Veggie Lovin’ {WIAW}

Happy Hump Day!

Whew, it’s been a long day, I’ve been slacking on sleep and it’s starting to catch up with me. Pretty much sums up my feelings:

coffeeandgreens tweet

But I still kicked out 5 miles on the treadmill! I’m 97% sure the treadmill I was on was a liar because it said I finished in 47 minutes which I do not believe for a second, but I’ll pretend that I do because it’s good for my ego 🙂 . Sometimes post-workout endorphins > naps.

Goal tonight: 7+ hours. Mostly because I’m out of coffee (the HORROR) and have nothing to fall back on. I need to get some coffee back in my life ASAP.

Maybe I have a problem, but I’m 100% okay with that.

Anywho, happy What I Ate Wednesday!

(Thanks Jenn!)I’m excited for this month’s theme because if I’m a big fan of veggies, if you couldn’t tell by pounds of them I eat everyday.

Here are some ways I’ve been enjoying my veggies lately:

cooked broccoli, onion and mushroom

My go-to lunch lately, broccoli, onions and mushrooms with a little Bragg’s. I use frozen broccoli because it’s much more convenient, not to mention cheaper. I’ve found sautéing frozen broccoli in a pan helps prevent the broccoli from getting mushy like it does when you steam it.

roasted carrots and brussel sprouts

Roasted brussel sprouts and carrots. Roasted veggies are the bestttt. I wish they didn’t take so long to roast but it’s worth it. I add a little Bragg’s to the brussel sprouts (because I’m addicted) and the carrots are really good with a little cinnamon and salt.


Sweet potatoessss. Which are good anyway you slice them. Pun intended thank you very much.

purple japanese sweet potatoes

PURPLE SWEET POTATOES. I found these beauties at Earth Fare over the weekend and I got suckered into buying them because they were purple and I’m a big fan of all things purple. They’re apparently from Japan, and the flesh white like white potatoes (thank you captain obvious). They taste sweeter than a regular potato but they aren’t quite as sweet as regular sweet potatoes. Very tasty with a little coconut oil, cinnamon (okay a lot of cinnamon) and a pinch of salt.

And this one isn’t a vegetable but still delicious:

fried plantains

Fried plantains! I’m a plantain lover and will automatically order anything at a restaurant that is served with plantains. No joke. I picked one up on a whim at Earth Fare (hmm… I’m seeing a trend) and fried it up in a little coconut oil. So simple and so good. I should definitely cook these guys up more often.

What are your favorite vegetables? I can’t pick!

How much sleep do you need/how much to do typically get? I can function pretty well on 6, which is what I usually get but I feel much better with 7 or a little more. It’s always interesting to me because I know people who sleep 10+ hours a night and other people who only get 5, I wonder how that works?

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  1. Oooo, I love roast sprouts! Of course, sweet potatoes are good too. Okay okay… there are a lot of winners!

  2. all looks tasty. add some protein to that lunch bowl and you have one delicious meal!

  3. I’ve never tried plaintains before. What do they taste like?


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