What I Ate… at Trader Joe’s {WIAW}

Oh Joe the Trader, those four years in Boone were tortuous without you. I’m so very happy you’re back in my life. You warm my cheap, healthy-food-loving heart like no other grocery chain.

To honor my recent reunion with my beloved Trader Joe’s, I thought I’d use this What I Ate Wednesday highlight some of my favorite Trader Joe’s products, because my eats have been pretty boring lately. Watch out, there’s a few!

(Thanks Jenn!)

  1. Salted Crunchy Peanut Butterwiaw1-5

    Just pure peanuts and salt, the way peanut butter should be, and all under $3, just one more way to fuel my nut butter addiction.

  2. Three Buck Chuck

    I know it’s Two Buck Chuck in other luckier states that don’t tax alcohol as hard as they do hear in the Bible Belt. But three dollars for a decent bottle of wine? I’m not even sure what kind of vino magic this is, but it’s a beautiful thing.

  3. Tempeh

    Even though it’s not gluten-free it doesn’t seem to bother my stomach too much and it’s so much cheaper than any other brand. I actually used to load up on it when I was home on weekends because it was that much cheaper.
  4. Unsulfured Turkish Apricots
    I actually tried these for the first time this week but I finished the bag in less than three days. I’m not usually a fan of dried apricots, I think they’re too dry and chewy, but these are sweet, soft and incredible tasty.
  5. Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza

    Finally a gluten-free pizza for less than $8.
  6. Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds

    These are scary good. I could seriously down the entire container in one sitting if you let me.

  7. The Coffee Selection

    Trader Joe’s makes some dance tasty coffee. Their Peaberry beans are especially delicious.
  8. Wheat-Free Toaster Waffles

    They’re extra good covered in their crunchy peanut butter =)

Do you live near Trader Joe’s? I can sympathize with those of you that don’t, it stinks!

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s products?

What’s your favorite grocery chain? I wish I lived near a Publix, those are pretty awesome.

Birthday Edition {WIAW}

Hey guys, I had a wonderful 22nd birthday yesterday! I woke up this morning with a serious sugar hangover, so you know it was a good one 🙂

But before we get to the food, let’s see how I did on my 21 before 22 list.

01 // Paint my fingernails. Half check. I started painting my fingernails one day and got through one hand before I decided I didn’t like the color. I was planning on repainting both hands a better color later on, but… that didn’t happen. I’m a terrible girly girl. I’m hoping to actually paint them soon, because this one-hand chipped nail polish look is not so cute.

02 // Run a 5K. Nope. I’ve run 5Ks on the treadmill so I can pretend that counts but I didn’t actually run in the race. BUT Appalachian is host a color run on the 27th that I’m planning to participate in for some race redemption.

03 // Make a REAL dinner.  CHECK. Double check. I made lots of homemade dinners over the past two weeks, even if I’m short on time, I’ve found making a real dinner at the end of the day is a great way to unwind, if I can hold off my hunger for that long.


04 // Studio yoga. Fail. I didn’t even make it to a class on campus. Sorry muscles for leaving you all tight and knotted up.

05// Start a new book. CHECKish. I just bought a new e-book today Effortless. It’s a moderately trashy romance novel, but that’s okay. I started reading Thoughtless, the first book in the series when it was just a story on Fiction Press so it’s kinda cool to see it in real life book form.

06 // Bake something.  CHECK. Hello birthday cake.


07 // Drink a shot of espresso. Didn’t happen, one day it will though.

08 // Spontaneous mid day coffee.  CHECK. I waited until my birthday to get it, but that’s okay, birthday coffees are extra tasty.


09 // Design something for the blog. Nope. I started something but I haven’t had the inspiration to finish. I’m going to keep working on it though.

10 // Buy a new vegetable. Kinda? I didn’t buy a new vegetable, but I bought some eggplant after not eating any in a long time and I’ve incorporated it into lots of meals, that kinda counts right?

roasted eggplant and sweet potato

11 // Juice it up. I didn’t break out my own juicer, but I did buy one from Earth Fare the other day. It was very beet-ilicious and now my pee is hot pink? TMI? Maybe, but oh so true.


12 // Break out the DSLR. CHECK. Thanks to a few hikes!

glen burney trail waterfall blowing rock nc


13 // Grandfather Mountain dollar days. Not yet, but I’ve got plans to go with some friends in two weekends!

14 // Clean my room.  Bam. Now to work on keeping it clean…

15 // Best Body Bootcamp.  CHECK. And loving every single workout.

16 // Kick this tendonitis.  CHECKish. I still have a little soreness, but I finished a 6 mile run today with almost no pain so I’m thinking it’s almost gone!

17 // Random act of kindness for a stranger.  CHECK. I left $5 for a stranger on a table in the campus coffee shop. Hopefully someone found it and enjoyed a much needed coffee or snack.



18 // Watch a Disney movie. an unintentional CHECK. I was hoping to watch something along the lines of the Lion King, but that didn’t happen because I couldn’t manage to sit still long enough. But I did watch the better part of the Hanna Montana Movie one afternoon on TV. Don’t you judge.

19 // Buy a new candle. CHECK. Now I just need a holder for it… didn’t think about that one.

20 // Get organized. My homework to do list could use a little attention but I spent one weekend deep cleaning my apartment kitchen, straightening up the living room and organizing my room. See mom and dad, I do know how to clean 🙂

21 // Have Fun.  One big fat CHECK.

14 out of 21, I’ll take it.

Now for the food!


(Thanks Jenn!)


Birthday fro-yo! Peanut butter, cake batter and brownie batter yogurt with cheesecake bits, cookie dough chunks, sprinkles, dark chocolate, oreos, Reeses, peanut butter sauce and sprinkles. Don’t be fooled though, this bowl was pretty gross. The brownie batter flavor was gross (I know how is that possible? So disappointing!), the peanut butter flavor wasn’t frozen (I don’t even know how that works) and the cake batter flavor wasn’t bad, just a little too sweet for my taste buds. Luckily I had some un-pictured fro yo redemption in the form of tart yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. That’s what I get for trying to be fancy, I should just stick to the basics, at least I know they’re delicious.


Just kidding! I didn’t eat this cake, but how creepy does it look? It’s supposed to be a puppy but it just scares me.


TACO TUESDAY. Boone Saloon does $1.25 tacos every Tuesday, this was my first time going to taco Tuesday but I will be back! I had three delicious veggie tacos and a pint of beer for $7, can’t beat that!

My roommate and I split a hard apple cider while watching the most recent Twilight movie (stop judging me). It was a delicious choice, I was looking for something a little lighter than beer and this hit the spot.

And some where in there I polished off a bag of gluten-free ginger snap cookies my friend bought me for my birthday. I have zero control around those things. ZERO.


This isn’t from yesterday, but I had this delicious meal Saturday at Mellow Mushroom and I couldn’t not mention it. Stuffed portobello mushrooms with feta and mozzarella cheese, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, served over spring mix and drizzled with balsamic. So. Good.

What’s your favorite birthday treat? I think frozen yogurt/ice cream is a birthday necessity

What’s the last delicious thing you ate?

Soft or hard shell tacos?

21 Things to do Before 22

Ha. I’m a poet.

So my 22nd birthday is in approximately 2.5 weeks, and I thought I’d come up with a list of 21 things to do to round out my 21st year of life.

And… since I only have 16 days, I’m sticking with small things that will make each day a little more awesome leading up to my birthday. Not to mention final exams are only a month away and I’m trying to avoid being completely consumed with the crazy end of year projects professors love to assigns. Like the lovely 10 page paper due on Wednesday that I may or may not (letsbehonest not) have started.

01 // Paint my fingernails. Seems silly but it has been a shameful amount of time since these fingernails have seen a drop of polish, which is too bad because it’s fun to have crazy colored nails.


02 // Run a 5K. There’s a cheap one the weekend before my birthday that a couple of my friends are running, should be a good time!

03 // Make a REAL dinner. My dinners lately consist of frozen vegetables heated in a pan along with 2 fried eggs. Gets the job done but it’s not real exciting. I want to take a few extra minutes and actually plan a real meal. Bonus: leftovers.

I’m thinking this amazing looking bowl of goodness created by Elizabeth at Mackin’ Cheese will be made.

04 // Studio yoga. I’ve always wanted to take a yoga class at a studio instead of a gym, budget permitting, I want to take a studio class. If not, the yoga instructors on campus are awesome and I don’t mind taking class there!

05// Start a new book. Pleasure reading is not easy to do in college but I want to at least start a new book soon, if I make the effort to start it, odds are I will finish it eventually. Book recommendations are welcome!

06 // Bake something. I think some birthday cupcakes will be in order.

gluten free chocolate cupcakes

07 // Drink a shot of espresso. Straight. It might sound weird but this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I actually I’ve always wanted to throw back a shot of espresso like a shot of alcohol (I feel like that is a weird thing to want to do, but I have some strange desire to) but then I realized that espresso is hot and that might not be a smart choice.

Such a beautiful sight.

08 // Spontaneous mid day coffee. Those just make the week better don’t they?

09 // Design something for the blog. I have some ideas, I just need to spend some time with good old Adobe Illustrator.

10 // Buy a new vegetable. And try cooking with it, I get it in serious food ruts and nothing switches things up like figuring out how to cook something new. I also love a good excuse to explore the produce department at Earth Fare.

11 // Juice it up. I got a juicer for Christmas and I have used it a grand total of one time. Cleaning it out intimidates me, but I need to suck it up and enjoy some pretty veggie-filled juice.

homemade beet carrot apple ginger juice


12 // Break out the DSLR. I need a good excuse to bust out the DSLR to take pictures of something other than food.

13 // Grandfather Mountain dollar days. Assuming the weather decides actually act like spring, I want to go to Grandfather Mountain because during the month of April admission is only $2 for students, versus the usual $18, aka perfect time to go. I went for the first time last year and had a great time, time to go back! This would also help out with #12.

14 // Clean my room. Okay, not a fun activity but it needs to happen. A clean room makes me happy, just not the process of actually cleaning it.

15 // Best Body Bootcamp. I won a free entry for Tina‘s Best Body Bootcamp via a giveaway on Clare‘s blog. It starts tomorrow and I’m really excited. It’s basically going to force me to do strength training which I need, I’ve been seriously slacking in that department.

best body bootcamp

16 // Kick this tendonitis. I finally got my butt to the doctor about the pain behind my knee. The doctor thinks it’s probably tendonitis (of the Biceps Femoris tendon, if you’re nerdy like me and want to know the specific one). Thursday and Friday I went to the injury clinic and had some Electric Muscle Stimulation done to my hamstring. Things feel much better but it still hurts when I run, get better tendon!

17 // Random act of kindness for a stranger. Making other people feel better makes me feel better.

18 // Watch a Disney movie. Because I’m 21 going on 8.

19 // Buy a new candle. I love candles but I have lit one in way too long. Something about candle light is the most relaxing thing ever, and I need more of it in my life. This one will have to be on the down low though because my apartment complex doesn’t allow candles (lame right?).

20 // Get organized. This goes along with #14. My life is pretty much semi-organized chaos. Some days I get away with it, some days I’m running around my apartment with a minute to catch the bus trying to figure out where I put my student ID. Not a good habit.

21 // Have Fun. Not sweating the small stuff and living in the moment. That’s what’s important in life.

What’s something you want to do before your next birthday? 

Happy Easter!

An Elf for Health Thankful Thursday

Today’s Elf for Health challenge is to make a list of 20 things I’m thankful for, so I thought I’d tie it into my usual Thankful Thursday post! The more gratitude the better!

thankful thursday

  1. My Family


    We can be a little crazy and sometimes we get on each other’s nerves but they always make me laugh and are 100% supportive of everything I do. I couldn’t ask for a better family!

  2. My Friends

    I’m lucky to have found such a great group of girls, they’re seriously amazing and never fail to make me laugh!

  3. My Boyfriend

    He’s everything I could ever ask for in a boyfriend, and makes me feel like a better version of myself when I’m with him. Plus we’ve been together for six years and he hasn’t gotten sick of me yet, quite the amazing feat 🙂

    Basically, I have some really amazing people in my life. Maybe it’s a little repetitive but family, friends and boyfriend will always top any thankful list I make. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many positive and supportive people.

  4. My Kitties (and all other animals too)

    Crazy cat lady for lifeeee! Even though they’re not humans they still make me smile. It’s amazing the impact pets can have on your life. I miss them like crazy when I’m at school! Though I don’t miss my clothes being covered in cat hair.

  5. My Home/Apartment I’m thankful to have a roof over my head and not one but two places (my parent’s house and my college apartment to call home). It’s an easy thing to take for granted, but there are so many people who don’t have that luxury.
  6. Coffee

    Of course 🙂 It’s carried me through many long nights of studying. And meeting for coffee is a great way to connect with people. The fact that it’s delicious is a bonus too.

  7. Creativity

    I love all things artsy and even though it’s been wayyy too long since I’ve picked up a paint brush or a pencil. The rush I get when I finish a drawing or think up an idea for a design can’t be beat.

  8. My Health I’ve had relatively few health problems in my life (knock on wood) and rarely get sick (knock on wood again!). I’m so grateful to have I body healthy enough to push through a tough workout, and one that’s pretty forgiving when I stuff it full of sugary Christmas goodies 🙂
  9. Exercise sometimes my roommates think I’m a little crazy when I wake up at 6:00am to hit up a yoga class or go for a run but a daily workout helps keep me sane. It helps me blow off steam after a crazy week at school and helps with the fact that I can never seem to sit still!
  10. My Vegetarian Diet going vegetarian is one of the best decisions I’ve ever I made. Not eating meat makes me not only feel better ethically but physically as well. My diet has cleaned up so much in the past 7 years (I actually eat vegetables now!) thanks mostly to cutting out meat. Yay plants!


  11. My Job I absolutely love my job! Teaching Pilates has been a serious challenge for me, I’m pretty shy and terrible at public speaking, but it’s been so rewarding. I’m still amazed I get paid for it because it never feels like work.
  12. Yoga I love having that time to myself to (attempt) to meditate and just stretch everything out. Time on the mat, even a bad practice makes me feel so much better after a long day.
  13. Running running is a constant challenge for me but I think that’s why I love it. It’s constantly pushing me, not only physically but mentally as well. I’ve reached so many goals I though were unattainable and helps me believe in myself.


  14. This Blog! I love having an outlet for all my health freak/fitness and general life rambles. Not to mention I’ve met some pretty amazing people through blogging!
  15. The Mountains

    Nature’s beauty at it’s finest. I’m lucky to be so close to them while I’m at school. They may make the weather a little crazy, but they sure are beautiful. I’m trying to soak in the views as much as possible before I graduate and move back to sea level!

  16. Chocolate it keeps me sane 🙂


  17. Adobe Creative Suite that sounds weird but it’s an essential graphic design tool and I use it pretty much daily. It makes design a million times easier and I’m thankful for that! I’m especially thankful for the undo function!
  18. Dance I wish I danced more often but dance has been such an amazing asset in m life. I’ve met some amazing friends through dance class, given some amount of coordination and is the most amazing emotional release. I haven’t performed in a while but nothing matches the adrenaline rush of getting up on stage.
  19. School it stresses me out sometimes but I’m so thankful for everything I’m learning while I’m there, not to mention all the amazing people I’ve met and experiences it’s given me.

    Go Mountaineers!

  20. You Guys! Starting this blog I thought no one would ever read it, and even though I’d write it anyway it feels good to know people are reading. I love all your comments and having the opportunity to connect with people around the world, people I would never meet otherwise. Thanks for reading all my rambles!

What are you thankful for?


Marvelous in My Monday

Happy Monday!

Oh Mondays, how I love to hate you. I can’t blame Mondays too much, it’s not Monday’s fault that it got stuck after the weekend in the weekday line up. Poor guy just can’t compare.

I love the Marvelous in My Monday posts that I’ve seen circling around (thanks Katie!) and wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I’m always looking for ways to make Monday a little less sucktacular and this seems like the perfect way to do so. Why not start the week on a good note?

Things that made my Monday Marvelous:

  • Morning spin class. I love squeezing a workout before class. Those exercise endorphins put me in such a good mood for the rest of the day. It also makes sitting in class for hours at a time so much more bearable!
  • Waking up early enough to catch reruns of Boy Meets World. Learning sappy life lessons all before 8 am. This show makes me nostalgic for 90s TV, TV shows today just don’t compare, I miss TGIF!
  • My apartment got a new dishwasher! So far every major kitchen appliance has broken since moving in (with exception of the fridge), three cheers for cheap student apartments. On the bright side, it’s gotten us a new microwave and dishwasher. As long as the broken appliances continue to be replaced with new ones I won’t complain. Now if only that oven would break…

    Sparkly new dishwasher!

  • 28 people came to my Pilates class!! So. Many. People. It was a little nerve-wracking but I love that so many people are coming out to class and I hope the numbers stay that high. We even ran out of mats, which is not a problem I’m upset about having.
  • Yummy foods packed for lunch. I’m on day number 8 of not eating out and still going strong. My Tupperware collection is getting a little out of control…

Massaged kale salad made with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, red kale, mushrooms, avocado(!) and baked tofu. I love red kale, purple things are better. It’s a fact.

And dinner:

Two eggs (I knocked my cartons of eggs out of the fridge and broke all four eggs in it,  was able to save two of them. Never said I was graceful) and stir-fried onions, green beans, mushrooms, broccoli and collard greens with Trader Joe’s Red Thai Curry Sauce. My love for curry is starting to reach new heights, I can’t seem to get enough of it. Unfortunately the Indian food scene in Boone is sparse.

  • I had my Somatics class today. I’m taking the class as part of my dance minor and I can already tell I’m going to love it. The class is all about mind-body connection, and understanding your body (very hippie and very awesome). Our homework is 10-pages of coloring. Coloring in a college class? I’m in love.
  • Dance auditions are tomorrow! I love the process even if I don’t make the cut. I’ll take any chance to dance I can.

What made your Monday marvelous?

What’s your favorite 90’s TV show? I’m pretty much love everything that came on ABC’s TGIF!

Three Things.

The first week back to school has been a little hectic, can’t I go back to wearing yoga pants all day? Yes, I like that idea.

I saw Emily‘s Three Things Thursday post, I thought it looked like a fun way to recap the week, so I’m totally stealing the idea, even if it’s not Thursday.

3 things that made me smile:

  1. Sunday dinner with my roommates! We made eggplant and zucchini parmesan with farmer’s market corn on the side. The dinner was so delicious and it was great to hangout with everyone.And when you’re gluten-free you get a whole pan to yourself. Bonus.
  2. 18 people came to my Pilates class this week! That’s the biggest turnout I’ve had so far! I felt a little rusty after not teaching over the summer but I think it went pretty well!
  3. Volunteering for the High Country Triple Crown Half Marathon. Got to hangout with some cool people, pass out water and gatorade to some fierce runners (most of the course was up hill, there was even a 1500 ft climb, and then winner still finished in 1:14, crazy!) and I got a free neon volunteer shirt
    The picture doesn’t do it justice. Dance auditions for fall concert and I’m seriously considering busting out this t-shirt just to make sure I get seen =) And please ignore the major under eye bags and toilet in the background. I was working off 5 hours of sleep.

3 things I’ve been eating:

  1. Golden delicious apples – Golden Delicious is my favorite apple and I was giddy with excitement when I found a big bag of them at the grocery store for $4. It’s also apple season in NC so I’m ready for some delicious local apples soon!
  2. Coffee, coffee and more coffee, but is that really a surprise, no? I mean you can’t really eat coffee, but that’s not the point.
  3. Eggs, I ate 5 of them today. I might have a problem. They’re just so tasty, cheap and easy. And I can’t resist a good runny yolk!

3 things that made me frown:

  1. Decoding binary, I’m learning binary for my digital printing class and it makes my head hurt.My homework was to decode this whole sheet. It’s as fun as it looks.
  2. I had some delicious gluten-filled chocolate chip cherry oatmeal cookies my friend made last night. The cookies were amazing but my stomach didn’t like it and it definitely let me know this today. Steering clear of all gluten for a while.
  3. I haven’t worked out since Thursday, I’m starting to get antsy, I just want to get up and run around!

3 things that keep me sane:

  1. Yoga! I’ve been to two classes so far this week! My body has definitely been craving it, the practices were tough but it just means I need more yoga in my life!
  2. Quiet mornings with a cup of coffee before my roommates get up in the morning. It’s incredibly relaxing and gets me ready to start the day. The perks of being a ridiculous early bird.
  3. The Disney channel on Pandora. It takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I love listening to it before bed.

Tell me three things about your week!

Thursday Tangents

  1. My little brother is moving into his college dorm tomorrow (a whole 20 minutes down the road, adventurous). I feel old. Luckily, he still acts like an 8 year old so I tend to forget he’s now a legal adult.
  2. I really love the color purple:
    Too bad it doesn’t match my hair anymore. Sad part is I didn’t realize I had put on all purple pajamas until I put my contacts in this morning. Then I got dressed for work and put my shirt on inside out. This was all after my morning cup of coffee, I’m thinking I need more sleep.
  3. My rock climbing class last night was lots of fun. Though we spent most of the class learning how to belay so we could pass the belay test and only 15 minutes climbing. I have a week long pass so I’ll have to go back to get more climbing in.
  4. I’m scared of heights. Things you realize 20 feet from the ground on a rock wall.
    The picture doesn’t even do it justice, this sucker was HUGE. I love rainbows. Yes I’m 5 years old.
  6. I finished some freelance design work for a local restaurant and they had the ads I designed printed at my work so I got to see the final product:
    Seeing the final design printed out is my favorite part, but I don’t always get to see the final printed piece. It’s so cool to hold something in my hands that I designed, I will never get sick of that feeling.
  7. The only piece of produce I will never eat:
    A “Slimcado”, it apparently has 50% less fat than a regular avocado. GROSS. Excuse me but what exactly is the point of an avocado without the fat? Ew.
  8. I made a purse! pictures coming soon.
  9. I’m taking a 6AM Basic Training class so I should probably get to bed soon.

Do you have any younger siblings (or older)? I have two younger brothers who are 18 (twinsies), and they’re 6’2″ so I can’t boss them around anymore

Would you ever eat a “Slimcado”? No. Gimme some healthy fats please!

Thursday Tangents

It’s been kind of a crazy week. Tangents are necessary.

  1. I’ve had the most ridiculous songs stuck in my head lately. In the past couple days I’ve had “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” and the theme song to Gullah Gullah Island stuck in my head. What? I don’t think I’ve heard either of those songs in a good five years.
    I can’t say I don’t miss that show though, Binya Binya Polywog was the best.
  2. I got my first paper cut at work, it was bound to happen sooner or later.
    Boo hoo. I can thank the thousands (not an exaggeration) of sheets of  I punch holes in yesterday. I’m glad I can be so dramatic over the teeniest cut ever. You’re welcome. I feel like paper cuts are a rite of passage when you’re working at a print shop. Except I guess when you’re doing their graphic design work, because that job doesn’t actually involve handling paper.
  3. I’ve been quite the barefoot hippie lately.
    I’m just not a fan of shoes. I took advantage of working in the back of the store because it meant I could go shoeless and customers wouldn’t judge me. I’m sure my co-workers did though. I think I’ve spent too much time in Boone, I’m getting hippie-r by the minute.
  4. Speaking of barefeet, I’ve been doing some reading lately:
    And so is my cat apparently, though I think he’s already got that whole barefoot running thing down. It’s a pretty interesting to read and the more I read the more I’m convinced barefoot is the way to go. I’m not sure that I’ll be chucking out my running shoes just yet, but the book brings up a lot of good points and I might have to try it out sometime.
  5. I’ve been on the biggest smoothie kick lately. Usually I’m not the biggest smoothie person, not because they’re not delicious (because they are), but they rarely keep me full. I bought some protein powder at Trader Joe’s the other day and adding it into the smoothie mix and now they have way more staying power.
    Oatmeal peanut butter green monster, all in a sweet university housing cup (I think that cup cost at least $10,000, yeahhh overly priced dorm living) Lesson learned today: if you run out of spinach, kale is not the same thing. It was all I could taste in the smoothie, it probably would have been good with fruit, but peanut butter and oats? Yuck. I still drank the whole thing though, so obviously I didn’t hate it too much. I’m thinking about making a smoothie recipe compilation post, anyone interested? I promise to leave out the kale.
  6. I’ve been digging into my Healthy Surprise box slowly but surely. Maybe by this time next year I’ll have it finished, at the rate I’m going I’ll probably never get sent a product to review again.
    Snack #1: Oskri Chewy Coconut Bar. It had a short ingredient list (coconut, rice syrup and cherries) which I love but, I was on the fence about this guy. The bar wasn’t bad but it was very sweet and pretty greasy (aka not a good snack to eat at the computer, found that one out the hard way). I wish it had more cherries or something crunchy it in. It was good, but I probably wouldn’t buy it myself.
    Snack #2: Gone Nuts! Thai Lemon Curry sprouted nut blend. You could also call it curry-flavored crack. This stuff is AMAZING. I love all things curry so these were right up my alley. The nuts were deliciously savory and the curry flavored gave things a little kick. I could have easily eaten the entire bag in one sitting. I’m really glad the box came with two bags!
  7. The Olympics start tomorrow! I’m beyond excited about it.

What song have you had stuck in your head recently?

Have you tried barefoot running?

That’s So Pinteresting…

I’m in a big Pinterest phase right now. I know, me and every other girl in the country. But I go through waves with Pinterest, sometimes I’m obsessed and sometimes, like when I actually have work to get done, I kind of forget about it. But now that summer is here, and I have entirely too much free time, I’m back on a Pinterest kick. Watch out.

Some fun things I’ve found on Pinterest lately (click pictures for source):

I love the long, crazy patterned skirt trend. Unfortunately at 5’4″ I’m not so sure I can pull off a multi-colored floor length skirt. I’ll still lust over them though.

This is Fauja Singh a 100 year old marathoner. There go all my excuses. I think about this picture whenever I want to bail on a run or workout with some lame excuse.

Mountain top yoga is on my bucket list. How amazing of an experience would that be? I need to get my yoga teaching friends to do this with me next year!

I love this idea, I’ve got an old dresser that needs some serious loving. I’m pretty sure it’s as old as I am and it could use a new fun coat of paint. I might have to spruce it up this summer.

I would have a field day. Plain walls are so boring. Give me a paint pen and let me go to town.

We watched a documentary in one of my art classes about Andy Goldsworthy and I’ve been in love with his work ever since. It’s so natural and highlights the beauty of nature. I also love how his art is temporary and meant to be enjoyed in that moment rather than stuck in a gallery forever.

I need this in my life. ASAP. Next paycheck?

Too stinkin cute. Anything with a cat on it is adorable. Maybe that makes me sound like a 5 year old. Do not care.

Coffee and cleverly designed packaging? Yes please. I get ridiculously excited over design things like this. It’s a little (a lot) nerdy but I’m okay with that. And I love coffee. A lot.

That was a weird mishmash of things, oh well.

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Are you addicted to Pinterest? I’ll be impressed if you’re not.

Tuesday Tangents

  1. Biker shorts and neon socks are the next trend in high fashion

    Clearly. You can thank dance class for that delightful outfit. It’s really difficult to take a picture of your own leg.
  2. Speaking of dance classes, I started taking a contemporary dance class at a local studio and I’m loving it. It feels sooo good to be in the studio again. I was missing dance sooo much (especially now that SYTYCD is on again!) and I really miss the studio setting. They push me so much more than the dance professors at school and it does wonders for my technique.
    I’ve probably been dancing longer than most of the kids in the class have been alive and I’m older than the teacher but I don’t care, I just want to dance!
    This week we worked on a combination to this song.
  3. I’ve checked out like 10 books in the past week. It’s completely ridiculous and there’s no way I’ll finish them before they’re due. This is a major problem I have and it happens to me every time I get my hands on my library card. Nerd alert.
    I’m currently reading:
    I had to wait an entire month before there was a copy available. So worth it. I’m LOVING this book so far, which should say something because I HATE science fiction. I need to stop reading it before bed though. Kids fighting to the death doesn’t make for a relaxing bedtime story.

    I’m also reading:

    Polar opposites much?  I snagged this off the cart of books waiting to be shelved and it’s a really interesting read. I really like this approach to health and medicine. It also talks about yoga, bonus. I’ve been trying to incorporate aspects of Ayurveda into my life and I like it so far. I can recap the main highlights when I finish if anyone’s interested.

  4. The Civil Wars are the only band I’ve  listened to all summer. I love them. Check them out if you’re into folksy-ish, alternative-ish stuff. Career as a music critic in my future? Yes.
  5. Folgers is gross. Yuck. Note to self, cheap coffee is cheap for a reason.
  6. I found out my grandmother had a Vitamix and it is currently sitting somewhere in the depths of my garage. WHY WAS I NOT AWARE OF THIS SOONER? Weekend mission: locate the Vitamix.
  7. I bought a Groupon for a rock climbing class and a one week climbing wall pass. I’m sooooo excited to use it! Rock climbing is on my fitness bucket list and I’ve been wanting to do it for forever. And my new LiveFit muscles will help me climb better. I hope.
  8. You can see through my ear!

    I’ve thought about going bigger but I don’t want my internship to hate me. Something tells me big pointy tapers are not appropriate for the workplace. They’re a 2g right now. I don’t know, I’m undecided.

Have you ever stretched your ears? If so how big? I like the look, not too sure about the time/energy/pain of making them much bigger is worth it.

Have you ever been rock climbing? Was it amazing?

What are you currently reading? I love a good book suggestion!