First Last Day {MIMM}

Happy Monday!

Or not so happy Monday. The weather was pretty miserable on the mountain today. Good day for a nap, too bad that didn’t happen.

Don’t worry, there’s still some Marvelous in my Monday, I just had to look for it a little harder.



(Thanks Katie!)

It was my first last day of college! I have to admit, I’m not at all excited for this semester. I would be pretty okay with being school being done now. I may change my tune in a couple weeks, I think I’m just burnt out on school. My classes weren’t too bad today: dance history, senior seminar and finance, but I’m not super excited about them. But, FOUR MONTHS UNTIL GRADUATION. Yesss.

But I have my public speaking class tomorrow, dun dun dun… I’m scared.

I have lunch breaks! This is exciting because apparently the only time I’m not thinking about food is when I’m setting up my class schedule and I always sign up for classes straight through lunch and end up eating in the hallways in between classes. Now I have time to go back to my apartment and eat a real lunch and watch Paula Deen. Priorities people.

I did some weightlifting! I’m not a fan of leg work (boo lunges) but I did some today and my quads were burning! I just kept reminding myself how good it is for me. And I actually didn’t hate it too much this time around. I still hate lunges though.

20 mile week! I’m pretty sure that’s my highest mileage week ever. Getting to that 10-mile race! And maybe a half marathon… who knows…

Roomie frozen yogurt run! For pretty much the first time ever. We all have crazy schedules so it’s almost impossible to get us all together at once.


Strawberry yogurt with strawberries (apparently I had a strawberry hankering Saturday night?), white chocolate chips and GUMMY BEARS. It has been too long since I’ve eaten gummy bears. That my friends is a problem that needs to be solved ASAP.

New student union! App recently added a new wing to our student union and it is SWANKY. I had a club meeting in one of the new rooms and it is sooooo cool. And the new wing means that my Pilates classes will be in an actual group fitness room (they closed it unexpectedly in the middle of last semester because of the construction and I had to teach in a random room that wasn’t at all meant for classes) I’m excited to have a real room back.

student union

Sorry for the creeper pic, but you get the idea

Speaking of Pilates my first class is tomorrow and I get to teach a new class format that uses weights and other equipment. I’m excited! It’s going to be CRAZY with all the resolution-ers and get-in-shape-for-spring-break-ers, but I won’t complain about a big class!

These drawings:


She spelled my name wrong but that’s okay, good try.

My friends and I go to a bible study class on Sundays and the couple that leads it brings their 8 year old daughter with them. She is very cute and super artsy and drew pictures of us during the class. Too sweet. We also fill out prayer request cards and trade them with another person, I got her card and it was too cute. I love the rainbows and sunshine! She reminds me of myself a little when I was younger.

What made your Monday Marvelous? 

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  1. jessielovestorun

     /  January 15, 2013

    Awe, those drawings are ADORABLE!! What a sweet little girl.

  2. Yay for a last first day. always the most exciting part of college. glad you have a schedule that you enjoy

  3. That drawing is so sweet! My co-workers daughter drew me a picture to say thank you when I brought her some vegan cookies because she’s a 14 year old vegan (a rarity!) and I still have it hanging in my cubicle. Just so heartfelt!
    LUnch breaks are DEF a big deal. I always used to have a 12:15pm class and would be teh weirdo eating a smelly lunch in class, baha. I had to try to choose quiet lunches. Luckily our student union was right by the business school – ours was quite swanky and I used to manage the coffee shop! Yup that’s where my addiction started.
    Have fun teaching pilates! Equipment will make it easy for you to switch up the class and keep your pilates students interested!

    • A 14 year old vegan? That’s impressive! My younger brother went vegan for a couple months when he was 12ish but it didn’t last too long, he’s still a vegetarian though!
      I was totally that person eating lunch in class last semester! There were days I had class straight from 9 to 4 and I’m pretty sure the people who sat next to me in class thought I just ate all day, because I’d snack all through class. And I learned the hard way not to eat a kale salad topped with ACV during class, you get A LOT of nasty looks that way!

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