Out of Peanut Butter {WIAW}

I am out of peanut butter. I think my life might be over. All over-dramatics aside, I ate peanut butter-less oats this morning (which was the last of my oatmeal! My world is slowly falling apart) and was starving two hours later. It’s been a sad day for my stomach.

Dear post office gods, please please please let my debit card come in today! Lea needs some peanut butter. Desperately!

Sad part is my roommate offered me some of her peanut butter but it had gelatin in it. Gross, who does that? Peanut butter is no place for gelatin.

Moving on to happier things, It’s Wednesday!

I have not been falling into good habits, but in my defense it’s mostly because I have not money to go grocery shopping so I’ve been scraping together what meals I can.

This week I’m going to divide things up by time rather than meal, I’m done pretending that I eat real meals anymore, it’s more “oh I have to 10 minutes to stuff my face before I have somewhere else to be!”


Oats in a jar! Just pretend that’s a peanut butter jar and not an almond butter jar, that almond butter is LONG gone. I got sad after finishing this because I realized that was the last of my peanut butter. I can’t even tell you the last time I went a day without peanut butter, it’s kinda the love of my life.

So I ate some chocolate to make me feel better:

That’s a lie, I would have eaten the chocolate anyway. Chocolate is delicious. And that mug was full of coffee this morning instead of tea. Coffee is non-negotiable at this point in the semester.


Eggs from the farmer’s market. I love the mismatched sized yolks, it makes them more adorable. Local, free range, organic eggs are so much tastier than store-bought, by a million.


Farmer’s market apple (golden delicious, so tasty!) which missed a picture because I ate it in the hallway of my building. Apples and expensive iMac labs don’t mix. I also had one of the hard(ish) boiled eggs I made last night:

I boiled them for 12 minutes so the yolks stayed creamy, which made them extra delicious. They look a little rough because they were really hard to peel, any tips for easy to peel hard-boiled eggs?


I snacked on a homemade protein bar in between my last two classes:

I like homemade protein bars because I can leave out all the sugar (yes, I’m weird), but they came out pretty crumbly so I need to work on them some more, I think I used a little too much protein powder. These bars included rolled oats, a banana, pea protein powder (unflavored), peanut butter, coconut oil, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, a touch of honey and unsweetened Baker’s chocolate on top.


I had another apple while working on some homework. I wasn’t a golden delicious, but was still super tasty, I forget what kind it was though. I also had my second hard-boiled eggs. I think I’ll be subsisting solely off eggs, fruits and bars until my debit card comes in and I can buy groceries.


I picked up a Blood Orange Chobani at the campus market after  a Power Hour class at the gym (which kicked my butt, we did 12 MINUTES of lunges, I died) and ate it on my way to an honors society meeting (look at me being all academic!). I realized I put money on my student account for printing, which I could also use to buy food. Lea you’re such a genius sometimes.

Chobani, you’re such a lifesaver, thank you for being so damn delicious.


I finally got home, so I could a real meal with real veggies.

Spaghetti squash, tomatoes, kale and curry sauce. A weird combo, but it worked and I mostly just wanted a vehicle for that curry sauce.

Nothing like ending your day with a big bowl of vegetables, and more chocolate (:

Happy Wednesday!

Any tips for hard-boiling eggs? I hate losing half the egg when I peel it!

What do you make when you’re low on groceries? Lots of stir-fries and oatmeal for me, which won’t work since I’m out of oatmeal! The horror.

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  1. I’ve always heard that putting a dash of salt in the boiling water helps. Also, after cooking the eggs, put them in ice cold water to cool down quickly. Then I remove the shells while running them under water. Idk if any of that really works. I don’t eat eggs anymore so I have no other advice. LOL 🙂

    • I’ll have to try those tips! Especially the ice water, I just ran them under cold water when they finished cooking, but they were still a little warm, but they peeled a little easier after they sat in the fridge for another day.

  2. Your Roommate

     /  September 19, 2012

    it was omega 3 peanut butter and its good for you!

  3. caloricandcrazy

     /  September 19, 2012

    I need to try blood orange chobani! my fav so far is strawberry banana 🙂

  4. Oh no!! You poor thing. I’m so sorry to hear about you being outta pb. I think I would die!! I’m praying your card comes in the mail soon 🙂

  5. Agreed, farmer’s market eggs are the best! Sorry to hear you were out of pb:( That would be tragic for me, too! haha

  6. i’ll have to read your posts more often because you are so super cute in your writing. and im so sorry you’re out of peanut butter! i have like 6 different jars, i dont think i could ever run out. haha.

    • Thank you! I stocked my pantry with 4 jars of peanut butter when I moved in and less than a month later they are all gone! I always underestimate my peanut butter consumption!


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