Creating Good Habits & A Yoga Streak

I’m freaking OUT right now! I’m just a ball of stress sitting here watching election coverage. I won’t get into politics (though if you’ve read my blog long enough I’m sure my political stance is pretty obvious or you could just watch my twitter). It’s crazy how close it is! I’m taking a break from nail bitting and pulling my hair out to write this post. Eep, I’m going to be up all night!

Did I mention it’s my first presidential election? This is stressful! Anyway, onto a calmer subject!

Lately I’ve been working on creating better habits. You should know I’m a pretty lazy person. Yes I love working out and being active, but I have a bad habit of  sitting around like a bump on a log (that makes me like an 80-year old woman. I’m okay with that) and being all around unproductive when I’m not in class or at the gym.


I’m trying to work on changing this, I waste so much time doing silly unfulfilling things like watching 4 straight hours of Chopped (I don’t even like Chopped that much, why do I do this?). Not that I’m against taking time to relax and unwind, taking time for yourself is so vital to your mental (and subsequently physical) health, but there are much more productive ways of doing so.

So in November I’m working on creating better, less lazy habits for myself. My first new habit? Daily yoga. Remember Courtney‘s October Yoga Challenge that I kinda sucked at? Well I’m going to try to make up for it. My Somatics class actually inspired this idea (FYI Somatics is a study of mind/body connections and different bodyways, it’s a super hippie class and I love it!). My class is doing a daily practice project, basically we pick a daily practice of our choosing (anything from meditation to foam rolling, etc.) and do it everyday for one month. I chose yoga.

I’m using a daily yoga practice as a jumping off point for creating better habits. Yoga gives me just as much, if not more, stress relief than watching hours of Food Network (Paula Deen shows excluded, nothing beats Paula Deen, nothing). Yoga is more productive and has been helping me sleep better, when I don’t make the mistake of doing a Power Flow podcast before bed (bad decision).

So far, I’ve got a 6 day yoga streak going! I’m really proud of this because I feel that I get a lot of really awesome ideas but never actually carry them out and I really want to change that. I could get so much more done if I cut out the crap in my day. Not to mention it’s so refreshing to feel on top of things for once!

I want to try to add in more good habits as November progresses, like daily journaling. If you guys have any ideas for productive habits/things that have worked well for you please let me know! I would love to hear about them!

Do you have some kind of daily practice?

What are some good habits you have (or what are some bad ones you want to change)?

Are you following (or followed) election coverage?

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  1. I think it’s wonderful that instead of letting yourself feel lazy, your doing something about it. Good luck w/ this challenge girl. ❤

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