Thankful Thursday #2

Thanks to Jessie for hosting this awesome link up!

The AppalCart

Oh public transportation, what a love/hate relationship we have. The bus can be a huge pain in my booty but I really am incredibly grateful for it. It helps me save on gas and gets me to campus when there is 6 inches of snow on the ground but Appalachian still hasn’t cancelled classes.

It would be funny if it weren’t so true.

I’m also really thankful to the bus driver I had this morning. I was walking across my apartment complex to the bus stop and saw that the bus was already there, so I figured it I missed it and would have to wait for the next one, but the bus driver saw me and waited for me. I was so grateful that I didn’t have to stand in the cold for another 15 minutes to wait for the next bus.


I’m on day 8 of my yoga streak and it has been such a positive addition to my day. This morning I woke up early to catch an 8AM yoga class an campus and it was an amazing class. The instructor is awesome (she actually led my Pilates and yoga training!) and focused the class around self-love and honoring your body instead of trying to fight it. I loved the message because I could definitely use a little more self-love in my life and it was a great mantra to re-inforce in my day. I also loved starting the day off on such a positive note.


My sleep habits have been terrible lately and I think the only thing keeping me alive is the constant stream of coffee I’ve been drink this past week. Except that I haven’t had any today, so I’ll go ahead and apologize if this post is not at all coherent. I blame  midnight granola making and early morning yoga classes, probably not the best combination. I also blame that whole class thing that university requires me to do everyday, so silly. But thank you coffee for making sure I don’t have the personality of a grumpy old man every morning.

Green Vegetables

I’m also thankful for green vegetables because the help my body recoop after not enough sleep and too much coffee. Hence the blog title (thanks Caitlin for reminding me!).


Too bad I voted absentee and didn’t get a sticker this year ):

Election season turns America into a country of condescending and grumpy people, and I wouldn’t be upset if we decided to do away with all the political ads, but how awesome is it that we get to elect the people in government? Whatever arguments or criticisms you may have about how much impact we really have in elections and other political matters, we have a hell of a lot more power than most countries.

I’m also really thankful my family is coming to see me on Saturday! I haven’t been home in a month and it will be so good to see them! Well, minus one brother who will be slaving away at Trader Joe’s. They rarely get the chance to come see me because of the drive so I like have the chance to take them around Boone. Plus it’s supposed to warm up this weekend, which I’m also thankful for.

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  1. Uhm your brother works at Trader Joes?? AMAZING!!… okay, and it’s also pretty amazing that your family will be visiting you this weekend. I hope y’all have the most wonderful time together xo

    • I know! I have an insider! It’s actually the best job ever too. He gets all kinds of benefits, and gets paid more than I ever did when I worked retail. Not to mention once a week they have a day were the employees get to taste a bunch of their products so they can recommend them to customers, and they get paid to do it! Not fair.

  2. Not going to lie – I rely on coffee more than I’d like to admit 😦 Oh well – such is life as a college student.

    • Me too! It’s a bad habit, but I try to think about all the antioxidants in coffee and ignore the fact that all the caffeine and lack of sleep cancels all that out.

  3. You are welcome for reminding you! And PS just so you know, the link you put to my name is broken! But I appreciate the attempt 🙂
    I am grateful for greens and coffee beans too! I consume both daily after all. And how great that you are doing so much yoga!! I did yoga on Tuesday and felt so wonderful after.

    • Oh no, I think I fixed it! I probably spelled something wrong, I was running off too little sleep and coffee yesterday!
      And yay for yoga! It’s wonderful! I’m trying to see if I can keep my streak going through all of November!


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