Home Sweet Home.

I emptied out my dorm room:


And moved it all back home. My dorm room has never been so clean. The dust bunnies I found under my bed were vicious.

Goodbye dorm life. I can’t say I’ll miss you. I’m excited to be living in an apartment next year, with my own room, and a kitchen, and space.

Speaking of having a kitchen, that’s one of the perks of being at home.


Lunch: Black beans, eggs, broccoli, bell peppers, onions, salsa verde and and spices. Delicious. It’s so nice to have a kitchen again. I’ll be cooking up a storm this summer!

This morning I went for a 5.5 mile trail run. A PDR for me, and it was awesome. The weather was gorgeous, and the trail was nice and shady, perfection. I would have kept going but my foot was starting to hurt, I think because I’m not used to running on a more uneven surface, it seems to be feeling good now.

On 99% of my runs a I set a distance goal and by the time I make it to that distance I’m done, I’m either exhausted or just not feeling my run. Today I actually wanted to keep running, such a good feeling. I was in a good head space and my legs were feeling good.

I’ve been really liking the occasional trail run. I’m super slow at it, because I’m already slow running on an even surface and trails certainly don’t make me any faster, but I find it way more interesting. I’m more focused on not tripping or wiping out than how tired I am. Luckily I live within walking distance from a park and have easy access to a few trails, the only downside is they’re pretty short, the longest is 2 miles, so I have to get creative and do multiple laps to fit in a longer run.

I also decided I love running in the spring mid/late mornings. All the kiddos are in school so I don’t worry about getting run over by a 10 year old on a bicycle, all the retirees/stay at home parents are out walking they’re adorable dogs, and it’s also not a fiery inferno outside. I’m going to try to squeeze in as many runs as I can before North Carolina summer comes and it’s 90 degrees at sunrise.

I need to get to bed, I’ve got to get up early to get to the farmer’s market in the morning! I’m ridiculously excited, it will probably be the highlight of my week and I’m not ashamed at how lame that sounds. I would live at the farmers market if I could.

Creepy Crawlies.

This afternoon some friends and I went walking on the Price Lake Trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway.


The trail was a 2.3 mile loop around Price Lake. The weather was nice and the lake was really pretty. The wildlife not so much.

It rained quite a bit yesterday so the trail was pretty muddy (Toms might have been a poor shoe choice). Apparently the rain made all the critters wanted to come out to play. We ran into:

A snake. Funnily enough, when we ran into it we were talking about all the crazy animals we’ve run into while hiking (there was a cow incident once). Snakes are a new one. And hopefully not a reoccurring one.


When you go hiking with a biology major, you will have to stop while she catches tadpoles. And then she’ll make you take a picture of it.


She was very excited about finally catching one. We found a hidden Mickey too.

There were lots of beaver dams:


And other beaver evidence


But no beavers.

 No Biebers either.

It’s probably a good thing we didn’t find and beavers (or Biebers), I’ve heard they’re surprisingly vicious.

Pure terror.

It was a nice little trek through the woods. Minus the snake. It was nice to get out while the weather was nice because it’s been pretty gross all week.

Tomorrow I’m going for a 5 mile run (yikes!), I’m staying positive, I will do it and it will be awesome. I’ve still got my eyes on a 10k in May. Then I’m chaining myself to my laptop and getting some work done. So much to do before the end of next week. Luckily next week is the last week of class! Good thing too, I don’t think I’m going to make it much longer. So ready for summertime! And sleep.


The past two days have been nonstop. Thursday morning I was up a 6:30 (what is wrong with me?) to hit up the gym to lift some weights. I love lifting weights, but I always feel kind of lost in terms of what exercises to do, I need to start jotting down some ideas before I go. Also I’m not a fan of the meat heads in college gyms, I feel all the grunting and protein shake chugging is unnecessary. But maybe I’m just jealous I’m not curling 65 pound weights, yeah a little.

I also had a marketing exam and other gross schoolwork that kept me inside on a beautiful 75-degree sunny day. Super lame.

Some graphics and printing companies were coming to campus on Friday for so we could interview with them for potential internship/job opportunities. Thursday night, a couple of the companies came up early and there was an event with dinner/hors d’oeuvres and networking opportunities. I went to make a good impression, but it was awkward, a networker I am definitely not. But I did meet some nice people and talk to a couple of the interviewers.

Friday morning I was up early (at 6 am, ouch) to get ready for my interviews and hit up the continental breakfast they were providing. Unfortunately the breakfast was not worth getting up for, it was bagels, doughnuts, and danishes (can I get some fruit, some yogurt, anything remotely healthy). I ended up with half of a bagel and and cream cheese and chugged coffee like it was my job. Not a satisfying breakfast after only 6 hours of sleep.

I had 3 interviews starting at 9 (I was supposed to have 4 but one company couldn’t make it because of a family emergency). My interviews went pretty well except two of the companies were only looking to hire people graduating in the spring, but my third interview went really well, and the woman I talked to was super nice. I can tell my interview skills are definitely starting to get better. I’m still bad at them, and the most awkward conversationalist ever, but at least I get marginally less awkward with every interview I do.

After my last interview I went from this:


to this


in under 15 minutes to go hiking with a friend. It felt good to get out of professional clothes. They make me feel like a little kid playing dress up. And they give me a height complex, I’m 5’4″ and still have to shop in the petite section and get them hemmed. I guess I could wear heels, but I’m clumsy enough without the additional falling hazard. And Asics are 300x more comfy than my flats.

We hiked a trail near campus (2-3 miles maybe? it wasn’t marked) and we were going to walk around Bass Lake, off the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it decided to pour down rain when we got 1.7 miles down the 2.3 mile trail to the lake, so we turned around and went back. Of course it stops raining as soon as we get to the car.


And we found a box full of letters on one of the paths. It was apparently like a geocaching type thing but with letters people had written, too bad they were all rained on and mushy. I took more hiking pictures, I haven’t put them on my computer yet though, maybe later today?

I got back from hiking, back in to normal clothes and went out for Mexican food with some friends for dinner. It was not my favorite, I’m not a fan of Mexican (or I should say I’m not a fan of Mexican food in North Carolina, because I know it is nowhere near authentic) but I enjoyed the company. We went back to my friend’s apartment and watched The Holiday the plot was pretty terrible but Jude Law was in it. He automatically makes every movie better.

See? (source)

Then I PTFO-ed at about 12:30. I was tired.

Now I’m just being a lazy butt and sitting around in bed. Which is perfectly acceptable because it’s Saturday morning. I also got 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time in like 3 weeks (that’s terrible, I know) and it felt glorious. I’m ready to conquer the weekend.