Birthday Edition {WIAW}

Hey guys, I had a wonderful 22nd birthday yesterday! I woke up this morning with a serious sugar hangover, so you know it was a good one 🙂

But before we get to the food, let’s see how I did on my 21 before 22 list.

01 // Paint my fingernails. Half check. I started painting my fingernails one day and got through one hand before I decided I didn’t like the color. I was planning on repainting both hands a better color later on, but… that didn’t happen. I’m a terrible girly girl. I’m hoping to actually paint them soon, because this one-hand chipped nail polish look is not so cute.

02 // Run a 5K. Nope. I’ve run 5Ks on the treadmill so I can pretend that counts but I didn’t actually run in the race. BUT Appalachian is host a color run on the 27th that I’m planning to participate in for some race redemption.

03 // Make a REAL dinner.  CHECK. Double check. I made lots of homemade dinners over the past two weeks, even if I’m short on time, I’ve found making a real dinner at the end of the day is a great way to unwind, if I can hold off my hunger for that long.


04 // Studio yoga. Fail. I didn’t even make it to a class on campus. Sorry muscles for leaving you all tight and knotted up.

05// Start a new book. CHECKish. I just bought a new e-book today Effortless. It’s a moderately trashy romance novel, but that’s okay. I started reading Thoughtless, the first book in the series when it was just a story on Fiction Press so it’s kinda cool to see it in real life book form.

06 // Bake something.  CHECK. Hello birthday cake.


07 // Drink a shot of espresso. Didn’t happen, one day it will though.

08 // Spontaneous mid day coffee.  CHECK. I waited until my birthday to get it, but that’s okay, birthday coffees are extra tasty.


09 // Design something for the blog. Nope. I started something but I haven’t had the inspiration to finish. I’m going to keep working on it though.

10 // Buy a new vegetable. Kinda? I didn’t buy a new vegetable, but I bought some eggplant after not eating any in a long time and I’ve incorporated it into lots of meals, that kinda counts right?

roasted eggplant and sweet potato

11 // Juice it up. I didn’t break out my own juicer, but I did buy one from Earth Fare the other day. It was very beet-ilicious and now my pee is hot pink? TMI? Maybe, but oh so true.


12 // Break out the DSLR. CHECK. Thanks to a few hikes!

glen burney trail waterfall blowing rock nc


13 // Grandfather Mountain dollar days. Not yet, but I’ve got plans to go with some friends in two weekends!

14 // Clean my room.  Bam. Now to work on keeping it clean…

15 // Best Body Bootcamp.  CHECK. And loving every single workout.

16 // Kick this tendonitis.  CHECKish. I still have a little soreness, but I finished a 6 mile run today with almost no pain so I’m thinking it’s almost gone!

17 // Random act of kindness for a stranger.  CHECK. I left $5 for a stranger on a table in the campus coffee shop. Hopefully someone found it and enjoyed a much needed coffee or snack.



18 // Watch a Disney movie. an unintentional CHECK. I was hoping to watch something along the lines of the Lion King, but that didn’t happen because I couldn’t manage to sit still long enough. But I did watch the better part of the Hanna Montana Movie one afternoon on TV. Don’t you judge.

19 // Buy a new candle. CHECK. Now I just need a holder for it… didn’t think about that one.

20 // Get organized. My homework to do list could use a little attention but I spent one weekend deep cleaning my apartment kitchen, straightening up the living room and organizing my room. See mom and dad, I do know how to clean 🙂

21 // Have Fun.  One big fat CHECK.

14 out of 21, I’ll take it.

Now for the food!


(Thanks Jenn!)


Birthday fro-yo! Peanut butter, cake batter and brownie batter yogurt with cheesecake bits, cookie dough chunks, sprinkles, dark chocolate, oreos, Reeses, peanut butter sauce and sprinkles. Don’t be fooled though, this bowl was pretty gross. The brownie batter flavor was gross (I know how is that possible? So disappointing!), the peanut butter flavor wasn’t frozen (I don’t even know how that works) and the cake batter flavor wasn’t bad, just a little too sweet for my taste buds. Luckily I had some un-pictured fro yo redemption in the form of tart yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. That’s what I get for trying to be fancy, I should just stick to the basics, at least I know they’re delicious.


Just kidding! I didn’t eat this cake, but how creepy does it look? It’s supposed to be a puppy but it just scares me.


TACO TUESDAY. Boone Saloon does $1.25 tacos every Tuesday, this was my first time going to taco Tuesday but I will be back! I had three delicious veggie tacos and a pint of beer for $7, can’t beat that!

My roommate and I split a hard apple cider while watching the most recent Twilight movie (stop judging me). It was a delicious choice, I was looking for something a little lighter than beer and this hit the spot.

And some where in there I polished off a bag of gluten-free ginger snap cookies my friend bought me for my birthday. I have zero control around those things. ZERO.


This isn’t from yesterday, but I had this delicious meal Saturday at Mellow Mushroom and I couldn’t not mention it. Stuffed portobello mushrooms with feta and mozzarella cheese, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, served over spring mix and drizzled with balsamic. So. Good.

What’s your favorite birthday treat? I think frozen yogurt/ice cream is a birthday necessity

What’s the last delicious thing you ate?

Soft or hard shell tacos?

Spring Break Edition {WIAW}

Guys, I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger lately. This poor little guy has been more than a little neglected and I feel kinda bad. But between spring and the inevitable school work catch-up after spring break (what professor assigns projects over spring break? Seriously), life’s been a little crazy. And mostly I’ve been a little lazy because I’m wishing spring break would come back.

Responsibilities are silly, I’d like to go back to the beach pretty please.

sunrise nags head nc

Mother Nature is also trying to play a mean joke on me with this forecast:

boone nc forecast

That’s funny, I thought spring was supposed to be warm. Thank you weather.

Sorry for all the complaining, cold weather makes me cranky. Whining over. You know what I can’t complain about?

(Thanks Jenn!)

This week my food is coming at you spring break style. I’ll admit that I didn’t eat too many vegetables over break (but I did eat lots and lots of chocolate) and you know what, I don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes you just need to stuff your face with junk food.

avocado broccoli slaw salad

But let’s kick things off with something healthy shall we? This combination is one of my new favorites and I ate it everyday for lunch during Pilates training. It’s broccoli slaw, mixed with avocado, topped with sunflower seeds and a little salt and pepper. Light but filling and you can do the Pilates ab series afterwards without wanting to puke.

I was going to recreate this for lunch today but Harris Teeter was out of avocados. TRAVESTY. Bigger travesty is that they were out of bananas too. Get it to-freaking-gether Harris Teeter, this girl needs her produce.

goodberry's frozen vanilla custard with chocolate chips

Vanilla frozen custard with chocolate chips mixed in. Pure heaven. I’m a hard core fro yo lover, but even I need some heavy duty frozen custard every once in a while. So good.


I don’t know what my deal is but I’ve been craving chocolate like nobody’s business lately. It’s all I want to eat and I can’t seem to get enough of this. But this Trader Joe’s chocolate bar definitely helps. Is it bad that I think 85% tastes super sweet after eating so much Baker’s chocolate?

And onto the Outer Banks! I have a full recap coming soon (I owe you guys so many recaps it’s ridiculous, I need to get back on top of things) but for now I’ve got food. I didn’t lug my camera to any of the restaurants because it’s huge, so the pictures aren’t the best, sowwy.



We had a deal for Sanya Asian Bistro so we stopped there for dinner after getting into town Friday night. It was perfect because we could all eat there (I tend to make things difficult when it comes to eating out, whoopsies) and we saved $50 off our bill. Awesome.

I accidentally filled up on trail mix before heading to dinner (I seriously cannot control myself around the stuff, it’s too good) so I was in the mood for something lighter. So I ordered an Avocado and Cucumber roll.

vegetable sushi

It was really good, but I don’t think I’ve had bad vegetarian sushi, it’s kinda hard to mess up. You should know that I ate all of my ginger, then my friend’s ginger (ironic because she is ginger!) and then my boyfriend’s ginger. I guess you could say I like ginger a little.


Later that night we headed to Lucky 12 Tavern for drinks. It ended up be perfect because it was walking distance from our hotel, they had a great beer selections and there was a $5 martini special. Um, awesome.

lucky 12 tavern flying dog ale

I had a Flying Dog K-9 Winter Ale per recommendation from my boyfriend. He’s a serious beer connoisseur, and it ended up being a delicious choice.

And because we had to take advantage of the $5 martinis, me boyfriend and I split a dirty martini. Pretty much the only martini this old man could handle. I can’t do sugary frou-frou drinks and this fit the bill.

dirty martini

Please ignore the awkwardly placed olives and straw.


Our hotel room had a small kitchen, so to save money we at breakfast and lunch there, which was a very boring combo of eggs and frozen veggies, we don’t need pictures of that.


We had dinner at Tortuga’s Lie (which has been feature on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!). But I was a bad blogger because I left my phone in the car and didn’t get a picture of my meal. That’s okay because I had beans and rice and I’m pretty sure we all know that that looks like. It was extra delicious after a long day of sight seeing, but if you mess up beans and rice that’s pretty sad.

I’m sure any seafood lovers out there are very sad that I passed up the opportunity for fresh caught local seafood. Yeahhhh vegetarians.


Despite trying incredibly hard to find a local ice cream shop that was open, we had no such luck. It’s still considered the off season so lots of places are closed until April. Luckily, Sweet Frog was there to save the day. Not as good as local ice cream, but it hits the sweet-craving, chocolate-loving spot.

sweet frog frozen yogurt


Chocolate fro yo with peanut butter chips, Reeses pieces, chunks of Reeses cups and a drizzle of hot fudge. Can you tell I hate chocolate and peanut butter? I’m not even going to lie, I could totally have eat another cup’s worth. No shame.


Dinner was some pizza place and I ordered a Greek salad. Boring. The one place in town with gluten-free pizza was no longer in business (whhhhyyyyyy?????). So salad it was.


Don’t worry I balanced that salad out with some serious ice cream.

ben & jerry's everything but the…


ben & jerry's everything but the...


Oh. My. Goodness. Can I just wax poetic about how AMAZING this ice cream is? Ben and Jerry, you are pure ice cream geniuses. I don’t even care that it was store bought, I wish I could jump into this pint and live there. No I don’t, that would be a little sticky, but still. Holy cow. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups, heath bar pieces, white chocolate chips and fudge covered almonds. I’m drooling a little bit right now.


Friday night we headed to the Outer Banks Brewing Station for drinks and late night snacks (which was also featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!). It ended up being a really cool place. The food was delicious, we ended up demolishing a plate of black bean dip and chips. The beer was equally amazing, they brew it at the restaurant and the process is powered by a wind turbine, I love that they’re environmentally friendly!

One of my friends was sweet enough to buy a bottle of champagne for all of us to celebrate my roommate’s engagement!

I don’t remember exactly what kind it was, but it tasted like bubbly grape juice. Cheers.

And because I drink like an old man I switched to beer. I love me some heavy duty (none of that light stuff) and dry red wine, old man status over here.

I failed on taking a picture of my beer but it was sooo good. I ordered their Full Circle Robust Porter (a fat and sassy robust porter with complex nuts and dried fruit-like aromas over a big, round, and slightly toasty palate) I love that they describe it as fat and sassy. I think I’m only going to drink fat and sassy beers from now on, that sounds like a good policy to me. Basically the beer was smooth, heavy and darn tasty.

And now I’m skipping to Sunday because lunch was delicious.



Yet another trip to the Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill. I have the hardest time ordering at this restaurant because there are too many tasty looking vegetarian and gluten-free options. I’m not used to having so many choices. I like it, even if it takes me 15 minutes to order.

I had a vegetarian plate with sauteed cauliflower, roasted vegetables, sauteed eggplant, avocado and feta salad and gluten-free(!) pita points. Delicious. I also had too many dates for dessert. I have not control when it comes to those dried out little pieces of nature’s candy. Those dates fueled my 3 hour drive back to school (ugh, one thing I won’t miss when I graduate).

Upon arriving back at my apartment, I was welcomed by this site



I donated to a living playground initiative at an elementary school, and got a free candy bar and jar of peanut butter from Justin’s in return for my donation. Pretty sweet reward if you ask me. Pun intended.

Now I just want to go back to spring break. Anyway, I’ve got an 8am class in the morning (yippee) so it’s time for this girl to get to bed.

What’s your favorite vacation food? ICE CREAM!

What’s your favorite drink (alcoholic or not)? Water, black coffee, red wine and beer. I told you, old man over here.

Who’s ready for spring? 

A Case of the Mondays {MIMM}

Happy Monday!

(Thanks Katie! I’m loving the spruced up graphic)

I’m not going to lie I had a serious case of the Mondays. It was one of those days where I just wanted to curl up in bed, blow off all my obligations and take 8 naps in a row. Too bad I have silly things like classes to go and exams to take so that didn’t happen boo.

Okay, less complaining, more marvelous.

Marvelous is… exercise endorphins! Turned my stinky mood upside down, I only wish I had time to run sooner. I need to bring back morning workouts, except that 5am wake up calls are not happening anymore soooo… maybe not.

Marvelous is… Time at home! Weekends at home are just good for my sanity.

Marvelous is… Strawberries and chocolate fondue, courtesy of a Trader Joe’s trip (oh, Trader Joe, I have missed you more than you will ever know, so much so I went twice in one weekend)

strawberries and chocolate fondue

Chocolate + Strawberries needs to happen more often. I’m thinking once a night.

Marvelous is… Dinner out when the parentals are paying. Thanks guys 🙂 A trip to Sweet Tomatoes and Tijuana Flats happened. So dang delicious.

salad bar overachieving


Hellooooo salads. I don’t think I’m getting enough vegetables, I should really try harder.

Marvelous is… Birthday dinners (er, lunches) we met my brother in Chapel Hill for lunch at the Mediterranean Deli. Why is Mediterranean food so good? And why isn’t there more of it in Boone?

mediterranean deli lunch

I’m drooling all over again. Starting with the fruit and going clockwise we have fruit kabobs roasted veggies, eggplant and squash stew and avocado salad. Plus pita bread that was distributed to the rest of my family. The avocado salad is hiding under the pita, but there was like 2 whole avocados in that thing. Amazing.

Marvelous is… Cookie butter samples at Trader Joe’s. I might have walked past the sample table twice, and then made my mom grab me a third because I was too ashamed to go back a third time, but not enough to not make her do it for me. On an less marvelous note, the beer sampler thought I was 12, not quite. At least the beer was tasty.

trader joe's cookie butter

Gluten be damned. This stuff is amazing! Funny side note, while googling cookie butter images all the pictures that popped up were taken by food bloggers. They don’t joke around with their cookie butter.

Marvelous is… My kitty cats. I missed them, I don’t care if that makes me a crazy cat lady.

jenny cat

And Sam is doing really well, no large intestine means he can eat all the cat treats he wants which he is very excited about.


This photo was taken pre-surgery because his little belly is now bald. I think he’s praying it grows back soon.

Marvelous is… my completely immature sense of humor. I saw these instructions on a bag of steamable frozen vegetables

package directions

It says “gently massage package” if you can’t read it due to my wonderful high quality photography (my camera phone has a whole 3 pixels and I know you’re super jealous). I laughed at this way longer than I care to admit and way longer than is normal for a 21 year old girl.

Marvelous is… Midweek grocery runs.

eggs and runner's world

Organic eggs and the latest Runner’s World. You know, the essentials. Bonus is that the magazine was free because I wracked up enough loyalty program points at Earth Fare, yeahhhhh free stuff. My favorite.

What made your Monday Marvelous?

What did you do this weekend?

Do you have pets? What kind?

Three Things.

The first week back to school has been a little hectic, can’t I go back to wearing yoga pants all day? Yes, I like that idea.

I saw Emily‘s Three Things Thursday post, I thought it looked like a fun way to recap the week, so I’m totally stealing the idea, even if it’s not Thursday.

3 things that made me smile:

  1. Sunday dinner with my roommates! We made eggplant and zucchini parmesan with farmer’s market corn on the side. The dinner was so delicious and it was great to hangout with everyone.And when you’re gluten-free you get a whole pan to yourself. Bonus.
  2. 18 people came to my Pilates class this week! That’s the biggest turnout I’ve had so far! I felt a little rusty after not teaching over the summer but I think it went pretty well!
  3. Volunteering for the High Country Triple Crown Half Marathon. Got to hangout with some cool people, pass out water and gatorade to some fierce runners (most of the course was up hill, there was even a 1500 ft climb, and then winner still finished in 1:14, crazy!) and I got a free neon volunteer shirt
    The picture doesn’t do it justice. Dance auditions for fall concert and I’m seriously considering busting out this t-shirt just to make sure I get seen =) And please ignore the major under eye bags and toilet in the background. I was working off 5 hours of sleep.

3 things I’ve been eating:

  1. Golden delicious apples – Golden Delicious is my favorite apple and I was giddy with excitement when I found a big bag of them at the grocery store for $4. It’s also apple season in NC so I’m ready for some delicious local apples soon!
  2. Coffee, coffee and more coffee, but is that really a surprise, no? I mean you can’t really eat coffee, but that’s not the point.
  3. Eggs, I ate 5 of them today. I might have a problem. They’re just so tasty, cheap and easy. And I can’t resist a good runny yolk!

3 things that made me frown:

  1. Decoding binary, I’m learning binary for my digital printing class and it makes my head hurt.My homework was to decode this whole sheet. It’s as fun as it looks.
  2. I had some delicious gluten-filled chocolate chip cherry oatmeal cookies my friend made last night. The cookies were amazing but my stomach didn’t like it and it definitely let me know this today. Steering clear of all gluten for a while.
  3. I haven’t worked out since Thursday, I’m starting to get antsy, I just want to get up and run around!

3 things that keep me sane:

  1. Yoga! I’ve been to two classes so far this week! My body has definitely been craving it, the practices were tough but it just means I need more yoga in my life!
  2. Quiet mornings with a cup of coffee before my roommates get up in the morning. It’s incredibly relaxing and gets me ready to start the day. The perks of being a ridiculous early bird.
  3. The Disney channel on Pandora. It takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I love listening to it before bed.

Tell me three things about your week!

The Graduates

My two younger brothers graduated high school yesterday.

Um, what? When did they turn 18? Last time I checked they were still 8. I guess the fact that they’re 6’2″ and have valid drivers licenses should have clued me in on that one.

I feel like such an old lady right now.

It is literally impossible for my family to take a normal picture. It’s a little bit of a problem.

The ceremony was short, sweet and to the point. Just how all graduations should be. One of my brothers actually gave a speech during it. He was on the senior council, so he got to introduce the valedictorian.

There he is on the Jumbotron. He speech went really well, and he didn’t puke or freeze. Always a good thing.

I brought my jumbo creeper zoom camera lens, which doesn’t help the fact that I’m only 5’4″ so I’ll spare you the pictures of them walking, because about 50% of the photos are the tops of heads of the people in sitting in front of us. I did what I could.

It’s so weird to think that my brothers will be heading off to college in two months. It blows my mind. I’m proud of them though (shh don’t tell them I said that), they’re pretty cool when they’re not annoying the poo out of me.

Graduation was followed by a delicious dinner. I love my brothers, but let’s be honest, I came for the food.

We ate at The Remedy Diner in downtown Raleigh.

Upon entering the restaurant I was convinced I had died and gone to heaven. The restaurant itself was a cute little hole in the wall of a place with a fun alternative vibe, the hostess had purple hair (it made me miss mine!), there was lots of funky art on the wall, the menu was 70% vegetarian, and they offered gluten free bread, foh free. Yes FOH free. Seriously? This place is my dream come true. I’ll just move in upstairs, then I can eat every meal here. Living the dream.

I prefer my art with dark humor and a side of sea creatures please.

Basically I’m the most indecisive person ever. Usually in restaurants there are about two options I can eat, which makes choosing easy. At The Remedy I had about 20, it took forever for me to decide. I settled on the Tempeh Tantrum sandwich (with gluten free bread, foh free – I was a little excited about the bread situation, in case you couldn’t tell):

I figured if it was one of the top 5 vegan sandwiches in the USA, it couldn’t be bad.

It was. I demolished that sandwich. Seriously the best sandwich I’ve had in maybe for ever. I also got the sandwich without the veggie bacon, it had gluten in it (though it’s usually not a big deal for me in small amounts like that) and I’m not much of a veggie bacon fan. It totally didn’t need the bacon, it was perfect just like it was.

I opted for a side salad instead of the chips or vegan coleslaw that was offered. I’m never satisfied with my veggie consumption. The salad was plain but good. I got a lemon dressing to go with it. I’m a lemon tahini dressing freak, if it’s on a menu I will literally base my order off what it will taste good with, and I was a little disappointed with the dressing, I don’t think it had any lemon in it. It was bad, just not what I was expecting, but that was the only flaw I found in my entire meal.

The Remedy is a little out of my typical price range, but I will be back. ASAP. Actually what are you doing tomorrow? Let’s go.

I’m officially obsessed.

Well, I’ve been up since 5 AM. So I’m off to bed!


Any good graduation memories? What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten? And how was your Friday?


Weekend, Workouts and Lately-s.

I’ve been a little busy lately. I love it. I’m starting to miss the busy-ness of college life (but definitely NOT the stress). I just like having lots of things to do and being able to get out of the house.

Saturday started at the Farmer’s Market. I loved it, which is no surprise, the farmer’s market is always amazing. I left with kale (two bags this time!), sweet potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, summer squash, zucchini, and beets. Not beats farm fresh produce, nothing.

Saturday evening my parents and I attended a going away party for the pastor at my church. I go to a Methodist church and the pastors get shuffled around the district every 4-6 years. It’s interesting to get a new perspective on things from a new pastor, but it always stinks when it’s time for a good one to leave!

The celebration included dinner (which was barbecue, so I brought my own tupperware full of hippie food – squash, kale and tofu), but the highlight was desert. Three words: Homemade Ice Cream. Sooooo good.

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I die. It was pure cold, chocolately, peanut butter heaven. I haven’t had ice cream in like 6 months, and I think I’m just going to stop eating it unless it’s homemade. Store bought cartons just don’t compare.

My pastor LOVES homemade ice cream, so it was only appropriate that his party included it. There was lots of fun flavors like banana, peach, Cheerwine (a local NC soda) and sweet potato with ham. I know. The sweet potato part sounds awesome, but then I saw the ham part, which was a downer. Maybe I’m biased but, meat in ice cream is just wrong.

There was also a fun Jeopardy-based skit, which was pretty funny. It was definitely un-rehearsed, but it made it that much funnier.

Sunday afternoon I went to a Pilates class. One of my favorite teachers was teaching, she’s so nice but she will work you! My poor little abs were screaming at me by the end of class, she’s no joke! But I secretly love it, and it definitely gave me some inspiration for my classes in the fall! Sometimes the ordered structure of Pilates exercises gets a little old, so I’ve been trying to find ways to keep my classes fresh.

Monday morning started with my internship.

I’m still oddly loving the business look. I’m more dressy than everyone else at the office, but it makes me feel adult-y. So I don’t care.  Black slacks make my tiny 5’4″ legs look long, always a plus.

Post-internship I did two yoga podcasts. Amazing. I get into this bad habit where I neglect my practice, come back to it, remember how awesome it is, then forget again.

Dear yoga, I’m sorry I’m so flakey.

My recent yoga neglect is exactly why I’m participating in Courtney‘s June Yoga Challenge

The goal is three yoga practices a week. I think this will definitely help me and yoga rekindle our love for each other. My muscles will appreciate too. They’ve been tiiigghttt lately.

Monday night I met with a running group at the gym for a 5k run. This was my first time running with other people (sad, but none of my friends run, despite my constant persuasian. One day.) I was the youngest by about 10 years, but it was still fun. It was nice to actually talk to someone while I was running and it kept things more interesting. I’ll definitely be doing it again, it’s also nice to be able to talk to people about running, because I rarely get to do it. Except on here, but sometimes actual, physical conversation is good too.

Today has been busy! I went to my internship this morning, had an intense case of creative block which SUCKS, but nothing a little sleep won’t help. I headed home for lunch, then straight over to my boyfriend’s apartment. It was so good to see him. He’s been working a lot and it’s been a challenge to line up our schedules, but it’s a treat when it works out.

I met a friend from high school at Moe’s for dinner. I love Moe’s and was experiencing major withdrawals while in Boone, it was good to get my fix in. I haven’t seen my friend since winter break, it’s been far too long and we had lot’s of catching up to do. We talked about life, our internships (she’s got an awesome one!) and people we went to high school with. The girl time was much needed. As was the burrito bowl.

After Moe’s I swung by the gym to start Week 2 of the LiveFit trainer, which I’m still loving. The tricep pushups killed me a little today, but I still loved it.


What did you do this weekend?


Hey, it’s been a while! I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so I kept things pretty low key this weekend. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

  • Crafts:
    I’ve been crafting up a storm lately. My mom and I painted the door to the playhouse/shed in our back yard because it was looking a little weathered a rough. Pretty much whatever we did to it it couldn’t look worse than it already did.Before:

    ImageI’m also working on crocheting a baby blanket for a friend’s baby shower. We went to elementary school together and I haven’t seen her in forever!
    ImageNot close to being done yet, but I’m making progress. I really like making gifts for people whenever I can, it just feels more personal. So if you have a summer birthday you might get a crocheted scarf when it’s 95 degrees out, sorry.
  • Sick:
    Blah I hate being sick. I pretty much feel like I have mono, except that I’ve already had it. The lymph nodes in my neck are swollen and sore and fatigue. Sunday I had a headache and body aches on top of that. Not fun. Also stay away from WebMD when you’re sick. I convinced myself for about half an hour that I had West Nile. I called the doctor Monday night to make sure my symptoms weren’t anything bad, she recommended I take Aleve and get some rest. Neither of those sound very fun. I hate painkillers and I don’t like sitting still, but I’m being good and doing both. I’m less swollen today, so I guess it’s working.
  • Workouts:
    I’ve been trying to stay active because exercise endorphins always make me feel better. Saturday I went for a 2.5 mile run. It was torture. It’s a poor, poor choice to go running outside when it’s 85 degrees and humid. So much sweat. I was going for 3 miles but I just couldn’t do it. I’ll have to start running early mornings (or on the treadmill – ew) if I want to keep my mileage up.
    Sunday I slept. My workout was getting up to walk to the kitchen to make food. And an hour power nap. I never take naps, I’m a weirdo and I don’t like them, but there’s nothing like them when you’re sick.
    Monday I did day 1 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer. I’m thinking about starting the 12 week program, and I really liked the workout. I’ve been wanting to focus more on strength training and I think it would be helpful
    Today I went to a yoga class. It was amazing. I’ve been neglecting my yoga practice it felt so good to do it again. I need to be better about it. My next payday I’m going to try to find some classes to take at a local studio, which I’m very excited about.
  • Finds:
    Here’s some fun things I ran into this weekend:ImageYes that’s “Don’t be a Chicken Shit Hot Sauce”. I love that name. Saturday night my family went out to Tijuana Flats. I love Tijuana Flats because their salads are bigger than my head, and they have a hot sauce bar. What more could I ask for in a restaurant? Their hot sauces also have the BEST names. See above example. Another favorite is “Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally”. I might have gotten 5 different types of hot sauce for my meal. Let’s ignore the fact that I ordered a salad.

    ImageThis is nerdy, but my mom and I were at Lowe’s the other day picking out paint colors for the door we were painting and I saw this display. Paint colors based on Pantone inks? Whattttt! The designer in me was way too excited about it.

What I Ate Wednesday!

My first What I Ate Wednesday! Or really what I’ve cooked since moving home for the summer.

I’m still excited to be back in the kitchen. Nothing makes you appreciate having a kitchen at your disposal like eating out of a microwave for two semesters straight.

I’m definitely not a cook, but I like to throw on food network and pretend I am!



Good old oatmeal, you fill me up like no other breakfast food out there. This bowl had half a melted banana, a small spoonful of peanut butter, soy milk and cinnamon. I like cinnamon a little bit, if you couldn’t tell.


It looks like cat puke but I promise it’s not. Quinoa for breakfast is pretty tasty, it’s a nice change from oatmeal, but still filling and delicious. I don’t get much of a chance to eat it during the school year because you can’t cook it in the microwave so I have to plan ahead and cook on the weekends.



Black beans, kale (farmer’s market!), onions, sweet potatoes, and sriracha, actually the sriracha ends up on everything, even if it doesn’t show itself in the picture. I’m obsessed and maybe have a little bit of a sriracha problem.


Tofu, kale (I bought a hugggeee bag), onions, summer squash and tahini sauce.


Kale (I told you it was a big bag!), tomatoes, tahini sauce and sesame seeds.


Today’s Lunch! Quinoa, tofu, kale, onions, summer squash, tahini sauce and lemon juice. And I’m only about halfway through that bag of kale, it’s magical. It was probably meant to feed an entire family. Oh and it was only $2. I love the farmers market.

Everything I eat kind of looks the same, but I’m okay with that. Veggies + plant based protein + pan = delicious. And easy. I’m a fan.



Okay this looks disgusting but tasted like magic. I grilled up some sliced banana (and maybe burned it a little, oopsies) and topped it with a drizzle of honey, a scoop of peanut butter and cinnamon. Soooo good. It takes the usual peanut butter and banana snack to a whole other level. Typing this makes me really want to make it again. But we’re out of bananas, boo.


Air-popped popcorn sprinkled with cumin and cayenne pepper. It was good, except I didn’t put anything on the popcorn for the spices to stick, so the pieces at the bottom were supperrr spicy. Good thing I like things hot!

So there’s my typical eats. Well, plus more snacks, I love snacks. Simple, healthy and tasty (or at least I’d like to think so!)

Treadmill Desk, Dinner and a Deck of Cards

Today way day 2 of my internship, they asked me to work the whole day today which was awesome. Though it definitely made me realize how much sitting all day kind of sucks. If I get a job as a graphic designer post-graduation, I will be the crazy health-freak sitting on an exercise ball instead of an office chair. Or maybe I’ll just order a treadmill desk.


Except maybe treadmills and Photoshop don’t mix.

Sitting just makes me antsy, I’m a super fidgety person and I literally never stop moving. I’m totally that annoying person in a waiting room that tapping my feet or fingers on everything. Sorry.

For dinner my family and I headed out to Zoe’s Kitchen which recently opened up near my house. I’ve heard of them before but have never had the chance to visit one of their other locations.

The vegetarian (and vegan!) options were marked on the menus, which I’ve noticed is becoming more common in restaurants. I love when restaurants do this, it shows they’re making an effort to accommodate vegetarians which makes me instantly fall in love with them. My usual menu browsing goes something like “chicken, chicken, pork, salmon, pork, beef, turkey, I wonder if I can get that without bacon, chicken, steak, oh here’s something!”. It’s nice to skip that.

Overall the food was really good. I got the veggie kabobs, which came with a Greek salad, braised white beans and pita bread. The pita bread was passed along to my brother, I think he has a garbage disposal for a stomach.

In my mind it’s pretty difficult to make vegetables taste bad, but the kabobs were really flavorful and I love any meal where a salad is included, none of this extra charge crap. The white beans were also really delicious. Kind of like a soup, but not, mostly just kind of awesome.

Post dinner I headed to a Pilates class at the gym. It was wonderful, I’ve been missing my weekly Pilates class the past couple of weeks. This class was a little more group fitness-y and less traditional than the class I usually take, if that makes sense. Sometimes a change is nice and my core was definitely feeling it. Always good. I did a few quick sets of leg exercises (squat, lunges, etc. nothing exciting) before heading home.

I saw a girl in the weight room with a deck of cards. At first I was confused as to why she had them, maybe she wanted to be prepared for a potential impromptu Go Fish games? But I realized she was using them to set up her workout. Genius idea. The type of exercise was determined by the suit of the card and the number on the card determined the number of reps.

I’m totally going to steal her idea. The only downside is it makes for a pretty long workout, but it would keep things interesting. I have massive gym ADD, I’m pretty mentally over it after an hour, so I’m constantly looking for ways to keep the gym more interesting (hence, group fitness mania).

I’m taking a spin AND yoga class in the morning. I’m excitedddd!

Back on the Mountain Top.

It’s back to school for me! Heading back to Boone is always a little bittersweet. I love Appalachian but I do miss my family when I’m away. But I think a little homesickness is good, it makes me appreciate time spent with my family that much more.


My cat Sam was meowing at the back door while I was leaving. I’d like to think it’s because I’m his favorite human and he’s going to miss me lots, but I’m pretty sure he just wanted to chase the squirrel in the tree behind me.


I tried to get a picture of the mountains on my drive, the leaves are growing back and the mountains are bright green and beautiful. It didn’t really work. Not crashing took priority.

The dining halls were closed when I got back which gave me a great excuse to hit up Earth Fare’s hot bar for dinner.

ImageRoasted veggies and coconut curry tofu. Delicious.

Dinner was followed by a cup of kava tea. Which is magical and tastes like chocolate.


I feel inspired every time I drink a cup of Yogi Tea (Sorry for the blur).

Back to the grind tomorrow morning. The high tomorrow is 46, lameeee. But I’m staying positive because I’ve only got a 2 day week. I’m already ready for the weekend though.