Tuesday Tangents

It’s been a long day (and week, too bad it’s only Tuesday) so coherency is not going so well right now, the cure? Tangents. I’m good at those (:

Tangent #1

I ran 3 miles today in 30:40, when I finished I got super excited because I thought I had a 1 second PR then I remembered that my 30:41 PR is for a 5K, as in 3.1 miles, not 3. Boo. Close enough though. I ended up doing all three miles on the indoor track at the gym because all the treadmills were full and outside it looks like this:


Welcome to the Fogpocalypse. That would be a streetlamp in the parking lot of my apartment complex, you can’t tell because the fog is RIDICULOUS. Welcome to the mountains, mountain fog is like no other. Anyway… I did 27 laps around an indoor track, 9 laps to a mile, yeah. When I was training for an 8K last semester I did every single run on the indoor track, even a 4.5 mile run (all 41 laps!), I’m not sure how I didn’t go insane. Or maybe I already had and that’s why I could do it?

Tangent #2

It secretly annoys me when I’m at the gym and I see people doing working out with terrible form. Not that my form is perfect or anything but I mentally cringe every time I see someone do something like a plank with their butt way in the air. Running laps at the gym today I saw lots of bad form and it made me sad. I just want to go into Pilates teacher mode and fix it (:

Tangent #3

I really enjoyed the presentation last night. Melanie Joy went into to psychology behind eating meat and the idea of “Carnism” it was a pretty interesting way to look at things. I won’t go into it too much, because I’m not here to get all PETA on you (I actually don’t even like PETA that much), but basically she talked about how interesting it is that almost all societies have a small group of animals species they eat, yet anything outside of the few species is considered disgusting or barbaric to eat. She also discussed all the psychological defenses we build up in response to eating meat, like hiding factory farms and slaughterhouses away from public view, and desensitizing ourselves to the personalities and unique qualities of the animals we eat. Even if you’re not a vegetarian it’s an important thing to look at, we should all know where our food comes from and what (if any) external pressures there are on us to eat a certain way. Okay that’s the end of my vegetarian propaganda, that wasn’t too painful was it?


Bonus of going to the presentation was free vegan snacks! I picked up a little of everything (minus a couple cookies, which looked really delicious, but my digestive system appreciates me skipping them), lentil chips, eggplant, pepperoncini, some kind of spread that was tasty but don’t know what it was, a stuff mushroom, roasted cherry tomatoes, pearl onions and one lonely little (but delicious) chocolate truffle. I also had a glass of flax milk which was sososo good. This was my first time trying flax milk and I will definitely have to pick some up next time I’m at the store! It was a little sweet and really creamy and just all around delicious. Yummy.

Tangent #4

$1 coffee is a lifesaver. The architecture students sell coffee in the mornings as a fundraiser and it was greatly appreciated this morning. I will support any  fundraiser that involves cheap but good coffee please and thank you.


Coffee and USB drives, welcome to the life of a graphic arts student.

Tangent #5

I found this little gem in a campus parking lot as I was walking to the bus stop:

That would be a Christmas tree in the back of a pick up truck, and you can’t tell from the picture but the entire truck was wrapped in Christmas lights, even the bullhorns on the front bumper. Yay for rednecks.

That was more words than I expected, but that’s okay. See you guys tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday!

What’s the weather like where you live?

Do you deck your car out for Christmas?

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  1. Ha Ha, that truck is awesome (although I’d never do that to any of our vehicles, Ha Ha). Right now the temperatures are around 75… quite chilly if you ask me!

    • 75 is like shorts weather here! It’s been in the 40s/50s here lately, even though I’m not a fan of the cold I can’t complain too much because it’s perfect sweater/boots weather 🙂

      • You’d never guess that I’m from Pennsylvania. If I were in the states, I’d be dying for this 75 degree weather.. however, once your body gets used to 120 degree weather for so long, it’s hard to adjust to the 75 weather.

      • Understandable, my roommate’s boyfriend is in the Air Force and he was deployed to Qatar a couple summers ago, he left in June and got back to the states in February and he was definitely not ready for the winter weather!

  2. what a cool presentation and snack provided, very awesome!

  3. Hahah so wait, the Christmas tree was not being transported to someone’s home, it was decorating the pickup truck? As in the truck has a Christmas tree? Too funny.
    I scoff at $1 coffee because it usually just doesn’t taste good to a snob like me but my sis loves the $1 McDonald’s any size coffee so it must be a college student thing for sure 🙂 she’s a sophomore.
    Those veggies on your plate look so good! Any event that gave me vegan treats to sample is my fave.
    Yeah IDK how you did all those laps around the track! I remember one mile in high school was torture. So boring! The last lap was always the best though haha, just knowing you were almost done. So I assume a last lap that came with that many before it must have felt SUPER amazing.
    yes I just commented on each point of your entry in reverse order 😛

    • Yes, the Christmas tree was a decoration! I thought the same thing at first until I got up close!
      I’m a totally coffee snob too, but they were selling legit coffee, that’s why I was so excited about it being $1, they actually sell the same brand in our campus coffee shop for much more than that.
      The last lap is amazing, I sprinted it because I was just so excited to be done!

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