Art Crawlin’ & Quatro de Mayo {MIMM}

Happy Monday!

Despite the start of exam week it is a very happy Monday because it is my last Monday in college! Graduation is slowly becoming more real, and I am simultaneously getting more excited and terrified by the second.

(Thanks for hosting Katie!)

This weekend my friends and I attempted to live it up one last time while we’re all in town for the weekend! Unfortunately, the weather was not super cooperative, but we didn’t let that stop us too much 🙂

Marvelous is… The farmer’s market is finally over! Just in time for me to leave… whomp, whomp. Luckily I have multiple farmer’s markets at home that are pretty sweet, one of them is even open 7 days a week. I’m very produce spoiled but that is what happens when you live in the capital of a agriculture-heavy state. Lots of delicious produce!


Biggest rabbit I’ve ever seen, seriously it was larger than any cat I’ve ever owned.





I only ended up purchasing some apples (which are not nearly as good as they were in the fall, that season is more than over) and some farm fresh eggs, I have missed those suckers and they are sooo much better than store bought. I always buy them from a booth with this sweet old man because he always seems so grateful for the business and I love knowing the chickens are treated nicely. Happy chickens makes for tastier eggs.

Marvelous is… Art Crawlin’!

Dinner before hand at a new Asian restaurant: Taste Grill


I had the avocado roll, which was good but not different from any other mid-priced Asian restaurant.

Free wine samples! With a side of “you don’t look old enough”. It’s getting old quick.


The cutest puppy I’ve seen in a while. I seriously considered just running off with him.


Modern dance in an art gallery. I’m in heaven.


Fro yo to round out the night.


Reeses peanut butter and chocolate yogurt with chocolate, Oreos and Reeses. I was craving chocolate and peanut butter in a bad way.

Marvelous is… Quatro de Mayo! Cinco de Mayo happened a day earlier over here. Something about having to teach a Sunday evening Pilates class and a 9AM finance exam made me think Sunday night drink was a poor choice. Something about wanting to graduate and not get fired, silly things like that.


Dinner at Black Cat Burrito to keep with the fiesta theme. Tortilla-less burrito with black beans, rice, mushrooms, broccoli and tomatillo sauce, with their delicious coleslaw on the side of course. Hit the spot. I’m sure going to miss these burritos.

Marvelous is… Milk (Stout) and cookies! With a side of Joy Ride. Somehow my friends and I have made a tradition of watching Joy Ride every year on reading day. I can’t say it’s my favorite tradition, because if you’ve ever seen Joy Ride you know it’s a terrible movie, but cookies and beer make everything better.

I made these cookies and they came out quite tasty, even my gluten eating friends liked them. Then I washed them down with a beer, so much for gluten-free.

Marvelous is… Nostalgic college slideshows. My friend put one together of all of us (with some pretty hilarious photoshopped pictures) I’m going to miss everyone!

Marvelous is… My finance exam is DONE. It was my hardest exam so fingers crossed that I did okay! Only 2 projects, 1 speech, and 2 exams stand between me and summer. I. Can. Do. This. Can you tell I’m ready for summer?

Marvelous is… My family gets here on Saturday, which means tasty dinners out and extra pack help. Oh and quality family time of course.


Marvelous is… Breakfast plans with the roomie for tomorrow morning. I have a two day break before my next exam and will be doing my best to not spend the whole time studying.

Marvelous is… My first run in a couple weeks! My foot is still a little sore but it is feeling much better. I only did 15 short minutes today but it felt good to run again. The elliptical is starting to drive me crazy.

What made your Monday marvelous?

Any exciting summer plans?

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Birthday Edition {WIAW}

Hey guys, I had a wonderful 22nd birthday yesterday! I woke up this morning with a serious sugar hangover, so you know it was a good one 🙂

But before we get to the food, let’s see how I did on my 21 before 22 list.

01 // Paint my fingernails. Half check. I started painting my fingernails one day and got through one hand before I decided I didn’t like the color. I was planning on repainting both hands a better color later on, but… that didn’t happen. I’m a terrible girly girl. I’m hoping to actually paint them soon, because this one-hand chipped nail polish look is not so cute.

02 // Run a 5K. Nope. I’ve run 5Ks on the treadmill so I can pretend that counts but I didn’t actually run in the race. BUT Appalachian is host a color run on the 27th that I’m planning to participate in for some race redemption.

03 // Make a REAL dinner.  CHECK. Double check. I made lots of homemade dinners over the past two weeks, even if I’m short on time, I’ve found making a real dinner at the end of the day is a great way to unwind, if I can hold off my hunger for that long.


04 // Studio yoga. Fail. I didn’t even make it to a class on campus. Sorry muscles for leaving you all tight and knotted up.

05// Start a new book. CHECKish. I just bought a new e-book today Effortless. It’s a moderately trashy romance novel, but that’s okay. I started reading Thoughtless, the first book in the series when it was just a story on Fiction Press so it’s kinda cool to see it in real life book form.

06 // Bake something.  CHECK. Hello birthday cake.


07 // Drink a shot of espresso. Didn’t happen, one day it will though.

08 // Spontaneous mid day coffee.  CHECK. I waited until my birthday to get it, but that’s okay, birthday coffees are extra tasty.


09 // Design something for the blog. Nope. I started something but I haven’t had the inspiration to finish. I’m going to keep working on it though.

10 // Buy a new vegetable. Kinda? I didn’t buy a new vegetable, but I bought some eggplant after not eating any in a long time and I’ve incorporated it into lots of meals, that kinda counts right?

roasted eggplant and sweet potato

11 // Juice it up. I didn’t break out my own juicer, but I did buy one from Earth Fare the other day. It was very beet-ilicious and now my pee is hot pink? TMI? Maybe, but oh so true.


12 // Break out the DSLR. CHECK. Thanks to a few hikes!

glen burney trail waterfall blowing rock nc


13 // Grandfather Mountain dollar days. Not yet, but I’ve got plans to go with some friends in two weekends!

14 // Clean my room.  Bam. Now to work on keeping it clean…

15 // Best Body Bootcamp.  CHECK. And loving every single workout.

16 // Kick this tendonitis.  CHECKish. I still have a little soreness, but I finished a 6 mile run today with almost no pain so I’m thinking it’s almost gone!

17 // Random act of kindness for a stranger.  CHECK. I left $5 for a stranger on a table in the campus coffee shop. Hopefully someone found it and enjoyed a much needed coffee or snack.



18 // Watch a Disney movie. an unintentional CHECK. I was hoping to watch something along the lines of the Lion King, but that didn’t happen because I couldn’t manage to sit still long enough. But I did watch the better part of the Hanna Montana Movie one afternoon on TV. Don’t you judge.

19 // Buy a new candle. CHECK. Now I just need a holder for it… didn’t think about that one.

20 // Get organized. My homework to do list could use a little attention but I spent one weekend deep cleaning my apartment kitchen, straightening up the living room and organizing my room. See mom and dad, I do know how to clean 🙂

21 // Have Fun.  One big fat CHECK.

14 out of 21, I’ll take it.

Now for the food!


(Thanks Jenn!)


Birthday fro-yo! Peanut butter, cake batter and brownie batter yogurt with cheesecake bits, cookie dough chunks, sprinkles, dark chocolate, oreos, Reeses, peanut butter sauce and sprinkles. Don’t be fooled though, this bowl was pretty gross. The brownie batter flavor was gross (I know how is that possible? So disappointing!), the peanut butter flavor wasn’t frozen (I don’t even know how that works) and the cake batter flavor wasn’t bad, just a little too sweet for my taste buds. Luckily I had some un-pictured fro yo redemption in the form of tart yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. That’s what I get for trying to be fancy, I should just stick to the basics, at least I know they’re delicious.


Just kidding! I didn’t eat this cake, but how creepy does it look? It’s supposed to be a puppy but it just scares me.


TACO TUESDAY. Boone Saloon does $1.25 tacos every Tuesday, this was my first time going to taco Tuesday but I will be back! I had three delicious veggie tacos and a pint of beer for $7, can’t beat that!

My roommate and I split a hard apple cider while watching the most recent Twilight movie (stop judging me). It was a delicious choice, I was looking for something a little lighter than beer and this hit the spot.

And some where in there I polished off a bag of gluten-free ginger snap cookies my friend bought me for my birthday. I have zero control around those things. ZERO.


This isn’t from yesterday, but I had this delicious meal Saturday at Mellow Mushroom and I couldn’t not mention it. Stuffed portobello mushrooms with feta and mozzarella cheese, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, served over spring mix and drizzled with balsamic. So. Good.

What’s your favorite birthday treat? I think frozen yogurt/ice cream is a birthday necessity

What’s the last delicious thing you ate?

Soft or hard shell tacos?

Injuries Suck and a Brain Dump

Being injured is just a big pile of poo. My naggy back-of-the-knee pain will not go away and it is about to drive me crazy. It subsides a lot when I don’t run, but never completely away and when I think I’m safe to run again, BAM post-run it’s back.


Okay, I’m being a little whiny, but I know you fellow runners/exercises/just generally active people feel my pain (pun somewhat intended). It stinks being side-lined by an injury and to be honest I’m not dealing with it too well, and it’s bumming me out a lot.

For one, I really hate sitting still, I mean I can laze around watching Food Network for hours (especially if Paula Deen is on) but there comes I point where I I have to get up and DO something to save my sanity. Two, I’m the worst injured person ever. Luckily I’ve never had any major injuries, but I usually just try to ignore the pain and keep on keepin’ on. Hey, I never claimed to be smart about injury prevention. And lastly I’ve got some big races coming up, races I really need to train for and I can’t, lamelamelame.

Okay, pity party over. Here’s what I’m doing to try to speed up recovery:

  • Ice, lots and lots of it
  • Stretching, trying to get back in the habit of regular yoga because I can tell my hamstrings/calves are tightttt.
  • Anti-Inflammatories, which is a big deal because I’m a hippie and will avoid taking pills for as long as possible. Desperation is sinking in.
  • Low impact exercises, I’ve been a spin class FREAK, I might even resort to the elliptical soon, yuck I hate that thing.

How do you keep your sanity when you’re injured? 

Time for a brain dump, AKA all that random thoughts that filter through my head on a daily basis.

  • I hate road closures, I’ve literally ran into 6 different ones since I’ve been home, why you gotta be so difficult to navigate Raleigh? 
  • BYOK>BYOL and by BYOK I mean Bring Your Own Kale, that should be a thing, because I totally would.

    I mean, I already put it in cupcakes


  • Forget Walgreens, there should be a Trader Joe’s on every corner. Pretty please.
  • Peanut butter fixes everything. I was making a tofu/veggie stir fry and couldn’t find a good asian-y sauce (is that even PC to say?) so I mixed in peanut butter with a little salt and pepper. Problem solved.
  • These need to get in my belly ASAP

  • You can totally judge a fro yo place by how good their chocolate flavor is.
  • 85% cacao, come on Joe, step it up, where’s my 100% at?
  • This afternoon I pulled up the wrong way to the gas pump and 5 different cars of people watched me get back in the car, start it up and turn it around. Sometimes my own intelligence just amazes me.
  • Tomorrow afternoon I will be on the beachhhhh. Well not exactly on the beach because it’s supposed to be in the 40s (ew) but beach adjacent.
  • Thrift Shop is the most relatable hip hop song I’ve heard in a while. I can’t relate to:

    But I can relate to shopping at a thrift store, oh so much.

  • Sorry for being horrible with keeping up one comments/reading/all forms of social media, I’ve been enjoying spring break by spending less time on the computer. I miss you guys but I’m enjoying being a little unplugged, I promise I’ll catch back up soon!

How do you deal with an injury?

What’s your brain brain dump for today?

Space Cadet {MIMM}

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I’ll be honest, mine has been a little rough.

I’ve been a total space cadet today. I even mixed up the bus times for the bus I ride every single day and managed to get to campus 15 minutes after my class was supposed to start. I took that as a sign from the universe that it was okay to take the afternoon off class. I think it was much needed. Luckily my Monday still had some highlights.

(Thanks Katie!)

Marvelous is… Internship applications! I was pretty productive in my afternoon off from class and applied for several internships. Which is good considering I need one this summer to graduate and the only thing I have at the moment is a less-than-promising phone interview from last week. Help me out internship gods.

Marvelous is… Fresh juice! My parents gave me a juicer for Christmas and I finally took it out of the box for a test drive.

homemade beet carrot apple ginger juice

In the mix: 1 beet, 3 small carrots, 0.5 apple and a little bit of ginger. Delicious. Too bad the clean up wasn’t so fun, there has to be a way to make a juicer that is easy to clean. One of my roommates is a product design major and I will get her on that one ASAP.

Marvelous is… Sneaking kale into cupcakes.

banana peanut butter cupcakes

We had an early St. Patty’s Day party, which was actually turned into more of a low key get together, so of course I had to make cupcakes. I look for any excuse possible to make cupcakes. I made these cupcakes which are actually muffins (and grain-free!), but I put frosting on them so that makes them cupcakes. They were less sweet than typical cupcakes but they still got devoured so I don’t think anyone minded. By the way, if you baked that recipe in a loaf pan I bet it would make AMAZING grain-free peanut butter banana bread. I will definitely be trying that out in the future.

For the frosting, I used this frosting:

It was the only frosting in the grocery store without trans-fat so I shelled out $5 for the container. It was more glaze-like than frosting-like, when I bought it I didn’t realize it was allergen-free frosting, I was just desperate for something without trans-fat but it still tasted fine. I added a little cream-cheese to make it some a little more normal and added some sneaky kale juice to dye it green. I added a little too much and things got a little grassy-tasting so in the future I will go for spinach, but kale was just what I happened to have in the fridge.

Marvelous is… It snowing much less than I thought it would. It still snowed for four days straight, which is no bueno, but we only got a couple of inches so I was actually able to leave the apartment. If I get snowed in for another weekend I might go crazy. Where are you spring?

Marvelous is… Dinner and lunch out this weekend. Friday night my roommate and a friend went to Cha Da Thai for a super tasty Thai dinner. I got the Pad Khing Sod with tofu:


Stir-fried with fresh ginger sauce, mushroom, onion, bell peppers, baby corn and carrot. It was pretty good but I will definitely go for curry next time, my love of curry far exceeds my love of ginger. While I was eating this I thinking that it would be awesome to have ginger sauce and curry sauce on the same meal, but my friends thought I was crazy. I’m sorry that I have an unnatural love of curry.

Marvelous is… Espresso News, AKA the best place to get coffee in Boone.

espresso news coffee

They even roast their own beans

espresso news coffee roaster


Marvelous is… Art crawl! One of my roommates had her work in two different galleries and it was really awesome to go see them. She’s seriously talented! You can check out some of her work here.

Marvelous is… My first drink in a bar! I know I am a crazy 21 year old, waiting 10.5 months for my first bar experience. I had a Foothill People’s Porter and it was quite tasty.

Boone Saloon Foothills People's Porter

I usually drink IPAs so this beer was super smooth in comparison and I will definitely be having it again in the future. Not to mention they’re a local brewery (Winston Salem, NC – just 1.5 hours away!), which is always a plus.

Marvelous is… FRO YO! Enough said.

chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt

Peanut butter and chocolate fro yo topped with Reeses, dark chocolate chips and Nutella. Pure heaven.

Marvelous is… One more week until spring break! In less than a week I’ll be home and in 1.5 weeks I’ll be at the BEACH. So pumped.

Marvelous is… A super sweaty spin class! My knee/calf (I still can’t figure out which body part this issue is with, it feels like it’s right where my calf muscle hits the back of my knee, so I’m not sure it the issue is behind my knee or in my calf) is feeling better, but it still doesn’t feel quite right so I’m being good and spinning instead of running. This is a huge accomplishment for this lady, I’m stubborn and always try to ignore injuries but I’m listening to my body for once. Plus I want to get better so I can get in a good, long run over spring break and go running on the beach!

And finally

Marvelous is…

pilates teacher certification registration

I’m getting certified!!! I decided to go with Balanced Body University and this weekend I’ll be doing the Mat 1 Certification! I’m so excited! My bank account is not excited about it, but I’m looking at it as an investment 🙂

What made your Monday Marvelous?

Do you have any St. Patty’s Day plans?

What’s your favorite style of cuisine? Thai is definitely pretty high up on the list for me!

First Last Day {MIMM}

Happy Monday!

Or not so happy Monday. The weather was pretty miserable on the mountain today. Good day for a nap, too bad that didn’t happen.

Don’t worry, there’s still some Marvelous in my Monday, I just had to look for it a little harder.



(Thanks Katie!)

It was my first last day of college! I have to admit, I’m not at all excited for this semester. I would be pretty okay with being school being done now. I may change my tune in a couple weeks, I think I’m just burnt out on school. My classes weren’t too bad today: dance history, senior seminar and finance, but I’m not super excited about them. But, FOUR MONTHS UNTIL GRADUATION. Yesss.

But I have my public speaking class tomorrow, dun dun dun… I’m scared.

I have lunch breaks! This is exciting because apparently the only time I’m not thinking about food is when I’m setting up my class schedule and I always sign up for classes straight through lunch and end up eating in the hallways in between classes. Now I have time to go back to my apartment and eat a real lunch and watch Paula Deen. Priorities people.

I did some weightlifting! I’m not a fan of leg work (boo lunges) but I did some today and my quads were burning! I just kept reminding myself how good it is for me. And I actually didn’t hate it too much this time around. I still hate lunges though.

20 mile week! I’m pretty sure that’s my highest mileage week ever. Getting to that 10-mile race! And maybe a half marathon… who knows…

Roomie frozen yogurt run! For pretty much the first time ever. We all have crazy schedules so it’s almost impossible to get us all together at once.


Strawberry yogurt with strawberries (apparently I had a strawberry hankering Saturday night?), white chocolate chips and GUMMY BEARS. It has been too long since I’ve eaten gummy bears. That my friends is a problem that needs to be solved ASAP.

New student union! App recently added a new wing to our student union and it is SWANKY. I had a club meeting in one of the new rooms and it is sooooo cool. And the new wing means that my Pilates classes will be in an actual group fitness room (they closed it unexpectedly in the middle of last semester because of the construction and I had to teach in a random room that wasn’t at all meant for classes) I’m excited to have a real room back.

student union

Sorry for the creeper pic, but you get the idea

Speaking of Pilates my first class is tomorrow and I get to teach a new class format that uses weights and other equipment. I’m excited! It’s going to be CRAZY with all the resolution-ers and get-in-shape-for-spring-break-ers, but I won’t complain about a big class!

These drawings:


She spelled my name wrong but that’s okay, good try.

My friends and I go to a bible study class on Sundays and the couple that leads it brings their 8 year old daughter with them. She is very cute and super artsy and drew pictures of us during the class. Too sweet. We also fill out prayer request cards and trade them with another person, I got her card and it was too cute. I love the rainbows and sunshine! She reminds me of myself a little when I was younger.

What made your Monday Marvelous? 


Hey! Long time no see!

It’s been a crazy week to say the least. Recap? yes.


I had mandatory training for work. In Boone. I couldn’t move into my apartment until Saturday, so I had to make a the three hour trip to Boone for three hours of training. Six hours of driving? Sounds like a good time. Luckily, my mom was sweet enough to come along with me (and drive!) which made for a pretty fun day trip.

I got finished with my training around 12:30, so my mom and I grabbed lunch before heading home. We were hoping to go to Black Cat but the line was already out the door and I was pretty hungry, so we headed across the street to Melanie’s instead. Melanie’s is a cute little brunch place in downtown Boone. They offer a variety of fresh and local ingredients and have a lot of great vegetarian options, always a bonus. I ordered the Omelet of the Day which included feta cheese, artichoke, mushrooms and spinach with a side of fresh fruit. I didn’t remember to take a picture but it was absolutely delicious. I loved the feta cheese and artichokes together with the eggs, and unexpected combination but so good.


Friday morning I woke up bright an early to catch a Basic Training class. I only had a few days left in town so I wanted to get in all my favorite group fitness classes before leaving. This workout was a toughie but I loved it.

Friday was also my last day at my internship! They bought me a cake (marble flavored!) to celebrate my last day which was so sweet of them.

It’s got a few slices missing but you get the picture. I’ll pretend like it was gluten-free and didn’t give me a stomach ache the next day. Worth it though.

My internship was such a great experience, I learned so much, got to work on a lot of really cool projects, and got to work with some really nice people. I’m definitely going to miss it there!

Friday evening my boyfriend and I had a date night to spend some time together before I go went to school. We originally planned to go out to dinner, but we both decided we just wanted to stay home instead. We grabbed subs from Jimmy John’s (veggie lettuce wrap for me, lots of meat and bread for him), grabbed a movie from Red Box (Jeff, Who Lives At Home which was different but good, with lots of dark humor) and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was a pretty perfect evening.


Saturday was an apartment packing extravaganza. I feel that by adding extravaganza at the end of something you don’t really want to do it makes it sound more and makes me more likely to do it. Example: Dish Washing Extravaganza! Paper Writing Extravaganza! Root Canal Extravaganza (okay that still sounds awful)! Much more fun sounding.

But before packing I stopped in for one last group fitness class at my gym, kickboxing! I hadn’t been to a kickboxing class all summer and after taking that class I regret it. It was so much fun and I was dripping in sweat by the end of it. It was definitely an amazing workout.

I should mention it’s a bad choice to wait to pack until the day before you move. Learn from my mistakes. At least I got fro yo.


Tart and Oatmeal Cookie flavor with bananas, a peanut butter drizzle and carob chips. Oatmeal cookie might overtake tart for my new favorite flavor, it’s so cinnamon-y and delicious. You better watch your back tart.


Move-in day! It was a long one. My parents and I got into Boone around lunch time so we hit up the Earthfare deli/salad bar to fuel a long afternoon of carrying boxes.

Salad with spring mix, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, chickpeas and feta cheese, plus sauteed veggies and steamed broccoli on the side. Hit the stop.

Enter 2 hours of moving things into my new apartment(!), which I am loving. It’s so nice to have my own room again, apartments are a million times better than dorms. I’ll have to give a tour if I even finish unpacking all the way. Yeah, it could be a few weeks.

My family and one of my roommates then headed out for dinner at Coyote Kitchen. Coyote Kitchen serves what it calls “Caribbean soul food” and it is one of my favorite restaurants in Boone, everything they serve is absolutely delicious. It’s a little pricey for my college budget, but I definitely take advantage and go when my parents are in town.

I ordered a Gabriella burrito sans tortilla (because I like to be difficult):


“Rice, black beans, blackened tofu, sweet red vegan nayo, sweet potatoes, roasted sweet corn, roasted red pepper, and zucchini and squash” with a side of cranberry chipotle salsa.

Unbelievably good. And FYI ordering a burrito with no tortilla is definitely the way to go, they give you way more filling, which is definitely the best part.

After dinner I ran my parents all around town to pick up things for my apartment. Sorry guys.


Monday morning my parents and I headed out to Blowing Rock to check out the outlet mall. There weren’t many spectacular deals but I did snag a cut dress from the Gap.

We grabbed lunch at Black Cat before my parents headed out of town. Black Cat is another Boone favorite, they make some of the best burritos I’ve ever had and all for a very college-friendly price. I ordered a “Satay It To Me Softly” (yes, all of their other burritos have equally awesome names):

“Tofu in a spinach wrap stuffed with broccoli, carrots, caramelized onions, a spicy thai peanut sauce, cheese & rice” except minus the tortilla for me again, and a side of coleslaw. The peanut sauce in this bad boy is AMAZING. I would drink it if I could. Not kidding even a little bit.

My parents headed home after lunch, it’s always a little sad to see them go but I definitely excited for what the year has in store.

For dinner we got together with my friends that live in the apartment next door and had a potluck dinner. It was a very college-y spread of chicken, roasted asparagus, Kraft mac and cheese, green beans, cheesy bread, these black bean burgers from yours truly and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. It ended up being a pretty random mishmash of food, but a good time. We’re going to have so much fun living across from each other this year.


Today was the first day of classes! What’s up senior year? I can’t believe I’m already a senior, where has the time gone?

But I’ve got to get up early to get books in the morning so it’s bed time for me!

What did you do this weekend?

If you’re in school, how was your first day?

Would you rather have a date night at home or go out?




This or That.

Today has been pretty uninteresting. I went to a 6 am spin class (wonderful), went to work and then spent the evening procrastinating packing (moving back to school on Sunday!). I hate packing, if some packing fairies decide to pop up and I find all my stuff boxed up tomorrow morning I wouldn’t complain. Please?

I thought a survey might be fun. I’ve seen this one all over the blog-world. I thought I’d hop on the survey train too.

This or That?

1. Run/workout in the heat and humidity or freezing temps and snow? Heat and humidity! I’m the BIGGEST wimp ever when it comes to running in the cold! Maybe you remember this terrible 5k I ran in the cold. Cold is gross. Plus I usually get sick after running in the cold which is no bueno.

2. Have washboard abs or flat abs? Washboard! I like to dream big =)

I definitely wouldn’t mind having Sanya Richard Ross’ abs.

3. Dr. Oz or The Doctors? I’d probably pick Dr. Oz over the Doctors but I don’t like how overzealous he is when it comes to recommending supplements. I’m also not a fan of how he has to bust out the preserved body part every time he talks about a different disease. A nice illustration would get the point across.

4. Cardio or strength? Both! I burn out if I don’t constantly mix things up. I have the worst gym ADD. That being said, I’m really digging cardio at the moment, but with some weight intervals thrown in.

5. Cravings: Protein or carbs? Carbs! All day everyday. I could literally just eat carbs all day (and peanut butter!) and be completely content. People who claim they don’t like carbs are ridiculous. Carbs are delicious.

Yes yes yes.

6. Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper? Probably Bob Harper, I didn’t watch much Biggest Loser when Jillian Michaels was on it and I’ve never tried any of her videos, but Bob seems nicer. Plus he’s a vegan, which I think is pretty cool.

7. Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream? Fro yooooo. I had a bite of my dads ice cream the other week and was almost sent into diabetic shock. Not really, but I like the tartness of frozen yogurt much better. But if someone offered me a free scoop of ice cream I certainly wouldn’t turn it down.

8. To train: Upper body or Lower body? On the fence, I like working my lower body because it’s way stronger than my upper body, but I feel like balancing things out. And lunges are my nemesis and upper body workouts don’t include lunges so I’m a fan.

9. Protein powder or food with protein? I know it’s so much better to get protein from food, but protein powder comes in delicious flavors like vanilla and chocolate! It’s a nice change from eggs/soy/beans/cottage cheese galore. But I don’t buy protein powder very often so most of my protein comes from food.

10. Lunges or squats? Squats! Anything but lunges please. I hate hate hate lunges. They’re good for me but they feel like torture. I would rather do burpees than lunges, I hate them that much.

11. Sweet or salty? Sweet, salty is great but I would rather eat 528457298457 pounds of fruit.

12. Workout attire: cute or comfy? Comfy, I look like a hot mess when I’m in the gym. But buying cute workout clothes is totally motivation to get my butt to the gym.

13. Body Pump or Heavy lifting? I’ve never taken a Body Pump class but my gym offers something that sounds similar, I like heavy lifting better. I love seeing the progress you get with heavy lifting and feeling like a beast.

14. Yoga or Pilates? Even though I teach Pilates, I have to say Yoga. I love Pilates, but I never crave Pilates like I crave a good yoga session. Yoga encompasses so much more than just a workout, and I think that’s part of why I’m drawn to it.

15. Nike or Adidas? I’ve actually never owned anything from either brand, crazy right? I think Nike’s stuff is cuter though.

16. Running on the treadmill or outdoors? At the moment I’m loving the treadmill, but I’m sure that will change when the weather cools down. But right now AC definitely beats out 95 degree summer weather.

17. Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s? I love Whole Foods but my wallet loves Trader Joe’s.

18. Summer or Winter Olympics? Summer! Mostly because I’m not a fan of the snow or cold, and I love watching gymnastics and running. But at this point I’ll take any Olympics I can get my hands on, I’m still in the midst of some serious Olympic withdrawals.

19. Exercises classes or Exercise videos? Classes by far. I get so lazy when it comes to exercise videos, classes are so much more motivating. I love the atmosphere and I feel like I push myself so much harder when I’m working out around other people.

20. Steamed veggies or roasted veggies? Roasted veggies! So much more flavorful and less squishy.

Things I Did This Weekend.

I had a busy weekend and lots to catch you up on, so list it is!

  • I helped move my brother into his dorm (it’s still weird, he can’t be that old), and came to the conclusion that boys are way more minimalist than girls. His load of boxes was last than half of my typical load. But, I wasn’t complaining while moving those boxes up flights of stairs.
  • Post-dinner my family had dinner at the Flying Biscuit. I love that place, vegetarian-friendly southern food? Count me in. I got a Tofu and Tater Salad:
  • Not my picture, I got hungry (source)

    • Mixed greens, scrambled tamari-marinated tofu, feta cheese and rosemary roasted potato (aka carby white potato heaven). I cried a little after not eating the biscuit (but I still snuck a pinch of one) but it didn’t stop me from enjoying their famous cranberry apple butter, straight up, with a spoon. I’m such a classy lady.
    • Fro-yo followed a couple of hours later. Tart with bananas, chocolate covered raisins, peanut butter and granola. Sooo delicious. Delicious enough that I forgot to take a picture. Not sorry about it.
    • Saturday morning I was going to go to another CrossFit class, but my mom was going to the farmer’s market, and sometimes family farmer’s market trips win out over CrossFit, especially when you’re moving back to school in a week. But I’m still hoping to catch a class one more time before I leave for Boone on Sunday! We got quite the haul at the farmers market: cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches, apples, blueberries, figs, yellow squash, zucchini, grape tomatoes, corn, beets, kale and black bean hummus. I think I’m set for a while.
    • I bought a new pair of flats the other weekend and I’m working on breaking them in, which means mad blisters in the mean time. Luckily, Hello Kitty band-aids have magical healing properties
    • I ran a 5K Saturday night! On the treadmill. I’m working my running endurance back up in time for some fall races. I’m ready for fall running weather. The summer heat is slowly killing me.
    • Who else watched the Olympic closing ceremonies? The closing made about as much sense as the opening, but I still loved it. Any ceremony with an interactive Freddie Mercury performance is fine by me. Though I think if Tupac got a hologram, he deserves on too.
    • Today I went through some serious Olympic withdrawals. I don’t even remember what I watched on TV before the Olympics. The Olympics should happen every year, or every month. I don’t know how I’m going to wait until 2016.
    • I went to a Basic Training class this evening and we did a kickboxing sequence on the ground, think Pilates side series but kickbox-y, my legs were burning! I’ll definitely have to incorporate into some of my own workouts.
    • Dinner tonight:
      Tofu, onions, bell pepper, and farmer’s market kale and beets cooked in dijon mustard. It was quite the yummy combo.
    • 5 am spin class in the morning!
    • What did you do this weekend?

      What’s your favorite restaurant meal? Mine is this sandwich from the Remedy Dinner in downtown Raleigh. But my salad from the Flying Biscuit is a close second.

      Does anyone know what Bob Costas does when the Olympics aren’t happening? Mystery.

    Apartment Shopping Extravaganza and Toughness

    Thursday (aka PAY DAY) I had an apartment shopping extravaganza. I have about a million things I’ve been needing to buy for my apartment and now that I’m down to two weeks before I move in, it’s about time I actually bought some of it. Armed with a freshly filled bank account, I headed out for a few hours of serious home decor shopping.

    But first I needed adequate fuel for my shopping adventures. Enter lunch:

    A tofu scramble with onions, spinah and marinara sauce. I was so hungry when I got home from work (early morning workout problems) that I might have exploded if I had to wait to press the tofu. Scramble it is.

    Fro yo is also great shopping fuel. Especially when it’s free. I filled up my frequent buyer card and was rewarded with $5 of free fro yo, I’m so generous I even let my mom get a cup. I got pineapple sorbet, taro (buried under the fruit) and tart. I kinda wish I had just gotten tart though. The pineapple was not my favorite.

    Then mass apartment shopping ensued. I hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target and left with curtains, a curtain rod, cutting boards, a lamp, coffee mugs, school supplies, cleaning supplies, cups, bowls, plates, jars for bulk food and a new book bag. Bonus: I also found a $4 bra at Target, whatttt. It had been $20, I was proud.

    I still have a couple smaller things left to buy, but I made a good dent in my list (and bank account)! Now I just have to pack it all up…

    Friday morning I had an amazing workout!

    The state of my hair is evidence to how crazy (awesome) it was.

    I attended an early morning Basic Training class at my gym.


    The instructor set up a circuit style workout for us to do. I haven’t done a group circuit style workout since probably elementary school, and I’m not sure that counts, but it was so much fun and made the time pass so quickly! We did 1 minute at each station with 1 minute of plyometrics or running in between. We did three sets of suicides (killer, but oddly fun) then repeated the stations with different exercises. The stations included things like TRX exercises (I’ve never used them before and I loved them!), hula hooping (so much fun), medicine ball slams and sit ups, step ups, bench hops (mildly terrifying), walking lunges, squat jumps, glider exercises, and more. It was a fantastic way to start the morning.

    In the middle of medicine ball sit ups, I was thinking about how even though it was a tough workout, I was actually keeping up. I actually felt tough. Reading healthy living and fitness blogs it’s really easy to fall into the comparison trap. It’s so easy to compare my workout to someone else and feel that I came up short and honestly it can be pretty discouraging. But it’s important to celebrate your own fitness accomplishments and toughness, because everyone is tough in their own awesome way. It’s not fair to compare yourself to anyone but you.

    Speaking of tough, I’m attending my first CrossFit class today! There’s a box next to my work (literally right next door, you can hear the weights dropping during classes) and I just found out they do a free community class on Saturdays so I’m going to try it out! I’m both excited and a little nervous about it!

    What’s your most recent fitness accomplishment? 

    Any apartment shopping advice? Anything I might need that I wouldn’t think to buy? I’m worried I’ll move in and realize there’s still a million things I need! I’m not used to have a kitchen or my own room at school!

    (Kind of) Wordless Weekend.

    Kind of wordless, but not really. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days:


    Half eaten Friday night fro yo. Tart, bananas, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter sauce and Nutella. Pure. Heaven.


    I spent Saturday afternoon working on a loacl Habitat for Humanity house. It was hard, sweaty (It was 100 degrees) but rewarding work. I helped put up siding (there was none on the house when we started) and only hammered my fingers five times. Success! I now have a sunburnt scalp as a souvenir. For a pale person I’m horrible at putting on sunscreen.


    Purple smoothies are a good post-Habitat recovery beverage. Blueberries, banana, vanilla protein powder and soymilk. Purple is my favorite.


    Dinner was steamed kale, frozen mixed vegetables topped with salsa a crumbled black bean burger (recipe coming!). Simple but delicious.


    Just pressing some tofu for Sunday dinner. No big deal.


    So. Much. Sweat. Pre-work super sweaty 6 AM workouts are oddly addicting. So is making ridiculous faces. Can’t help myself.


    Two Moms in the Raw Cranberry Nut Bar from my Healthy Surprise box eaten in my cubicle at work. SO DELICIOUS. I could have eaten 5 more in the same sitting. But the wrapper was ridiculously hard to open, I actually had to use a box cutter to get it open. Don’t get between me and a tasty snack.


    My brother drew my portrait. Clearly he is an artistic genius.


    So many sales! Two Larabar Uber bars for $1 each, a PB&J Larabar for $0.63, a Good N’ Natural bar for $0.64 and a sprite melon for $1. What’s up Kroger bargains. You should know I carried all this in my arms to the car because I’m a hippie and hate plastic bags. And I didn’t even drop anything.

    Have you ever worked on a Habitat for Humanity House?

    What’s your favorite snack/protein bar?

    What did you do this weekend?