Marvelous in My (Kinda) Monday {MIMM}

Happy Tuesday! I’m a little late to the Marvelous in My Monday party this week, but since Monday was a holiday today is kinda like Monday. Kinda. Just go with it.

(Thanks Katie!)

Marvelous is… three day weekends. Hollerrr. It’s been a crazy week at my internship. On Friday we moved our office into a different building for the summer and it was definitely a hectic day. A Monday off was welcomed with open arms.


Our offices actually relocated to a dorm on Duke campus. Yup, my new office is a dorm room, complete with dorm furniture and all. As strange as it sounds I will take it because it’s much more spacious than a cubicle!

Marvelous is… Getting to spend sometime with the other interns on move-in day! Right now there’s only three of us, but the rest of us will be starting next Monday and there will 20+ interns running around. I’m so excited to be surrounded by other college-aged kids, I can’t even tell you.

Marvelous is… The farmer’s market! It’s so good to be back to the monstrous farmer’s market in Raleigh. It’s open 7 days a week and has tons of vendors. Sometimes living in a agriculture-based state spoils me 🙂 Pictures are coming later this week.

Marvelous is… My new blueberry plant from the farmer’s market. Fingers crossed it actually grows blueberries instead of just dying on me. My thumb is more on the brown or black side. I just want some free blueberriesssss.

Marvelous is… Tree lady. My boyfriend and I ran into her while we were walking to the Raleigh Rose Gardens (if you’re a local you need to check that place out, it’s gorgeous! And free!). Pretty clever.


Marvelous is… Rainbows on the drive home.


You can just see the bottom of it in this picture, but it was more vibrant in person. Rainbows make rush hour traffic much more bearable.

What made your Monday Marvelous?

Do you work in an office?

Have you ever been an intern?

What is your state known for? Cheerwine, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and our Outer Banks!


Thursday Tangents

  1. My little brother is moving into his college dorm tomorrow (a whole 20 minutes down the road, adventurous). I feel old. Luckily, he still acts like an 8 year old so I tend to forget he’s now a legal adult.
  2. I really love the color purple:
    Too bad it doesn’t match my hair anymore. Sad part is I didn’t realize I had put on all purple pajamas until I put my contacts in this morning. Then I got dressed for work and put my shirt on inside out. This was all after my morning cup of coffee, I’m thinking I need more sleep.
  3. My rock climbing class last night was lots of fun. Though we spent most of the class learning how to belay so we could pass the belay test and only 15 minutes climbing. I have a week long pass so I’ll have to go back to get more climbing in.
  4. I’m scared of heights. Things you realize 20 feet from the ground on a rock wall.
    The picture doesn’t even do it justice, this sucker was HUGE. I love rainbows. Yes I’m 5 years old.
  6. I finished some freelance design work for a local restaurant and they had the ads I designed printed at my work so I got to see the final product:
    Seeing the final design printed out is my favorite part, but I don’t always get to see the final printed piece. It’s so cool to hold something in my hands that I designed, I will never get sick of that feeling.
  7. The only piece of produce I will never eat:
    A “Slimcado”, it apparently has 50% less fat than a regular avocado. GROSS. Excuse me but what exactly is the point of an avocado without the fat? Ew.
  8. I made a purse! pictures coming soon.
  9. I’m taking a 6AM Basic Training class so I should probably get to bed soon.

Do you have any younger siblings (or older)? I have two younger brothers who are 18 (twinsies), and they’re 6’2″ so I can’t boss them around anymore

Would you ever eat a “Slimcado”? No. Gimme some healthy fats please!

Rainbows, Black Cats and Bananas

I managed to peel my lazy but out of bed by 11:00 this morning to make it to the gym. I ran a quick warm up mile in 9:00 (fast for me!) and did some leg work with weights. Saturday morning gym goers are crazy. The guy next to me was curling 130 pounders. What!? That’s my body weight, in each hand. I It made my 15 pounds look real wimpy.

Then I took me and my tax refund check to the mall, but had no luck. When I actually have money to spend I can never find anything, without fail. Murphy loves it when I go shopping. I did stop by Wal-mart and bought more fruits and veggies. I know they’re produce is grown in foreign countries and has all kinds of chemicals on it, but it is so cheap, it’s hard to turn down. I picked up some bananas, nectarines, red cabbage, sweet potatoes and plums. Yummy.

The weather in Boone today was so bipolar. It was sun/rain/sun/rain all day long. It even hailed, what the hail? (corny, I know). But that weather is perfect for



It’s really hard to see in the photo, but it disappeared shortly after I took the picture.

I joined some friends for dinner at Black Cat. Always delicious. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture, again. I’m bad. But it was crazy busy, they ran out of silverware. I got the “Thai Me Up” burrito, it came with rice, tofu, and spinach in a spinach tortilla with a curry sauce and sunflower seeds on top. Sooo good. I cleaned my plate, like a champ.

Speaking of cats, I got to see this cute little guy too.


My friend’s cat Jack, he’s really cute, but a little crazy. He also doesn’t like to sit still when I try to take a picture of him.

Post-dinner plans was Appalachian’s Spring Dance Concert


The dances were really good this year. There was choreography from both students and faculty and they were all awesome. I enjoyed myself, and it really made me miss dance. I need to get back into taking classes if I can ever find the time.

I need to get to bed, I’ve got an early morning tomorrow! But first


I was eating a Chiquita banana and the sticker said “Place Sticker on Forehead. Smile” So that’s exactly what I did. Because sometimes you just need to have a little fun. Thanks Chiquita.

What’s the last silly thing you did?