30 Days of Meditation & February Goals

It blows my mind that it’s already February, it totally snuck up on me. I get the feeling that the next couple months are going to fly by!

Remember back at the beginning of January where instead of setting resolutions I was 100% sure I would end up breaking, I decided to set goals for each month?

January I focused on meditation.

Well I haven’t talked much about it since then, but it actually went really well. I failed a little bit towards the end, I still meditated everyday, but sometimes that meditation was 10 slow breaths before going to bed. Life and school got a little crazy and it became a little bit of an after thought. While I do think that even a short meditation is incredibly beneficial, I wasn’t devoting the time I should have, especially considering my stress level at the time.

Meditation is something I’m definitely hoping to keep in my life as I move into the rest of the year. I learned a lot by taking devoting time everyday to focus on meditation and I took away a few really important things from my experience:

  • Meditation is one of the best ways I personally found to deal with stress – Isn’t it amazing how much calmer and less intimidating everything seems when you take a second to breathe? I was really surprised by how much calmer I felt after only a couple meditation, the difference is amazing.

  • Meditation is not just sitting in a cross-legged position while chanting “OM” – Well it can be if you want it to, but there are so many different ways to meditate that there really is something for everyone. I haven’t tried even a fraction of meditation methods, but some resonate with me much more than others. I was particularly like Chakra meditation.

  • You can meditate anywhere you want – I mean I wouldn’t recommend sitting down for a meditation session while you’re driving or operating heavy machinery, but I was surprised by the places I found myself meditating. I began the month by sitting on my bed every night before bed, but as the month went on I meditated while I was riding the bus, running, walking to class (while keeping enough awareness to not face plant it on the side walk, that would be no fun). I think my favorite place to meditate was on the bus.
    appalcart meme appalachian state university

    Too true (source)

    The bus is always PACKED in the morning and instead of being crammed in a claustrophobic bus like a can of sardines stress me out, I simply cleared my mind focused on my breath and it made the 20 minute trip much more bearable.

  • Meditation helped my sleep A LOT – I generally don’t have many sleep problems, but after a long day of class and homework it’s really hard for me to unwind and it was taking me a long time to fall asleep. A little meditation before bed helped clear my mind so I fell asleep faster and slept a lot deeper than I was before.
  • I does get easier – I promise. The first week of meditation was really tough for me, I couldn’t get my mind to shut up and I just got frustrated with it. The is to keep breathing, don’t let yourself get too frustrated and keep with it.

If you’re thinking about adding a little meditation to your daily routine I highly recommend it.

And that brings us to February!

This month I’m focusing on two small goals, one fitness-based and one creativity-based.

Goal #1A plank a day

planking on camels

But not that kind of planking (source)

Goal #2At least 5 minutes of sketching everyday

For goal #1 I’m starting off with one minute planks and ideally working my way up to longer planks every week. I feel like I have decent core strength but my planks are pretty weak so I want to work on doing them more consistently

Goal #2 is to help fuel my creativity. I get so many more design ideas when I take time to sketch up some ideas or just doodle for a few minutes everyday. Since graduation is right around the corner and I’m hoping to find a graphic design job, I want to keep those creative juices flowing.

I’m hoping I won’t overwhelm myself by having two goals this month, but I couldn’t pick between a life goal and a fitness goal so I picked both. They’re both pretty small to I think it’s definitely doable.

Is anyone interested in a blog post on how to meditate/different methods? I’ve played around with a few different methods and thought you guys might be interested in learning more about them.

Do you have any goals for this month/week/day/year? I’m usually not a big goal-setter, but small daily goals seems to work really well for me, so I’m sticking with it!

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  1. I love that mediation has been going so great for you. I’ve been telling myself that I really need to get into it, however I just haven’t.. I have no excuse why either :-X

    • It took me a long time to get into it too. I started it as part of a class that I was taking, I realized how beneficial it was then used this goal as a way to force myself to do it more often.

  2. I hope you get to sketch more, that will be great for you

  3. I just love reading about all the ways meditation is benefiting you. It really drives me to keep at it – you have been doing a great job even just taking 10 breathes a day before bed, that is far from failing. For me if meditation happens it’s in the morning or night and only a few times a week right now. I really need to work on practicing it not just in a time of mental anxiety but in times when my mind is ready to really concentrate and just appreciate and reflect. And meditating on the bus sounds like such a great idea!
    I love planking, it’s just such a simple way to work the entire core and you can make it harder or easier, longer or shorter, to fit what kind of time you have and what kind of mood you are in. I so need to stretch more too!
    As for creativity, might I suggest coloring books + Sharpies? Oh I love my time with those things!

    • I have the opposite problem were I stop meditating when I get really anxious, which is pretty backwards! But today I had a public speaking speech to give that I was pretty nervous about so I tried meditating a little before that and it definitely helped!
      I haven’t colored in a color book in so long! I might just have to pick one up!

  4. I’d love to hear more about meditation. I’ve been meaning to give it a try but I have yet to start. Maybe because I’m not sure how? Or because I am a constant procrastinator. 🙂

    • I’ll definitely try to put one together! It took me forever to get into meditation too, luckily I took a class were we worked with meditation and that really help!

  5. Love all these goals!:)


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