I’m a Ramblin’ (Wo)Man & Procrastiblogging {WIAW}

I’m really excited for this month’s What I Ate Wednesday theme:

(Thanks to Jenn for hosting every week!)

I don’t have any good healthy holiday recipes at the moment. All of my recipes fall into the butter & sugar saturated category which I have absolutely no qualms with. My mom and I will be having Christmas Baking Extravaganza 2012 when I get home for Christmas. I can’t wait. Don’t worry, I’ll share some recipes when we finish. Though we can’t take credit for any of the recipes, they’re old enough that they’re still worth sharing, like our fudge recipe from the 1970s. The recipe looks like it was printed on the Dead Sea Scrolls. I can’t wait!

Well know that I’ve completely sidetracked myself, back to the topic of healthy holiday recipes. Like I was saying, I don’t have any, but this Saturday my friends and I are have a dessert potluck, that’s right a dessert potluck, we don’t mess around with silly things like dinner of nutrients, we go straight for the sugar 🙂 Anyway I’m hoping to do some experimenting with healthy holiday treats then, because even though I love myself some sugar, I can’t help myself still have to healthify it as much as possible. When you healthify things it makes eating half the batch totally acceptable right? I agree.

And you can just go ahead and settle in with my rambling, exam time makes my brain a little mushy and my already short attention span even shorter. The huge cup of coffee next to me probably isn’t helping. Just go with it.

Wow that was a lot of words, on to the good stuff, with pictures.

6:30 am

Yesterday morning’s wake up call was particularly painful, luckily I had my peanut butter oats and coffee to comfort me.


I think I’ve eaten the breakfast for more than 100 mornings in a row and if you lived with me you would know that that is no exaggeration. Sad thing is that I’m not even close to getting sick of it. I think that should say something about how wonderful this combination is.


Coffee is slowly becoming it’s own meal lately. It’s a bad bad bad habit but I’m starting to rely on it for all the sleep I’m not getting. Bad Lea, but it’s the only way to make it through exams, sorry body. Luckily it’s been extra delicious lately. While at Trader Joe’s over Thanksgiving break I was picking up some coffee, because Trader Joe’s has miraculously cheap coffee, seriously a miracle, but they were out of my usual coffee choice:

TJ's Joe's Dark Coffee

So I splurged an extra $2 for this guy:

and it has been quite a delicious substitution. I just brew it extra strong because the old man in me can’t drink light/medium coffee. It is chocolate-y and just all around delicious and officially on my regular coffee rotation.

8:50 am

My appetite was surprisingly small yesterday morning, usually I’m one hungry beast in the morning, so I grabbed half a square of Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate on the way out the door so my tummy wouldn’t start growling during class. That’s always an awkward situation.


11:20 am

I snacked on some un-pictured baby carrots and a salad:


Spinach, sweet potato, avocado and Bragg’s liquid aminos. I love this combination, it’s so simple but I love the sweet of the potatoes with the creamy from the avocado plus the savory/smoky of the liquid aminos, plus the avocado gives it some awesome staying power. This salad also fulfilled Tuesday’s Elf For Health challenge. Since the weather has gotten cooler (except for this past week where it’s been in the 60s, which I don’t understand but won’t question!) I haven’t been craving salads like I usually do, but lately I’ve been trying to squeeze more salads into my day which has been a lovely addition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still eating just as many veggies, they’re just usually roasted instead of in salad form.

And look at the baby sweet potato I used to make this salad!


Excuse the foot. Sad thing is this was the largest sweet potato left in the bag I bought. Actually that’s not sad, I love small food, it makes it extra cute 🙂


I had a snack attack between my last two classes and chowed down on some roasted edamame and this new snack bar find:


I usually buy snack bars at EarthFare because they have a much better variety, but they are more expensive. I haven’t done a very good job of budgeting my money lately and I’ve been spending too much money on things like coffee and snacks on campus, aka frivolous things I don’t need and could avoid if I planned better. So in an effort to cut down on my grocery bill I shopped exclusively at Harris Teeter and the healthy snack bar options were a little slim. I was the snack aisle looking for something gluten-free that wasn’t filled with sugar and funky ingredients and I happened upon these Nature Valley Almond Crunch bars, the ingredient list is pretty simple, they’re gluten-free, have only 6g of sugar per bar, 6g of protein and 13g of healthy fats. I’d call that a winner. I’ll definitely be getting these guys more often because they are much cheaper than what I usually gravitate towards, and still very tasty.  Plus I’m loving the lower sugar content, it’s so hard to find snack bars that aren’t filled with sugar, even if it is natural.

I also had some olives:


I love love love olives. Seriously, as a kid my family would go to Olive Garden and I would make a meal off black olives and breadsticks alone. They make a pretty darn tasty snack, I rinsed them off really well after opening the can so I wouldn’t be too overloaded with sodium.


The professor for my 2:00 class is currently in South Africa and funny thing is I stayed longer in that class than I ever did when he was there. Before you think I’m a horrible student, it’s a project based class so we’re free to leave after he lectures. Back on topic, after class I headed to the coffee shop to kill a little time before I headed to the gym. I had a tiny but un-pictured banana to fuel me through some more homework, are you sensing a theme in the way I spend my free time lately?

tiny fruit

Actually it was about the size of this banana. So small! I seriously have an unnatural love for small foods.


I went to a 20/20/20 class at the gym, it’s been too long since I’ve been to a cardio class (I missed them) so I’m super sore today, everything hurts a little bit, somethings hurt a lot. The instructor was my favorite, she is HARDCORE but such a sweet heart. True story one time I went to one of her classes and no one else showed up and since we have to have at least 2 people to have a class (it’s considered personal training or something silly like that if there aren’t more students than instructors) I taught her Pilates and she taught me some ab work. It was a fun trade off.

I told you it was going to be ramble city over here, it’s called procrastiblogging. I’m trying to put off the three cover letters I need to write by Friday. Poor life choice, but I like blogging much more than I like writing cover letters. Much, much more.

ANYWAY, back to what I ate. Let’s see if I can actually stay on topic this time.

I was hungry little beast when I got back to my apartment so I whipped up something quick:


Please don’t mind my dirty stove, just pretend I cleaned up that little spill after I ate dinner. I had scrambled tofu with frozen broccoli, curry powder and Bragg’s. I hope to one day consume enough curry that my skin actually turns yellow from the tumeric. I. Love. Curry.

I also threw some brussels sprouts in the oven to roast while I ate this, because I don’t have the patience to wait for veggies to roast while I’m hungry.


I’m on a big roasted brussel sprout kick lately, I always love them but it is seriously all I want to eat right now. I think I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I don’t, because that would be a little weird.


I had a couple of late night snacks number one being this combo:



Sorry that looks completely disgusting, it tastes much better than it looks. It is cauliflower, nutritional yeast and Braggs. Kinda random but very tasty.

A little later on I had this guy again:


I’m really loving this combo but I’ll have to find a new one soon because I’m almost out of craisins and greek yogurt and I’m not about to buy more before I go home for a month over Christmas break. I’m in operation fridge clean out mode right now.

And I still wanted something sweet before bed, so went for a new snack that I’ve been loving but everyone’s been making fun of me for, so don’t judge.


Yes, prunes. I’m officially an 80-year old lady for saying this but I love them. They are a good way to satisfy my sweet tooth and don’t have quite as much sugar as most other dried fruits. They are delicious and you can bring on the old lady jokes, I do not care.

Okay props to anyone who made it all the way through that post. It was a doozy. Your dedication is amazing.

Do you have any new snacks you’ve been loving lately?

Do you have any good healthy holiday recipes? Please link up and share! I’d love to hear them.

How do you procrastinate? Everyone has a way they procrastinate, don’t act like you don’t.

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  1. Ha Ha, have no shame girl.. I LOVE prunes! I don’t understand how anyone could not. I could honestly eat a 4 or 5 in one sitting

  2. Hey! 😀
    Just found your blog.
    Your dinner looks so good!
    I’m master procrastinator..ah..when will I learn???
    I’m always snacking on all types of fruits. I guess that’s not new, but it’s my fave!

    • I’m glad you found my blog! I’m a huge procrastinator too! I just can’t help it, I work better under pressure.
      Fruit is a fave for me too, I’m pretty sure I could eat it all day everyday!

  3. I used to love snacking on prunes too. They are so juicy and sweet! I actually had to stop buying them though because I would eat too many and I’d be out in just a few short days 🙂


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