Goals, A Challenge & Thankful Thursday


New Year’s Day I mentioned that instead of setting typical yearlong resolutions I wanted to set of series of monthly challenges kinda like a 30 Day Challenge sorta deal. Well, I finally decided what January’s challenge will be (this is a big deal because I’m super indecisive):


I want to work on meditating a little everyday. I started on Tuesday and I’ve been working my way up from 1 minute, I’m hoping to add on a minute everyday until I hit about 10-15 minutes everyday, depending on my day is going. I’m starting slowly because I know if I start with the full 10-15 minutes I would get completely anxious over it and not do it. Baby steps rock.

I wanted my first challenge to be a meditation challenge because I’ll be starting my last semester of college and it’s bound to be pretty stressful. Some people get ahead in their coursework and have a slack senior year, I take too long to decide what to do with my life and end up with a jam-packed senior year. And for some reason I thought to put off my most dreaded class, Public Speaking, until my last semester. Genius Lea, pure genius. Anyway, I’m hoping that starting a meditation habit will help calm me down and not freak out over things like Public Speaking speeches and the realization that in 6 months I have to start acting like a real adult. Gulp.

I haven’t decided what I want my other monthly goals to be, but I’m trying to leave myself some wiggle room because I want my goals to match where I am in life and that’s pretty hard to predict ahead of time. But I’m thinking February might be some sort of organizational challenge because I’m a pretty unorganized and scatter-brained person and it’s starting to get a little ridiculous. And be glad you didn’t see the state of my room before I left for break, too little time + exam stress + disorganized personality does not equal a clean room.

So speaking of challenges…

The people over at Tribesports informed me about this awesome challenge they have going on right now. It’s called the Run to the Moon Challenge.


Following Neil Armstrong’s death in August a Tribesports member created this challenge in memory of him. The challenge is basically to get to the moon! Challenge participants log all their man-powered kilometers (running, walking, cycling, rowing, etc.) until we reach 384,400 km, so far participants have logged about 46,300 km (including 5 km I did today!). The goal is to reach the moon before Neil’s birthday on August 5th.

I love this idea, it’s pretty cool to say you helped reach the moon! And if you’re interested in participating you can check out the challenge here.

And this leads me to what I’m thankful for this Thursday.

thankful thursday

(Thanks Jessie for hosting!)

I’m thankful for challenges. That might sound a little weird but challenges, both good and bad push me to work hard and be a better person. I love participating in blogger challenges because they push me to do things and make positive changes to my life that I wouldn’t normally make.

Conversely, negative challenges push me too. Let’s be honest, the challenges in our life can really suck, but they make us stronger and they’re part of who we are.

This is a pretty meager example but, today I found out I didn’t get an internship I applied for (I need a final internship this summer to officially graduate and get my diploma), it’s really frustrating because I didn’t get the internship because I didn’t have the skills, it was because I didn’t qualify because I wouldn’t be continuing school in the Fall (it’s a state government sponsored internship program, hence the stipulations), which I apparently missed when reading through the huge program brochure. It sucks because it was an awesome (and paid!) internship and I put all the work into writing multiple cover letters and applications. But, instead of letting this get me down I’m going to use it as momentum to apply for more internships.

It sucks that I didn’t get the internship but in a way I’m a little thankful because it’s lighting a fire under my butt to get on top of applying for other internships.

And because that was a lot of words…

Here’s a picture of a cute puppy to make up for it. Because I’m thankful for adorable puppies too. Thanks Pinterest for fueling my obsession with adorable puppy photos.

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  1. I love that your thankful for Challenges. If we didn’t challenge ourselves, where would we be? There’s no way we’d be as strong mentally & physically as we are today. I’m sorry about not getting the internship girl.. but just look at like it wasn’t meant to be. I just KNOW they’ll be a bigger & better one heading your way ❤

  2. with losing one internship I am sure you will gain another. I know it is hard to remember that but one will come.

  3. Sorry that happened to you :(( Stay positive – you’ll find a better one 🙂

  4. you don’t need to make up for your words, though i will take the puppy! i enjoy your words!
    i have been making an effort to incorporate meditation into my daily life too. totally love that you are! i’ve found guided meditations are good to get me going because my mind wanders if i just sit in silence, but if i have some words to listen to, they keep my brain on the “meditation track”. i love the meditations by gabby bernstein, and they’re all available on spotify!
    i’m sorry about your internship loss, but i love your outlook and know a go-getter like you will get a new opportunity. i’d recommend trying to find out from the internship folks the reason why you didn’t get the position. you may get some valuable feedback and they’ll be impressed that you are interested in improving yourself. who knows, you could come across them later down the road and that would come in handy!

    • I’m glad you enjoy my words! I just like ending on an upbeat note, and puppies make me smile 🙂
      I’ll definitely check out those Gabby Bernstein meditation tracks!
      And the reason I didn’t get the internship was a technicality, the program required that I continue college classes in the fall which I won’t because I’m graduating. It just stinks I put the effort into writing 3 different cover letters. At least I got some cover letter writing practice?

  5. Can’t wait to see how you like meditating during school – I know I get super stressed out when it comes to school work, exams, projects, etc but meditation might be a nice way to relax 🙂

    • I’m going to try really hard to keep it up when the school work starts to pile on. I think it’ll help me chill out when things start getting stressful! I’ll update you on how it goes!

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