Thankful Thursday & Yoga Lessons

Thankful Thursday

Thanks again Jessie for hosting this every week! I love taking a little time every week to really appreciate all the wonderful things in my life, because there are lots and I take far too many for granted.

  1. This morning I was thankful for free coffee. It sounds silly but it’s little things like a free coffee coupon that really brighten my day. It’s been a long week (though to be honest it’s only long because I’m so close to Thanksgiving break, not because I actually have that much to do) and this little morning pick-me-up was just what I needed.

    The perks of when bakeries sponsor races, free goodies!

    I’m also thankful for Larry because he makes the best coffee. Seriously. Best. Coffee. Ever. I went with the Frank Sumatra blend. Loved it.

  2. The holiday season. I know that sounds cheesy but there is something so wonderful about this time of year, I mean when you get rid of all the ridiculous holiday stress and consumerism. Everyone seems to be in a better mood and I see more people reaching out to those less fortunate and just spreading the love more in general. The hippie in me is a big fan.
    Okay, I’m also a Christmas light junkie and a big fan all things gingerbread. Sue me.
  3. The beauty of nature, and how much I’m surrounded by. I joke a lot about how tiny Boone is and how, um, “eclectic” some of the people are (though I don’t have much room to talk) but and even though we don’t have a Target, we do have these:
    And this:

    And I think that beats out a Target. Most days (: Now if I can only keep these images in mind when there’s a foot of snow on the ground this winter.

  4. Running. Running is something that has never come easy for me, I think that’s why I’m so drawn to it. Almost every run is a challenge but it allows me to both see and appreciate my progress. A year ago from this weekend I ran my first 5K and I finished in 37:00, and now I’m less than a minute away from breaking 30-minutes. Up until last fall I could barely run for 5 minutes straight and this spring I ran a 10K. It took me an hour and 9 minutes, but I didn’t give up and I’m thankful that running has given me a tool to appreciate the progress I’ve made and to constantly challenge myself.

Yoga Lessons

I’m officially halfway through my goal of practicing yoga everyday in November. The past couple weeks of yoga have been such a rewarding experience and has had such a positive impact on my day to day life. So I want to share a couple of things I’ve learned so far in my 15-day (and counting!) yoga streak.

  1. You have to make important things a priority. One of the reasons I’ve royally failed at incorporating more yoga into my life in the past is that I didn’t make it a priority. I learned that you have to make time for important things, that time won’t just magically appear, I know that’s pretty obvious but it took me a while to really figure that out. Some days I go to bed 30 minutes later than usual because I want to squeeze in some yoga. Does that mean 30 minutes less sleep? Yes, but yoga before bed helps calm down my mind so I sleep better anyway, it’s a trade-off I make because it works for me. Though in general, I don’t recommend prioritizing things over sleep (some day I’ll actually practice what I preach) unless you like really that sleep-deprived zombie look. I hear eye-bags are this seasons biggest trend.
  2. Just Breathe. Sometimes shit is hard, and it sucks. Kinda like chair pose. When things get tough just breathe, stay strong and they will get better.

  3. In relation to number 2, discomfort can be an asset because it allows us to find tension in our lives and breathe through it. I was doing a Hip Opening podcast from Yoga Journal and Jason Crandall said something to that extent during pigeon and it really struck a cord with me. Sometimes you have to look at problems in a positive light, think about what you’ve learned by persevering through them, and become stronger because of it.
  4. Sometimes it just feels really awesome to be upside down.Maybe it’s a little silly but it’s cool to see things from another perspective and all that blood rushing to your head is pretty energizing.

    But headstands are still really hard and I can’t do one without a wall. Working on it!

What are you thankful for?

If you do yoga, what has it taught you?

And because we’re one week out from Thanksgiving (where has the time gone!?!) what food are you most looking forward to eating next week? For me it’s a 3-way tie between pie, sweet potato souffle and roasted veggies!

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  1. A genuine practice does not come easily yet I feel so humbled at my own limitations as I practice my poses. I’ve confronted some of my own demons on the mat. I’ve realized that I have unforgiveness stored in my heart chakra. I’m learning to love myself more and, in the process, to love others as I slowly release pain from this life and (at times) the pain from previous lives.

    I still have so much to learn, yet I always feel like I have accomplished something worthwhile after a practice. I bring this energy and sense of achievement home with me where it has a positive effect. I am very selective with the elements I add to my life and yoga is one of those welcomed additions. It has already enriched my life so much, far beyond the time I spend practicing the poses.

    Yoga inspires me. It makes me more fun to live with and it awakens my mind. For me, yoga is about making peace with myself and others and embracing who I am-both on and off the mat. I understand what yoga does and what it’s used for; Healing. Transformation.

    I’m soooo happy to hear that you’re embracing the practice of yoga in your life. Have fun with it – and don’t be afraid to learn new things about yourself while you’re at it! X

    • That is beautiful, I love meeting people who are so passionate about yoga! One of the things I love about yoga is how after a practice I feel like I’ve learned so much, yet I still feel like I have so much left to learn, it’s definitely one of the few things in life that gives you that feeling!

  2. Love number 4 🙂 I am definitely thankful for running!

  3. jessielovestorun

     /  November 16, 2012

    Such an amazing Thankful Thursday post as usual girl. I love that you included your free cup of coffee. Something so simple can be so meaningful & wonderful. 🙂

  4. Hey there! I just found your blog through Jessie’s linkup…I love the name 🙂 And those are some great things to be thankful for…esp that whole free coffee and running thing….as a poor college grad two years out, never be ashamed for being thankful for free coffee darlin…trust me on that 🙂

    • I’m glad you found my blog! And yes, free coffee is always appreciated over here! I try to brew my own at home to save money, so this was a nice little treat 9:

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