A Feastival, Kittens and an Impending Graduation {MIMM}

Happy Monday! Today is my last week of class and that is pretty darn marvelous. A little terrifying, but mostly marvelous.

Speaking of marvelous:

(Thanks for hosting Katie!)

Marvelous is… getting my cap and gown today! I can’t believe graduation is so soon!

Marvelous is… Boone’s feastival, that’s right, FEASTival. Basically a festival showcasing healthy living in Boone, so right up my alley. They had lots of booths with everything from CSAs, bakeries, restaurants, all kinds of good stuff. There were lots of free samples which I’m always a fan of:


Kale salad from the Slow Foods booth. And EarthFare coupons!

smoothie sample

A smoothie sample (I have no idea what was in it but it was tasty) and an energy ball with honey, oats, chocolate chips and a few other things in it. Both were very delicious!

And the best part…

baby goat

Baby goats! I think it’d be fu to have one of these guys as a pet, minus the fact that they would try to eat everything I own, they seem pretty chill otherwise.

There were also food trucks, but un fortunately I didn’t end up getting anything. One truck, Vitality, looked especially delicious and was serving vegan food, but I ate beforehand and wasn’t hungry enough to justify a $7 rice and veggie plate. I’ll have to track them down again when I’m actually hungry!

Marvelous is… a super sweaty spin class this afternoon. It’s been a while, but my foot has been hurting ever since my 10-miler (seriously, I’m like a magnet for minor injuries lately, it’s getting old) so I tried to be smart and opt for something low impact. So. Much. Sweat. Hill sprints are straight up murder.

Marvelous is… potlucks with my Sunday school group.

caribbean black beans and rice

I brought black beans and rice. Someone brought the most delicious fudge-y brownies I have had in a LONG time. Holy cow were those things good. I had three, they weren’t gluten-free but it is 100% worth the stomach ache and headache I have today, they were that good.

I’m going to seriously miss this group after I graduate. The couple that leads the group are the sweetest people and so funny, they make me look forward to getting up early on Sundays.

Marvelous is… KITTENS. I think I spent a good 6 hours playing with them on Friday. I can’t even handle how adorable they are.


Marvelous is… registering for the Esprit De She 10K in Cary! I’m actually going to be an ambassador for the race, but more on that later.

Time for this girl to get to bed!

Are you a cat person or dog person? I’m non-discriminatory and like pretty much all four-legged mammals.

What types of food do you bring to potlucks? Usually I stick with desserts because everyone loves sugar, but sometimes I opt for healthier things too.

What was marvelous about your Monday?

Exciting Newsssssssss!!

Sorry for the obnoxious number of S’s but today has been all kinds of exciting. Very fitting for Thankful Thursday!

thankful thursday

Exciting news list time!

  1. My little brothers are 19 today! When did they get so old? Last time I checked they were still 8 years old and now they’re in college, where the heck does the time go?high school graduates
    They may be 19, but that’s okay, they still act like 8 year olds.twin egg yolksSide note, is ironic that I get a egg with twin yolks on my identical twin brothers birthday? I think so. So glad I got them too because they totally made up for the yolk I broke, whoopsies.
  2. My design got picked for a postcard my department is sending out to different Graphic Arts companies inviting them to a job/internship we’re having on campus in March. Whattttt!!! So excited when I found out. People in the industry are going to see my design! Eep! I had a “You like me! You really like me!” moment when I found out and I might have gone to the bathroom to do a little dance. Okay I definitely did!(Shameless self-promotion moment: if you’d like to see some of my design work, my portfolio is here: be.net/lgeddie)
  3. I’m now a Sweat Pink AmbassadorI got the e-mail this afternoon and I’m so excited to join the Sweat Pink Community! I let out an embarrassingly girly high-pitched squeal, luckily my other roommates weren’t there to witness it 🙂Photobucket
  4. Here is a re-enactment of my expression after finding out all this exciting news:excited faces
    I almost graced you guys with a video of my happy dance but I decided against that internet embarrassment and just stuck with pictures.

Additional exciting things:

  1. An incredibly sweaty spin class! There’s a spin class right before my Pilates class so I decided to check it out and support my fellow group fitness teachers, it was a tough but super fun class. The guy teaching is on the school cycle team so his workout was intense but I loved every second of it!
  2. My Pilates class went really well! Nothing special happened, the class just flowed really well, which always feels good.
  3. I just made some kale chips, they got a little burnt because I was busy watching Glee, but they were still pretty tasty.
  4. I survived my public speaking speech! There were a few rough moments but I made it through and I think I did pretty well!
  5. My apartment is restocked with coffee! FINALLY!

Brag time, what the most exciting news you’ve gotten lately?

Do you have an siblings? I’m the oldest of 3 and my brothers are identical twins.

Marvelous in My Monday

Happy Monday!

Oh Mondays, how I love to hate you. I can’t blame Mondays too much, it’s not Monday’s fault that it got stuck after the weekend in the weekday line up. Poor guy just can’t compare.

I love the Marvelous in My Monday posts that I’ve seen circling around (thanks Katie!) and wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I’m always looking for ways to make Monday a little less sucktacular and this seems like the perfect way to do so. Why not start the week on a good note?

Things that made my Monday Marvelous:

  • Morning spin class. I love squeezing a workout before class. Those exercise endorphins put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day. It also makes sitting in class for hours at a time so much more bearable!
  • Waking up early enough to catch reruns of Boy Meets World. Learning sappy life lessons all before 8 am. This show makes me nostalgic for 90s TV, TV shows today just don’t compare, I miss TGIF!
  • My apartment got a new dishwasher! So far every major kitchen appliance has broken since moving in (with exception of the fridge), three cheers for cheap student apartments. On the bright side, it’s gotten us a new microwave and dishwasher. As long as the broken appliances continue to be replaced with new ones I won’t complain. Now if only that oven would break…

    Sparkly new dishwasher!

  • 28 people came to my Pilates class!! So. Many. People. It was a little nerve-wracking but I love that so many people are coming out to class and I hope the numbers stay that high. We even ran out of mats, which is not a problem I’m upset about having.
  • Yummy foods packed for lunch. I’m on day number 8 of not eating out and still going strong. My Tupperware collection is getting a little out of control…

Massaged kale salad made with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, red kale, mushrooms, avocado(!) and baked tofu. I love red kale, purple things are better. It’s a fact.

And dinner:

Two eggs (I knocked my cartons of eggs out of the fridge and broke all four eggs in it,  was able to save two of them. Never said I was graceful) and stir-fried onions, green beans, mushrooms, broccoli and collard greens with Trader Joe’s Red Thai Curry Sauce. My love for curry is starting to reach new heights, I can’t seem to get enough of it. Unfortunately the Indian food scene in Boone is sparse.

  • I had my Somatics class today. I’m taking the class as part of my dance minor and I can already tell I’m going to love it. The class is all about mind-body connection, and understanding your body (very hippie and very awesome). Our homework is 10-pages of coloring. Coloring in a college class? I’m in love.
  • Dance auditions are tomorrow! I love the process even if I don’t make the cut. I’ll take any chance to dance I can.

What made your Monday marvelous?

What’s your favorite 90’s TV show? I’m pretty much love everything that came on ABC’s TGIF!

Burnt Out {LiveFit Week 7}

This week was a little rough.

As much as I’ve raved about the LiveFit program I’m honestly starting to get a little burnt out on it.

Don’t get me wrong I still think the program is awesome, but my gym routine is getting a little stale. I have serious gym ADD and get sick of workouts pretty quickly and I think I’m hitting the point where I’m done with strictly lifting weights 6 days a week. I’m starting to dread workouts (not okay) and I’m not as excited about it as I was a the beginning of the program.

Not to mention I’m just straight up tired.

Phase Two has 6 days of workouts with just 1 rest day. Sometimes my body is fine with that, but there are times where I can tell I need a rest day but I don’t want to take a day off because it will throw the program off. Well that’s stupid.

I do still want to complete the program, but I think I’m going to give myself more leeway with it. My plan? If I need a second rest day, no big deal, I’ll take it and pick up my workouts where I left off. If I need some variety I’ll shorten the workout a little so I can take that cycling class I’ve been craving. If my quads feel like they’re going to fall off I’ll just skip those lunges! Okay I still need to do the lunges. I guess. If I have to.

It’s all about finding balance. I don’t want to dread a workout. I want the gym to be fun, not some kind of punishment and sometimes that takes a little re-evaluation.

So far this approach has been working out really well. I went to a wonderful spin class yesterday, and whew, my legs were on fire. It’s been far too long. My butt’s now paying for that one, but it was MUCH needed.

Today I made it to a Zumba class (I even got my mom to come with me! She loved it). I like Zumba because it doesn’t feel like a workout until class ends and you realize you’re drenched in sweat. The instructor was this teeny older lady, who was really cute but had no rhythm. Not ideal, but she was still a lot of fun. And she played Mambo No. 5, it’s been a while since I heard that one.

Making time for other forms of exercise has definitely left me feeling refreshed and excited to get the gym. I’m ready to keep tackling LiveFit. Week 8 here I come.

How do you get out of a fitness rut?

What’s you’re favorite 90’s/early 2000’s song? I’m feeling nostalgic =)

What I Ate Wednesday!

WIAW is pretty fun, except I usually forget about it until Wednesday morning. Oopsies. But I did actually take some pictures of my food yesterday because it was all pretty yummy!


Oatmeal with peanut butter, soy milk and obsessive amounts of cinnamon. Same old, same old. I love this combination, thought it’s quite tasty and actually sticks with me! Also add a microwaved scramble egg on the side for some extra protein. Is it sad when your whole breakfast is made in the microwave? Maybe. You can take the dorm life away from the girl but you can’t take the girl away from the microwave.


Black beans, a scrambled egg (non-microwaved!), spinach and chopped onions, with a side of quinoa and Trader Joe’s Soycustash. A very yummy (and filling!) combination. I immediately wanted to eat it all over again.


I’m a huggeee snacker. Seriously, they’re the highlight of my meals. I’ve actually been trying to cut back a little though because I can get a little snack crazy sometimes. I don’t have any pictures though, sorry! But today’s snacks included brussel sprouts (obsessed with them), a sweet potato with a scoop of peanut butter (AMAZING combo, try it sometime), and a banana. Delicious.


I had a volunteer orientation session at my local SPCA (so excited about this! Puppies, kitties and doing good, what more could I ask for?) from 6 to 9 so dinner was eaten at 4:30 like a senior citizen, but that’s okay.

Tofu cooked with tahini sauce, lemon juice and cumin and more of the same quinoa from earlier all over a bed of steamed kale. Hit the spot, even at 4:30.

My evening snack was the exact bowl of oatmeal as breakfast. Which I also just ate again this morning for breakfast. Food creativity at its finest.

My cat had a more interesting snack though, because she slaughtered a bunny. I’m a little appalled Maybe I should be worried that she chooses my room to sleep in?

Don’t let that innocent, fluffy demeanor fool you.

I just got back from a fantastic, super sweaty spin class and should go shower before I stink up the whole house!

What did you eat this Wednesday?
Seriously, all my meals are the same, if you ate anything good let me know and give me some good meal ideas!