Week 2 BBBC Goals

Today has been an interesting day. Mostly because my 8AM class started of like this:

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I watched the man eat a guinea pig, A GUINEA PIG. WHY. Actually, I didn’t watch it happen I glued my eyes to my laptop in an attempt to not puke or cry. Each would have been equally embarrassing.

Oh it gets better.

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FYI my 8AM is a Leadership in Technology class, I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with eating bull reproductive parts. Unless I skipped that section of the syllabus.

What a great way to start of the morning. Or something.

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Best Body Bootcamp Goals Week 2

Monday started week 2 of Best Body Bootcamp, which I’m absolutely loving – my muscles hurt so good and it’s actually making me enjoy strength training again, miraculous.

Best Body Bootcamp

Last weeks goals actually went pretty well. Tina has a check-in sheet for us to check off daily if we achieved our goals, typing in that little ‘x’ gives me enough satisfaction to try really hard to achieve my goals everyday. Who knew a little ‘x’ was all it took?

  • Stretching – I was really good about this one, I think I only missed one day. Stretching is pretty ingrained in me after so many years of dance, as long as I remember to do it I’m pretty good about it.
  • Sleep – I’m making progress! There were a 5 and 6 hour night that were not so great, but I made a much better effort at actually trying to get enough sleep. But sometimes procrastination happens and you are up until 1:00AM writing a speech for your public speaking class. Whoops.

A new week means new(ish) goals:

  • Drink 60 oz of water everyday – I suck at drinking water. I don’t hold a lot of liquid and I hate having to get up every 20 minutes to pee, but I definitely see a huge difference in my workouts and energy when I’m well hydrated. I know 64 oz is usually the norm for water goals but I have my trusty 30 oz Eddie Bauer water bottle, so I’m aiming to drink two of those everyday. So far so good, and my bladder is getting a nice workout.
  • Sleep – okay this one isn’t new, but it’s something I really need to work on so I’m giving it a second week, actually I’m giving it the whole month but I think I’ll add a different goal next week. I’ve been so much better about it this past week, I’m just hoping to keep it up!

How do you stay motivated towards achieving your goals?

Are you a Bizarre Foods fan? What’s the weird thing you’ve ever eaten? I eat a lot of weird combinations on a regular basis, but nothing that comes close to bull testicles or guinea pigs.

Holy Sleet & New Goals

Holy sleet mother nature.



Pardon my very bad weather pun.

We got an inch of sleet here in Boone today. What. And then it started snowing on top of that. Double what. I just want spring, is that such a ridiculous request? Thankfully it will be 65 this weekend, talk about some bipolar weather.

On the bright side, it was a good day for a cup of coffee. But let’s be real, everyday is a good day for a cup of coffee 🙂

Lots and Lots of Goals

Actually I only have three goals to talk about. I just like to exaggerate. I love springtime because it’s such a refreshing time of year (if Mother Nature decides to actually let us have spring this year) and a good time to uh, getyoshitotogether before the end of the school year, graduation, summer, defrost after winter, whatever your situation. So let’s talk goals:

Best Body Bootcamp

best body bootcamp

I’m started Tina‘s Best Body Bootcamp this week (and loving it! My muscles are already crying for mercy in the best way possible). Every week she asks us to set 2 goals to work on throughout the week. This week I’m focusing on:

  • Sleep: I suck at sleeping. That sounds like a ridiculous statement, but it’s true. Most nights I average 5-6 hours for no good reason at all other then I’m bad at going to bed early and I always wake up early. This week I’m trying for at least 7 hours of sleep every night. It’s been a little rocky so far, but I’m trying!
  • Stretching: My legs have been super duper tight lately and I need to stretch more consistently especially after working out. Plus since this tendonitis flare up I’ve been going gung ho on whatever anti-injury measures I can find and stretching seems to be key.

Monthly Resolutions


For the month of March I made the goal to clean up for at least 5 minutes everyday. I was actually pretty successful at this goal, thought you probably couldn’t tell by looking at my room, but it does look a lot better than it did at the beginning of the month which is a plus. My roommates and I even took a day to spring clean our entire apartment and I straightened up my room a lot.

The point of this goal was to get in the habit of picking up after myself, which actually worked. Now I have to pick up at least one thing off my floor before I go to bed (who am I?). Now if I could just get the rest of my life organized…

Now that it’s April (when did that happen?) it means it’s time for a new monthly resolution. I already know I’m terrible at maintaining more than 1 or 2 goals at one time so I’m tying this goal back into one of my bootcamp goals:


Sleepy kitty.

I’m slowly learning that just because I can function on 5 hours of sleep at night doesn’t mean I should and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s healthy. When I was sick a couple weeks ago I slept all day long. Seriously, I think I slept 18 hours that day, at least. And you know what? It felt glorious. Well minus the whole puking my guts out. Sorry that was gross, anyway it was a wake up call (haha, sleep puns) that I feel so much better when I have an adequate amount of sleep.

So my goal this month is to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. I’ve already failed the past two nights (6.5 and 5.5 hours, yikes), but I’m hoping to redeem myself. I know 8 hours of sleep is ideal for most people, but 7 is a pretty healthy amount and much more attainable for me than 8, so I’m going with that.

Do you set monthly/weekly/yearly goals?

How much sleep do you usually get?

Is anyone else as ready for warm weather as I am? If it snows one more time I will seriously start crying. Not even being dramatic.

June Yoga Challenge, Final Recap!

I can’t believe the challenge is over!

And I can’t believe I actually completed it all! I did a yoga challenge back in May and udderly failed at. But, I think I’ve redeemed myself with this challenge.

Unfortunately, my yoga practice this week was not as good as last week’s, but last week’s was amazing so the bar was set pretty high. I still had some good practices though.

Yoga Breakdown!:

Saturday: Gentle Hatha #4 podcast from Yoga Download. I was looking for some new podcasts and found these. I still prefer the Yoga Journal podcasts but Yoga Download has way more options to choose from.
Sunday: I took a Yoga II class at my gym, it was a great class. One of my favorite instructors was teaching and we got to work on Eight Angle Pose (a new favorite). Yoga perfection.
Monday: Gentle Hatha #1 podcast to unwind before bed. The music in this podcast was too ridiculous though. It was the stereotypical yoga, new wave-y, crunchy music. Too ridiculous. The sequence itself was pretty nice though.
Tuesday: I did a self-practice and it was nice. We did some INTENSE stretching in my dance class and I was looking for some gentle yoga to do to relax my muscles (and try to hold off some soreness!) before I went to bed, and looking through some podcasts I couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. Then I thought “Oh! Duh Lea, make up your own.” Why it took me so long to figure this one out, I do not know. I did some hip openers, hamstring stretches and sun salutations. I was still way sore the next day though, you can’t win them all.
Wednesday: I took another Yoga II class at the gym, this one was not so good though. I took the class after finishing my LiveFit workout and I was functioning on about 5.5 hours of sleep. I just felt weak and anxious the whole class and I couldn’t get into it. It was one my least favorite instructors too, she’s not a bad teacher I’m just not a fan of her style. It was just a mix for a bad class. You win some, you lose some.

Overall I’m so happy I did this challenge. I had been majorly neglecting yoga and this challenge has rekindled my love for it!

My muscles are so happy after keeping up a consistent yoga practice. We worked on tilts in dance on Tuesday.


I was surprised by just how much flexibility I’ve maintained. I haven’t done much dancing since January, so I only have yoga to thank for this. I’m glad I’ve found a way to stay in dance shape even if I can’t make it to a dance class.

I’ve also seen a definite difference in my mood. I feel much calmer and my mood had been much better, even when I’m grouchy, tired, and not had nearly enough sleep.

I definitely plan to keep up a consistent yoga practice even when the challenge is over. I’ve realized how important it is for me  in terms of my overall fitness. Yoga offers so many benefits, and I tend to forget just how amazing it is, so I want to work at keeping a consistent yoga practice, and not forgetting how amazing it is.

I still haven’t made it to class at a studio but I’m hoping to go to one on Saturday.