Thankful Thursday & Exciting News!

First and foremost, this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for Thankful Thursday. Seriously. I’ve been feeling really scattered today, okay let’s be real this whole week, so I’m loving that I can just take a second to sit back and be grateful. Plus lists are a scattered-blogger’s best friend, I like that I can just brain dump instead trying to make logical sense right no, because let’s be real, that’s not going to happen. (Thanks Jessie for hosting every week!)

Secondly, I’m veryyyyy thankful for some really exciting news I received yesterday. Remember this?


Well this design is going to be PUBLISHED in a book. A real live book. I’m so excited!


Here’s a better looksies at it. It’s going to be featured in an Appalachian State version of the Artistic Rebuttal Book Project. I’m going to be in a book! Whatttt. I’m especially thankful for this opportunity because I’ve faced a lot of rejection when it comes to my art work, so I get a little overwhelmed when I my work gets accepted for things like this! I hope to make a living off design when I graduate college and achievements like this make me feel like a legit artist.

I’m also thankful for Elf For Health! I’ve been really enjoying the challenges and the opportunity to connect to so many other health and fitness minded people. Tuesday’s challenge was to send a handwritten letter to some one, so my partner and I exchanged letters. I’m not much of a writer so I tried to disguise that by making her a card.

The only problem with homemade cards is that it’s pretty much impossible to find envelopes for them.

And finally I’m thankful for baristas that give you a cup of black coffee that looks like this:


That’s what I’m talking about. Getting my money’s worth. So worth almost spilling it as I sat down.

And this is not related to Thankful Thursday but I’m currently eating a pile of brussels sprouts and it makes me really happy.


Well I am thankful for brussel sprouts because they are very delicious, so I guess that works.

What are you thankful for today?

What’s the last exciting news you got? Share! Let’s be excited together!

Do you like brussel sprouts?

Peanut Buttery Hugs {WIAW}

Happy Wednesday!

If you’re week has been anything like mine (long), be glad we’re halfway to the weekend! It’s officially end of the semester/exam time crunch time over here (when exactly did the end of the semester get here? I’m pretty sure it was September like yesterday). Basically, I’m not planning on getting much sleep between now and when I get to go home for Christmas break thanks to projects, presentations and exam studying galore. Yay. Today I’m running off 5 hours, not a smart decision, luckily I’ve got a nice hot cup of yummy french roast coffee keeping me company while I write this.

Okay, I had to get my exam-time frustration out of my system, no more complaining out of this girl I promise ūüôā

On to happier things!


Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks Jenn for hosting!

Surprise! I actually did a decent job of taking pictures this week. I know, embrace it, it doesn’t happen often. I’m such a slacker.



Peanut butter protein oats in a jar, or what I like to call pure peanut butter breakfast perfection. I don’t know what it is but oats taste extra peanut butter-y when they’re eaten out of a jar, even though I use the same amount of peanut butter. Maybe the jar just envelopes the oatmeal in one big peanut buttery hug. Did I really just write peanut buttery hug? Yep, I think that coffee is starting to kick in. I would also like you to take a second and check out that sweet unicorn figurine on the TV stand. I found it at a flea market in Deep Gap, NC for $0.50 and I’m very proud of it. Best $0.50 I ever spent for sure.

Oh and I had two eggs an hour later.


Coffee is it’s own meal, don’t argue.

Yes I posted this yesterday but I’m posting it again. ¬†It made my 9:30 class, and the hardcore Photoshop editing I was doing much more bearable. I love you coffee.

Morning Snack

I had a Granny Smith apple between my first two classes. Even though I said I was better about taking pictures I still lied a little because I don’t have a picture of this, but we all know what a Granny Smith apple looks like right? I got a 3 lb bag of organic Granny Smiths on sale over the weekend at Earth Fare, I like Golden Delicious more, but I usually just pick up whatever apples are on sale, organic apples are expensive!

Afternoonish Snack?

Or maybe it counts as lunch? I have a weird schedule on Tuesdays/Thursdays were I don’t have a break for lunch so I just eat lots of snacks, meals don’t happen much around here. Anyway, I had a Cranberry n’ Nuts Luna bar


I love this flavor of Luna because it doesn’t feel like I’m eating a candy bar. Not that I don’t like that sometimes, I do have one raging sweet tooth, but sometimes I just like things a little plain.

I also had some edamame:


I stole a bag of edamame out of my parents freezer when I was home and it’s made a great on-the-go snack. It’s hard to find the shelled kind around me and it makes life so much easier than they kind that comes frozen in the shell. I love that I can just throw some in a container in the morning and it is thawed by the time I need a snack. Three points to Trader Joe’s for having the shelled edamame, then minus 5 points because there aren’t any near my school. True story: I once e-mailed Trader Joe’s telling them they should come to Boone (they would make a KILLING of Three Buck Chuck in a college town!) but I never got an answer and there still aren’t any in Boone. Boo.


This was supposed to be lunch, but I didn’t actually eat it until 4:00pm whoops.


Spinach, sweet potatoes, Bragg’s liquid aminos (I’m newly obsessed with this stuff!) and nooch. I threw this together real quick before I left for campus in the morning but it was a surprisingly good combination! Not the most filling though. It was eaten during my volunteer hour in the Multicultural Center, I would like you to know that I spent my entire hour making paper chains and snowflakes. We have a holiday-themed event coming up and they needed decorations made. I felt like I was back in 2nd grade and I secretly loved every minute of it. I also loved that there was a serious meeting going on in the same room while I was hanging out making the paper chains, nothing awkward about that.


I had dinner back at my apartment after I finished my 3 mile run at the gym.


Still working on those chili leftovers from Thanksgiving! I’m not even a third of the way through it yet! I will be sad when I finish it all off and will actually have to cook dinner again. I bulked the chili up with some spinach to up the green-factor. The more colors on my plate the merrier.

Late Snack


I also had some chai tea with a little almond milk after dinner. With a side of Christmas decorations that are sitting on my coffee table because I haven’t gotten the chance to hang them up yet (ps. I think me and my roommates are getting a Christmas tree this weekend! I’m very excited for it).

And then this happened:


For a moment I felt bad finishing off the whole bag in one sitting but then I saw that the entire bag was only 2 servings, that’s my kind of serving size. Thankfully I had a coupon for this guy, I’m not a fan of $4 snacks. And if you’ve never tried eating pineapple frozen you totally should, it’s so good! Let it thaw for a couple minutes though, don’t hurt your teeth.

I had a couple small snacks here and there (but you don’t really want to see 5 different pictures of peanut butter spoons do you?). I’ve been feeling extra snack-y lately, that’s okay, snacks are better than real meals anyway.

Do you like snacks, or do you prefer larger meals?

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

What’s you’re favorite food to eat frozen? I feel like most people have some unusual food they like to eat straight from the freezer. My brother was on a frozen corn kick for a long time, he said it tasted like ice cream. Yes he is crazy and do not trust his opinion because I’m pretty sure it has been years since he’s had ice cream.

Tuesday Tangents

It’s been a long day (and week, too bad it’s only Tuesday) so coherency is not going so well right now, the cure? Tangents. I’m good at those (:

Tangent #1

I ran 3 miles today in 30:40, when I finished I got super excited because I thought I had a 1 second PR then I remembered that my 30:41 PR is for a 5K, as in 3.1 miles, not 3. Boo. Close enough though. I ended up doing all three miles on the indoor track at the gym because all the treadmills were full and outside it looks like this:


Welcome to the Fogpocalypse. That would be a streetlamp in the parking lot of my apartment complex, you can’t tell because the fog is RIDICULOUS. Welcome to the mountains, mountain fog is like no other. Anyway‚Ķ I did 27 laps around an indoor track, 9 laps to a mile, yeah. When I was training for an 8K last semester I did every single run on the indoor track, even a 4.5 mile run (all 41 laps!), I’m not sure how I didn’t go insane. Or maybe I already had and that’s why I could do it?

Tangent #2

It secretly annoys me when I’m at the gym and I see people doing working out with terrible form. Not that my form is perfect or anything but I mentally cringe every time I see someone do something like a plank with their butt way in the air. Running laps at the gym today I saw lots of bad form and it made me sad. I just want to go into Pilates teacher mode and fix it (:

Tangent #3

I really enjoyed the presentation last night. Melanie Joy went into to psychology behind eating meat and the idea of “Carnism” it was a pretty interesting way to look at things. I won’t go into it too much, because I’m not here to get all PETA on you (I actually don’t even like PETA that much), but basically she talked about how interesting it is that almost all societies have a small group of animals species they eat, yet anything outside of the few species is considered disgusting or barbaric to eat. She also discussed all the psychological defenses we build up in response to eating meat, like hiding factory farms and slaughterhouses away from public view, and desensitizing ourselves to the personalities and unique qualities of the animals we eat. Even if you’re not a vegetarian it’s an important thing to look at, we should all know where our food comes from and what (if any) external pressures there are on us to eat a certain way. Okay that’s the end of my vegetarian propaganda, that wasn’t too painful was it?


Bonus of going to the presentation was free vegan snacks! I picked up a little of everything (minus a couple cookies, which looked really delicious, but my digestive system appreciates me skipping them), lentil chips, eggplant,¬†pepperoncini, some kind of spread that was tasty but don’t know what it was, a stuff mushroom, roasted cherry tomatoes, pearl onions and one lonely little (but delicious) chocolate truffle. I also had a glass of flax milk which was sososo good. This was my first time trying flax milk and I will definitely have to pick some up next time I’m at the store! It was a little sweet and really creamy and just all around delicious. Yummy.

Tangent #4

$1 coffee is a lifesaver. The architecture students sell coffee in the mornings as a fundraiser and it was greatly appreciated this morning. I will support any  fundraiser that involves cheap but good coffee please and thank you.


Coffee and USB drives, welcome to the life of a graphic arts student.

Tangent #5

I found this little gem in a campus parking lot as I was walking to the bus stop:

That would be a Christmas tree in the back of a pick up truck, and you can’t tell from the picture but the entire truck was wrapped in Christmas lights, even the bullhorns on the front bumper. Yay for rednecks.

That was more words than I expected, but that’s okay. See you guys tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday!

What’s the weather like where you live?

Do you deck your car out for Christmas?

Busy Bee {MIMM}

It’s one busy Monday today! Now that Thanksgiving is over it’s only a couple weeks until exams which means crunch time for me. Time to wrap up everything in my classes and finally start working on those big projects I was assigned at the beginning of the semester but haven’t gotten around to yet. Hey, it happens sometimes.

It’s going to be a long couple of weeks, but at least Christmas break is right around the corner!

Luckily I have a few things making this very busy Monday marvelous

(A big thanks to Katie for hosting every week)

  • A weekend at home, I love a good weekend back at home with my parents. It helps me relax, recharge and get ready for a busy week. Plus I got lots of kitty cuddling in which makes things a million times better

It’s probably a good thing my apartment complex doesn’t allow pets, I would never get anything done!

  • Going to a guest lecture tonight, maybe that sounds a little nerdy but Melanie Joy is coming to campus to give a presentation on her book “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows”. I haven’t read it but it sounds right up my animal-loving alley and should be an interesting presentation!
  • Chakra meditation, a grad student did a Chakra meditation activity with my Somatics class and it was really awesome. Chakra meditation is definitely something I would never try on my own (it involves chanting, not my cup of tea), but I felt so calm and relaxed and it was a fun new experience! If you interested, you can read more about chakra meditation here.
  • Elf For Health! I saw the Elf For Health Challenge on Lindsay‘s page, fell in love with the idea and literally signed up at the last second. I didn’t think I made it in time for the first round but I was still paired up with another Elf! If you haven’t heard about the challenge, basically there is a different challenge everyday for 6 weeks and you randomly paired with a partner and you e-mail each other positive encouragement/tips/ideas/struggles/etc. during the week as you work on the challenges. My partner and I just exchanged e-mails last night, but I can already tell she is going to be an awesome partner! She actually has a blog too if you want to check her out: Something Lemon. It’s only a day in but I’m loving the challenge and connecting with health-minded people from all over the world. Thanks Lindsay and Elle for putting together such an awesome challenge!

  • Today’s Elf For Health Challenge, which is Meatless Monday! Vegetarianism makes me a pro at this one (:

Today’s lunch, leftover chili + steamed spinach


What made your Monday Marvelous?

Are you participating in Elf for Health?

What’s you’re favorite meatless meal?

Thanksgiving/Anniversary 2012

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

Mine was pretty good! I was a terrible blogger and didn’t take nearly enough pictures, but that’s okay I was enjoying time with my family. Plus it spared me from explaining what a blog is to my technologically-inept 86-year old grandfather, who still doesn’t know how to use a cell phone (even a jitterbug!), you gotta love him.

Wednesday morning my family hit the road for a 5 hour drive down to South Carolina. I managed to sneak in a 2 mile run before we hit the road to save my sanity. I get so antsy on car rides. I also managed to get in a nice hour and a half nap, car naps are the best.

My mom made a huge crock pot of vegetarian for dinner to make things easy, which was a genius idea on her part because who really wants to cook the night before Thanksgiving?


Plus it makes all the omnivores (my parents), vegetarians (me and my brothers) and the gluten-free-er (me!) happy. She got the recipe from Vegetarian Times¬†I think. It’s got a ton of ingredients but from what I can remember it has: black beans, dark and light red kidney beans, diced tomatoes, shredded carrots, mushrooms, diced onion, diced bell pepper, red wine, salsa, ground meatless crumbles, garlic and seasoning. I think that’s everything.

The chili made tons of leftovers which are now residing in my apartment freezer. I’m pretty sure I have enough for dinner for the next two weeks, and I’m super excited I have dinner covered for a little while (:

Thursday morning was a made rush to cook/thaw/reheat everything for our Thanksgiving meal. Even though we get a lot of our food pre-made from a local restaurant¬†we still cook a couple of side dishes (aka, I complain that our meal needs more veggies that are not slathered in cheese and butter and cooked with bacon and roast a huge pan of brussel sprouts, oh and someone makes mashed potatoes but I’m weird and don’t like those).

I attempted to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade as things were going in and out of the oven but I managed to only catch a a few commercial breaks. Boo. The parade is on of my favorites parts of Thanksgiving! I did catch a few a broadway performances and the Rockettes so I will survive until next year.


I did manage to snap a picture of (part) of our spread. Clockwise from the red pot is mashed potatoes, turkey, blurry greens beans, baked mac n cheese, dressing, peas and broccoli casserole, plus some sweet potato casserole, ham, roasted brussel sprouts, yeast rolls, corn and cranberry sauce that hadn’t made it too the table quite yet. Don’t get too jealous of my grandfather’s taste in interior decorating, I see you eyeing those ceramic ducks.

I enjoyed a plate full (okay, several) of roasted brussels sprouts (seriously they were like 2/3 of my plate!), corn, cranberry sauce, broccoli casserole, plus a baked sweet potato and baked tempeh I made for a little extra staying power.



This cheesecake is crazyyyy good. I had every intention of being good and scooping out the filling to avoid a tummy ache from the graham cracker crust but‚Ķ that didn’t happen. It was worth it though. I highly recommend this cheesecake to anyone who loves pumpkin (aka all healthy living/food bloggers) but not to people who don’t enjoy eating a whole cheesecake in one sitting because this one will make you want to do that.

The rest of the day was spent nursing our food babies, looking through all the Black Friday newspaper ads at the sales we fully planned on sleeping through and enjoying Thanksgiving round two with the leftovers at dinner time.

It was wonderful to spend time with my family, I only get to see my extended family around the holidays so I was thankful to see them all again! I’m also really thankful for everything, seriously everything. I have a great family, go to a great school, have great friends, I’m so lucky to have everything I have and I really tried to concentrate on that this Thanksgiving rather than just stuffing my face full of food, but don’t get me wrong, that definitely happened too.

Friday morning we packed up the car and headed back home. I had another great car nap on the way home too, I’m on a roll with the naps lately. We made a pit stop in downtown Chapel Hill to grab some lunch before we got home.


We stopped at the Mediterranean Deli. One of my brothers and my parents had eaten there before but it was my first time and it was really delicious! I got a three plate sampler which let me pick 3 of there vegetarian deli items. It was a tough decision because they had so many delicious looking options but I ended up with Chickpea Salad, Avocado and Feta Salad and Sauteed Cauliflower. It was all delicious! I was so sad when I finished everything. I need to figure out how the made the cauliflower because it was awesome!

One of my favorite parts about the Mediterranean Deli was that all the dishes were well labelled, listing all the ingredients and whether a dish was vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, etc. I don’t see that a lot but it’s really helpful, especially for someone like me with a few eating restrictions. I hate going into a deli and having to guess if something is vegetarian or gluten-free.

Overall I’m super jealous my brother goes to school in Chapel Hill and is so close to this little gem. Though I guess I can’t complain because Boone has some pretty awesome restaurants too.

As soon as we got home I turned around and high-tailed it to my boyfriend’s place so we could celebrate our 6 year anniversary! I hadn’t seen him in over a month and it was so good to be reunited! We did things super low key this year which we both seem to enjoy a lot more than trying to plan some over the top date. We grabbed dinner at Qdoba.

Recycled photo from our last Qdoba trip, I got roasted veggies this time instead of guacamole, poor decision, always go with the guac.

Which is actually kinda funny because for our 5 year anniversary we went out for dinner at Moe’s. Apparently we love casual tex mex meals for special occasions, we’re just classy like that. Actually it’s probably because it’s one of the few restaurants that makes a hungry meat-eating man and health-freakish gluten-free vegetarian happy.

After dinner we stopped by Trader Joe’s and picked up some Three Buck Chuck:

and Chocolate Covered Almond Clusters:

I’d be lying if I said we didn’t polish off the entire container

Chocolate and wine, could life be better?

We then enjoyed an evening at home watching stand-up comedy. It was low-key and perfect. Sometimes date nights at home completely trump a night out and it was such a wonderful way to end the night.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Do you prefer low-key or fancy dates?

What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?

Six Years.

Six years of smiles.

Six years of nightly phone calls.

Six years of tickle wars.

Six years of heart-warming hugs and kisses.

Oh god. Awkward prom pictures, circa 2007

Six years of patience.

Six years of saying just the thing I needed to hear.

Six years of silly names and teasing each other.

Six years of never going to bed mad.

Six years of never taking ourselves too seriously.

circa 2010

Six years of dealing with all my quirks, which seem to grow every year.

Six years of love.

Happy anniversary Jeremy. These six years have flown by, but I’ve loved every second of them. I learn something new about you everyday and I smile even bigger every time I see you. The past six years have been the best of my life and I can’t wait to see where the future will take us.

Christmas 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy T(of)urkey Day!

I hope your enjoying lots of delicious foods with your family!

I know I’ll be enjoying a turducken later on, kidding. Don’t eat too much turkey, eat lots of pie instead (:

Bottomless Pit & Thanksgiving Excitement {WIAW}

Yesterday I had one of those days where I just wanted to eat anything and everything. I didn’t get much of a lunch and was really hungry when I got home after a 3 hour drive home and I think my body was just like “Lea. Food. NOW.” Even when I was full I still wanted to keep eating? Anyone else have those kinda days? It happens.

(Thanks Jenn for hosting every week!)

Since my stomach decided to pretend it was a bottomless pit, I didn’t get too many pictures of food. But let’s be real, you don’t really want to see 10 pictures of carrots, peanut butter and endless handfuls of pistachios and grapes? That’s what I thought. Here’s a couple of things I did snap a picture of:

I got this drink powder for free with an order from iHerb, but it was pretty gross. I think the problem was that I just mixed it with water and it didn’t have any flavors or sweeteners in it so it tasted like I was drinking grass. ¬†It probably would have been good in a smoothie though.

Car snacks/Lunch! I grabbed a few things on the way out of town because I was hangry after class! I think I’m addicted to kombuchas which is not good because my wallet cries a little when I buy one. Sorry wallet. I’m also in love with the cookie dough Luna protein bars, they are really just glorified candy bars but they are so dang good that I don’t care too much.

Dinnerrrr! I was so hungry I didn’t manage to get a picture. I don’t miss too many gluten-filled foods but every once in a while I get a huge pizza craving. My parents were nice enough to pick me up this pizza so I could enjoy it while they had regular Trader Joe’s pizza for dinner which was really sweet of them. The pizza was really good and the crust didn’t have that crumbly texture most gluten-free pizzas have. Good job Joe. I’ll pretend that I didn’t eat the whole thing.

That’s all I got for you for yesterday, but since tomorrow is Thanksgiving (yay!) I thought I’d share some of the food I’ll be enjoying tomorrow!

You should know that my family totally cheats when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. There is a southern-style restaurant near my grandfather’s house in South Carolina that let’s you order food for Thanksgiving, you can pick it up frozen a few days before Thanksgiving and thaw and cook everything the day of. We may be cheaters, but it works for feeding 8 people in my grandfather’s tiny kitchen.

Thanks to the south’s love of eating as many animals as possible in one meal, there are a few things I can’t eat, but that’s okay, there’s still plenty of foods I’m looking forward to.

Sweet potato souffle, soooo good. Minus the marshmallows because gelatin is a sneaky little vegetarian nemesis. This is no surprise though because I love anything and everything sweet potato.

Creamed corn! I don’t care that this is a staple of old ladies and you don’t actually need teeth to eat it. I could eat it by the bowlful. Actually, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t done that. Unfortunately, Wade’s doesn’t have any this year. I cried a little when I found out, it’s just not Thanksgiving with out creamed corn. If that sounds dramatic then you just don’t understand my love for the stuff. It’s deep.

Brussel sprouts! I bought a whole stalk of brussel sprouts to roast. I’m secretly hoping everyone else hates brussel sprouts and I can have the whole stalk to myself. Not kidding.

I couldn’t forget about pumpkin pie! I think I’m going to be nice to my digestive track and eat a gluten-free meal because I haven’t been doing such a good job the past couple days (I blame my roommate’s mom for baking her a really delicious coconut cake and sharing it with all of us. Yep, all her fault) so I want to be nice to my poor tummy. But don’t think I won’t still scrape all the filling out of several pieces of pie (: The filling is really the best part anyway.

I’ll be in South Carolina to celebrate Thanksgiving for the next couple days. We’re staying at my grandfather’s house who doesn’t have internet (the horror) so I won’t be seeing much of me. I do have a couple of small posts lined up, but I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! And don’t eat too much turkey (seriously, they have feelings too).

What are you looking forward to eating tomorrow?

When does your family eat the big Thanksgiving meal? We eat our big meal at lunch, which leaves the rest of the day to lay around in a food coma.

Friendsgiving/Birthday Extravaganza!


Friday morning I headed to a Power Hour class at the gym which was a blast! I don’t usually get to go to that class because I have actual class (lame) but my professor was out of town so I got a chance to go! The class was really upbeat and got me pumped for the weekend! I love a good Friday morning workout, it gets me pumped for the rest of the week and makes me not feel so bad when I some how end up eating 6 cupcakes. Whoopsies.

We did a fun cardio circuit during the class that I jotted down and I’ll share it with you guys soon!

I’m proud of the fact that I’m getting better at disguising workout clothes as real clothes. Too bad adding boots and a cardigan to my workout clothes doesn’t make them less stinky afterward‚Ķ

Friday evening my roommates and a couple of friends headed out to a reception for the student art gallery on campus. My roommate and I submitted art work for an Appalachian of the Artistic Rebuttal Book Project¬†(check it out if you like art, it’s an awesome project!) and both of ours got in!

My submission!

That’s my art, on a wall!

My roommate’s submission!

It’s so cool to see something you made hanging up in public, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it.

The reception had some finger foods but we were hungry for some real food so we headed to Black Cat Burrito for dinner. I think I’ve ended up at Black Cat almost every weekend this semester. I can’t help it, it’s so good!

I built my own burrito with rice, black beans, sweet potato, spinach and some painfully hot salsa.

Black Cat only has mild and hot salsa, I went with hot because I like a little spice in my life, and I wound up chugging 2 huge glasses of water. That stuff is no joke, lesson learned. But I still finished every bite of that salsa because I refused to let it beat me (:

And because weekends = fro yo time, this happened:

Chocolate and coffee swirled fro yo (heaven) with a little snickerdoodle fro yo (also heaven) plus chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, a chunk of Reeses and a Nutella drizzle. Honestly I could have eaten this cup 3 more times, it was pretty tasty.


Saturday morning started with a 3 mile treadmill run. I finally used the gym in my apartment complex, considering I’ve only lived there for 3+ months it was about time. I think the gym is the same size as my apartment, but I got to watch Top Chef while I ran which is a bonus. I think watching delicious foods makes me run faster (: By the way did anyone watch the episode where the had to cook and serve food in the space needle? I would have passed out, heights are not my friend.

After my run I ran a few errands with one of my roommates, we had some presents to pick out and need to pick up a few things for dinner. We are terrible errand runners and finally finished two hours later. Do not send me food shopping if you need something in under an hour, I’m the slowest food shopper ever.

Saturday my friends and I threw a combo Thanksgiving/22nd birthday celebration for my roommate and it was an awesome time. I made flour-less chocolate cupcakes and roasted vegetables. When you eat more vegetables it means you can eat more cupcakes right? I hope so.

Roasted brussel sprouts, onions and cranberries season with garlic, black pepper and Bragg’s liquid aminos. I actually got college kids to eat brussel sprouts, which I consider a huge accomplish. Though some were not so easily persuaded, that’s okay, more for me!

I also made these flour-less chocolate cupcakes and they came out surprisingly good!

I used this recipe¬†(minus the cream cheese filling) from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out based on the ingredients, they seemed way too simple! But they were amazing. Seriously, even if gluten isn’t an issue for these make them. I ended up eating wayyy too many. Like 6. Oops. It’s okay, I ate lots of brussel sprouts to help cancel out all the sugar (:

I topped the cupcakes with Cool Whip (I actually used Tru Whip because it has less crazy ingredients, which I’m sure didn’t matter once I added the sugar in the cupcakes) mixed with some cocoa powder and cinnamon for an easy frosting. I made them fancy-ish by using a sandwich baggie with a corned cut off to pipe on the Cool Whip and I topped them with some leftover Halloween sprinkles.

I also have to mention the cranberry sauce, because it is one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving.

Apologies for the terrible apartment lighting. And cranberry sauce taste the best when it’s still in the shape of a can. The ridges add extra flavor. We also rotisserie chicken (the poor college student’s turkey dinner), mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, corn and rolls. But let’s be real, the veggies and cupcakes are the most important part of a well-rounded feast.

We ended the night playing Millionaire Monopoly and watching The Campaign. Chocolate cupcake-induced sugar highs make board games way more intense, I think I funneled all my excess energy into buying as much property as possible, but I still lost.


Sunday morning started with a 5:30am wake up call. AKA way to early for a Sunday morning, especially after going to bed at 1:30, ouch. It was for a good cause though, I was helping out with a pancake breakfast to benefit the Western Youth Network, which helps at-risk youth in western North Carolina.

Even though our turn-out wasn’t the best (maybe the Sunday before Thanksgiving break wasn’t the best day) we still raised $150 so it was worth getting up for.

Sunday afternoon I took a much needed 2 hour nap, and still woke up groggy, I think I needed 2 more hours. One day I’ll learn to get to bed at a decent time. One day.

I woke up in time for my roommate’s birthday dinner with her parents. No pictures because it was a fairly fancy Italian restaurant and I thought whipping out a cell phone to take a picture of my food would be weird. I ordered a artichoke salad that came with artichokes (obviously), roasted red peppers, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. It wasn’t anything special, but being a gluten-free vegetarian at an Italian restaurant I kind of expected that. I did like that I got a pre-salad salad. I guess they didn’t want me to feel left out when everyone else had a started salad before their entree? I’ll never turn down extra salad.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like spicy foods?

Are you a morning exerciser or an evening exerciser?

MIMM: Sweet Thanksgiving Freedom & A Little Yoga

Whew, today has been a busy day! Which is funny considering all my classes for the day were classes. Funny how that works.

Despite my Monday being a little crazy it has been pretty marvelous!

Thanks again to Katie for hosting every week!

Things making my Monday Marvelous:

  • No class! Redundant, but that always makes for a good day! Unfortunately I still had to take an online exam, but I think I did well on it, which makes that marvelous too!
  • This weekend’s Friendsgiving and my roommate’s birthday!¬†And the amazing flourless chocolate cupcake recipe I made this weekend, too easy and too delicious, a dangerous combination. More on both of those tomorrow!

  • I got to teach a yoga class! It was the first yoga class I’ve ever taught and I think it went really well. Even though I’m not a yoga instructor I’m on the sub list and they needed someone last minute and I was happy to help! I really enjoyed and hopefully the people in class did too (all two of them, it was a hoppin’ class!). I’ve been thinking about doing yoga teacher training sometime after I graduate, but I haven’t decided yet, so we shall see…


  • And I had a good crowd come to my Pilates class, it was good day for teaching group fitness!


  • GINGERBREAD CLIF BARS! Nope I’m not excited about those at all.

So tasty.

  • I’m starting week 3 of my 10-miler training plan, my runs have been really good lately even though they’ve all been on the dreadmill and I’m hoping they stay good. Though we’ll see what happens when it’s snowing out and I have a 5+ mile run on the schedule…

  • I’m headed home tomorrow for Thanksgiving! Only one class stands between me and sweet Thanksgiving freedom. Well, and some silly little details like the fact I haven’t packed anything yet

Happy almost turkey tofurkey day!

What made your Monday Marvelous?

What are your Thanksgiving plans? We’re going to my grandfather’s in South Carolina!