Peanut Buttery Hugs {WIAW}

Happy Wednesday!

If you’re week has been anything like mine (long), be glad we’re halfway to the weekend! It’s officially end of the semester/exam time crunch time over here (when exactly did the end of the semester get here? I’m pretty sure it was September like yesterday). Basically, I’m not planning on getting much sleep between now and when I get to go home for Christmas break thanks to projects, presentations and exam studying galore. Yay. Today I’m running off 5 hours, not a smart decision, luckily I’ve got a nice hot cup of yummy french roast coffee keeping me company while I write this.

Okay, I had to get my exam-time frustration out of my system, no more complaining out of this girl I promise 🙂

On to happier things!


Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks Jenn for hosting!

Surprise! I actually did a decent job of taking pictures this week. I know, embrace it, it doesn’t happen often. I’m such a slacker.



Peanut butter protein oats in a jar, or what I like to call pure peanut butter breakfast perfection. I don’t know what it is but oats taste extra peanut butter-y when they’re eaten out of a jar, even though I use the same amount of peanut butter. Maybe the jar just envelopes the oatmeal in one big peanut buttery hug. Did I really just write peanut buttery hug? Yep, I think that coffee is starting to kick in. I would also like you to take a second and check out that sweet unicorn figurine on the TV stand. I found it at a flea market in Deep Gap, NC for $0.50 and I’m very proud of it. Best $0.50 I ever spent for sure.

Oh and I had two eggs an hour later.


Coffee is it’s own meal, don’t argue.

Yes I posted this yesterday but I’m posting it again.  It made my 9:30 class, and the hardcore Photoshop editing I was doing much more bearable. I love you coffee.

Morning Snack

I had a Granny Smith apple between my first two classes. Even though I said I was better about taking pictures I still lied a little because I don’t have a picture of this, but we all know what a Granny Smith apple looks like right? I got a 3 lb bag of organic Granny Smiths on sale over the weekend at Earth Fare, I like Golden Delicious more, but I usually just pick up whatever apples are on sale, organic apples are expensive!

Afternoonish Snack?

Or maybe it counts as lunch? I have a weird schedule on Tuesdays/Thursdays were I don’t have a break for lunch so I just eat lots of snacks, meals don’t happen much around here. Anyway, I had a Cranberry n’ Nuts Luna bar


I love this flavor of Luna because it doesn’t feel like I’m eating a candy bar. Not that I don’t like that sometimes, I do have one raging sweet tooth, but sometimes I just like things a little plain.

I also had some edamame:


I stole a bag of edamame out of my parents freezer when I was home and it’s made a great on-the-go snack. It’s hard to find the shelled kind around me and it makes life so much easier than they kind that comes frozen in the shell. I love that I can just throw some in a container in the morning and it is thawed by the time I need a snack. Three points to Trader Joe’s for having the shelled edamame, then minus 5 points because there aren’t any near my school. True story: I once e-mailed Trader Joe’s telling them they should come to Boone (they would make a KILLING of Three Buck Chuck in a college town!) but I never got an answer and there still aren’t any in Boone. Boo.


This was supposed to be lunch, but I didn’t actually eat it until 4:00pm whoops.


Spinach, sweet potatoes, Bragg’s liquid aminos (I’m newly obsessed with this stuff!) and nooch. I threw this together real quick before I left for campus in the morning but it was a surprisingly good combination! Not the most filling though. It was eaten during my volunteer hour in the Multicultural Center, I would like you to know that I spent my entire hour making paper chains and snowflakes. We have a holiday-themed event coming up and they needed decorations made. I felt like I was back in 2nd grade and I secretly loved every minute of it. I also loved that there was a serious meeting going on in the same room while I was hanging out making the paper chains, nothing awkward about that.


I had dinner back at my apartment after I finished my 3 mile run at the gym.


Still working on those chili leftovers from Thanksgiving! I’m not even a third of the way through it yet! I will be sad when I finish it all off and will actually have to cook dinner again. I bulked the chili up with some spinach to up the green-factor. The more colors on my plate the merrier.

Late Snack


I also had some chai tea with a little almond milk after dinner. With a side of Christmas decorations that are sitting on my coffee table because I haven’t gotten the chance to hang them up yet (ps. I think me and my roommates are getting a Christmas tree this weekend! I’m very excited for it).

And then this happened:


For a moment I felt bad finishing off the whole bag in one sitting but then I saw that the entire bag was only 2 servings, that’s my kind of serving size. Thankfully I had a coupon for this guy, I’m not a fan of $4 snacks. And if you’ve never tried eating pineapple frozen you totally should, it’s so good! Let it thaw for a couple minutes though, don’t hurt your teeth.

I had a couple small snacks here and there (but you don’t really want to see 5 different pictures of peanut butter spoons do you?). I’ve been feeling extra snack-y lately, that’s okay, snacks are better than real meals anyway.

Do you like snacks, or do you prefer larger meals?

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

What’s you’re favorite food to eat frozen? I feel like most people have some unusual food they like to eat straight from the freezer. My brother was on a frozen corn kick for a long time, he said it tasted like ice cream. Yes he is crazy and do not trust his opinion because I’m pretty sure it has been years since he’s had ice cream.

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  1. i agree that coffee is a meal by itself too! hehehehe 🙂 My favourite meal of everyday in fact!

  2. All of your meals look delicious! I’m pretty sure frozen fruit may be one of the greatest foods ever. I’m obsessed with frozen grapes 🙂

  3. oats in a jar are one of the best things ever !

  4. Yes! PB + oatmeal is the greatest!


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