What I Ate… at Trader Joe’s {WIAW}

Oh Joe the Trader, those four years in Boone were tortuous without you. I’m so very happy you’re back in my life. You warm my cheap, healthy-food-loving heart like no other grocery chain.

To honor my recent reunion with my beloved Trader Joe’s, I thought I’d use this What I Ate Wednesday highlight some of my favorite Trader Joe’s products, because my eats have been pretty boring lately. Watch out, there’s a few!

(Thanks Jenn!)

  1. Salted Crunchy Peanut Butterwiaw1-5

    Just pure peanuts and salt, the way peanut butter should be, and all under $3, just one more way to fuel my nut butter addiction.

  2. Three Buck Chuck

    I know it’s Two Buck Chuck in other luckier states that don’t tax alcohol as hard as they do hear in the Bible Belt. But three dollars for a decent bottle of wine? I’m not even sure what kind of vino magic this is, but it’s a beautiful thing.

  3. Tempeh

    Even though it’s not gluten-free it doesn’t seem to bother my stomach too much and it’s so much cheaper than any other brand. I actually used to load up on it when I was home on weekends because it was that much cheaper.
  4. Unsulfured Turkish Apricots
    I actually tried these for the first time this week but I finished the bag in less than three days. I’m not usually a fan of dried apricots, I think they’re too dry and chewy, but these are sweet, soft and incredible tasty.
  5. Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza

    Finally a gluten-free pizza for less than $8.
  6. Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds

    These are scary good. I could seriously down the entire container in one sitting if you let me.

  7. The Coffee Selection

    Trader Joe’s makes some dance tasty coffee. Their Peaberry beans are especially delicious.
  8. Wheat-Free Toaster Waffles

    They’re extra good covered in their crunchy peanut butter =)

Do you live near Trader Joe’s? I can sympathize with those of you that don’t, it stinks!

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s products?

What’s your favorite grocery chain? I wish I lived near a Publix, those are pretty awesome.

“I Think the Oven’s on Fire”

First things first:

I GOT PEANUT BUTTER! I went a whole 36 hours without peanut butter, I’m glad that’s over. Yes 36 hours without peanut butter is an excruciating long time for me, don’t you judge. My roommate texted me when I was on my way back to the apartment last night telling my my debit card came in, and you can bet I high-tailed it to the grocery store as soon as I got off the bus. I made it to the grocery store 30 minutes before closing and made a bee-line for the peanut butter. Reunited and it feels so good.

Apparently EarthFare has a 5% student discount on Wednesday too, it was fate. I think I’ll be at EarthFare every Wednesday from now on. I’m already planning to hold onto my student ID and using it for discounts until I can’t pass as a student anymore. Since people think I look 15 I’m thinking I have about 10 years of discounts left. You think I’m kidding.

Today I spent 9 hours in front of a computer. Six hours of graphic arts classes + 3 hours of work on design projects for those classes = a very tired pair of eyeballs.


Luckily, I had some yummy snacks to help fuel my designing frenzy. This bar was DELICIOUS, chocolate makes everything better, especially when it’s healthy.

I might have had a teeny kitchen disaster tonight while making dinner…


So I made some of Caitlin‘s Flax-Encrusted Sweet Potato Balls (super easy to make and tasty by the way!) the other night and one fell out of the pan and into the bottom of the oven when I pulled the pan out of the oven. I meant to grab it out of the oven after it cooled down but, um, I forgot to. I turned on the oven to preheat it before roasting some veggies (basically what I’ve been eating for dinner daily as soon as the weather dipped below 85). As I’m chopping some brussel sprouts I look over and see a fire in the oven.

Guess what was on fire. Yep, that little rouge sweet potato ball. My roommate and I managed to put the fire out, after stopping to take a picture first, because that’s a totally normal reaction. We just had a smoky kitchen and luckily the only casualty was one very charred sweet potato ball.

And don’t fret, I still got my veggies roasted. They were delicious, and kind of worth the small fire.


What’s your biggest kitchen disaster? I think a fire takes the cake for me.

Tomorrows Friday! What are your weekend plans?



It has been rainy and cold and dreary and gross all day today. But let’s start with Saturday.

Saturday afternoon I hit up Earthfare for some over priced healthy groceries. I came armed with coupons and left only $15 poorer, success. But I’ve already eaten my way through about half my groceries. I’m terrible about this, I’m so excited to finally get groceries that I eat half of them in one day. But in my defense eating half of a $15 grocery haul is not that bad.


I bought a new bar to try because they were on sale and I had a coupon. Boom. It was pretty delicious. Though I don’t think I’ve ever tried a bar a didn’t like, I’m slightly addicted to all snack bars in general. It had some funky ingredients but sometimes chemicals can be tasty. It was also peanut butter flavored, a winner.

Saturday night I had a dinner date with my roomie. We were looking for a cheap non-campus place to eat and I had a coupon to the Red Onion Cafe. Yes, I’m a coupon hoarder, buy one get one free is like music to my cheap little ears.

I ordered the Grilled Chinese Chicken Salad – “delicious marinated chicken served over romaine and shredded cabbage with carrots, scallions and crisp chow mein noodles, then tossed with our homemade asian dressing.” but subbed tempeh for chicken. The tempeh was delicious, I don’t know how they cooked it but it was fermented soybean heaven. I didn’t take a picture of my salad because I was hungry. Story of my life.


I did get a picture of candle on the table. It counts as mood lighting right?

I got a nice non-dining hall dinner for under $7, love it.

Saturday night some friends came over and we watched 17 Again. It was weird, and probably the most awkward movie I’ve seen in a while. But still a little funny.

Sunday has been spent catching up on homework (ugh). The nasty weather is making for a pretty productive mood. I’ve been karate chopping things off my to-do list which feels always good.


Side Note: I like where bright yellow shoes when it’s raining outside, it’s like I’m wearing sunshine on my feet. My friend told me it looked like I was wearing bananas on my feet. Which is cool, I love bananas.

I also had yoga teacher training tonight, which I loved. We worked on Pigeon some, my favorite yoga pose ever. I’ve got a renewed obsession for yoga at the moment and I am soaking up everything I can about it. I need to make time for some serious yoga-ing this week, my muscles need some lovin’.

Well I’m off to do some more homework and then bed.

Have a good night guys!

How did you spend your Sunday?