Marvelous in My (Kinda) Monday {MIMM}

Happy Tuesday! I’m a little late to the Marvelous in My Monday party this week, but since Monday was a holiday today is kinda like Monday. Kinda. Just go with it.

(Thanks Katie!)

Marvelous is… three day weekends. Hollerrr. It’s been a crazy week at my internship. On Friday we moved our office into a different building for the summer and it was definitely a hectic day. A Monday off was welcomed with open arms.


Our offices actually relocated to a dorm on Duke campus. Yup, my new office is a dorm room, complete with dorm furniture and all. As strange as it sounds I will take it because it’s much more spacious than a cubicle!

Marvelous is… Getting to spend sometime with the other interns on move-in day! Right now there’s only three of us, but the rest of us will be starting next Monday and there will 20+ interns running around. I’m so excited to be surrounded by other college-aged kids, I can’t even tell you.

Marvelous is… The farmer’s market! It’s so good to be back to the monstrous farmer’s market in Raleigh. It’s open 7 days a week and has tons of vendors. Sometimes living in a agriculture-based state spoils me 🙂 Pictures are coming later this week.

Marvelous is… My new blueberry plant from the farmer’s market. Fingers crossed it actually grows blueberries instead of just dying on me. My thumb is more on the brown or black side. I just want some free blueberriesssss.

Marvelous is… Tree lady. My boyfriend and I ran into her while we were walking to the Raleigh Rose Gardens (if you’re a local you need to check that place out, it’s gorgeous! And free!). Pretty clever.


Marvelous is… Rainbows on the drive home.


You can just see the bottom of it in this picture, but it was more vibrant in person. Rainbows make rush hour traffic much more bearable.

What made your Monday Marvelous?

Do you work in an office?

Have you ever been an intern?

What is your state known for? Cheerwine, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and our Outer Banks!

Last Week in Boone: The Food {WIAW}

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to visit this little corner of the internet but I am happy to be back! This past week has been pure craziness: final exams, family visits, graduation, moving home, and on top of that today was the first day of my internship! Whew. No rest for the weary right? That’s okay, they’re all pretty wonderful things so I have no room to complain.

During my last week in Boone, I made it a point to get to all my favorite restaurants for one last meal before moving back to Raleigh. Boone has the BEST restaurants and Raleigh, despite having some decent restaurants, is mostly full of chains, blech. So I had some pretty spectacular meals this past week.

(Thanks Jenn!)


I made a roommate breakfast date at Melanie’s, an adorable little breakfast/lunch place in downtown Boone for Tuesday morning. We all had the morning off for exams and everyone knows a delicious, hearty breakfast is the best final-exam-taking fuel. I started with a very necessary cup of coffee. It’s a little blurry, but that’s what happens when I don’t have caffeine in me. It’s not a good time.


To eat I ordered Melanie’s Big Breakfast


Which came with two eggs (over easy), stewed apples (un-pictured on the side), a biscuit (which I gave away to my roommates) and homefries. I have a new found homefry obsession and have been ordering every where. Maybe not the healthiest obsession but dang delicious. This meal kept me full for 6 whole hours which is a pretty big feat for me.



Thursday afternoon I grabbed an iced coffee pre-exam and a farmer’s market apple. This is the first time I’ve put milk in my coffee in FOREVER. Iced coffee is a little rough on my stomach, probably because I drink it 10x faster than hot coffee, but a little bit of milk seems to help.



Beer, coffee, and a kitty in my lap. Could life be better? I got one last visit in with the kittens before they left for Michigan, it’s amazing how much they’ve grown in 2 weeks!


Dinner was good old Black Cat. I built my own burrito with black beans, rice, broccoli, mushrooms and tomatillo salsa, minus the tortilla. Oh Black Cat, I’m going to miss you so much.


After dinner one of my roommates and I headed to Low Wine Bar. It’s located on top of Espresso News, the best coffee shop in Boone. This was my first time going and I’m not sure why I waited so long because it was awesome. Whoever decided to put a coffee shop and wine bar in the same building is a GENIUS.


I had the Marc Roman Malbec, mostly because it was the cheapest red on the menu, but it also happened to be really tasty. Really easy to drink without being too sweet.


Post-wine my roommate and I spilt a 7 Layer Bar from the coffee shop downstairs (genius, I’m telling you). It was not even close to gluten-free but so tasty it was completely worth it. 7 layer bars are the best.



Saturday afternoon my parents and boyfriends drove up to Boone for graduation festivities. They didn’t get into town until around 1:30 and I was starting to get borderline hangry. It happens. Luckily I had this amazing and filling meal from Coyote Kitchen to tame the hunger beast. I had the Sedona Boat: Coconut rice, black beans, blackened tempeh, roasted sweet potatoes, corn, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and spinach, topped with sweet red vegan mayo and scallions. I was full beyond belief after finishing this bad boy but it was soooo worth it.


AKA Graduation day! My college’s graduation wasn’t until 3:30pm so my family had plenty of time to kill before then. We grabbed an early lunch with my uncle at Hob Knob Farm Cafe. Hob Knob is one of my favorite restaurants in Boone, but it’s a little out of my (very small) budget so I save it for when my parents are in town =) . Hob Knob is awesome because they have lots of gluten-free, vegetarian and organic options, they source most of their ingredients locally and they have really adorable decor:


It took me way too long to decide what I was going to order, I’m not used to having so many options – it’s hard to decide! But I finally decided on the Tamale De Bayamo: House made tamale filled w/ spinach, squash, yams, garlic, corn & peppers. Served w/ tamale sauce, black beans, plantains, chipotle queso salsa, green olives, romas & spring mix.



Post-graduation we hit up somewhere low-key for dinner. We didn’t want to deal with the post-graduation dinner rush, especially with 7 people. Black Cat again! Twice in one week? I’m not upset about it.


I had the (blurry) Satay it to Me Softly (how cool are the burrito names?): rice, tofu, carrots, broccoli, caramelized onions, and a spicy peanut sauce. Delicious as always.

And my last full day in Boone wouldn’t be complete without…


Fro yo! Chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter yogurt topped with more Reese’s, chocolate shavings and Oreo’s (they are my gluten nemesis!). This was the most perfect fro yo cup I could have asked for and I enjoyed every last bite!


I have no pictures from Monday (sowwy!) but I have to mention the delicious meal I had at Boone Bagelry. The meal itself was pretty basic but really delicious. I had two eggs (over medium, is it sad I didn’t even realize this was an option until this week?), homefriends (I’m telling you, I’m obsessed!) and a gluten-free whole grain bagel. Yup, a gluten-free bagel! I should have taken more advantage of it this year! I’m kicking myself now.

Then I loaded up on old school candy at the Mast General Store. The sugar was more than necessary for the 3+ hour ride home. Why have I not eaten more MalloCups in my life? They’re delicious!


Today was my first day at my internship! Everything went really well and it looks like it is going to be a busy, but very fun time! I also found out there is a Whole Foods less than a block away from my internship. This is going to be very dangerous for my wallet.


Salad with spinach, garlicky kale, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and roasted chickpeas, roasted zucchini and eggplant (which was served cold, I wasn’t a fan) and some kind of quinoa dish with sweet potatoes, black beans and pepitas. I also had an un-pictured Clif Builder Bar on the side.

After writing this I’m hungry all over again.

Does your town have an delicious/unique restaurants?

What did you eat this week?

What’s your favorite hat/salad bar meal?

Scenes from the Outer Banks {MIMM}

Partying it up in Nags Head, NC



The girls.



The Wright Brother’s Memorial


View from the Memorial


Light houses aren’t that tall.


Bodie Island Lighthouse


Jockey’s Ridge, AKA the desert.



Proposal! My roomie got engaged!


Snake wrangler. Kidding, I was at the Aquarium.



Saving a plastic sea turtle from a shark bite wound in my snazzy lab coat. We’ll pretend that activity wasn’t for children


Real sea turtle, I didn’t save him.



Cape Hatteras Lighthouse



Ice Ice Baby & African Dance

Hey guys!

This week is going to be all kinds of crazy, but we are 1.5 weeks from spring break so I can’t complain. In two weeks I will be living it up with my friends at the Outer Banks and I’m a little A LOT excited about.

Speaking of beach-y things here is what Boone looked like today:

boone nc ice storm

And by beach-y things I meant the complete opposite. There’s a good coating of ice over the whole city, which is a little awesome because my two morning classes were cancelled. Sorry to those with responsibilities who had to be at work early this morning, while I was chilling on the couch reading blogs.

Confession: I stole this picture off a random student’s Instagram, thank you mysterious Appalachian instagrammer. I was not about to stand in the freezing rain to take pictures of ice. I like warm things.

Enough weather talk, I’m weathered out here in Boone. I’m not sure if that’s a real word, but it’s how I feel.

If you’re on the hunt for a new and interesting workout, you should definitely try African dance.

You read that right, African dance.

This afternoon I took an African dance class for my dance history class. Every time I take an African dance class (which is much more than you would think for a little white girl like me) I’m reminded of what an AMAZING workout it is. You’re constantly  jumping, turning, skipping etc. African dance uses a very grounded stance, which works those legs like crazy! And you pretty much never stop moving. The class reminded me of cardio dance classes, you know those ones where you feel like you’re not doing that much work until the end of class when you’re covered in sweat? Yeah, like that.

african dancers disney world

Oh you know, just dancing with some African dancers in Disney World circa 2006. Three guesses which person is me.

If you’re looking to spice up your fitness routine you should check out a local African dance class near you! It might push you a little bit out of your comfort zone movement-wise but if you can let go a little it is an amazing experience.

Classes might be a little difficult to find, but you can search local dance studios because they are often offered there, or sometimes they are offered through cultural centers, just keep your eyes peeled!

What’s the most unique workout you’ve done?

What’s the weather like where you are? Icy, and snow is the forecast all weekend. I’m living somewhere warm next.

Got To Be NC Festival.

Um, let’s ignore the fact that I’m almost a week late on this recap.


Last Saturday my mom and I headed to the Got To Be NC Festival at the fair grounds in Raleigh. The festival was a celebration of all things North Carolina. Also, an excuse to put on a mini-fair in the summer.

There were lots of antique tractors:



North Carolinians love their tractors.

Typical sketchy looking fair rides (I took a pass on those) and a celebration of North Carolina Agriculture:


Honey bees!

They also had a section with cattle, but they made me sad because the cows were going to end up as beef. Boo. I might have considered setting them free.

My mom and I were excited for one particular part of the festival, Fiber Fest! Basically a big yarn expo. Yep, we’re crochet nerds.


So. Much. Yarn.

It was overwhelming. There was organic yarn, neon yarn, pastel yarn, thick yarn, thin yarn, yarn made from angora rabbits (which are just silly looking animals), and even yarn made from buffalo fur (that was a little weird). I left with two small balls of clearance yarn. My mom left with that x10. She was a little excited to be there.

I haven’t quite decided were I fall in the animal-based yarn department. It’s not nearly as cruel as leather but I still can’t help but think it could be an uncomfortable process. I’m on the fence with this one. Luckily, fur-based yarns are really expensive, so it makes that decision a little easier.

Fiber Fest shared a building with a couple of other exhibits. One of which was from a group that collected antique tools and appliances. I perused the tables with my camera while my mom was up to her eyeballs in yarn.


Old school glass soda bottles just look so much cooler than cans.

I didn’t know what most of the tools/appliances were, but it was fun to guess. I even saw an antique frosting kit.


I took way more pictures, but most of them came out a little fuzzy. I happened by this table post-wine sampling, so my hands weren’t so steady… oops.

Speaking of wine sampling, my favorite part of the festival was the NC Food and Wine Expo. $2 to sample all the local food and wine you want? Count me in.

No pictures here because I was too busy stuffing my face. Whoops. It was my lunch for the day.

The food was pretty good. Unfortunately, apparently North Carolina only makes wine, peanuts, sweet potatoes, jelly and barbecue sauce. It made for a very well-rounded and healthy lunch clearly. That’s not actually all North Carolina makes, but that was a majority of the vendors at the festival. Though to give them credit, North Carolina is a big agriculture state and all the farmers in the area selling anything decent and fresh would be at the farmer’s market on a Saturday.

The wine was pretty good. However, North Carolina makes mostly muscadine wines, which are really sweet and I prefer more dry stuff. It was a lot of fun to try though! There was a vendor selling all types of different fruit wines including apple, pomegranate and watermelon wine. I couldn’t bring myself to try the watermelon wine, but I tried the pomegranate wine. It tasted like pomegranate juice with a little kick. Not my thing, but still fun.

I did get a lot of condescending “are you even old enough?” remarks. The perks of looking like a 15 year old. Hello, you are holding a valid drivers license in your hand with my birth date on it, I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself, no need to be a jerk. I asked one wine vendor to sample a dry red wine, he told me I should start off with a semi-dry. Thanks for down grading my wine choice. Maybe I’m a little bitter about it, but it got old quickly. If I don’t still look really young for my age when I’m middle aged I’ll be pissed.

Some of the expo highlights were the sweet potatoes (though you can’t really mess those up!), maple butter (sooooo good, seriously it’s life changing stuff), sweet potato butter, Moravian cookies, chocolate covered toffees (as good as they sound!), peanut butter (of course) and hush puppies (my one guilty southern food pleasure).

And all I left with was a small jar of sweet potato butter. That stuff is amazing though. It’s been making a few appearances in my morning bowl of oatmeal. I was tempted by the maple butter (think maple syrup in thick, spreadable butter form – AKA heaven), but a jar was $8 and I’m not confident it would have lasted more than one day. No one needs that much sugar in their system.

The food expo was so much fun I took my boyfriend and his roommate on Sunday. Hey, $2 unlimited samples make great post-10K fuel. I skipped the wine that go round though.

Overall it was a fun and cheap way to spend a Saturday. I wished it was a little bigger (and had more food, but I always wish for that) but it was still a very cool event to go to! Unfortunately my stomach wasn’t too happy with me Sunday morning, thanks to all the gluten and more fried food than I’d eaten in a while, but it was still worth it.

Only in North Carolina


I found a 10 pound bucket of chitlins in the freezer section of the grocery store. Good lord, only in the south. If you’re not a southerner, chitlins are pig intestines, usually served deep fried because hello we’re in the south. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? I’ve personally never tried them and I am 100% okay with that. And who needs 10 pounds of pig intestines? Strange.

You know I do need 10 pounds of? Produce.


Yeah there’s a pound of baby carrots in my purse, it’s casual.

I brought a snack with me to my internship today, because usually I work until noon but sometimes they ask me to stay late and I wanted back up snacks just incase. Does a pound of carrots even count as a snack? I feel like that’s starting to border meal territory.

The dress code for my internship is business casual, which I’m finding surprisingly fun.

Image Image

Sometimes I like to pretend like I have a sense of style.

Business casual makes me feel like a little adult, it’s kind of fun. And I don’t get mistaken for a 15 year old nearly as often. Yes I’m 21 and people mistake me for 15, that’s a 6 year difference. Ridiculous.

After my internship I had planned to go on a short run but I just wasn’t feeling it. I decided to take a rest day instead considering my legs are still sore from the weights/spin class/cardio class I’ve done over the past couple of days. I’m kinda worried because I haven’t run all week and I have my 10K on Sunday, but at the same time I tend to have better runs after taking a couple of days off, so I think I’m okay with that. I did take a 2 mile walk after dinner because I couldn’t sit still and had some energy to burn.

Dinner was compliments of Martin’s Curry Rice. Tofu, fresh local veggies, brown rice and red and yellow curry sauce, delicious as always.

My mom and I are headed to the Got to be NC Festival, a celebration of all things North Carolina. Being craft nerds, my mom and I are excited for Fiber Fest, which features locally made NC yarns. Nerd alert. I’m also excited for all the free food samples, local food is my favorite.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

North Carolina State Farmers Market

Because I Can’t Sleep

I’m blogging instead, might as well be productive. I have a presentation to give in the morning but of course I’m not tired, typical.

Unfortunately, it was a less than exciting day. Just exam junk and rain. Boo.

This post is a little pointless. That’s okay.

I got in a 2.5 mile run and some yoga today. The run felt pretty good, but the yoga didn’t go so well. I’ve been neglecting it the past couple of days and my muscles were super tight and not excited about it. I’m making a bee line to a yoga class asap when I get home.


I’m still working on the Yoga Challenge and still trying to make a habit of it. My body definitely needs some more yoga right now.

My goal this summer is to work on my arm balances, because I’ll actually have room to do them.

And in other news North Carolina’s Amendment one past:


And even made national headlines. Embarrassing. I love my home state, but I’m disappointed at the moment. It makes me sad that there’s still so much prejudice in this day and age. I only hope to get this amendment appealed as soon as possible. Also, Katie wrote a great post regarding the passing of amendment one here.

This afternoon I was browsing around downtown Boone for a birthday present for a friend, and found some fun things along the way.


Full disclosure, there are a lot of things I love more than bacon. Like most things.


I love this cat. My friend actually has owns this same creature, she bought it at a thrift store. I had no idea more than one of these things existed. I might have to go back and get it.


A lion in a fedora. It makes him much hipper. Obviously.

Downtown Boone is an eclectic place, gotta love it.

And I ended my day with:


Doing a marketing project on Starbucks entitles me to drink by the gallon right? Right.

Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep.

NC Amendment I

I don’t get political often, but this should really be addressed.

I don’t know if I have an North Carolina readers out there, but if I do hear me out.

Tomorrow May 8th, is the North Carolina primaries and there’s a big issue on the ballot. Amendment I. Amendment I will define marriage as between a man and woman. This amendment will ban both civil unions and domestic partnerships, making marriage the only legal union, taking rights away from many people. This amendment could leave children without health insurance and provide less domestic violence protection.

If you’re a North Carolina resident please, please, please, get out there and vote AGAINST this amendment. Despite your feelings on gay marriage. If you have qualms about gay marriage, this amendment goes far beyond gay marriage and voting against it will not legalize gay marriage.


Sorry to get political, but it’s too important of an issue not to.

Creepy Crawlies.

This afternoon some friends and I went walking on the Price Lake Trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway.


The trail was a 2.3 mile loop around Price Lake. The weather was nice and the lake was really pretty. The wildlife not so much.

It rained quite a bit yesterday so the trail was pretty muddy (Toms might have been a poor shoe choice). Apparently the rain made all the critters wanted to come out to play. We ran into:

A snake. Funnily enough, when we ran into it we were talking about all the crazy animals we’ve run into while hiking (there was a cow incident once). Snakes are a new one. And hopefully not a reoccurring one.


When you go hiking with a biology major, you will have to stop while she catches tadpoles. And then she’ll make you take a picture of it.


She was very excited about finally catching one. We found a hidden Mickey too.

There were lots of beaver dams:


And other beaver evidence


But no beavers.

 No Biebers either.

It’s probably a good thing we didn’t find and beavers (or Biebers), I’ve heard they’re surprisingly vicious.

Pure terror.

It was a nice little trek through the woods. Minus the snake. It was nice to get out while the weather was nice because it’s been pretty gross all week.

Tomorrow I’m going for a 5 mile run (yikes!), I’m staying positive, I will do it and it will be awesome. I’ve still got my eyes on a 10k in May. Then I’m chaining myself to my laptop and getting some work done. So much to do before the end of next week. Luckily next week is the last week of class! Good thing too, I don’t think I’m going to make it much longer. So ready for summertime! And sleep.