Sticky Bun Run!

Saturday was the Sticky Bun Run!


Four miles, four buns. An “athletic and culinary extravaganza”! And Boone’s own version of the Krispy Kreme Challenge.

I only ate half a bun. Wimpy, but my stomach was very thankful for that one.


I brought the rest back to share.

The race itself was pretty small, less than 100 runners, but the New River Marathon, and Girls on the Run 5k were both that morning, so the turnout was probably smaller than it could have been. But it was nice not to have to dodge 30495903 people at the start.

Runners were entered in two categories, Bunners and Runners. The Bunners had to eat all 4 buns and they qualified for medals. The Runners (me!) didn’t have to eat the buns, but weren’t in the running for medals. And I saw only one girl bunner! Girls need to represent next year.

The course was a two mile loop through the greenway. Run the loop once, eat four sticky buns, repeat, don’t puke.

Luckily, Me and my sneakers finished puke-free. I was scared after hearing stories from the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Though, one of the Bunners passed me and the future of his stomach contents seemed a little questionable, but I think he made it.

There was no clock so I don’t know my official time, but I felt pretty strong. The first loop was a little rough and my legs felt pretty heavy (maybe hiking and running the day before was a bad idea). The weather was overcast, sprinkling slightly and in the 60s, perfect for running.

And the sticky buns were excellent. The buns were complements of Stick Boy Bread Co. a local bakery. Stick Boy can do no wrong in terms of delicious baked goods and breads. Totally worth the gluten-induced tummy ached they might cause.

Overall, I’m not sure four sticky buns quite amounts to the glutinous challenge of a dozen donuts, but it was still a fun and memorable race. I’m tempted to go for all four buns next year, but then I think about the potential stomach catastrophe it could cause and re-consider.

Post-run (and pre-shower) I headed to an end of the year cookout with some friends. They must really love me if they put up with my stinky post-race self.

There was hammocking, grilling and lots of fun.


We ended up getting rained out, but it was still fun.

Exam week starts today, yuck. Time to go study.