An Almost Big Girl Job.

Today I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Maybe that’s not an appropriate saying for a vegetarian? I’m not really a fan of headless chickens, but I certainly feel like one right now. Case in point, I just tried to make tea with cold water, clearly my brain is gone.

Welcome to that awesome portion of the college semester where everything is due at the same time. You know all those projects you put off all semester, oh yeah those. I don’t want to think about.

Things I do want to think about? I got a paycheck for some freelance design work I did, I feel like a big girl designer now. It wasn’t a big paycheck, or a very involved project, but I don’t care. My bank account is happy.


Accurate (source)

Actually that piggy bank makes me a little sad. That piggy needs some lovin’.

Speaking of big girl jobs, I finally got an internship last week! Such a huge weight off my shoulders, I’m so excited for the summer to start it, it sounds like it will be a great experience. Bonus, it’s paid. SO EXCITED.

For lunch today I grabbed some black beans and rice from the student union (a lunch time favorite). And the girl working at the cafe gave me the BIGGEST scoop of guacamole to go on top. I’m a fan, the other servers usually skimp on the guacamole. It’s the little things.


Black beans and rice, so simple yet so delicious. I promise they’re there under all the veggies.

I got a good workout in today. Even when I’m crazy busy and stressed a good workout just makes me feel so much better. Everything just seems more manageable under the influence of exercise endorphins. Plus it’s a good way to blow off steam.

I did a 2 mile run on the treadmill, I attempted some HIIT but I could not catch my breath so I toned it down a little bit, I probably got a little too ambitious with my speeds. Oops. I followed that up with upper weights. My arms still feel like jelly. I’ve been really into lifting lately, it’s a nice change of pace from running (or complement) and I like how strong it makes me feel.


For day three of the Stretch for Seven Challenge, I made it to a yoga class this evening to get my stretch on. It was much needed, my muscles were tight! Poor things. I’m currently on the fast track to becoming a hard-core yoga addict. I have absolutely no problem with that.

Side note, the noodle-y feeling you get after a really yoga class is my favorite thing. It is impossible to feel stressed when your body is in noodle-mode. Love it.

What do you do to de-stress? Seriously, help a college student out, I need some serious stress management tips right now.