Yoga Challenge Recap and Weekly Workouts

I can’t believe Courtney‘s Yoga Challenge is over!

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Even though I didn’t get in as many yoga practices as I was hoping, I still really enjoyed the challenge. Incorporating more yoga into my routine is something I’m always working on and I love a good challenge to encourage me. Thanks Courtney!

I had really good intentions of doing lots of yoga this week, but I’ll be honest, life got in the way. School was super busy and stressful this week and yoga just didn’t happen as much as I wanted. And even though yoga is a great stress reliever I was drawn to more intense cardio classes this weeks. Sometimes you just got to go with what you’re feeling.

Sunday: Sunday morning I did a Hip Opener podcast from Yoga Journal. This podcast was different from the Hip Opening sequence I did last week but still felt equally awesome. I’ve decided if I’m going to continue doing workouts that involve things like spin or plyo that I NEED to do hip openers. My hips are wayyy too tight otherwise. Plus I could always use a little more balance in my life.

Sunday night I taught a short 30-minute Pilates class for an Aerobathon (3 hours of exercise, yeahhhh) we were having on campus, and I ended up staying for a 30-minute yoga class afterwards. It just reminded me that I really need to work on making it out to more yoga classes. It’s been tough since they closed the gym where the yoga classes were help and they cut back on a lot of the yoga classes (and Pilates, it’s a lame situation) and they don’t fit into my schedule so well. But the yoga teachers we have on campus are fantastic and too good to just be college students (though most of them are legit and have their 200-hour certifications!).

Today: This morning I did an Arm Balance podcast also from Yoga Journal and it was a lot of fun. I want to work on arm balances more because they are lots of fun and so good for building strength. I just like pulling Stewart, “Look what I can do!”. MADTV reference anyone?

Even though the challenge is over I want to keep trying to incorporate more yoga into my life. I know I always say that and then completely fail at it, but I want to make a better effort this time! My body loves yoga and I need to start listening to it a little (okay a lot) better!

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I’ve also had some stellar workouts this week that I really want to share with you guys. I love talking workouts on here because for some reason my friends aren’t interested in talking about how many pushups or burpees I did today. I don’t understand why not.

The campus gym I usually go to closed (stupid construction) which has really shaken up my fitness routine and I haven’t had Pilates classes to teach (also thanks to the stupid construction) so I’ve been trying out lots of new classes. My muscles have been soorrrrreeee (in a good way!) all week. I kinda love it.

Sunday I had a meeting to go to with all the other campus group fitness teachers and we always have a workout before the meeting. This month’s workout was done by the personal trainers and it was a little weak, so I went running with a couple of the cardio teachers, which was really nice. We just did a 2.5 mile loop, but they were faster than me so it was a good challenge to keep up. I think I need to find people to run with more often because it was a nice change of pace. Sometimes the time alone while running is nice but I think it would be more motivating to have a running buddy. Too bad most of my friends don’t run.

Monday I went to a step class and my legs were absolutely dead by the end of it. I haven’t been to a step class in forever. It wasn’t my favorite class though, I have a step instructor at my gym at home who is like the queen of step and does some crazy choreography, so I’m a little spoiled.

Tuesday I hit up a 20-20-20 class taught by one of my favorite instructors, she is so sweet but she will work you to death in her classes. I did a full minute of burpees. It hurt. Lots. You Crossfit-ers and your 7 minutes of burpees are crazy. I think I almost drowned in my own sweat, in a good way, if that’s possible.

Someecards always manage to describe my life perfectly.

Wednesday I went to a Total Body Sculpt class, which isn’t a class I’ve been to before, but holy muscles on fire. We did exercises with lots of reps and my muscles were definitely feeling the burn. I tend to do high weight, low rep workouts so this was definitely a change of pace and my poor little muscles were begging for mercy.

Thursday I checked out a Power Abs class. I’m not really a big fan of abs classes, I think spending 30+ minute on crunches is completely pointless, but I was really antsy all day and it was the only class that fit in my schedule, so I figured I try it and give it a chance. I actually ended up liking the class. It wasn’t my favorite class ever, but the instructor incorporated a lot of cardio and back exercises to make the class a little more well rounded. Since the class was a shorter one I also did a couple shoulder exercises and a quick 2 mile run on the treadmill. I finally got to break in my new shoes!


I love them! I have been wearing them for cardio classes. My foot has been hurting a lot so I figured I needed to start wearing shoes that actually fit. My foot feel a million times better wearing these shoes. The fact that they are the best color ever (purple!) is just a bonus.

Friday: I got out of my 9:00 am class a little early so I went to a Strengthen and Tone class. I loved this class because it alternated between cardio, strength and circuit style exercises which really kept things interesting. By the end of class I felt like I had gotten an awesome workout. Always a great feeling.

Saturday: Saturday was supposed to be a rest day, but I ended up working on a farm for a couple hours in the afternoon. More on that later, it was a fun experience that deserves its own post.

Sunday: I taught a 30-minute Pilates class for an Aerobathon event we had on campus. I also took a 30-minute kickboxing, circuit and yoga class. Having that much variety in one workout is so much fun. It kept things interesting without leaving me completely exhausted!

Whew, this turned into a massive post. Thanks for hanging in there!

Tell me about your workouts this week!

So you remember the Stewart sketches from MADTV? Tell me I’m not the only one! Those sketches were hilarious!

Yoga Challenge Week 3 Recap

First can I just say that the more politics and debate I listen to the more I just want to live on a hippie commune. I’m already sick of this election stuff (but you can bet your booty I’ll still be voting!)

Anyway, back to yoga.

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

(Thanks again to Courtney for hosting this fun challenge!)

I kinda failed this week at yoga.

Which is really backwards because I had such a stressful week that I should have done more yoga, not less. One day I’ll get that right. I think the problem is that I’m only a teeny step of way from pulling my hair out in full-on stress mode so when I actually have free time I just want to curl up in a comfy chair and watch Food Network for hours on end.

It happens.

I did get two out of three yoga sessions for the week, which isn’t too bad.

Yoga Breakdown:

  • Wednesday: Hip-opener podcast from, my hips are getting tight! My hips used to be crazy flexible from all the dance I used to do and I’ve lost a lot of it, which makes me kinda sad. I need to work on stretching more consistently, especially after runs and spin class.

    I used to be able to do this! I want it back!

  • Today: I did a Gentle Flow sequence (also Yoga Journal, I’m telling you I’m addicted to their podcasts!), which felt sooo good. Nothing like stretching out those tired, overstressed muscles. I think my body was basically telling me “hey, yoga is good when you are stressed, stop ignoring it. I like it.” I like tough power yoga, but gentle yoga can feel so dang good sometimes.

So my yoga week was not too bad, but my body needed so much more yoga than I actually did. It’s a shame that when I need yoga the most I let it fall by the wayside. Oh well, it’s something I’m working on, and I’m hoping to get in more yoga sessions this week!

And now for some pictures of my cats, because I miss them a lot:


I put a necklace on him so he looks extra pretty.

He actually sleeps like this, he’s a pretty ridiculous cat.

We are one crazy cat family and I’m perfectly okay with that. I miss the furry nuggets like crazy.

Do you stretch after workouts? I am terrible at remembering to!

Are you a cat or dog person? I pick both, even though I have lots of cats, I like dogs too.

Yoga Challenge Week 2 Recap

How is it that I am so awesome at fitting in yoga when there is a challenge involved, but really terrible at it in everyday life?

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

I don’t know but I got in all three yoga sessions this week.

Whenever I get busy, my yoga practice seems to be the first thing I cut out to make more time, which is a huge shame considering it’s so beneficial. I always say I need to start making a yoga a bigger priority in my life, but I really suck at doing that. Well, if Courtney keeps doing yoga challenges, I will be awesome at doing more yoga (:

Yoga breakdown for the week:

  • Tuesday: I actually made it to a yoga class! I mentioned it some here, but I went to a Power Yoga class at one of the campus gyms and it was awesome. Sometimes I have those yoga classes where I’m a little miserable and constantly staring at the clock and sometimes I have classes where they set us up for Savasana even though I could have swore the class started 5 minutes ago. Tuesday was one of the classes. It’s really good that I made it to that class to because the gym I went to is closed for the rest of the semester for construction reasons (it’s also the gym I teach at which doubly sucks – boo construction!)
  • Friday: I did a core strengthening podcast from Yoga Journal and holy cow, it was tough! I’d like to think I have a decently strong core, considering I teach Pilates, but this podcast definitely put it to work!
  • Today!: This morning I completed a Sun Salutation workout, also from Yoga Journal (I told you guys you’d see a lot of these!). It was a great way to get moving this morning! I don’t have class until 12:30 on Mondays and Wednesday and even though I have time in the morning to work out, I usually save it for after class, so it feels good to get moving in the morning, it gets me energized for the rest of the day. I totally broke a sweat during this podcast too, which should say something considering it’s only 22 minutes.

I was hoping to get more yoga sessions in during the second half of the week, since I was home for fall break and had plenty of time to do so, but I’ve had a cold the past couple of days and runny noses + down dogs just don’t mix. I’m starting to feel a lot better though, so I’ll definitely be doing much more yoga this week!

What’s your favorite type of yoga class/yoga style? I love power yoga, but there are a lot of styles (like Bikram!) that I haven’t tried out yet, soon hopefully!

Because I Can’t Sleep

I’m blogging instead, might as well be productive. I have a presentation to give in the morning but of course I’m not tired, typical.

Unfortunately, it was a less than exciting day. Just exam junk and rain. Boo.

This post is a little pointless. That’s okay.

I got in a 2.5 mile run and some yoga today. The run felt pretty good, but the yoga didn’t go so well. I’ve been neglecting it the past couple of days and my muscles were super tight and not excited about it. I’m making a bee line to a yoga class asap when I get home.


I’m still working on the Yoga Challenge and still trying to make a habit of it. My body definitely needs some more yoga right now.

My goal this summer is to work on my arm balances, because I’ll actually have room to do them.

And in other news North Carolina’s Amendment one past:


And even made national headlines. Embarrassing. I love my home state, but I’m disappointed at the moment. It makes me sad that there’s still so much prejudice in this day and age. I only hope to get this amendment appealed as soon as possible. Also, Katie wrote a great post regarding the passing of amendment one here.

This afternoon I was browsing around downtown Boone for a birthday present for a friend, and found some fun things along the way.


Full disclosure, there are a lot of things I love more than bacon. Like most things.


I love this cat. My friend actually has owns this same creature, she bought it at a thrift store. I had no idea more than one of these things existed. I might have to go back and get it.


A lion in a fedora. It makes him much hipper. Obviously.

Downtown Boone is an eclectic place, gotta love it.

And I ended my day with:


Doing a marketing project on Starbucks entitles me to drink by the gallon right? Right.

Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep.