Burnt Out {LiveFit Week 7}

This week was a little rough.

As much as I’ve raved about the LiveFit program I’m honestly starting to get a little burnt out on it.

Don’t get me wrong I still think the program is awesome, but my gym routine is getting a little stale. I have serious gym ADD and get sick of workouts pretty quickly and I think I’m hitting the point where I’m done with strictly lifting weights 6 days a week. I’m starting to dread workouts (not okay) and I’m not as excited about it as I was a the beginning of the program.

Not to mention I’m just straight up tired.

Phase Two has 6 days of workouts with just 1 rest day. Sometimes my body is fine with that, but there are times where I can tell I need a rest day but I don’t want to take a day off because it will throw the program off. Well that’s stupid.

I do still want to complete the program, but I think I’m going to give myself more leeway with it. My plan? If I need a second rest day, no big deal, I’ll take it and pick up my workouts where I left off. If I need some variety I’ll shorten the workout a little so I can take that cycling class I’ve been craving. If my quads feel like they’re going to fall off I’ll just skip those lunges! Okay I still need to do the lunges. I guess. If I have to.

It’s all about finding balance. I don’t want to dread a workout. I want the gym to be fun, not some kind of punishment and sometimes that takes a little re-evaluation.

So far this approach has been working out really well. I went to a wonderful spin class yesterday, and whew, my legs were on fire. It’s been far too long. My butt’s now paying for that one, but it was MUCH needed.

Today I made it to a Zumba class (I even got my mom to come with me! She loved it). I like┬áZumba because it doesn’t feel like a workout until class ends and you realize you’re drenched in sweat. The instructor was this teeny older lady, who was really cute but had no rhythm. Not ideal, but she was still a lot of fun. And she played Mambo No. 5, it’s been a while since I heard that one.

Making time for other forms of exercise has definitely left me feeling refreshed and excited to get the gym. I’m ready to keep tackling LiveFit. Week 8 here I come.

How do you get out of a fitness rut?

What’s you’re favorite 90’s/early 2000’s song? I’m feeling nostalgic =)