PB & Banana Smoothie {WIAW}

This has got to be snappy because I’ve got 3 exams in the next 2 days and this girl needs to get some studying done! So this week I’m celebrating ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ with a smoothie recipe.

(Thanks for hosting Jenn!)

Sunday afternoon I was looking for something hearty to power me through a Finance study sesh, luckily this smoothie did just the trick. It’s got plenty of proteins and plenty of greens to power you through an afternoon of bond valuations, stock pricing, and annuity schedules. Now if only it would warm up enough so that I wouldn’t have to huddle in a pile of blankets after drinking it.

PB & Banana Smoothie


peanut butter banana smoothie


  • 1/2 – 1 banana (depending on how much sweetness you want)
  • 2 tbsp PB2
  • 1 cup milk of choice (I used sunflower seed milk)
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup greek yogurt (I used plain Chobani)
  • 2 large handfuls of spinach
  • 1 tsp vanilla (you could also just use vanilla yogurt)
  • Cinnamon


  1. Blend!
  2. Avoid brain freeze.

peanut butter and banana smoothie

Are you a smoothie fan?

Have you tried PB2? I just bought my first jar and I’m OBSESSED.

Rednecks & Kitty Cats {MIMM}

Before we get to the marvelous in my Monday, I have to take a minute to address something that is not-so-marvelous.

My heart goes out to all the people that were hurt or otherwise impacted by what happened today in Boston. Although what happened today was horrible, I have to say it’s pretty marvelous to see the running community come together to support one another at a time like this.

(Happy birthday Katie!)

Marvelous is… My 22nd birthday is tomorrow! Actually it’s in 1.5 hours, I came in to the world bright and early at 12:30 AM.

Marvelous is… Joint birthday parties! My friend’s birthday is Friday so we had a joint party over the weekend. The theme? Rednecks and cats. No joke, we are a creative bunch.


The rednecks.


NASCAR-themed temporary tattoos may have been involved.


Along with prop 40s you couldn’t convince any of us to drink. We try to keep it classy.

Cats were not well represented because cat apparel does not exist after Halloween, I did rock some Hello Kitty rings.


Try not to be too jealous.

Marvelous is… beautiful weather and weekend hikes. A very muddy, but fun 5 miles.



I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was worried about my camera landing in a pile of mud, which isn’t really ideal.

We did the Boone Fork Trail Loop, which is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, the trail is the perfect combination of beautiful views, uphill climbs and creek hopping. My buns were on FIRE by the end, so worth it though.

Marvelous is… birthday cake.



I used Betty Crocker’s gluten-free yellow cake mix for the base, and because we all know I can’t just leave things be, I added a 1/4 cup of peanut butter to the mix which was a very delicious choice. The frosting is just Cool Whip with cocoa powder and cinnamon mixed in. Easy, cheap, and trans-fat free. I can get behind that.

I made my own, which my friends thought was really sad I made my own cake (they did offer to make one for me, I’m just stubborn), but since I love to bake I actually really enjoyed it. Lame? Maybe, but I got to lick the bowl which was more than worth it.

And the gluten-filled cake for the gluten-eaters:


My friend did a pretty impressive job on the decoration! I definitely scraped off the cat so I could eat it myself 🙂

Plus a few other party foods:


Gluten-free brownies. AND my favorite part:


Beer floats. Well, A beer float, no one else was feeling quite so adventurous but you better believe I went there. The combo was actually pretty tasty.

Marvelous is… Engagements!


These two got engaged on Saturday! I’m so excited for them! Plus the ring really offsets her new dragon tattoo.

Marvelous is… Sunday school cookouts! We got together at our small groups leader’s house and had a delicious lunch. The carnivores had barbecue chicken sandwiches, but they were nice enough to cook up a few veggie burgers for me and the other vegetarian in the group. I didn’t take any pictures but it was a good time!

Marvelous is… look-a-like clay figurines. The couple that leads our small group has a very artsy 10 year old daughter and she made us all figurines that look like us.


That little girls is seriously talented! My figurine is only about 1.5″ tall and the detail is pretty awesome. I’m adding it to the collection of drawing she’s made for me over the past few Sundays!

Marvelous is… Best Body Bootcamp Phase Two! I’m already sore from today’s workout! I’m already looking forward to the rest of the week’s workouts!

Marvelous is… 5 days until the Tar Heel 10-miler! Eep! I’m both super nervous and super excited!

What made your Monday Marvelous?

Are you a fan of themed parties? What’s the most ridiculous theme party you’ve ever been to?

What’s your favorite flavor of cake? I’m not sure that there’s a flavor of cake I don’t like, but red velvet and carrot cake are pretty high up there! Peanut butter and chocolate is always a winner too 🙂

Creamy Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Happy almost Friday!

It has been one rough week over here and I am more than ready for the weekend. I woke up Monday morning with a stomach ache and welp, it was all down hill from there. I will just say I spent all Monday praying to the porcelain gods and hating life a little. Yeah, rough.

Today I thankfully feel back to normal and it’s about time too. It has been 7 days since my last workout, 5 days since I’ve eaten vegetables or drunk coffee and 3 days since I’ve had peanut butter. I’m not sure how I’ve functioned without all those things, but I can I assure it was not well.

black coffee and kale chips


I’m sorry coffee but you still make me want to puke a little. Give me a few more days and I promise I will be back to chugging you like a champ.

Luckily the rest of this week is looking up!

I have a (glorious!) 4 day weekend ahead of me, some much needed time at home (nothing makes you miss your parents more than being sick alone in your college apartment, good thing I have really awesome roommates who bring me ginger ale and applesauce) and some warm spring weather. Boone decided to be a poo-head and dump 8 inches of snow on us the past four days. I think someone needs to tell mother nature it’s officially spring because I’m not sure she’s gotten the memo.

snow on pants


I totally ate it on some ice on the way back to my apartment yesterday. No more snow please.

If you’re hoping for spring weather like I am, try making this smoothie, cranking up the heat and pretend it’s 75 degrees outside instead of 25, while you drink your smoothie and bask in the warmth. Just don’t blame me for your crazy how power bill.

Creamy Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothies (vegan!)

creamy peanut butter and banana smoothie


  • 1/2 package silken tofu
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice (I used almond)
  • 2 cups of spinach (or really as much as you can shove in your blender, the more vitamins the merrier)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • a sprinkle of cinnamon (or much more if you’re a huge cinnamon lover like I am!)
  • ~1 cup ice, or until desired frozen-ness is reached


  1. Place all ingredients in blender
  2. Blend. Easy peasy.
  3. And don’t forget to clean out your roommate’s blender because she won’t appreciate you borrowing it if you leave green stuff in it. Though I don’t understand why not.

creamy peanut butter and banana smoothie

What are your go-to sick foods? 
Ginger ale and applesauce, and I remember growing up my mom always mixed juice and sprite together for me when I was sick, it was like the ultimate feel better drink.

Do you have any Easter plans? Is it sad that I really miss Easter egg hunts? Those things were awesome.

What I Would Eat Wednesday {WIAW}

Happy humpday!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super ready for Friday. Well, I’m always ready for Friday so that is nothing new. But I would really like it to hurry up and get here.

In other news, the weather is trying to spite me.

boone nc forecast

A few days ago I said something along the lines of “I’m sick of the cold, I’m going to be PISSED if it snows in March”.

Haha Mother Nature, you showed me. What I wouldn’t give for a nice weekend so I could actually get an outdoor run in. The treadmill is slowly beginning kill me, but it looks like we’re going to be friends for a little longer.

I guess it works out because genius me decided to go running today even though my upper calf/knee is still acting funky from this weekend’s long run, and now I’m living it up with an ice pack and tennis ball on my living room floor because the pain came back full force. This probably means I should take a break but I’m antsy and I want to give up and MOVE. I guess I’ll stick to low-impact cardio until things start getting better.



Don’t mind my argyle old man socks.

Now for the food.

On Monday I thought to myself “I’m actually going to take pictures of everything I eat tomorrow so I can do a real What I Ate Wednesday”. Guess how many pictures I took, zero. Whoopsies. That’s okay, my eats were not exciting at all (seriously I ate 3 apples and 2 bananas yesterday, creative cuisine is obviously my forte). So instead I thought I’d show you my dream day of food, because that’s way more interesting that what I would eat anyway.



Okay, this is what I eat for breakfast everyday anyway, yes that’s lame but it is my absolute favorite breakfast and I look forward to eating it every morning. But since I can have anything I want I would add this in too:

Mmmm… almond butter 🙂

Morning Snack

Snacks are always necessary.

green smoothie

Green smoothie! I love smoothies but I rarely make them because I’m usually too lazy to get out/clean the blender. I should change that.

And because I’m ALWAYS cold and a huge temperature wimp…

I’d follow that smoothie up with my favorite coffee, Larry’s Beans St. Valentino’s blend. Black, please, because I drink coffee like an old man. Your creamer and sugar has no place here.

By the way, if they sell Larry’s Beans anywhere near you go out and buy some NOW. Seriously, get up from your computer, get to the store and get some. It is the best coffee I have EVER tasted. Seriously, I don’t play when it comes to good coffee.


coyote kitchen moab boat

I’d go to Coyote Kitchen and get the Moab boat (Coconut rice, black beans, sweet potatoes, blackened tempeh, fried plantains, roasted corn, and scallions, served with sweet red vegan mayo and cranberry salsa). So dang good. I think I will cry on graduation because it means I will no longer be in the same city as Coyote Kitchen, if you’ve ever eaten there then you know I’m not being dramatic. Okay maybe a little.

Afternoon Snack


FROOOO YOOOOO. Of course 🙂 Preferably peanut butter and coffee yogurts topped with lots of Reese’s, chocolate covered espresso beans, more peanut butter and dark chocolate. I think I just drooled a little.


Whole Foods hot bar! Because I’m indecisive and would like as many veggie options as possible. Bring on the salad!


Last, but certainly not least

Chocolate cake with coffee buttercream, um, how AMAZING does that look? You can thank Pinterest for this delicious food porn. We’re just going to pretend it’s gluten-free. Get. In. My. Belly.

So in summary, chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, veggies and more chocolate and coffee. Yup, sounds pretty accurate 🙂

What’s your dream day of food like?

Are you a fan of snow? 

National Peanut Butter Day & A Peanutty Recipe!

Happy National Peanut Butter Day! Best food holiday ever?

Photo on 2012-04-22 at 21.39 #2

That’s 5 pounds of peanut butter in case you didn’t know. It was gifted to me by my roommate last year and I will admit to eating all 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

Not joking.

I love you peanut butter.

In celebration of this fabulous day, I’ve got a peanut butter cookie recipe for you, which actually shouldn’t be considered a recipe because it only has 5 ingredients but we’re calling it one anyway. But first, let’s get our Thankful Thursday on:

thankful thursday

(Don’t forget to hop on over to Jessie‘s page and check out some other Thankful Thursday posts!)

This weekend I’m thankful for my cellphone. That sounds a little materialistic and ridiculous but hear me out. I love that my cellphone allows me to easily stay connected with my boyfriend, family and friends while I’m away at college.

cell phone

Hello cellular, you’re not very smart, but that’s okay, I like you anyway. Fact: I’m one of about ten college students that doesn’t own a smart phone. I’m 100% okay with this.

I’m especially thankful that it keeps me and my boyfriend connected. Long distance relationships are tough, but it makes me so happy to know that I can just pick up the phone, call him and he can pick up no matter where he is. While it doesn’t make it any easier to be apart it’s nice to hear his voice every night before I go to bed, and that he can always be there for me when I’m having a bad day and I can be there for him.


So thank you modern technology for helping me stay connected with the most important people in my life, even if I can’t be there for them in person.

And back to the peanut butter. Something else I’m very thankful for.

Recipe time!

5-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies




  • 1 cup peanut butter (you can use natural, regular, creamy or chunky, all should work – I used Trader Joe’s Natural Salted Chunky Peanut Butter)
  • 1/2 cup sugar (I’ve also made a version of these using 1/3 cup honey which worked well too)
  • 1 egg (I’m pretty sure a flax egg would work here if you wanted to keep things vegan, though I can’t personally vouch for that)
  • 1/4 cup almond meal
  • 1 tsp baking soda


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  2. Combine all 5 ingredients in a large mixing bowl, mixing until all ingredients are well combined
  3. Scoop onto a cookie sheet
  4. Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until golden brown (careful not to burn the bottoms!)

See, easy peasy. Maybe too easy. They are a hit for gluten-eaters too, I love making them for parties so I know I have a dessert to munch on too 🙂

What’s your favorite way to eat peanut butter? Let’s be honest, straight out of the jar.

Do you have a favorite food holiday?

Are dependent on your cellphone? Aren’t we all?

Finding My Food Groove {WIAW}

I spent the last week unplugging for a little bit. It felt good to take a couple days off, I just wasn’t feeling sitting down and writing so… I didn’t. Funny how that works. But I’m glad to be back for What I Ate Wednesday! My posting has been pretty sporadic lately but classes are starting back up on Monday so things should be a little more regular once I get back into the groove of classes.

Happy Wednesday!

(Thanks Jenn for hosting!)

But before we get to the food I have to have a running gush for a second. I ran 7 miles this morning! NEW PDR! It was tough and my feet are a little sore but I did it! I always doubt myself during longer runs but the feeling when I finish them is amazingggg.

And now for the food.

I’ve been falling back into a pattern with my food and I’m loving it. It might be a little boring to eat the same thing everyday but after the craziness of holiday sweets I’m loving boring 🙂 Gimme some of those veggies.


Surprise, surprise, it’s oatmeal!

In a jar this time. I’ve been alternating between peanut butter oatmeal and peanut butter topped toaster waffles. I’m sensing a peanut butter theme here…

Morning Snack


I’ve doing a terrible job getting enough protein lately. Carbs are just so much more delicious 🙂 But I’ve been making a conscious effort to get more protein in because I feel way more satisfied when I do.


I think I’ve eaten the same thing for lunch everyday for the past week and I’m 100% okay with that.


Tofu, kale, mixed frozen veggies and liquid aminos. Plant powered goodness in a bowl! It’s a good combo, light but filling and so many veggies. Love it.

Afternoon Snack


Sweet potato, peanut butter, cocoa powder and cinnamon. It might sound a little weird, but it’s one tasty combo. I also had some un-pictured frozen strawberries and Baker’s chocolate (yes, the baking chocolate addiction is back full force!)



Dinner was a there’s-not-a-lot-of-veggies-left-in-the-fridge-so-let’s-see-what-happens kinda meal. I chopped up half of a leftover bell pepper and onion, sliced up some baby carrots, tofu, threw in the rest of a bag of kale I had, added some marinara and then I added some liquid aminos because I’m obsessed and can’t help myself. My bottle is almost out and I need to get some more ASAP! I might have a problem.

Late Snack

chocolate covered almonds

These are way to easy to eat. They’re not as good as Trader Joe’s Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds but that doesn’t slow me down too much.

I also had some homemade hot chocolate.


Chocolate was calling to me and I answered 🙂

Chocolate of Vanilla?

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to food, or do you like a little variety?

Peanut Buttery Hugs {WIAW}

Happy Wednesday!

If you’re week has been anything like mine (long), be glad we’re halfway to the weekend! It’s officially end of the semester/exam time crunch time over here (when exactly did the end of the semester get here? I’m pretty sure it was September like yesterday). Basically, I’m not planning on getting much sleep between now and when I get to go home for Christmas break thanks to projects, presentations and exam studying galore. Yay. Today I’m running off 5 hours, not a smart decision, luckily I’ve got a nice hot cup of yummy french roast coffee keeping me company while I write this.

Okay, I had to get my exam-time frustration out of my system, no more complaining out of this girl I promise 🙂

On to happier things!


Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks Jenn for hosting!

Surprise! I actually did a decent job of taking pictures this week. I know, embrace it, it doesn’t happen often. I’m such a slacker.



Peanut butter protein oats in a jar, or what I like to call pure peanut butter breakfast perfection. I don’t know what it is but oats taste extra peanut butter-y when they’re eaten out of a jar, even though I use the same amount of peanut butter. Maybe the jar just envelopes the oatmeal in one big peanut buttery hug. Did I really just write peanut buttery hug? Yep, I think that coffee is starting to kick in. I would also like you to take a second and check out that sweet unicorn figurine on the TV stand. I found it at a flea market in Deep Gap, NC for $0.50 and I’m very proud of it. Best $0.50 I ever spent for sure.

Oh and I had two eggs an hour later.


Coffee is it’s own meal, don’t argue.

Yes I posted this yesterday but I’m posting it again.  It made my 9:30 class, and the hardcore Photoshop editing I was doing much more bearable. I love you coffee.

Morning Snack

I had a Granny Smith apple between my first two classes. Even though I said I was better about taking pictures I still lied a little because I don’t have a picture of this, but we all know what a Granny Smith apple looks like right? I got a 3 lb bag of organic Granny Smiths on sale over the weekend at Earth Fare, I like Golden Delicious more, but I usually just pick up whatever apples are on sale, organic apples are expensive!

Afternoonish Snack?

Or maybe it counts as lunch? I have a weird schedule on Tuesdays/Thursdays were I don’t have a break for lunch so I just eat lots of snacks, meals don’t happen much around here. Anyway, I had a Cranberry n’ Nuts Luna bar


I love this flavor of Luna because it doesn’t feel like I’m eating a candy bar. Not that I don’t like that sometimes, I do have one raging sweet tooth, but sometimes I just like things a little plain.

I also had some edamame:


I stole a bag of edamame out of my parents freezer when I was home and it’s made a great on-the-go snack. It’s hard to find the shelled kind around me and it makes life so much easier than they kind that comes frozen in the shell. I love that I can just throw some in a container in the morning and it is thawed by the time I need a snack. Three points to Trader Joe’s for having the shelled edamame, then minus 5 points because there aren’t any near my school. True story: I once e-mailed Trader Joe’s telling them they should come to Boone (they would make a KILLING of Three Buck Chuck in a college town!) but I never got an answer and there still aren’t any in Boone. Boo.


This was supposed to be lunch, but I didn’t actually eat it until 4:00pm whoops.


Spinach, sweet potatoes, Bragg’s liquid aminos (I’m newly obsessed with this stuff!) and nooch. I threw this together real quick before I left for campus in the morning but it was a surprisingly good combination! Not the most filling though. It was eaten during my volunteer hour in the Multicultural Center, I would like you to know that I spent my entire hour making paper chains and snowflakes. We have a holiday-themed event coming up and they needed decorations made. I felt like I was back in 2nd grade and I secretly loved every minute of it. I also loved that there was a serious meeting going on in the same room while I was hanging out making the paper chains, nothing awkward about that.


I had dinner back at my apartment after I finished my 3 mile run at the gym.


Still working on those chili leftovers from Thanksgiving! I’m not even a third of the way through it yet! I will be sad when I finish it all off and will actually have to cook dinner again. I bulked the chili up with some spinach to up the green-factor. The more colors on my plate the merrier.

Late Snack


I also had some chai tea with a little almond milk after dinner. With a side of Christmas decorations that are sitting on my coffee table because I haven’t gotten the chance to hang them up yet (ps. I think me and my roommates are getting a Christmas tree this weekend! I’m very excited for it).

And then this happened:


For a moment I felt bad finishing off the whole bag in one sitting but then I saw that the entire bag was only 2 servings, that’s my kind of serving size. Thankfully I had a coupon for this guy, I’m not a fan of $4 snacks. And if you’ve never tried eating pineapple frozen you totally should, it’s so good! Let it thaw for a couple minutes though, don’t hurt your teeth.

I had a couple small snacks here and there (but you don’t really want to see 5 different pictures of peanut butter spoons do you?). I’ve been feeling extra snack-y lately, that’s okay, snacks are better than real meals anyway.

Do you like snacks, or do you prefer larger meals?

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

What’s you’re favorite food to eat frozen? I feel like most people have some unusual food they like to eat straight from the freezer. My brother was on a frozen corn kick for a long time, he said it tasted like ice cream. Yes he is crazy and do not trust his opinion because I’m pretty sure it has been years since he’s had ice cream.

Thankful Thursday

I can’t believe it’s already November because I’m pretty sure it was just September like a couple of days ago. Time needs to slow down! I’m not ready to graduate in 6 months! But I am ready for some Thanksgiving festivities, so I’ll take it.

Today I’m participating in Jessie‘s Thankful Thursday. I love this idea because I’m sure we could all be a little more grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives, I know I could.


Normally, I really hate the snow and you’ll probably hear me complain about it all winter, but this week I am grateful for it. With all the pain and destruction Sandy has caused in the Northeast, I’m thankful the only thing I have to complain about it a little bit of snow in October. It’s really not that bad when you put it in perspective.


We were talking about Malala the other day and I couldn’t help but feel grateful that I live in a country that guarantees me an education. I’m even more thankful that I have the opportunity to go to college. College gets stressful and overwhelming, but it’s important to remember how lucky I am to even have the opportunity to go to college.


I may drag my feet some days on the way to the gym, or complain about a bad run/class/etc. but in reality I’m lucky that I have a strong, healthy and fully functioning body. A body that lets me move around, teach Pilates, lift heavy things and sometimes bend in unnatural ways. Whatever silly insecurities I may have about it, I’m so thankful for it.

The People in My Life

I’m surrounded by some seriously awesome and supportive people:

My family, even if we can’t manage to take a picture where everyone’s eyes are open

My Boyfriend, for putting up with my quirks and loving me regardless (our anniversary is this month – 6 years!)

And my friends, for little me be my ridiculous self and being just as ridiculous in turn.

My Kitties

Yes I am a crazy cat lady, no I do not care. They’re always there to cuddle with me when I’m sad and don’t get too mad when I terrorize them, give them silly nicknames and try to dress them up.

That’s a beautiful scarf there Sam.

And last but not least…

Peanut Butter

Don’t act like you didn’t know that was coming.

What are some things you’re thankful for?

“I Think the Oven’s on Fire”

First things first:

I GOT PEANUT BUTTER! I went a whole 36 hours without peanut butter, I’m glad that’s over. Yes 36 hours without peanut butter is an excruciating long time for me, don’t you judge. My roommate texted me when I was on my way back to the apartment last night telling my my debit card came in, and you can bet I high-tailed it to the grocery store as soon as I got off the bus. I made it to the grocery store 30 minutes before closing and made a bee-line for the peanut butter. Reunited and it feels so good.

Apparently EarthFare has a 5% student discount on Wednesday too, it was fate. I think I’ll be at EarthFare every Wednesday from now on. I’m already planning to hold onto my student ID and using it for discounts until I can’t pass as a student anymore. Since people think I look 15 I’m thinking I have about 10 years of discounts left. You think I’m kidding.

Today I spent 9 hours in front of a computer. Six hours of graphic arts classes + 3 hours of work on design projects for those classes = a very tired pair of eyeballs.


Luckily, I had some yummy snacks to help fuel my designing frenzy. This bar was DELICIOUS, chocolate makes everything better, especially when it’s healthy.

I might have had a teeny kitchen disaster tonight while making dinner…


So I made some of Caitlin‘s Flax-Encrusted Sweet Potato Balls (super easy to make and tasty by the way!) the other night and one fell out of the pan and into the bottom of the oven when I pulled the pan out of the oven. I meant to grab it out of the oven after it cooled down but, um, I forgot to. I turned on the oven to preheat it before roasting some veggies (basically what I’ve been eating for dinner daily as soon as the weather dipped below 85). As I’m chopping some brussel sprouts I look over and see a fire in the oven.

Guess what was on fire. Yep, that little rouge sweet potato ball. My roommate and I managed to put the fire out, after stopping to take a picture first, because that’s a totally normal reaction. We just had a smoky kitchen and luckily the only casualty was one very charred sweet potato ball.

And don’t fret, I still got my veggies roasted. They were delicious, and kind of worth the small fire.


What’s your biggest kitchen disaster? I think a fire takes the cake for me.

Tomorrows Friday! What are your weekend plans?


You’re Stronger Than You Think

You should know I’m listening to the Disney station on Pandora while I write this. I love it. Favorite new Pandora station? I think so.

Now I just want to watch the Lion King. Anyway…

My eats have been pretty uninspired lately. I’ve been working later at my internship because they’ve needed some extra help. I’ve been prepping my lunches at night so I can just grab it on the way out the door in the morning. Genius culinary invention doesn’t typically happen 30 minutes before bed time around here (or um, ever).

Tempeh, frozen veggie mix and edamame with some teriyaki sauce and sriracha. There has been a distinct lack of fresh veggies in my life the past couple of days. I need a grocery trip asap. I also had a farmer’s market peach (the last one, very sad) on the side. Peaches from the farmer’s market are a million times better than peaches from the grocery store, those aren’t even worth buying. I’ll be sad when peach season is over!

I had a snack of sweet potato and peanut butter at my desk while working on some projects:

Such a good combo. I don’t know what it is about sweet potatoes and peanut butter, but I’m convinced they were absolutely made for each other.

Dinner was a smoothie:

Soy milk, vanilla whey protein powder, peanut butter and cinnamon. Not the most nutritious but it’s what I was craving, and I’m all out of spinach and wasn’t going down the kale route again. I ate half of a cantaloupe with it (no joke) so that makes up for any missing nutrients right? Let’s hope.

I had a really fantastic workout after dinner:

You know it’s a good workout when even your knee caps get sweaty. Sweating dirty for sure.

I took a 30 minute cardio class followed by a 30 minute strength training class (taught by my favorite instructor!). In hind sight you should know that half of a cantaloupe and a smoothie combined with a plyometrics based cardio class is the best mix. My bladder got a good workout during that one.

I really pushed myself during this class. I’ve noticed that I tend to wimp out when a workout starts to get intense. I start to pull back as soon as I start feeling the burn, or a little tired. Well that’s just lame. I mean obviously if something is hurting I should stop, but a little burn never hurt anyone. In fact, a little burn usually makes good things happen. As the instructor reminded the class “you’re stronger than you think”. (She is one gem of a fitness instructor, two blog posts in one week? Impressive)

I really focused on pushing myself past the point where things start to get hard. That’s where changes are made right? Coasting through a workout (or life in general) is not going result in much progress and it’s not going to make you stronger. So dig deep and do it! Physically I’m strong enough to keep going, it’s just not giving into that lazy little voice in the back of my head that wants me to give up. No sir, I’m in beast mode now.

What do you do to push yourself through a tough workout? I try to dig deep and start counting down. You can always do 5 more reps.

What’s your favorite Disney movie? I love them all, but I think the Lion King is my absolute favorite.