Yoga Pants {WIAW}

Today is shaping up to be a pretty good day. One of my classes was cancelled so only had one class to go. And since my one class happened to be somatics, and my only other plans for the day are a workout, teaching Pilates and homework I feel that it’s totally acceptable for me to rock yoga pants for the entire day.

Real pants are overrated.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

And good news is that I actually remembered to take pictures of what I ate this week… mostly.


Can we just assume all breakfast pictures are recycled? I’m never in a coherent enough state of mind to actually remember to take a picture of it. Oatmeal does happen pre-coffee after all.


Two fried eggs, nothing new here. I think I’ve eaten the same breakfast every morning since school started (3.5 months! Whoa). It keeps me full and it’s easy to make. I’m a big fan of the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and this breakfast is far from broken (:


I had an apple after my first class, which I forgot to take a picture of, but it was tasty. I got a big bag of organic apples at EarthFare over the weekend for $5, I’m a fan. I don’t remember what kind they are, but they are red and yellow and the name starts with a P.

I also had a little bit of lunch:

A salad with mixed greens (kale, chard and spinach I think?), sweet potato, chickpeas, and a little apple cider vinegar and pepper. My phone was dead when I ate this so I tried to discreetly snap a picture using my Macbook because I thought other people might not understand why I’m taking a picture of my salad. Nothing awkward about that.


I was inexplicably hungry yesterday afternoon so I munch on some dry roasted edamame (which is so dang addictive!) in my Dreamweaver class. I think protein makes looking at code for 2 hours more bearable.

With a USB drive on the side. The life of a graphic arts major, I’m always within an arm’s reach of some form of computer memory device!


This guy was SO GOOD. I ate it before my last class and I was anxiously awaiting it all day. I made sure to save this snack for last because nothing else I packed would compare (:


I had plans to hit up a yoga conditioning class at 6 so I just hung out on campus for a couple hours and got some homework done. Yay productivity!

I had a coffee…

and a hard-boiled egg to keep me company.

Just a heads up, mass amounts of caffeine is not recommended before a yoga class. Sometimes I make poor choices.

The yoga class was fun, it was a special class and not one typically offered and it focused on building core strength. I was expecting it to be more asanas and less core work, but I’m always down for a little core action and I always love classes like these because the the hardcore yoga lovers come out and the energy is always awesome.

And you should know I’m on day 14 of my yoga streak! Almost half way there!


After yoga I came home and had a pretty chill night at home. I just got some homework done and watched some New Girl and Parenthood. I’m way behind on both these shows so I don’t really know what’s going on, but that’s okay because I love them anyway.


Dinner was some more leftover chili with some greens to amp up the veggie factor. I really stink at getting in veggies during the day because they don’t travel so well so I try to make up for it at dinner. Speaking of veggies, I wasn’t quite satisfied after this bowl so I roasted up some more.


Roasted onions and brussel sprouts with lots of spicy brown mustard. I think brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable to roast because they are SO GOOD roasted. I mean I like a brussel sprout anyway I can get it but roasting it just takes it to a whole other level. Delicious.

I also had a late night snack of a banana with too much peanut butter, because my appetite was raging yesterday. I guess it’s making up for a couple weeks ago when it virtually disappeared. Oh well, I’m going with it!


What’s your favorite condiment: I eat a pretty obscene amount of spicy brown mustard, I just love the stuff!

How do you get in veggies when you’re on the go? I’m seriously terrible at packing meals with enough veggies! Help me out!

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  1. Yes I agree its hard to pack veggies in on the go! I find that sticks work well – carrots, celery, capsicum etc! 🙂

  2. Favorite condiment: It’s a tie between salsa, ketchup & mustard.. okay actually, I think salsa is my favorite now that I continue to think about it 🙂

  3. I totally dip my broccoli in mustard! Gotta try it with Brussels next. Stellar ingredients in your lunch salad. Chickpeas and sweet potatoes?! Win! And your egg breakfast looks so simply satisfying.

    • Roasted brussel sprouts+spicy mustard is one of my favorite combos! Broccoli is good too (: I think sweet potatoes are good with any type a bean, I think it’s something about the slight salty/sweet combo!


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