What I Ate… at Trader Joe’s {WIAW}

Oh Joe the Trader, those four years in Boone were tortuous without you. I’m so very happy you’re back in my life. You warm my cheap, healthy-food-loving heart like no other grocery chain.

To honor my recent reunion with my beloved Trader Joe’s, I thought I’d use this What I Ate Wednesday highlight some of my favorite Trader Joe’s products, because my eats have been pretty boring lately. Watch out, there’s a few!

(Thanks Jenn!)

  1. Salted Crunchy Peanut Butterwiaw1-5

    Just pure peanuts and salt, the way peanut butter should be, and all under $3, just one more way to fuel my nut butter addiction.

  2. Three Buck Chuck

    I know it’s Two Buck Chuck in other luckier states that don’t tax alcohol as hard as they do hear in the Bible Belt. But three dollars for a decent bottle of wine? I’m not even sure what kind of vino magic this is, but it’s a beautiful thing.

  3. Tempeh

    Even though it’s not gluten-free it doesn’t seem to bother my stomach too much and it’s so much cheaper than any other brand. I actually used to load up on it when I was home on weekends because it was that much cheaper.
  4. Unsulfured Turkish Apricots
    I actually tried these for the first time this week but I finished the bag in less than three days. I’m not usually a fan of dried apricots, I think they’re too dry and chewy, but these are sweet, soft and incredible tasty.
  5. Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza

    Finally a gluten-free pizza for less than $8.
  6. Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds

    These are scary good. I could seriously down the entire container in one sitting if you let me.

  7. The Coffee Selection

    Trader Joe’s makes some dance tasty coffee. Their Peaberry beans are especially delicious.
  8. Wheat-Free Toaster Waffles

    They’re extra good covered in their crunchy peanut butter =)

Do you live near Trader Joe’s? I can sympathize with those of you that don’t, it stinks!

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s products?

What’s your favorite grocery chain? I wish I lived near a Publix, those are pretty awesome.

Product Loving

First off, shot out to Luna Bar for being the most awesome company ever!

They sent me a hand-written card and a free Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar, talk about some serious customer service.

chocolate dipped coconut luna bar

So sweet!

And now for some food reviews:

go free carrot cake bar vanilla almond vega smoothie


NuGo Free Carrot Cake Protein Bar // I picked this guy up at Whole Foods when I was home for Easter, I was originally going to reach for a Luna or Clif bar but I decided to try something fun and new. This bar was pretty good, it’s made with puffed rice, which I wasn’t expecting, I was hoping for a heavy duty protein bar (it is a pretty good size) but it was a little lighter. The texture was a little funky, the puffed rice isn’t as crispy as it is in something like a Luna Bar. The flavor was really good though, very spicy and cinnamon-y, not a lot of carrot flavor going on but still delicious.

Vega Vanilla Almondilla Smoothie // This was also an Easter weekend Whole Foods purchase, it was on sale for $1.50 so I couldn’t help myself. The shake was really good, and green! I mixed the packet with a cup of sunflower milk and drank it for a snack in between classes and it made for a really great pick-me-up.


In a recycled coconut oil jar of course. The portability factor is pretty awesome. My only complaint is that it was pretty sweet for my taste buds, probably because it was sweetened with stevia, which I don’t typically eat or use. This smoothie also smells exactly like Jergen’s Cherry Almond hand soap.

simple bars


Perfectly Simple Cranberry Almond Bar // Another sale impulse buy, this one is thanks to good old Target. For $0.69 I couldn’t not try it out. This bar is kinda like Zone Perfect’s version of a Larabar, and can I just say that I love that brands that usually make super processed protein bars are starting to add more natural products to their brand?

It pretty much tasted like a Larabar, but a little drier because it has some protein powder added. The texture is pretty similar to Pure bars. Not to mention it tasted good, the tang from the cranberries helped balanced out the sweetness from the dates and the almonds gave the bar a nice crunch. I really liked this bar, the ingredients are simple, there’s some added protein, and it’s affordable.

spiru-tein chocolate protein powder


Spiru-tein Chocolate Protein Powder // I’m on a big protein shake lately, they’re easy to carry to class and pretty filling. They’ve also made me simultaneously too lazy to want to pack a real lunch.

Spiru-tein’s chocolate is a winner, I also mixed it with sunflower milk for a mid-day snack. It didn’t blend too well, but in their defense they recommended mixing the packet with cold milk and mine was sitting in my book bag for a couple hours so it was only slightly cold. I also don’t have a fancy blender bottle, which probably would have worked better. It didn’t matter though because it was DELICIOUS. It tasted like chocolate milk, mmm…

Can you believe Spiru-tein also has cappuccino, cookie dough AND red velvet flavored protein powders!? I need to get those in my life soon!

ginger chews


Ginger People Original Ginger Chews // I’m a ginger lover and these did not disappoint. Me and my old lady self absolutely loved these guys. The candies were not to sweet and had a pretty good kick. They were really chewy, so I had to suck on the candy more than chew it in order to keep my teeth intact, but that only made them last longer. I will definitely be getting these again, if you love ginger as much as I do (or even a little less) you should add these to your candy stash!

What are some products you’re loving lately?

What protein powder do you use/recommend? I’m on the hunt for a tasty/affordable one.

What’s you’re favorite snack?