Treadmill Desk, Dinner and a Deck of Cards

Today way day 2 of my internship, they asked me to work the whole day today which was awesome. Though it definitely made me realize how much sitting all day kind of sucks. If I get a job as a graphic designer post-graduation, I will be the crazy health-freak sitting on an exercise ball instead of an office chair. Or maybe I’ll just order a treadmill desk.


Except maybe treadmills and Photoshop don’t mix.

Sitting just makes me antsy, I’m a super fidgety person and I literally never stop moving. I’m totally that annoying person in a waiting room that tapping my feet or fingers on everything. Sorry.

For dinner my family and I headed out to Zoe’s Kitchen¬†which recently opened up near my house. I’ve heard of them before but have never had the chance to visit one of their other locations.

The vegetarian (and vegan!) options were marked on the menus, which I’ve noticed is becoming more common in restaurants. I love when restaurants do this, it shows they’re making an effort to accommodate vegetarians which makes me instantly fall in love with them. My usual menu browsing goes something like “chicken, chicken, pork, salmon, pork, beef, turkey, I wonder if I can get that without bacon, chicken, steak, oh here’s something!”. It’s nice to skip that.

Overall the food was really good. I got the veggie kabobs, which came with a Greek salad, braised white beans and pita bread. The pita bread was passed along to my brother, I think he has a garbage disposal for a stomach.

In my mind it’s pretty difficult to make vegetables taste bad, but the kabobs were really flavorful and I love any meal where a salad is included, none of this extra charge crap. The white beans were also really delicious. Kind of like a soup, but not, mostly just kind of awesome.

Post dinner I headed to a Pilates class at the gym. It was wonderful, I’ve been missing my weekly Pilates class the past couple of weeks. This class was a little more group fitness-y and less traditional than the class I usually take, if that makes sense. Sometimes a change is nice and my core was definitely feeling it. Always good. I did a few quick sets of leg exercises (squat, lunges, etc. nothing exciting) before heading home.

I saw a girl in the weight room with a deck of cards. At first I was confused as to why she had them, maybe she wanted to be prepared for a potential impromptu Go Fish games? But I realized she was using them to set up her workout. Genius idea. The type of exercise was determined by the suit of the card and the number on the card determined the number of reps.

I’m totally going to steal her idea. The only downside is it makes for a pretty long workout, but it would keep things interesting. I have massive gym ADD, I’m pretty mentally over it after an hour, so I’m constantly looking for ways to keep the gym more interesting (hence, group fitness mania).

I’m taking a spin AND yoga class in the morning. I’m excitedddd!

First Day

Of my internship today!

It went pretty well! I was nervous because I had no idea what I would be doing, but it all went quite smoothly. The company is letting me be really hands on with a lot of the projects and I can tell I’m going to gain a lot of great experience this summer.

I also got my gym membership reactivated so I will be hitting up the group fitness classes like crazy starting tomorrow. I can’t even decided which to take! Pilates? Yoga? 20/20/20? All sound amazing. I love group fitness classes, I feel so much more motivated when I’m sweating it up with other people. Plus my foot is feeling a little funky after my last couple runs, so I’m trying to cut back on the running some this week because…


I’m officially registered for the NCRC Invitational 10K! I’m nervous because it’s going to be a big race, and I’m a slow poke, but I’m still super excited for it. 6.2 miles here I come! I’m cautiously optimistic about it after my fantastic run on Friday, even though my calves are still a little sore.


My current position. I propped my calves up on my foam roller because I’m currently too lazy to roll them out, I figured this was better than nothing. I’m not sure it’s actually having any effect on my muscles, but I like pretending that it does. I also like that my camera phone is making my legs looking 20 shades tanner than they actually are. Thanks phone.

Let’s also ignore the fact that I haven’t finished unpacking my room yet. I hate unpacking. And packing. I would gladly pay someone to do it for me, and by pay I actually mean I’ll bake you cookies, because a dozen cookies is minimum wage right now isn’t it?