Spring Break Edition {WIAW}

Guys, I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger lately. This poor little guy has been more than a little neglected and I feel kinda bad. But between spring and the inevitable school work catch-up after spring break (what professor assigns projects over spring break? Seriously), life’s been a little crazy. And mostly I’ve been a little lazy because I’m wishing spring break would come back.

Responsibilities are silly, I’d like to go back to the beach pretty please.

sunrise nags head nc

Mother Nature is also trying to play a mean joke on me with this forecast:

boone nc forecast

That’s funny, I thought spring was supposed to be warm. Thank you weather.

Sorry for all the complaining, cold weather makes me cranky. Whining over. You know what I can’t complain about?

(Thanks Jenn!)

This week my food is coming at you spring break style. I’ll admit that I didn’t eat too many vegetables over break (but I did eat lots and lots of chocolate) and you know what, I don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes you just need to stuff your face with junk food.

avocado broccoli slaw salad

But let’s kick things off with something healthy shall we? This combination is one of my new favorites and I ate it everyday for lunch during Pilates training. It’s broccoli slaw, mixed with avocado, topped with sunflower seeds and a little salt and pepper. Light but filling and you can do the Pilates ab series afterwards without wanting to puke.

I was going to recreate this for lunch today but Harris Teeter was out of avocados. TRAVESTY. Bigger travesty is that they were out of bananas too. Get it to-freaking-gether Harris Teeter, this girl needs her produce.

goodberry's frozen vanilla custard with chocolate chips

Vanilla frozen custard with chocolate chips mixed in. Pure heaven. I’m a hard core fro yo lover, but even I need some heavy duty frozen custard every once in a while. So good.


I don’t know what my deal is but I’ve been craving chocolate like nobody’s business lately. It’s all I want to eat and I can’t seem to get enough of this. But this Trader Joe’s chocolate bar definitely helps. Is it bad that I think 85% tastes super sweet after eating so much Baker’s chocolate?

And onto the Outer Banks! I have a full recap coming soon (I owe you guys so many recaps it’s ridiculous, I need to get back on top of things) but for now I’ve got food. I didn’t lug my camera to any of the restaurants because it’s huge, so the pictures aren’t the best, sowwy.



We had a Restaurant.com deal for Sanya Asian Bistro so we stopped there for dinner after getting into town Friday night. It was perfect because we could all eat there (I tend to make things difficult when it comes to eating out, whoopsies) and we saved $50 off our bill. Awesome.

I accidentally filled up on trail mix before heading to dinner (I seriously cannot control myself around the stuff, it’s too good) so I was in the mood for something lighter. So I ordered an Avocado and Cucumber roll.

vegetable sushi

It was really good, but I don’t think I’ve had bad vegetarian sushi, it’s kinda hard to mess up. You should know that I ate all of my ginger, then my friend’s ginger (ironic because she is ginger!) and then my boyfriend’s ginger. I guess you could say I like ginger a little.


Later that night we headed to Lucky 12 Tavern for drinks. It ended up be perfect because it was walking distance from our hotel, they had a great beer selections and there was a $5 martini special. Um, awesome.

lucky 12 tavern flying dog ale

I had a Flying Dog K-9 Winter Ale per recommendation from my boyfriend. He’s a serious beer connoisseur, and it ended up being a delicious choice.

And because we had to take advantage of the $5 martinis, me boyfriend and I split a dirty martini. Pretty much the only martini this old man could handle. I can’t do sugary frou-frou drinks and this fit the bill.

dirty martini

Please ignore the awkwardly placed olives and straw.


Our hotel room had a small kitchen, so to save money we at breakfast and lunch there, which was a very boring combo of eggs and frozen veggies, we don’t need pictures of that.


We had dinner at Tortuga’s Lie (which has been feature on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!). But I was a bad blogger because I left my phone in the car and didn’t get a picture of my meal. That’s okay because I had beans and rice and I’m pretty sure we all know that that looks like. It was extra delicious after a long day of sight seeing, but if you mess up beans and rice that’s pretty sad.

I’m sure any seafood lovers out there are very sad that I passed up the opportunity for fresh caught local seafood. Yeahhhh vegetarians.


Despite trying incredibly hard to find a local ice cream shop that was open, we had no such luck. It’s still considered the off season so lots of places are closed until April. Luckily, Sweet Frog was there to save the day. Not as good as local ice cream, but it hits the sweet-craving, chocolate-loving spot.

sweet frog frozen yogurt


Chocolate fro yo with peanut butter chips, Reeses pieces, chunks of Reeses cups and a drizzle of hot fudge. Can you tell I hate chocolate and peanut butter? I’m not even going to lie, I could totally have eat another cup’s worth. No shame.


Dinner was some pizza place and I ordered a Greek salad. Boring. The one place in town with gluten-free pizza was no longer in business (whhhhyyyyyy?????). So salad it was.


Don’t worry I balanced that salad out with some serious ice cream.

ben & jerry's everything but the…


ben & jerry's everything but the...


Oh. My. Goodness. Can I just wax poetic about how AMAZING this ice cream is? Ben and Jerry, you are pure ice cream geniuses. I don’t even care that it was store bought, I wish I could jump into this pint and live there. No I don’t, that would be a little sticky, but still. Holy cow. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups, heath bar pieces, white chocolate chips and fudge covered almonds. I’m drooling a little bit right now.


Friday night we headed to the Outer Banks Brewing Station for drinks and late night snacks (which was also featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!). It ended up being a really cool place. The food was delicious, we ended up demolishing a plate of black bean dip and chips. The beer was equally amazing, they brew it at the restaurant and the process is powered by a wind turbine, I love that they’re environmentally friendly!

One of my friends was sweet enough to buy a bottle of champagne for all of us to celebrate my roommate’s engagement!

I don’t remember exactly what kind it was, but it tasted like bubbly grape juice. Cheers.

And because I drink like an old man I switched to beer. I love me some heavy duty (none of that light stuff) and dry red wine, old man status over here.

I failed on taking a picture of my beer but it was sooo good. I ordered their Full Circle Robust Porter (a fat and sassy robust porter with complex nuts and dried fruit-like aromas over a big, round, and slightly toasty palate) I love that they describe it as fat and sassy. I think I’m only going to drink fat and sassy beers from now on, that sounds like a good policy to me. Basically the beer was smooth, heavy and darn tasty.

And now I’m skipping to Sunday because lunch was delicious.



Yet another trip to the Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill. I have the hardest time ordering at this restaurant because there are too many tasty looking vegetarian and gluten-free options. I’m not used to having so many choices. I like it, even if it takes me 15 minutes to order.

I had a vegetarian plate with sauteed cauliflower, roasted vegetables, sauteed eggplant, avocado and feta salad and gluten-free(!) pita points. Delicious. I also had too many dates for dessert. I have not control when it comes to those dried out little pieces of nature’s candy. Those dates fueled my 3 hour drive back to school (ugh, one thing I won’t miss when I graduate).

Upon arriving back at my apartment, I was welcomed by this site



I donated to a living playground initiative at an elementary school, and got a free candy bar and jar of peanut butter from Justin’s in return for my donation. Pretty sweet reward if you ask me. Pun intended.

Now I just want to go back to spring break. Anyway, I’ve got an 8am class in the morning (yippee) so it’s time for this girl to get to bed.

What’s your favorite vacation food? ICE CREAM!

What’s your favorite drink (alcoholic or not)? Water, black coffee, red wine and beer. I told you, old man over here.

Who’s ready for spring? 

21st Birthday, Flea Market and Marvelous Mondays

I had quite the fun and jam-packed weekend this weekend!

The weekend started early with my friend’s 21st birthday, we went out to dinner at a local Thai restaurant, Cha Da Thai. This was my first time eating there but I’d heard very good things and was not disappointed. When my friend told me she wanted to go to Cha Da Thai I looked up their menu online and saw their menu had a curry section. I was ridiculously excited for this meal all week. I have a completely unnatural love for curry, can’t get enough!

So obviously that’s what I got! I ordered the Kaeng Panang Curry with tofu, which I’m sure I totally butchered the pronunciation of when ordering. Anywho, it was a “delicious, sweet red curry dish with coconut cream, broccoli, snow pea, carrot, bell peppers and kaffir leaves.” delicious indeed. I finished every last tasty drop of that curry sauce. Not sorry about it.


And the birthday girl got 4 birthday crowns and a light up wand. And apparently a super blurry picture. Sorry guys.

The celebrations continued on Friday night with cupcakes and daiquiris.

I whipped up some chocolate cupcakes using Bob’s Redmill Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix (hey, I wanted to eat some too!), and because I can’t seem to leave cake mix well enough alone, I swirled some peanut butter in on top. Best decision ever. They didn’t even need frosting after that, I would know because I ate 4 of them. No shame.

We ended our super girly night with Moulin Rouge. It was actually my first time seeing Moulin Rouge and it was pretty weird, but they sing Elton John’s “Your Song”. That sassy little gay man makes every thing better.

Saturday morning started off with a CrossFit workout (which was amazing!). Post-CrossFit (and shower!) My friends and I headed out to a flea market in nearby Deep Gap to see what treasures we could find. A good alternative to dealing with the drunk tailgaters on campus. Sidenote: I love how tailgating makes daytime drunkenness totally acceptable (but Appalachian beat Montana!).


If the cats were any indication of the things inside, we were in for a treat. We actually ended up finding some pretty cool things:

The pleasant regulator? I doubt that.

Lots of license plates.

Old soda bottles galore.

And some $0.05 fun.

And soooo much more. The place was full to the brim with stuff. We even found an old stop light, some samurai swords, and a family’s old Christmas stockings. I left with a $2 mini-buddha and a $0.50 unicorn figurine (best $0.50 I’ve ever spent!). Pictures when I decide to get off my lazy butt and take them (:

Then we ended up on the Blue Ridge Parkway:


So beautiful, I really love the mountains.

Sunday I just decided to be a lazy bum. I’m not even going to try to sugar-coating it, I didn’t leave my apartment once. Laziness at its finest.

Which brings us to Monday!

Today has been long, but surprisingly good. Things that made my Monday a little less miserable:


  • Oats in a jar for breakfast. Fewer dirty dishes ftw please! Though now I’m pretty sad that I’m out of almond butter… and that this is the 4th jar of nut butter I’ve finished in 3 weeks. By myself. I don’t play when it comes to my nut butter consumption.
  • A square of unsweetened Baker’s chocolate followed this jar of oatmeal. Chocolate makes Mondays better. It’s a fact.
  • I took an unexpected spin class today after class. I was going to go for a 3-mile run but my foot is feeling like it’s starting to act up again, so I nixed the running idea, checked the group fitness schedule and saw that there was a 45 minute spin class at the same time I was going to go running. Lucky fitness coincidence!
  • University recreation FINALLY got new yoga/pilates mats! Inhaling foot stench was not the most zen thing in the world.
  • Speaking of Pilates, my class went awesome today. I’m starting to get in the teaching-zone and I’m really enjoying teaching every week. I have a few repeat students and it makes me so happy to see their faces every week. They like me! They really like me! (Kidding! But I’m happy they enjoy their workout)
  • The community service club I’m a part of has TRIPLED in size this year. I went to a meeting today and was amazed by amount of people I saw. It warms my heart that so many people want to do good in the world.
  • Gluten-free pizza leftovers. It has been 5 MONTHS (ridiculous!) since I last had pizza and I have been craving it something fierce. Thank you Amy for your delicious pizza, and an extra thank you for making it big enough for leftovers.

How was your weekend?

What made your Monday Marvelous?