Long Time No See

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged! In reality I guess it’s just been the weekend, but my blog reading has been minimal and I’ve missed the blogging world! It’s the week before exams over here so life is really stressful right now and things are a little overwhelming. I haven’t had much time to breathe much less blog but I miss you guys so bear with me until next week when things will be a little more back to normal.

My Monday has been surprisingly marvelous. The list of things I have due before I go home for Christmas makes me want to cry a little, so needless to say I’m in serious need of some marvelousness in my life, but I think everyone does this time of year.

Thanks Katie for putting this together and making me realize my day is much better than I realized!

The marvelous things in my life:

  • Christmas parades!





    I’m a little kid and I LOVE parades. I went to the Boone Christmas parade Saturday morning and even though it is tiny compared to the one back home but I still loved it. I got lots of candy, and the guy next to me had a Great Dane that I got to pet during the parade and we talked about running. Best way ever to spend the morning? I think so.

  • The Gobbler 5k
    Photo on 2012-12-01 at 14.56 #2
    I’ve got a recap coming your way soon, but it was a fun race with gluten-free blackberry cobbler at the finish line. Why does every race not have that? I ran this race last year and it was my first ever race, and I loved reflecting on how far my running has come in the past year. And then that afternoon I came back to my apartment and did 2 more miles, yay mileage!
  • Salad bars
    It has been too long since I’ve hit up a salad bar. I had this Saturday afternoon during the final meeting/critique for the literary art magazine on campus (which has been so fun to be a part of)! Whew Saturday was busy. 5k, parade, meeting, homework, movie – busy but so fun (if you ignore that homework part)
  • Lots and lots of cookies!





    Friday I volunteered at a campus event for the multicultural center, I was stationed at the cookie decorating booth. AKA the best booth. Unfortunately I didn’t plan well and did not eat dinner before going, ate too many cookies and had my tummy tell me just how un-marvelous that was. At least they were tasty, and (kinda) beautifully decorated!

    Saturday night I needed a break from homework before my head imploded so I baked up some healthy cookies, they definitely taste healthy but I ate the entire batch in two days so they are still pretty tasty.

  • Finding new delicious snacks
    I whipped up this yogurt mess yesterday and it was super tasty so I need to share. Plain greek yogurt + pumpkin + peanut butter + shredded coconut + craisins + pumpkin pie spice. Hit the spot and made good study fuel.

  • Groceries!
    My kitchen situation was looking pretty sad so I was happy to finally get to the grocery store! This isn’t everything, but I got two big bags of groceries for $40 and my kitchen is fully stocked with lots of healthy things. Healthy food makes me a happy lady.
  • The opportunity to do something selfless – I’m about to let my crazy cat lady flag fly but when I was leaving the grocery store last night I saw a stray cat in the parking lot scavenging for food. I felt really bad that I had nothing to get the cat (homeless animals make me real sad) then I realized duh, I’m at a grocery store. I stopped the car and ran inside for some cat food. It took two trips because I didn’t realize they don’t take cash after 10pm but I finally got a can of food for the poor little guy. He was gone by the time I got the food but I left the can in the bushes and I hope finds it.

    I’ve been feeling really selfish and wrapped up in my own life since I’ve been so busy and stressed so it felt really good to be able to do something for someone else (even if that someone else is a cat). Also, I was telling my boyfriend about what I did and he told me I have a such a big heart. That’s the best compliment someone’s ever given me. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something when someone tells me that, it makes me feel, well, Marvelous.

  • A blog shout out – remember Thursday when I was thankful for getting accepted into App State’s Artistic Rebuttal Book Project? Well the creator of the project, Amy Scheidegger saw my blog post and featured it on her blog! I could not wipe the smile off my face when I saw it!
  • A letter from my Elf!
    One of our Elf For Health challenges was to send a handwritten letter so someone. We decided to exchange letters and my letter was sitting in the mail box when I got home today. Not only did she send me a letter, but a mixed CD, a pancake recipe and a packet of buckwheat flour to use in the recipe because she saw I was gluten-free, all in a really pretty pink envelope. I’m completely blown away by Mojgan‘s generosity! This letter completely made my day and I’m so thankful I got paired with such an awesome elf!
  • Getting to blog! I seriously hate that blogging has had to take such a backseat lately because I truly enjoy blogging and getting to interact with all you wonderful people! I’m glad I found some time to fit some blogging today because it was much needed and such a great escape/stress reliever, hopefully I won’t disappear again this week (I have lots of posts I owe you guys including the Pilates one I missed on Friday) but school work has to come first because I need to do it to graduate or something silly like that.

It’s back to studying/homework for me, lots of fun is in store over here tonight. Only 9 more days until Christmas break!

What made your Monday Marvelous?

Any fun Christmas plans?

What did you do this weekend?

Any other college students stressing over exams like I am?

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  1. Besides all of your school work you have thrown at you lately, you truly do have such a great list of marvelous things happening in your life. I think it’s so wonderful that you ran back into the grocery store to get the poor cat some food. Too sweet =)

  2. aw sounds like a great monday. why are salad bars so amazing yet so expensive? that is something that makes me pretty sad. what a great selfless act!

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