aka frivolous things I don’t need and could avoid if I planned better. So in an effort to cut down on my grocery bill I shopped exclusively at Harris Teeter and the healthy snack bar options were a little slim. I was the snack aisle looking for something gluten-free that wasn’t filled with sugar and funky ingredients and I happened upon these Nature Valley Almond Crunch bars, the ingredient list is pretty simple, they’re gluten-free, have only 6g of sugar per bar, 6g of protein and 13g of healthy fats. I’d call that a winner. I’ll definitely be getting these guys more often because they are much cheaper than what I usually gravitate towards, and still very tasty.  Plus I’m loving the lower sugar content, it’s so hard to find snack bars that aren’t filled with sugar, even if it is natural.

I also had some olives:


I love love love olives. Seriously, as a kid my family would go to Olive Garden and I would make a meal off black olives and breadsticks alone. They make a pretty darn tasty snack, I rinsed them off really well after opening the can so I wouldn’t be too overloaded with sodium.


The professor for my 2:00 class is currently in South Africa and funny thing is I stayed longer in that class than I ever did when he was there. Before you think I’m a horrible student, it’s a project based class so we’re free to leave after he lectures. Back on topic, after class I headed to the coffee shop to kill a little time before I headed to the gym. I had a tiny but un-pictured banana to fuel me through some more homework, are you sensing a theme in the way I spend my free time lately?

tiny fruit

Actually it was about the size of this banana. So small! I seriously have an unnatural love for small foods.


I went to a 20/20/20 class at the gym, it’s been too long since I’ve been to a cardio class (I missed them) so I’m super sore today, everything hurts a little bit, somethings hurt a lot. The instructor was my favorite, she is HARDCORE but such a sweet heart. True story one time I went to one of her classes and no one else showed up and since we have to have at least 2 people to have a class (it’s considered personal training or something silly like that if there aren’t more students than instructors) I taught her Pilates and she taught me some ab work. It was a fun trade off.

I told you it was going to be ramble city over here, it’s called procrastiblogging. I’m trying to put off the three cover letters I need to write by Friday. Poor life choice, but I like blogging much more than I like writing cover letters. Much, much more.

ANYWAY, back to what I ate. Let’s see if I can actually stay on topic this time.

I was hungry little beast when I got back to my apartment so I whipped up something quick:


Please don’t mind my dirty stove, just pretend I cleaned up that little spill after I ate dinner. I had scrambled tofu with frozen broccoli, curry powder and Bragg’s. I hope to one day consume enough curry that my skin actually turns yellow from the tumeric. I. Love. Curry.

I also threw some brussels sprouts in the oven to roast while I ate this, because I don’t have the patience to wait for veggies to roast while I’m hungry.


I’m on a big roasted brussel sprout kick lately, I always love them but it is seriously all I want to eat right now. I think I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I don’t, because that would be a little weird.


I had a couple of late night snacks number one being this combo:



Sorry that looks completely disgusting, it tastes much better than it looks. It is cauliflower, nutritional yeast and Braggs. Kinda random but very tasty.

A little later on I had this guy again:


I’m really loving this combo but I’ll have to find a new one soon because I’m almost out of craisins and greek yogurt and I’m not about to buy more before I go home for a month over Christmas break. I’m in operation fridge clean out mode right now.

And I still wanted something sweet before bed, so went for a new snack that I’ve been loving but everyone’s been making fun of me for, so don’t judge.


Yes, prunes. I’m officially an 80-year old lady for saying this but I love them. They are a good way to satisfy my sweet tooth and don’t have quite as much sugar as most other dried fruits. They are delicious and you can bring on the old lady jokes, I do not care.

Okay props to anyone who made it all the way through that post. It was a doozy. Your dedication is amazing.

Do you have any new snacks you’ve been loving lately?

Do you have any good healthy holiday recipes? Please link up and share! I’d love to hear them.

How do you procrastinate? Everyone has a way they procrastinate, don’t act like you don’t.

Out of Peanut Butter {WIAW}

I am out of peanut butter. I think my life might be over. All over-dramatics aside, I ate peanut butter-less oats this morning (which was the last of my oatmeal! My world is slowly falling apart) and was starving two hours later. It’s been a sad day for my stomach.

Dear post office gods, please please please let my debit card come in today! Lea needs some peanut butter. Desperately!

Sad part is my roommate offered me some of her peanut butter but it had gelatin in it. Gross, who does that? Peanut butter is no place for gelatin.

Moving on to happier things, It’s Wednesday!

I have not been falling into good habits, but in my defense it’s mostly because I have not money to go grocery shopping so I’ve been scraping together what meals I can.

This week I’m going to divide things up by time rather than meal, I’m done pretending that I eat real meals anymore, it’s more “oh I have to 10 minutes to stuff my face before I have somewhere else to be!”


Oats in a jar! Just pretend that’s a peanut butter jar and not an almond butter jar, that almond butter is LONG gone. I got sad after finishing this because I realized that was the last of my peanut butter. I can’t even tell you the last time I went a day without peanut butter, it’s kinda the love of my life.

So I ate some chocolate to make me feel better:

That’s a lie, I would have eaten the chocolate anyway. Chocolate is delicious. And that mug was full of coffee this morning instead of tea. Coffee is non-negotiable at this point in the semester.


Eggs from the farmer’s market. I love the mismatched sized yolks, it makes them more adorable. Local, free range, organic eggs are so much tastier than store-bought, by a million.


Farmer’s market apple (golden delicious, so tasty!) which missed a picture because I ate it in the hallway of my building. Apples and expensive iMac labs don’t mix. I also had one of the hard(ish) boiled eggs I made last night:

I boiled them for 12 minutes so the yolks stayed creamy, which made them extra delicious. They look a little rough because they were really hard to peel, any tips for easy to peel hard-boiled eggs?


I snacked on a homemade protein bar in between my last two classes:

I like homemade protein bars because I can leave out all the sugar (yes, I’m weird), but they came out pretty crumbly so I need to work on them some more, I think I used a little too much protein powder. These bars included rolled oats, a banana, pea protein powder (unflavored), peanut butter, coconut oil, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, a touch of honey and unsweetened Baker’s chocolate on top.


I had another apple while working on some homework. I wasn’t a golden delicious, but was still super tasty, I forget what kind it was though. I also had my second hard-boiled eggs. I think I’ll be subsisting solely off eggs, fruits and bars until my debit card comes in and I can buy groceries.


I picked up a Blood Orange Chobani at the campus market after  a Power Hour class at the gym (which kicked my butt, we did 12 MINUTES of lunges, I died) and ate it on my way to an honors society meeting (look at me being all academic!). I realized I put money on my student account for printing, which I could also use to buy food. Lea you’re such a genius sometimes.

Chobani, you’re such a lifesaver, thank you for being so damn delicious.


I finally got home, so I could a real meal with real veggies.

Spaghetti squash, tomatoes, kale and curry sauce. A weird combo, but it worked and I mostly just wanted a vehicle for that curry sauce.

Nothing like ending your day with a big bowl of vegetables, and more chocolate (:

Happy Wednesday!

Any tips for hard-boiling eggs? I hate losing half the egg when I peel it!

What do you make when you’re low on groceries? Lots of stir-fries and oatmeal for me, which won’t work since I’m out of oatmeal! The horror.