Friendsgiving/Birthday Extravaganza!


Friday morning I headed to a Power Hour class at the gym which was a blast! I don’t usually get to go to that class because I have actual class (lame) but my professor was out of town so I got a chance to go! The class was really upbeat and got me pumped for the weekend! I love a good Friday morning workout, it gets me pumped for the rest of the week and makes me not feel so bad when I some how end up eating 6 cupcakes. Whoopsies.

We did a fun cardio circuit during the class that I jotted down and I’ll share it with you guys soon!

I’m proud of the fact that I’m getting better at disguising workout clothes as real clothes. Too bad adding boots and a cardigan to my workout clothes doesn’t make them less stinky afterward…

Friday evening my roommates and a couple of friends headed out to a reception for the student art gallery on campus. My roommate and I submitted art work for an Appalachian of the Artistic Rebuttal Book Project (check it out if you like art, it’s an awesome project!) and both of ours got in!

My submission!

That’s my art, on a wall!

My roommate’s submission!

It’s so cool to see something you made hanging up in public, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it.

The reception had some finger foods but we were hungry for some real food so we headed to Black Cat Burrito for dinner. I think I’ve ended up at Black Cat almost every weekend this semester. I can’t help it, it’s so good!

I built my own burrito with rice, black beans, sweet potato, spinach and some painfully hot salsa.

Black Cat only has mild and hot salsa, I went with hot because I like a little spice in my life, and I wound up chugging 2 huge glasses of water. That stuff is no joke, lesson learned. But I still finished every bite of that salsa because I refused to let it beat me (:

And because weekends = fro yo time, this happened:

Chocolate and coffee swirled fro yo (heaven) with a little snickerdoodle fro yo (also heaven) plus chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, a chunk of Reeses and a Nutella drizzle. Honestly I could have eaten this cup 3 more times, it was pretty tasty.


Saturday morning started with a 3 mile treadmill run. I finally used the gym in my apartment complex, considering I’ve only lived there for 3+ months it was about time. I think the gym is the same size as my apartment, but I got to watch Top Chef while I ran which is a bonus. I think watching delicious foods makes me run faster (: By the way did anyone watch the episode where the had to cook and serve food in the space needle? I would have passed out, heights are not my friend.

After my run I ran a few errands with one of my roommates, we had some presents to pick out and need to pick up a few things for dinner. We are terrible errand runners and finally finished two hours later. Do not send me food shopping if you need something in under an hour, I’m the slowest food shopper ever.

Saturday my friends and I threw a combo Thanksgiving/22nd birthday celebration for my roommate and it was an awesome time. I made flour-less chocolate cupcakes and roasted vegetables. When you eat more vegetables it means you can eat more cupcakes right? I hope so.

Roasted brussel sprouts, onions and cranberries season with garlic, black pepper and Bragg’s liquid aminos. I actually got college kids to eat brussel sprouts, which I consider a huge accomplish. Though some were not so easily persuaded, that’s okay, more for me!

I also made these flour-less chocolate cupcakes and they came out surprisingly good!

I used this recipe (minus the cream cheese filling) from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out based on the ingredients, they seemed way too simple! But they were amazing. Seriously, even if gluten isn’t an issue for these make them. I ended up eating wayyy too many. Like 6. Oops. It’s okay, I ate lots of brussel sprouts to help cancel out all the sugar (:

I topped the cupcakes with Cool Whip (I actually used Tru Whip because it has less crazy ingredients, which I’m sure didn’t matter once I added the sugar in the cupcakes) mixed with some cocoa powder and cinnamon for an easy frosting. I made them fancy-ish by using a sandwich baggie with a corned cut off to pipe on the Cool Whip and I topped them with some leftover Halloween sprinkles.

I also have to mention the cranberry sauce, because it is one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving.

Apologies for the terrible apartment lighting. And cranberry sauce taste the best when it’s still in the shape of a can. The ridges add extra flavor. We also rotisserie chicken (the poor college student’s turkey dinner), mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, corn and rolls. But let’s be real, the veggies and cupcakes are the most important part of a well-rounded feast.

We ended the night playing Millionaire Monopoly and watching The Campaign. Chocolate cupcake-induced sugar highs make board games way more intense, I think I funneled all my excess energy into buying as much property as possible, but I still lost.


Sunday morning started with a 5:30am wake up call. AKA way to early for a Sunday morning, especially after going to bed at 1:30, ouch. It was for a good cause though, I was helping out with a pancake breakfast to benefit the Western Youth Network, which helps at-risk youth in western North Carolina.

Even though our turn-out wasn’t the best (maybe the Sunday before Thanksgiving break wasn’t the best day) we still raised $150 so it was worth getting up for.

Sunday afternoon I took a much needed 2 hour nap, and still woke up groggy, I think I needed 2 more hours. One day I’ll learn to get to bed at a decent time. One day.

I woke up in time for my roommate’s birthday dinner with her parents. No pictures because it was a fairly fancy Italian restaurant and I thought whipping out a cell phone to take a picture of my food would be weird. I ordered a artichoke salad that came with artichokes (obviously), roasted red peppers, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. It wasn’t anything special, but being a gluten-free vegetarian at an Italian restaurant I kind of expected that. I did like that I got a pre-salad salad. I guess they didn’t want me to feel left out when everyone else had a started salad before their entree? I’ll never turn down extra salad.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like spicy foods?

Are you a morning exerciser or an evening exerciser?

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