March Resolution

Today’s the last day of February, um, WHAT. Where did the month go? I know it’s the shortest, but still, I think I blinked and missed the whole month.

The end of the month means (paycheck!) oh, and that it’s time for a new monthly resolution, but first, let’s talk about February’s.


For the month of February I made a goal to sketch for 5 minutes everyday and plank everyday. Well that was a big fat fail. Actually I’m being a little dramatic, but January’s Meditation Challenge was much more successful. I think my problem this month was setting two goals. I thought I could get away with two since they were so different (one for the brain, one for the body) and they were relatively small, but I think it got a little overwhelming some days and some days I just straight up forgot.

Overall I was probably around 60/40, so the majority of the time I did what I was supposed to do, which I’m more than happy with. I mean it’s way more than I would have done had I not set the goal for myself. I’ve also gotten back into the habit of sketching/doodling which I really enjoy and is doing wonders for my creativity.

So maybe I wasn’t 100%, but I still feel good about it.

Moving into March, my new goal is 5 minutes of cleaning everyday. I’m not a neat person by nature (my parents will definitely vouch for that one), I’m getting much better about picking up after myself but there are days (especially when school is crazy!) where my room looks like a tornado has torn through it. Whoops. I think taking 5 minutes, everyday will make give me time to pick up whatever I’ve thrown on the floor during the day, without being an overwhelming amount of time. Because after 30 minutes of cleaning I start hating life a little.


Are you a neat or messy person?

Do you have any goals you’re working on?

P.S. My giveaway ends tomorrow! Hurry up and enter! I’ll probably end up picking a winner late Friday night. Go win some stuff!

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  1. that corgi… oh my gosh adorable

  2. I’m a messy person most of the time! I like your idea of 5 minutes of cleaning every day, I think I’ll try to do that myself 🙂


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