Marvelous in My (Kinda) Monday {MIMM}

Happy Tuesday! I’m a little late to the Marvelous in My Monday party this week, but since Monday was a holiday today is kinda like Monday. Kinda. Just go with it.

(Thanks Katie!)

Marvelous is… three day weekends. Hollerrr. It’s been a crazy week at my internship. On Friday we moved our office into a different building for the summer and it was definitely a hectic day. A Monday off was welcomed with open arms.


Our offices actually relocated to a dorm on Duke campus. Yup, my new office is a dorm room, complete with dorm furniture and all. As strange as it sounds I will take it because it’s much more spacious than a cubicle!

Marvelous is… Getting to spend sometime with the other interns on move-in day! Right now there’s only three of us, but the rest of us will be starting next Monday and there will 20+ interns running around. I’m so excited to be surrounded by other college-aged kids, I can’t even tell you.

Marvelous is… The farmer’s market! It’s so good to be back to the monstrous farmer’s market in Raleigh. It’s open 7 days a week and has tons of vendors. Sometimes living in a agriculture-based state spoils me 🙂 Pictures are coming later this week.

Marvelous is… My new blueberry plant from the farmer’s market. Fingers crossed it actually grows blueberries instead of just dying on me. My thumb is more on the brown or black side. I just want some free blueberriesssss.

Marvelous is… Tree lady. My boyfriend and I ran into her while we were walking to the Raleigh Rose Gardens (if you’re a local you need to check that place out, it’s gorgeous! And free!). Pretty clever.


Marvelous is… Rainbows on the drive home.


You can just see the bottom of it in this picture, but it was more vibrant in person. Rainbows make rush hour traffic much more bearable.

What made your Monday Marvelous?

Do you work in an office?

Have you ever been an intern?

What is your state known for? Cheerwine, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and our Outer Banks!

Art Crawlin’ & Quatro de Mayo {MIMM}

Happy Monday!

Despite the start of exam week it is a very happy Monday because it is my last Monday in college! Graduation is slowly becoming more real, and I am simultaneously getting more excited and terrified by the second.

(Thanks for hosting Katie!)

This weekend my friends and I attempted to live it up one last time while we’re all in town for the weekend! Unfortunately, the weather was not super cooperative, but we didn’t let that stop us too much 🙂

Marvelous is… The farmer’s market is finally over! Just in time for me to leave… whomp, whomp. Luckily I have multiple farmer’s markets at home that are pretty sweet, one of them is even open 7 days a week. I’m very produce spoiled but that is what happens when you live in the capital of a agriculture-heavy state. Lots of delicious produce!


Biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen, seriously it was larger than any cat I’ve ever owned.





I only ended up purchasing some apples (which are not nearly as good as they were in the fall, that season is more than over) and some farm fresh eggs, I have missed those suckers and they are sooo much better than store bought. I always buy them from a booth with this sweet old man because he always seems so grateful for the business and I love knowing the chickens are treated nicely. Happy chickens makes for tastier eggs.

Marvelous is… Art Crawlin’!

Dinner before hand at a new Asian restaurant: Taste Grill


I had the avocado roll, which was good but not different from any other mid-priced Asian restaurant.

Free wine samples! With a side of “you don’t look old enough”. It’s getting old quick.


The cutest puppy I’ve seen in a while. I seriously considered just running off with him.


Modern dance in an art gallery. I’m in heaven.


Fro yo to round out the night.


Reeses peanut butter and chocolate yogurt with chocolate, Oreos and Reeses. I was craving chocolate and peanut butter in a bad way.

Marvelous is… Quatro de Mayo! Cinco de Mayo happened a day earlier over here. Something about having to teach a Sunday evening Pilates class and a 9AM finance exam made me think Sunday night drink was a poor choice. Something about wanting to graduate and not get fired, silly things like that.


Dinner at Black Cat Burrito to keep with the fiesta theme. Tortilla-less burrito with black beans, rice, mushrooms, broccoli and tomatillo sauce, with their delicious coleslaw on the side of course. Hit the spot. I’m sure going to miss these burritos.

Marvelous is… Milk (Stout) and cookies! With a side of Joy Ride. Somehow my friends and I have made a tradition of watching Joy Ride every year on reading day. I can’t say it’s my favorite tradition, because if you’ve ever seen Joy Ride you know it’s a terrible movie, but cookies and beer make everything better.

I made these cookies and they came out quite tasty, even my gluten eating friends liked them. Then I washed them down with a beer, so much for gluten-free.

Marvelous is… Nostalgic college slideshows. My friend put one together of all of us (with some pretty hilarious photoshopped pictures) I’m going to miss everyone!

Marvelous is… My finance exam is DONE. It was my hardest exam so fingers crossed that I did okay! Only 2 projects, 1 speech, and 2 exams stand between me and summer. I. Can. Do. This. Can you tell I’m ready for summer?

Marvelous is… My family gets here on Saturday, which means tasty dinners out and extra pack help. Oh and quality family time of course.


Marvelous is… Breakfast plans with the roomie for tomorrow morning. I have a two day break before my next exam and will be doing my best to not spend the whole time studying.

Marvelous is… My first run in a couple weeks! My foot is still a little sore but it is feeling much better. I only did 15 short minutes today but it felt good to run again. The elliptical is starting to drive me crazy.

What made your Monday marvelous?

Any exciting summer plans?

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

One Year Blogiversary! And My First Ever Giveaway!



Greens & Coffee Beans is officially one year old today!

The time has absolutely flown by and I can’t even believe it has been a year since I’ve started this little blog. Where has the time gone? I feel like so much has happened in the past year! Let’s take a look back shall we?


My first post ever! (can we all agree that first posts are the most awkward?)

I auditioned for my Pilates teaching job (and got it!)


Ran my first 8k!

Photo on 2012-03-03 at 18.57 #2

Made chocolate oatmeal protein pancakes with peanut butter topping which is my most popular recipe


Went hiking a lot.



Went gluten-free and my tummy was very happy about it!

Ran the Autism Speaks 5K

Turned 21!

Photo on 2012-04-16 at 11.56

And did some more hiking



Finished my Junior year of college and moved out of the dorms FOR GOOD

Ran a 4 mile Sticky Bun Run and my first 10K


Started my first internship

Went to the farmer’s market a bunch


I did lots of yoga

Ran the Race for the Cure 5K

My brothers graduated high school

high school graduates

I started Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer, and got some muscles!

And had a few more trips to the farmer’s market.


I volunteered at a triathlon and found my grandmother’s peanut butter machine (in the same week! It was a good one)

Lost someone I went to middle school with

Went to the beach!


Watched the Olympics like a crazy person. Seriously, I watched every single sport.


I tried my first CrossFit class and almost joined the cult.

Went to the farmer’s market AGAIN (theme here?)


Moved into my first apartment

Started my senior year of college


I tried CrossFit again

Almost set the oven on fire


Learned how to eat healthy on a (small) college budget

Ran the Mayview Madness 5K (my legs still hurt thinking about that elevation!)

Checked out the Watauga County Farmer’s Market. More than once



Ran the Triangle Run/Walk for Autism 5K while home for fall break and got new running shoes!


Went to my senior homecoming game


Cooked up some pretty tasty chili


Threw a halloween party


And you guessed it, spent more time at the farmer’s market


My artwork was published in a book!

Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and my 6th anniversary with my boyfriend



And had a Friendsgiving! Complete with cranberry sauce of course.


Ran the Black Saturday 5K


I became a Tribesports Ambassador!

Celebrated Christmas with my family


Ran The Gobbler 5K


Rang in the New Year

Had my last first day of school

Survived the Boone flood

Took a day trip to Asheville & had a French party!



Which brings us to February!

Giveaway Time

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog for the past year and I really appreciate all you guys for reading. I thought I’d show my appreciated by hosting my first ever giveaway!

I want to put together a box of my favorite goodies for the winner. I don’t know what I’m going to put together yet, but I’m hoping to get some input from the winner, basically the prize is wide open!

To enter simply leave a comment telling my what you’d like to see on the blog, what would you like to see more or less of and would you make any changes? I’d love to get a little feedback!

For additional entries you can like Greens & Coffee Beans on Facebook, or follow me on twitter and tweet something about the giveaway, just make sure you tag me @coffeeandgreens. Just leave a comment telling me you did so.

Giveaway ends Friday May 1st! Be sure to enter, this is in appreciation of you guys!

WIAW Fall Break Style

I missed you guys yesterday! I was feeling pretty pooey and not like writing, so I didn’t. Funny how that works. I have lots to catch up on though, I owe you guys a race recap and a chili recipe, but I’ll probably procrastinate more so it might make a couple days (:

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats


So I eat basically the same thing every Tuesday, it’s one of my busiest days of the week, so instead of showing you the same lame snacks I switching it up this week. Instead, I’m going to show you some of the delicious things I ate over fall break. For some reason, my meals get so much more interesting when my parents are footing the bill…



Bye bye mountains! The view coming down the mountain on the way home is amazing! Too bad I have to keep my eyes on the road and be safe and what not.

I drove home right after class on Wednesday and grabbed dinner with my dad at Tijuana Flats as soon as I got home. Three hours of driving can work up an appetite.


Black bean salad the size of my head, with salsa, onions, olives and jalapenos on top. And lots of hot sauce. Adding hot sauce to salads is totally normal, I mean Tijuana Flats has a hot sauce bar, of course I couldn’t leave it alone.

My salad was also supposed to have guacamole, I’ve found that at Tijuana Flats I only end up with guacamole 50% of the time, it wasn’t worth the energy to complain about it. I was already in a veggie induced bliss.


I spent Thursday with my boyfriend, I managed to convince him to go pumpkin picking with me, except we didn’t really end up pumpkin picking so much as we went to the farmer’s market and picked one out. I can’t complain, you all know I love the farmer’s market!













So many pumpkins! Luckily me and my boyfriend are both pumpkin freaks (he actually has a jack-o-lantern tattoo!), so we had lots of fun navigating the literal mountains of pumpkins!

For dinner we stopped by Whole Foods for some hot bar action. I consider it an accomplishment that I was able to convince my junk-food loving boyfriend to have dinner at Whole Foods. Well, he still got fried chicken.

Green beans, palak paneer, chana masala and mock chicken with curry sauce. Clearly I was feeling some Indian food. And the mock chicken was surprisingly good, I’m not to big on fake meats (even though I practically lived off them my freshman year), but this wasn’t too bad.

And my boyfriend got fried chicken, pork belly, macaroni and cheese and black beans. Yeah, we eat a little bit differently.

On the way home we got stuck in fair traffic, so I convinced my boyfriend to stop for fro yo while we waited it out. Which means he really loves me because he hates all things frozen and creamy.


The pinkish color is oatmeal cookie (I’m not sure why it was pink?) and peanut butter (so. freaking. good.) topped with reese’s dark chocolate chips, and chocolate covered raisins. Plus a peanut butter sauce that looked like peanut butter snot. Gross.

We finished the night with pumpkin beer!


It was pretty sweet for a beer but really spicy and fall-ish. It was pretty good!


I spent Friday doing absolutely nothing. It was pure bliss and I didn’t even change out of my PJs until 3:00pm. It was a beautiful thing.

For lunch I had some roasted veggies



So pretty.

I washed that down with some kombucha!


I picked one up from Earth Fare on the way out of town on Wednesday because it was on sale. This was my first time trying kombucha but it was really tasty! I think next time I might get a less sweet flavor though, I know I’m weird.

For dinner my parents and I went to Neomonde‘s a lebanese deli. I love this restaurant because they have lots of vegetarian and gluten-free options and it’s a deli so you can purchase everything by the pound to take home too!


I ordered a cup of Foul (a soup-ish stew-ish thing with chick peas, kidney beans and veggies), roasted tomatoes and cauliflower, roasted eggplant and a greek salad. Super delicious.

I also picked up a package of roasted chick peas but those disappeared pretty fast, so fast that I didn’t get a picture, whoopsies. They were very addictive.


Saturday morning I ran in Triangle Run/Walk 5K for Autism. More on that soon! I owe you guys a recap. Soon!

After the race my parents were nice enough to take me out for lunch, at the always delicious Flying Biscuit.


I got the tofu scramble (tamari-marinated tofu, red and green peppers, mushrooms, onions and spinach) with a side of rosemary potatoes. Too good. Such a yummy post-race meal!

After dinner a little fro-yo action happened. I had a cold and obviously fro-yo is the best cure for that.


Tart yogurt, bananas, chocolate covered raises, candy corn (!!!), and non-snotty peanut butter. Delicious. Candy corn is an amazing fro yo topping fyi.


My family had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes before I headed back to school. Even my brother made it to lunch with us.


A recycled picture, but I ate the same crazy amount of vegetables. Any meal where I can 10 servings of vegetables is a good one.

Well now I’m back at school, eating the same old boring stuff.


Where’s your favorite place to eat out?

What is your favorite meal to order out?


Scenes from the Watauga Farmer’s Market (10/6)










P.S. Do you guys like the new banner? The old one was looking really sad so I finally got around to designing a new one! I really liked how it came out!


To say I’m a little sad it’s Monday is an understatement. My weekend was fantastic and I did not want it to end, and to top it off my Monday was kicked off with a test. Fun stuff. Back to the weekend!


I was late to my Friday class but my professor was late-er, best way to start the weekend. After class I went to a 45-minute spin class, which is the perfect length for a spin class because it’s long enough to get super-sweaty but not long enough that you are dead at the end. I also lifted some weights, gotta work on those guns.

Chobani and blog reading makes for the best recovery meal. Also sitting in the student union while you’re still super sweaty and kind of smelly (the gym is on the top floor of the student union). No shame.

Friday night my roommates and I made a late night fro yo run. It was glorious. It had been a month since I had fro yo. Major life problems right there.

Tart, peanut butter(!) and coffee flavored fro yo (the trifecta of amazing flavors) with raspberries, chocolate chips, peanut butter drizzle and Reeses cups. De-freaking-licious. I could have eaten like 3 more cups worth. Luckily I didn’t.

We made a quick run to the grocery store next door because one of my roommates needed to pick up some body wash and some how I left with this:

A box of Bakers chocolate and a bottle of Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale. I think the cashier was judging me a little bit. The pumpkin ale was super delicious and I was excited that Food Lion sells single bottles of beer because I’m incapable of drinking a whole six pack, it’s sad.


Saturday started off bright and early with the Mayview Madness 5K

Look at that sneaky foam roller in the background.

The run was a ton of fun, but the first half was uphill and I’m still sore from it. Recap coming sometime in the next couple of days, pinky swear.

After my race I headed straight to the farmer’s market. Apparently I have no problem with public sweaty-ness/smelly-ness. I left with lots of delicious produce for the rest of the week. The farmer’s market is always the highlight of my weekend, I’ll probably break down in tears next month when it closes.

Saturday night my friends and I got together for a potluck/spa/girls night. We’re bad at pinning down specific plans, if you couldn’t tell. I got to break in my crock pot with a vegetarian chili.

Well I called it chili but it was really a find-what-you-can-in-my-sparse-apartment-cabinets-and-throw-it-in-the-crock-pot, but that’s a pretty long name. I used a can of chickpeas, black beans, corn and diced tomatoes, a chopped onion, green lentils, a diced poblano pepper, veggie stock and water with some pepper and garlic. It could have used more seasoning but the only seasonings I own at the moment are black pepper and cinnamon. College problems. My friends like it though and ate the entire crock pot’s worth so I’ll take it.

We also had green bean casserole, corn bread muffins, cheesecake and my roommate brought mojito mix. It was quite the spread.

We played Quelf, which if you’ve never played you totally should because it’s hilarious.


It involves things like singing, square dancing, story-writing, and hiding the box the game came in under your shirt. You know, typical board game stuff.

Then we made facials out of avocados, coconut oil and honey and painted our nails. Then learned how to wobble. I love pretending like I’m still 14, and now my nails are teal! Big deal since I haven’t painted my nails in like a year, I’m too antsy to wait for them to dry.

It was such a fun night, sometimes you just need some hardcore girl time.


The weather on Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, so my roommates and I headed out for a hike that afternoon. My legs were pretty dead from Saturday’s 5K but the views were so worth it.

But a better recap of that is coming soon too. Man, I owe you guys lots of posts.

And now it’s Monday and that sucks a little bit (actually a lot a bit), how long til Friday?


What’s you’re favorite crock pot meal? I’m hooked on it. It’s my new favorite kitchen appliance, especially now that it’s starting to get a little chilly outside!

Do you like hiking?








Scenes from the Watauga Farmer’s Market (9/22)




 Watauga County Farmer’s Market:























The biggest bunny EVER. Bigger than any cat I’ve ever owned and he could have been mine for the small price of $450.


Fluffy chicken.

My Haul:

Spaghetti squash and acorn squash (for $1!)


Free-range organic eggs, bell peppers (3/$1!) and tomatoes

Best apples ever. Golden delicious, stark delicious and Jonah Golds.

I love all the fresh, delicious, local food I can get for only $15. You can’t beat the farmer’s market!




Scenes from the Watauga County Farmer’s Market (9/15)


Rainy Day {MIMM}

Naps should be a requirement on rainy days. Unfortunately, I didn’t get one, I had silly things like class to go. I even woke up a 7:00 am, you know, to get to my 12:30pm class on time. Early bird problems.

Even though it was a dreary, rainy Monday and I didn’t get the nap I was craving, it was still a pretty marvelous day.

  • I made my own protein bars! I seriously only have $1 to my name right now, broke as a joke (I’m in the process of switching banks and and am officially out of money until my new debit card gets here) so I got resourceful and made some bars to take to campus with me. They came out a little crumbly but that’s okay, look for pictures on Wednesday because I’m too lazy right now. I can post the recipe if you want, but it’s one of those kitchen sink kind of recipes.
  • I got 3 different compliments on my playlist for my Pilates class. Yeayuh.
  • I put some pumpkin air fresheners in my room and it now smells like pumpkin/spicy/fall heaven:
    Bath & Body Works fall collection is going to put me on the poor house.
  • I found the perfect spin class to go to. It’s only 45 minutes so I get an amazing workout without being completely wiped out.
  • I’m learning basic anatomy in my Somatics class and I’m loving it. The human body is so complex, it’s amazing how it all works together. And our class has a plastic skeleton named Skullio, awesome.
  • Free kittens in the farmer’s market!

    My roommates better be glad our apartment complex doesn’t allow pets, or this little guy would have come home with me. . The vendor asked if I wanted to hold the kitten and the conversation went some thing like this: “No… I shouldn’t… No, that’s a bad idea… YES I WOULD LOVE TO”. Why are kittens so adorable?

  • The farmer’s market was on Saturday but that little kitten was so stinkin cute he even made my Monday better. I want him. I’m okay with being the crazy cat lady.
  • I just hardboiled eggs for the first time and finished making these. On a cooking roll. Actually I have to be because I can’t buy groceries until my new debit card comes in (dear post office gods, please let it show up in my mailbox tomorrow)
  • I have 5 different design opportunities coming up, things are going to get a little crazy but I am not complaining one bit.
  • Planned a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend for my roommates.

    Get me up on them mountains. It’s been far too long since my last hike. Over 4 months ago actually, that’s a problem.
  • Everyday that starts with Trader Joe’s dark coffee is a good day in my book

    Joe the Trader, why is everything you make so delicious?


    What made your Monday Marvelous?

    Do you like hiking? If you do, check out the hiking tab at the top of my page for pictures and recaps of all my recent hikes.

10 Servings of Vegetables {WIAW}

What’s up Wednesday? You sure snuck up on me fast this week. Maybe it’s just me but the week has been flying by, probably because I have about 10 million things to do (i.e. pack) before Sunday and not much time or motivation to do any of them. Good thing I’m a master procrastinator.

And on to my eats:

Breakfast: Good old peanut butter oats, but watch out! I’ve got a new addition this week:

Flaxseeds! I saw the bag on sale at Kroger the other week and picked some up. Omega-3s are pretty lacking in my diet so I thought this would help give them a boost. Omega-3s are good for maintaining cardiovascular health and helps reduce inflammation in the body, sounds pretty good right? And totally random but my dad looks just like the Bob’s Redmill guy.

It’s uncanny.

Oh, I also had a plum and an egg between getting home from a 6am spin class and going to work.

Morning Snack: Edamame.

Lucky for me they spilt all over my purse on the way to work. Mmmm… linty. Chasing soybeans around the bottom of your purse is not a good start to the morning.

Lunch: Lunch was in a few pieces because I was starving when I got home so I downed a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and an apple before actually making real food. I was a little bit hungry. From there I had a fried egg:

Photogenic, no?

Then I made a large heaping bowl of vegetables:

Farmer’s market zucchini, onion, roma tomato and spinach plus Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry Sauce because I literally cannot get enough of that stuff. I bought another bottle last week and the cash asked me what I was planning use it with. My reply: Everything. Everything tastes better with curry sauce. Fact. Curry cupcakes? Not gonna lie, I’d probably still eat them.

Afternoon Snack: My afternoon snack was courtesy of some seriously delicious farmers market finds. Farmer’s market find number one:

Grape tomatoes. They’re so teeny and cute. I used to hate tomatoes as a kid, but they’re starting to grow on me. It helps when they’re yellow and adorable.

Farmer’s market number two:

Black bean hummus. This stuff is like heaven in a plastic container. It’s spicy and savory and absolutely addicting. My favorite part is the chunks of sun-dried tomato in it. I’m not ashamed to say I ate half the container in one sitting.

Dinner: My dad treated the family to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. I’m a huge fan of Sweet Tomatoes because where else can I get 10 servings on veggies in one sitting?

Demolished. I have to take a picture of my plate every time I eat at Sweet Tomatoes because I impress even myself with the amount of veggies I can put away. However the people waiting behind me in the salad bar line are usually not amused.

I also had a small bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt topped with banana and granola and a second bowl of grapes for dessert. I mostly ate the bananas and granola off the fro yo because it was too sweet for me. I’ll take my old lady tart flavor over vanilla any day.

Late Snack: I had a half-sized bowl of my usual morning oats before going to bed. Something about cozying up with a warm bowl of oatmeal before bed is just so comforting and relaxing. We’ll pretend like it’s not 90 degrees outside.

I’ve got to be up earlier for a trip to Boone in the morning so I should probably be getting to sleep!