Things I’m Loving

Life’s kinda boring right now, so here’s somethings I’ve been really into lately:

  1. E’s ClosetBoutique

    How cute is that dress? I just found  this site a couple of days ago, I haven’t actually ordered anything from them, but their clothes are soooo cute. And everything’s $50 or less. Except that dress was $90, thanks Murphy.
  2. Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12-Week Trainer
    Yes I’m jumping on the LiveFit bandwagon. It seems that everyone and their mother is doing this program, but I’ve been looking to tone up and I still find myself a little overwhelmed by the weight room, so I thought this program would be helpful. I’ve done two workouts so far and I’m loving them. The exercises use a lot of gym equipment that I usually steer clear from (the crazy cable machines!) and my muscles are always pleasantly sore (yes I’m a freak) the next day. I don’t know if I’ll do the entire 12-weeks and I’m definitely not doing the meal plan, I refuse to eat that many egg whites, but I’m going to see where it goes!
  3. Dance Moms
    Excuse me while I hang my head in shame. I’m officially addicted to Dance Moms. It’s overly dramatic and completely unrealistic but I. Can’t. Stop. Watching. It’s like a trainwreck.
    In my defense I did dance competitions for 8 years when I was younger and I miss doing them so much, so I’m reliving those experiences through this show. And those kids are AMAZING, seriously after 17 years of dance I don’t even dance that well. And for the the record, dance studio’s are almost nothing like what you see on that show.

  4. The Civil Wars
    If you’ve never heard of them they’ve got a folksy/alternative sound. I’ve had their stuff on repeat for the past couple months and I’m still not sick of them. I’ve actually been really into more folksy sounding music lately, I guess living in Boone is starting to rub off on my music tastes.
  5. The Farmer’s Market
    Well this one is a given, and nothing new, but I’m addicted to farm fresh produce. I’m also so lucky that I live near a farmer’s market that is open 7 days a week all year long. I’m spoiled. I finished off a two pound bag of kale that I bought on Saturday (fiber much?) and I’m highly upset that I don’t have anymore. Luckily I’ll be back at the farmer’s market on Saturday. You can’t keep me away
  6. I’m starting to feel better!
    I’m still not 100% and I’m still a swollen but I’m starting to feel more normal. I’ve been trying to cool it on the intense cardio until I feel back to normal and I miss it terribly. I’ve been doing yoga, pilates and LiveFit in the mean time but I’m craving a good kickboxing/spin/step class.

What are you loving lately?

What I Ate Wednesday

I’m loving WIAW. Even though I don’t eat anything incredible exciting and I take the most unflattering pictures of my food, it’s still fun to share.


Oatmeal, peanut butter, cinnamon and a splash of soy milk. I literally eat this every morning, it’s not exciting to look at but it’s incredible tasty and comforting. It also combines two of my favorite foods, the carby goodness that is oatmeal and peanut butter.

Morning Snack:

Aleve does a number on my stomach so I snacked on half of a Think Thin during my internship to chill my stomach out. It left a funky artificial sugar taste in my mouth, but I didn’t hate it. Plus some Stash White Green tea, girl needs some caffeine, even though I maybe already had a cup of coffee.

And yes I carry around half-eaten protein bars in my purse. NBD. Actually, I ate the other half this morning.


Teriyaki marinated tofu, portobello mushroom, zucchini and kale. Simple but yummy. Dowsed in sriracha post-photo. I’m telling you I have a problem. I even set the bottle down next to me as I’m eating in case I need more. Apparently I can’t stand to be more than 2 feet away from it.

Afternoon Snack:

Seriously I can’t go more than 2 hours without eating.

Thawed edamame. I love this snack because it’s easy and has lots of protein!

A farmer’s market peach. It doesn’t look attractive, at all, but it was one of the best peaches I’ve ever had. Seriously, only I can make delicious food look so gross. That peach as amazing, I’m officially obsessed with that vendor, I will now buy peaches there indefinitely.

Also add several spoonfuls of peanut butter. Those are a given


Post-yoga, I had tempeh with summer squash (farmer’s market!), onion, portobello mushroom, tahini sauce, garlic, salt, pepper and cumin and some massaged kale on the side. Soooooo good. I actually just finished eating again for lunch. My meal variety kills me sometimes. But seriously it was really delicious.

Evening Snack:

The same bowl of oatmeal that I had at breakfast, I told you I’m obsessed with it.

Have you had any good food/farmer’s market finds lately?
I love new/delicious food finds, so share!
Side note: There’s a groupon for my local Crossfit box (10 sessions for $39!) it’s a steal and I really want to try Crossfit but it also terrifies me. Should a I go for it? If you’re a Crossfit-er please convince me why I should suck it up and buy it!


Hey, it’s been a while! I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so I kept things pretty low key this weekend. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

  • Crafts:
    I’ve been crafting up a storm lately. My mom and I painted the door to the playhouse/shed in our back yard because it was looking a little weathered a rough. Pretty much whatever we did to it it couldn’t look worse than it already did.Before:

    ImageI’m also working on crocheting a baby blanket for a friend’s baby shower. We went to elementary school together and I haven’t seen her in forever!
    ImageNot close to being done yet, but I’m making progress. I really like making gifts for people whenever I can, it just feels more personal. So if you have a summer birthday you might get a crocheted scarf when it’s 95 degrees out, sorry.
  • Sick:
    Blah I hate being sick. I pretty much feel like I have mono, except that I’ve already had it. The lymph nodes in my neck are swollen and sore and fatigue. Sunday I had a headache and body aches on top of that. Not fun. Also stay away from WebMD when you’re sick. I convinced myself for about half an hour that I had West Nile. I called the doctor Monday night to make sure my symptoms weren’t anything bad, she recommended I take Aleve and get some rest. Neither of those sound very fun. I hate painkillers and I don’t like sitting still, but I’m being good and doing both. I’m less swollen today, so I guess it’s working.
  • Workouts:
    I’ve been trying to stay active because exercise endorphins always make me feel better. Saturday I went for a 2.5 mile run. It was torture. It’s a poor, poor choice to go running outside when it’s 85 degrees and humid. So much sweat. I was going for 3 miles but I just couldn’t do it. I’ll have to start running early mornings (or on the treadmill – ew) if I want to keep my mileage up.
    Sunday I slept. My workout was getting up to walk to the kitchen to make food. And an hour power nap. I never take naps, I’m a weirdo and I don’t like them, but there’s nothing like them when you’re sick.
    Monday I did day 1 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer. I’m thinking about starting the 12 week program, and I really liked the workout. I’ve been wanting to focus more on strength training and I think it would be helpful
    Today I went to a yoga class. It was amazing. I’ve been neglecting my yoga practice it felt so good to do it again. I need to be better about it. My next payday I’m going to try to find some classes to take at a local studio, which I’m very excited about.
  • Finds:
    Here’s some fun things I ran into this weekend:ImageYes that’s “Don’t be a Chicken Shit Hot Sauce”. I love that name. Saturday night my family went out to Tijuana Flats. I love Tijuana Flats because their salads are bigger than my head, and they have a hot sauce bar. What more could I ask for in a restaurant? Their hot sauces also have the BEST names. See above example. Another favorite is “Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally”. I might have gotten 5 different types of hot sauce for my meal. Let’s ignore the fact that I ordered a salad.

    ImageThis is nerdy, but my mom and I were at Lowe’s the other day picking out paint colors for the door we were painting and I saw this display. Paint colors based on Pantone inks? Whattttt! The designer in me was way too excited about it.

Scenes From the Farmer’s Market













Got To Be NC Festival.

Um, let’s ignore the fact that I’m almost a week late on this recap.


Last Saturday my mom and I headed to the Got To Be NC Festival at the fair grounds in Raleigh. The festival was a celebration of all things North Carolina. Also, an excuse to put on a mini-fair in the summer.

There were lots of antique tractors:



North Carolinians love their tractors.

Typical sketchy looking fair rides (I took a pass on those) and a celebration of North Carolina Agriculture:


Honey bees!

They also had a section with cattle, but they made me sad because the cows were going to end up as beef. Boo. I might have considered setting them free.

My mom and I were excited for one particular part of the festival, Fiber Fest! Basically a big yarn expo. Yep, we’re crochet nerds.


So. Much. Yarn.

It was overwhelming. There was organic yarn, neon yarn, pastel yarn, thick yarn, thin yarn, yarn made from angora rabbits (which are just silly looking animals), and even yarn made from buffalo fur (that was a little weird). I left with two small balls of clearance yarn. My mom left with that x10. She was a little excited to be there.

I haven’t quite decided were I fall in the animal-based yarn department. It’s not nearly as cruel as leather but I still can’t help but think it could be an uncomfortable process. I’m on the fence with this one. Luckily, fur-based yarns are really expensive, so it makes that decision a little easier.

Fiber Fest shared a building with a couple of other exhibits. One of which was from a group that collected antique tools and appliances. I perused the tables with my camera while my mom was up to her eyeballs in yarn.


Old school glass soda bottles just look so much cooler than cans.

I didn’t know what most of the tools/appliances were, but it was fun to guess. I even saw an antique frosting kit.


I took way more pictures, but most of them came out a little fuzzy. I happened by this table post-wine sampling, so my hands weren’t so steady… oops.

Speaking of wine sampling, my favorite part of the festival was the NC Food and Wine Expo. $2 to sample all the local food and wine you want? Count me in.

No pictures here because I was too busy stuffing my face. Whoops. It was my lunch for the day.

The food was pretty good. Unfortunately, apparently North Carolina only makes wine, peanuts, sweet potatoes, jelly and barbecue sauce. It made for a very well-rounded and healthy lunch clearly. That’s not actually all North Carolina makes, but that was a majority of the vendors at the festival. Though to give them credit, North Carolina is a big agriculture state and all the farmers in the area selling anything decent and fresh would be at the farmer’s market on a Saturday.

The wine was pretty good. However, North Carolina makes mostly muscadine wines, which are really sweet and I prefer more dry stuff. It was a lot of fun to try though! There was a vendor selling all types of different fruit wines including apple, pomegranate and watermelon wine. I couldn’t bring myself to try the watermelon wine, but I tried the pomegranate wine. It tasted like pomegranate juice with a little kick. Not my thing, but still fun.

I did get a lot of condescending “are you even old enough?” remarks. The perks of looking like a 15 year old. Hello, you are holding a valid drivers license in your hand with my birth date on it, I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself, no need to be a jerk. I asked one wine vendor to sample a dry red wine, he told me I should start off with a semi-dry. Thanks for down grading my wine choice. Maybe I’m a little bitter about it, but it got old quickly. If I don’t still look really young for my age when I’m middle aged I’ll be pissed.

Some of the expo highlights were the sweet potatoes (though you can’t really mess those up!), maple butter (sooooo good, seriously it’s life changing stuff), sweet potato butter, Moravian cookies, chocolate covered toffees (as good as they sound!), peanut butter (of course) and hush puppies (my one guilty southern food pleasure).

And all I left with was a small jar of sweet potato butter. That stuff is amazing though. It’s been making a few appearances in my morning bowl of oatmeal. I was tempted by the maple butter (think maple syrup in thick, spreadable butter form – AKA heaven), but a jar was $8 and I’m not confident it would have lasted more than one day. No one needs that much sugar in their system.

The food expo was so much fun I took my boyfriend and his roommate on Sunday. Hey, $2 unlimited samples make great post-10K fuel. I skipped the wine that go round though.

Overall it was a fun and cheap way to spend a Saturday. I wished it was a little bigger (and had more food, but I always wish for that) but it was still a very cool event to go to! Unfortunately my stomach wasn’t too happy with me Sunday morning, thanks to all the gluten and more fried food than I’d eaten in a while, but it was still worth it.

What I Ate Wednesday!

WIAW is pretty fun, except I usually forget about it until Wednesday morning. Oopsies. But I did actually take some pictures of my food yesterday because it was all pretty yummy!


Oatmeal with peanut butter, soy milk and obsessive amounts of cinnamon. Same old, same old. I love this combination, thought it’s quite tasty and actually sticks with me! Also add a microwaved scramble egg on the side for some extra protein. Is it sad when your whole breakfast is made in the microwave? Maybe. You can take the dorm life away from the girl but you can’t take the girl away from the microwave.


Black beans, a scrambled egg (non-microwaved!), spinach and chopped onions, with a side of quinoa and Trader Joe’s Soycustash. A very yummy (and filling!) combination. I immediately wanted to eat it all over again.


I’m a huggeee snacker. Seriously, they’re the highlight of my meals. I’ve actually been trying to cut back a little though because I can get a little snack crazy sometimes. I don’t have any pictures though, sorry! But today’s snacks included brussel sprouts (obsessed with them), a sweet potato with a scoop of peanut butter (AMAZING combo, try it sometime), and a banana. Delicious.


I had a volunteer orientation session at my local SPCA (so excited about this! Puppies, kitties and doing good, what more could I ask for?) from 6 to 9 so dinner was eaten at 4:30 like a senior citizen, but that’s okay.

Tofu cooked with tahini sauce, lemon juice and cumin and more of the same quinoa from earlier all over a bed of steamed kale. Hit the spot, even at 4:30.

My evening snack was the exact bowl of oatmeal as breakfast. Which I also just ate again this morning for breakfast. Food creativity at its finest.

My cat had a more interesting snack though, because she slaughtered a bunny. I’m a little appalled Maybe I should be worried that she chooses my room to sleep in?

Don’t let that innocent, fluffy demeanor fool you.

I just got back from a fantastic, super sweaty spin class and should go shower before I stink up the whole house!

What did you eat this Wednesday?
Seriously, all my meals are the same, if you ate anything good let me know and give me some good meal ideas!

NC Roadrunner’s Club Invitational 10k

This race went amazingly.

The weather was beautiful, the course was interesting (and shady!) without being too killer and my legs were feeling good!

I was up at 5:30 am (ouch) for a 7:15 start time. I had planned to get up at 6 but I couldn’t sleep, and the few hours of sleep I did get were spent dreaming that I over slept. I was fed up and decided to embrace the (way too early) morning. At least I tried to get my 8 hours.

My stomach was feeling a little iffy (thanks to all the samples from the NC Food and Wine Expo, recap to come!) but seemed to settled down as I started running.


Making my way to the finish line (I’m in the tye-dye)

The course wound through Cary’s Umstead State Park passing by Crabtree Creek around mile four. Crabtree Creek was gorgeous to look at and took my mind off how tired my feet were getting. The course  had two out and back points, one at about 2.5 miles and one at about 5.5 miles. The 5.5 mile turn around was torture, I felt like I was almost done, then realized I had to run past the way I came before getting to the finish line, such a tease. There were also a few hills, a couple of which were a little intense but nothing too horrible.


The finish line!

I took it slow and paced myself throughout the race. I had never run the full 6.2 miles before (maybe a dumb move, but that’s okay) so my only goal was to run the entire thing. With that in mind I was careful to not start too fast because I didn’t want to burn out at the end – I’m bad about doing this. My final chip time was 1:08:50, definitely not fast, but I feel accomplished just finishing. Plus it was my first 10K which means automatic PR! A 7, 10 and 78 year old out ran me, and I was getting passed by some of the half marathon runners (the half marathon started at 7), but I’m okay with that, it just gives me motivation for my next race!


I’m ridiculously excited about this medal!

Overall it was a pretty fun race (and I got a medal!), and the entry fee was a very reasonable $25, I would definitely do this race again!


I also got a sweet visor. I had to be a little ridiculous with it.

Only in North Carolina


I found a 10 pound bucket of chitlins in the freezer section of the grocery store. Good lord, only in the south. If you’re not a southerner, chitlins are pig intestines, usually served deep fried because hello we’re in the south. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? I’ve personally never tried them and I am 100% okay with that. And who needs 10 pounds of pig intestines? Strange.

You know I do need 10 pounds of? Produce.


Yeah there’s a pound of baby carrots in my purse, it’s casual.

I brought a snack with me to my internship today, because usually I work until noon but sometimes they ask me to stay late and I wanted back up snacks just incase. Does a pound of carrots even count as a snack? I feel like that’s starting to border meal territory.

The dress code for my internship is business casual, which I’m finding surprisingly fun.

Image Image

Sometimes I like to pretend like I have a sense of style.

Business casual makes me feel like a little adult, it’s kind of fun. And I don’t get mistaken for a 15 year old nearly as often. Yes I’m 21 and people mistake me for 15, that’s a 6 year difference. Ridiculous.

After my internship I had planned to go on a short run but I just wasn’t feeling it. I decided to take a rest day instead considering my legs are still sore from the weights/spin class/cardio class I’ve done over the past couple of days. I’m kinda worried because I haven’t run all week and I have my 10K on Sunday, but at the same time I tend to have better runs after taking a couple of days off, so I think I’m okay with that. I did take a 2 mile walk after dinner because I couldn’t sit still and had some energy to burn.

Dinner was compliments of Martin’s Curry Rice. Tofu, fresh local veggies, brown rice and red and yellow curry sauce, delicious as always.

My mom and I are headed to the Got to be NC Festival, a celebration of all things North Carolina. Being craft nerds, my mom and I are excited for Fiber Fest, which features locally made NC yarns. Nerd alert. I’m also excited for all the free food samples, local food is my favorite.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Thursday Thoughts

Tangents and other random musings.

  1. Plyometrics feel like death – sometimes I think I’m in decent shape, then I take a cardio class full of plyo and I realize um, not so much. My legs were on fire! And it was only a 30 minute class, wimp. I know plyo is sooo good for you, but ouch. And my legs are still dead from the spin and yoga classes I took yesterday
  2. Hydration is important – and I suck at it. Lame water consumption + plyo = leg cramps. Not fun, go drink some water right now. Seriously.
  3. If you go to the gas station on the nice side of town it will be more expensive – Lesson learned. $10 didn’t even get me 3 gallons of gas. That depresses me a lot.
  4. Buying snacks at the Fresh Market on the nice side of town will be equally expensive – and there was a Kroger right down the street, I’m such a little dummy sometimes. I was trying to find some snacks to bring with me to work that were quick and not messy, I ended up with an apple, a bag of baby carrots and a Think Thin bar, not bad.
  5. Dogs should be able to get a drivers license.ImageHow could that possible end badly?
  6. Maybe I would sleep better if I slept like this:
    ImageHe actually sleeps like that, I’m hoping it’s more comfortable than it looks. Or he at least dreams about being superman. He purrs when you rub his belly, it makes me smile.
  7. My dad is getting mad at me for chewing my vegetables too loudly
    Health-freak problems. Don’t hate on my cruciferous vegetables, the louder the better. I have to get in my daily 359389 grams of fiber.
  8. Gullah Gullah Island was an amazing show.
    and the theme song has been stuck in my head all day, and I don’t hate it. I miss 90s kid’s shows. That was some quality entertainment. I also miss Bananas in Pajamas and Blue’s Clues, quality television right there. Can we go just back to 1997 for a little while?
  9. Harry Potter is on TV.
    My evening is complete.

What I Ate Wednesday!

My first What I Ate Wednesday! Or really what I’ve cooked since moving home for the summer.

I’m still excited to be back in the kitchen. Nothing makes you appreciate having a kitchen at your disposal like eating out of a microwave for two semesters straight.

I’m definitely not a cook, but I like to throw on food network and pretend I am!



Good old oatmeal, you fill me up like no other breakfast food out there. This bowl had half a melted banana, a small spoonful of peanut butter, soy milk and cinnamon. I like cinnamon a little bit, if you couldn’t tell.


It looks like cat puke but I promise it’s not. Quinoa for breakfast is pretty tasty, it’s a nice change from oatmeal, but still filling and delicious. I don’t get much of a chance to eat it during the school year because you can’t cook it in the microwave so I have to plan ahead and cook on the weekends.



Black beans, kale (farmer’s market!), onions, sweet potatoes, and sriracha, actually the sriracha ends up on everything, even if it doesn’t show itself in the picture. I’m obsessed and maybe have a little bit of a sriracha problem.


Tofu, kale (I bought a hugggeee bag), onions, summer squash and tahini sauce.


Kale (I told you it was a big bag!), tomatoes, tahini sauce and sesame seeds.


Today’s Lunch! Quinoa, tofu, kale, onions, summer squash, tahini sauce and lemon juice. And I’m only about halfway through that bag of kale, it’s magical. It was probably meant to feed an entire family. Oh and it was only $2. I love the farmers market.

Everything I eat kind of looks the same, but I’m okay with that. Veggies + plant based protein + pan = delicious. And easy. I’m a fan.



Okay this looks disgusting but tasted like magic. I grilled up some sliced banana (and maybe burned it a little, oopsies) and topped it with a drizzle of honey, a scoop of peanut butter and cinnamon. Soooo good. It takes the usual peanut butter and banana snack to a whole other level. Typing this makes me really want to make it again. But we’re out of bananas, boo.


Air-popped popcorn sprinkled with cumin and cayenne pepper. It was good, except I didn’t put anything on the popcorn for the spices to stick, so the pieces at the bottom were supperrr spicy. Good thing I like things hot!

So there’s my typical eats. Well, plus more snacks, I love snacks. Simple, healthy and tasty (or at least I’d like to think so!)