Recent Food Obsessions {WIAW}

Hey guys, happy hump day! It’s a little crazy that it’s already Wednesday, this week is flying by!

(Thanks Jenn!)I’ve been slacking in the picture taking department lately so instead today I have a list of my recent food obsessions. Plus Christmas leftovers and endless tofu stir-fries are really not all that entertaining.

  1. Food obsession number one is Bragg’s Liquid Aminos 

    To say I’m a little obsessed with this is an understatement , I have sprayed this on almost every vegetable that has crossed my lips in the past month. I love that it gives everything a little saltiness without being crazy packed with sodium and the spray bottle is just fun.

    And it makes brussel sprouts extra delicious πŸ™‚

  2. Almond Meal 

    It’s been a great addition to gluten-free cookies and I love the almond flavor and dense texture it lends to everything. Plus thanks to Joe the Trader it’s only $4 and you really can’t beat that.

  3. Trader Joe’s Wheat-Free Waffles

    Speaking of Joe the Trader, these waffles are AMAZING. And only $2, bonus. They’ve been great topped with peanut butter for a pre-workout breakfast. Shocker, I broke my oatmeal breakfast streak, but as much as I love oatmeal, it doesn’t feel awesome when it’s chilling in my stomach during a run.

    The texture is like real waffles, they only take a few minutes in the toaster oven and did I mention they’re only $2 a box?

  4. Coconut Oil 

    I’ve been a big fan of the stuff for a while but my brother bought me a new jar for Christmas so I’ve been using the stuff like crazy lately. It’s a nice change from the olive oil I usually use.

    Non-foodwise I also love it as a face moisturizer. My face usually gets super dry in the winter and most moisturizers don’t make a difference but my skin hasn’t been dry at all this winter, I’m sold.

  5. Advent Calendars – okay, this one is a little dated…

    But starting the day with a little chocolate is basically the best thing ever. Yes, I’m 21-years old and I still buy advent calendars. Don’t care. I was seriously sad Christmas Eve morning when I finished my last piece of chocolate, I think there needs to be a chocolate calendar for every month. A little chocolate just makes every day a little better because it is magical like that.

What are some of your recent food obsessions?

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  1. jessielovestorun

     /  January 3, 2013

    Loveee TJ waffles! So good, and cheap too =)

  2. I can’t say I share any of these recent food obsessions of yours but I so didn’t know you could use coconut oil on your face! Lately I am loving dry roasted edamame and nacho kale chips from TJ’s!

  3. im addicted to liquid aminos at the minute…so good! i really want to buy some coconut oil but i dont know whether i can justify the high price it good? does it add any particular flavour to what you cook in it?

    • Coconut oil definitely adds a stronger flavor than olive oil, it’s has a slight coconut-y taste but it’s not overwhelming. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you they sell jars for $6, which is the only place I buy it because I can’t justify paying $10+ for a jar at places like Whole Foods.

  4. so i haven’t really tried any of those. i have heard of those amino acids but haven’t actually taken the plunge to buy them. Almond meal is another thing i haven’t tried

    • I picked up the aminos as an impulse buy when I was at the grocery store, I had a like a “spend $20 get $5 off” coupon and was short $3 so I picked up a bottle a it was definitely a good choice πŸ™‚


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