Marvelous in My Post-Super Bowl Monday {MIMM}

Happy Monday!

I’m not going to lie, I had a late night last night and my alarm clock was one rude awakening this morning. Why is the Super Bowl on a Sunday? I think we all need a day to recuperate afterwards.

Luckily my Monday was still pretty marvelous

(Thanks Katie for hosting!)

Marvelous is… Super Bowl parties! I won’t even pretend like we tried to watch the game. We just wanted an excuse to get together and eat lots of food. And it was some pretty delicious food:

super bowl chips and salsa

Chips and dip, obviously.

sweet potato fries

An attempt at sweet potato chips that ended up being fries, I’m not complaining though!

samuel adams beer

Beer, because what is a Super Bowl party without beer? I’m the one in the group that drinks like an old man so I had an IPA, it was pretty tasty.

chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries! Sooo good. Can you tell it was all girls at this party?

chocolate covered apple slices

And chocolate covered apple slices.

flourless oatmeal coconut raisin cookies

I made Flourless Oatmeal Coconut Raisin cookies. I followed Katie‘s recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, but I doubled it, add 1/2 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut, 1/4 cup almond meal, an egg (I felt pretty guilty about adding an egg to a vegan cookie recipe, but not guilty enough to not do it) and pumpkin pie spice. I for the life of me can’t just make a recipe as is, I just can’t help myself. They came out really tasty and the coconut was a fun addition, even the gluten eaters liked them!

super bowl party

Yup, see how we’re all paying 100% attention to the football game?

hard ass board game

And then a game of Smart Ass broke out. I won thanks to the ridiculous amount of useless knowledge I have stored in my noggin. I would consider trying to get on Jeopardy except I have never in my life gotten a final Jeopardy question right and I feel like that is an important part of the game.

If you were wondering, I was pulling for the Ravens because their team color is purple and that is my favorite color. Who says you can’t pick the winning team based on the team colors 🙂 ?

Marvelous is.. Whatever spurred this crazy productivity I have going on right now. Today I did laundry, dishes, tackled a leg workout (lunges, I still hate you lots!) and got some major work done on a speech for my public speaking class. It feels good to check things off the to do list!

productive set up laptop coffee and water

Coffee shops and classical Pandora stations make me 1000x times more productive. I need to keep this in mind.

Marvelous is… No snow in the forecast this week!

Boone weather forecast no snow

I think we’ve had pretty much every form of weather in the past week! Tuesday was sunny and 60 degrees, Wednesday was crazy rain with flash flooding, snow on Friday and Saturday and snow squalls last night. I’m ready for some consistent weather for a change. And no snow means I don’t have to worry about road conditions on my way home this weekend, thank you mother nature.

Marvelous is… PDRs! I did 8.5 slowwww miles on the treadmill on Saturday. I hated spending that long on the treadmill but it was either that or run in the 20 degree snow. No thank you. It took 1:43:00 but I did it so I will take it, and I didn’t go crazy after being on the treadmill for that long so I consider that a major accomplishment. I’ve got 9 miles on the schedule for next week!

Marvelous is… Coffee from the coffee shop on campus, I try to save money and make my own at home, but today I splurged because it seriously ups my productivity levels, and dang is that stuff good. I guess that’s why we pay them so much to make it for us.

counter culture coffee logo

They brew Counter Culture Coffee and their coffee is super tasty. I highly recommend you picking some up if you can find it at a grocery store near you.

It’s been a pretty fantastic Monday, I definitely can’t complain. Now let’s hope the rest of the week goes this smoothly!

Have a great week!

What made your Monday Marvelous?

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Can’t Complain {MIMM}

Hey guys! I hope your Monday is going awesome.

(Thanks Katie for hosting!)

My Monday’s been pretty boring, but I can’t complain, I’ll take boring over stinky any day.

I can’t complain… about my pretty low-key weekend too. It snowed Friday morning then froze over that afternoon so I spent most of the weekend stranded in the apartment. Sometimes it feels pretty awesome to hang out in your PJs until 1 pm 🙂

I can’t complain… about my 8 mile run! A new PDR (fyi you’ll probably hear that every week until my 10-mile race!) It was tough and I thought about quitting approximately 28374 times, but I sucked it up and finished, even though that mean running back and forth across the park parking lot for the last 0.75 mile because the sun was going down and that was the only area with a street light, and I like not getting kidnapped. Did I mention it was 33 degrees out? I’m not sure where all this commitment came from but I like it.

I can’t complain… because I saw a beaver on my run yesterday!


I ran past it the first time and it didn’t even register in my head it was a beaver. Then I had to run back and get a picture (from a safe distance, beavers are vicious). I think he was drunk because he randomly fell over and then staggered off into the woods. I don’t know how a beaver would get drunk but that’s not the point.

I can’t complain… about this nut butter. The Earth Fare near me just started carrying Wild Squirrel nut butters and holy cow. Delicious. You need to keep me away from these things.

Wild Squirrel vanilla espresso almond butter

That would be Vanilla Espresso almond butter, can you think of a more perfect food? No. And yes I cut around all three side of the packet to get out every last smidgen of almond butter. Not ashamed.

Hey there Buddha.

I can’t complain… about Hello Kitty band-aids, they make everything better.

hello kitty band-aid

Though I will complain that I only have one left. Boo.

I can’t complain… about kale chips. Who can?

kale chips

Kale, olive oil, salt, pepper and nutritional yeast. Even my kale-hating roommate ate these. Success!

I can’t complain… about running because I’m thinking about signing up for this half-marathon in May. It’s a week before graduation and only 30 minutes away from Boone. I’m just trying not to let the elevation map freak me out.

What made your Monday marvelous?

What did you do this weekend?

What’s the craziest animal you’ve ever seen on a run?

P.S. I made a Facebook page for the blog!

Greens and Coffee Beans facebook page

I’m not so good at social media (hence my sad number of twitter followers) but it’d be pretty awesome if you liked the page. And I’ll work on figuring out how to use it.

Home Sweet Home.

I emptied out my dorm room:


And moved it all back home. My dorm room has never been so clean. The dust bunnies I found under my bed were vicious.

Goodbye dorm life. I can’t say I’ll miss you. I’m excited to be living in an apartment next year, with my own room, and a kitchen, and space.

Speaking of having a kitchen, that’s one of the perks of being at home.


Lunch: Black beans, eggs, broccoli, bell peppers, onions, salsa verde and and spices. Delicious. It’s so nice to have a kitchen again. I’ll be cooking up a storm this summer!

This morning I went for a 5.5 mile trail run. A PDR for me, and it was awesome. The weather was gorgeous, and the trail was nice and shady, perfection. I would have kept going but my foot was starting to hurt, I think because I’m not used to running on a more uneven surface, it seems to be feeling good now.

On 99% of my runs a I set a distance goal and by the time I make it to that distance I’m done, I’m either exhausted or just not feeling my run. Today I actually wanted to keep running, such a good feeling. I was in a good head space and my legs were feeling good.

I’ve been really liking the occasional trail run. I’m super slow at it, because I’m already slow running on an even surface and trails certainly don’t make me any faster, but I find it way more interesting. I’m more focused on not tripping or wiping out than how tired I am. Luckily I live within walking distance from a park and have easy access to a few trails, the only downside is they’re pretty short, the longest is 2 miles, so I have to get creative and do multiple laps to fit in a longer run.

I also decided I love running in the spring mid/late mornings. All the kiddos are in school so I don’t worry about getting run over by a 10 year old on a bicycle, all the retirees/stay at home parents are out walking they’re adorable dogs, and it’s also not a fiery inferno outside. I’m going to try to squeeze in as many runs as I can before North Carolina summer comes and it’s 90 degrees at sunrise.

I need to get to bed, I’ve got to get up early to get to the farmer’s market in the morning! I’m ridiculously excited, it will probably be the highlight of my week and I’m not ashamed at how lame that sounds. I would live at the farmers market if I could.

Monday Funday.

Say what?!

Usually Mondays suck the life out of me, but today was pretty fantastic. I’m going to credit it to the fact that it was my moms birthday. She’s amazing and the best mom ever, and I’m not just saying that because she gave birth to me, she really is fantastic. It’s the first year I haven’t been able to spend her birthday with her (because I had lame responsibilities, like school) but I’ll make it up to her with a cake the next time I’m home. Cake fixes everything right? Yes.

Well, my morning started off with an amazing 4 mile run, it felt sooo good. The 8k I’m running in two weeks feels so much more attainable now. A good run is the best way to start off the morning. I love it. Also exciting I bought new running socks over the weekend and this was my first run with them and they were fantastic. I’m super lame and have been using regular socks, and my feet were starting to protest the fact that there wasn’t much skin left on them. So I shelled out $10 for a pair of socks. It hurt my tightly-clutched-almost-empty-college-student wallet but I have to admit that it was worth it. My feet were blister-free and fantastic after this run.

Completely random but, before I go, I got really excited when I found the tiniest banana ever in the dining hall today, proof:


IT’S SO LITTLE! (That’s what she said? I actually that’s no good, I hope she didn’t) That’s my student ID next to it for size comparison. Weird fact, I’m really obsessed with finding the smallest possible banana, it’s like built in portion control. I think it’s way more satisfying to eat one tiny banana than to try to eat half of a big one (which let’s be honest I just end up eating the whole thing). But really I’m just a weirdo and find all miniature fruits highly amusing.