MIMM: Running, Massages and Thanksgiving!

I’m not gonna lie, despite the dreary weather my Monday has been surprisingly marvelous. Gotta love it when that happens.

Thanks Katie for hosting!

  1. I finished my first week of training for the Tar Heel 10-miler! I’m loosely following Hal Higdon’s 15K training plan (loosely because I’m giving myself lots of time to build up my mileage since I haven’t been doing much running, and I have until April, wayyy more than 10 weeks). I also got in a 3 mile run before class this morning! We’ll pretend that my first class doesn’t start at 12:30pm. And I got to break out my new Old Navy exercise gear
  2. We did Trager massages in my Somatics class! It felt amazing! Especially because it was right after my run. Can massages be a mandatory post-run thing? If you’ve never heard of the Trager approach (because I definitely hadn’t) it’s based off using the body’s natural movements to relax the muscles. They do a much better job of explaining it here but basically it feels amazing.
  3. I realized I had leftover chili from this weekend and didn’t have to cook dinner. I love it when that happens.

    Even better that it was a cold and dreary day and chili is the perfect rainy day food.
  4. In my Entrepreneurship class we learned about an organization called Kiva and they’re pretty awesome. It’s such a cool way to help people out and organizations like that just warm my heart. Yes, I’m a huge sap. Check them out if you haven’t heard of them!
  5. No one showed up to my Pilates class ): Okay, that’s not at all marvelous, but I’ve been pretty exhausted all day and while I absolutely love teaching Pilates, it definitely would not have been my best class. So while it stinks that no one showed up, it’s nice to have a break and it doesn’t hurt that I get paid for the class regardless of whether anyone shows.
  6. EIGHT DAYS UNTIL THANKSGIVING BREAK! I’m a little excited, if you couldn’t tell. 
  7. I had a this really delicious granola bar as a snack today:
    It was super tasty and of course I love anything pumpkin-spiced flavored, I’m a healthy living blogger after all!
  8. I had a really fun weekend, which I’ll recap tomorrow (and I ran a 5k which I owe you a recap of!). It made waking up Monday morning a little more bearable.
  9. My yoga streak is still going strong! I’m up to 12 days so far! My muscles feel fantastic and I feel way less stressed and just so much better all-around. There’s a special Yoga Condition class being offered on campus tomorrow and I heard from one of the yoga teachers that it’s going to be a butt kicker. I’m super excited! My yoga needs a good kick in the butt!

    Psh, I can totally do that…
  10. My roommate’s birthday is this weekend and we’re having a Friendsgiving celebration! I’m excited! We’re doing it potluck style and I haven’t decided what I’m making but I’m definitely bringing cranberry sauce. The can-shaped kind, which is the ONLY kind in my opinion (:


    Are you a canned cranberry sauce fan? I think the ridges make it tastier (:

    What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? I need some ideas!

    What made your Monday Marvelous

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  1. My Monday was marvelous because I spent most of the day with my girlfriend 🙂

  2. My monday was awesome because my roommate mentioned my birthday and can-shaped cranberry sauce in the same blog post hahaha

  3. I cant wait for Thanksgiving! And leftover chili is the best, especially since the flavors get better every day:)

  4. I’ve always found that leftover chili tastes even better the next day, or heck even the next two days 🙂

    • Even the next week! I love making it at the beginning of the week for easy dinners, it’s one of the things I’ve found that doesn’t taste gross a couple days later.

  5. That’s so awesome you teach Pilates!! I really want to look into becoming licensed so I can teach classes at my school’s gym. How did you do that? P.S. leftovers are amazing!

    • I’m actually not licensed right now, my school does a training program and once you finish that you take a test and do an audition class and they decide whether or not to give you the job. But there’s a Pilates studio in my hometown that’s doing a certification training when I’m home for spring break so I’m hoping to get it then! From what I understand it’s a weekend intensive sorta deal.


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