Marvelous In My Monday

I’m coming at you guys early today because I had some free time I decided to actually be productive with. I love it when stuff like that happens.

I was not ready for Monday morning to come. Funny how even though we got an extra hour Sunday morning I didn’t end up getting any more sleep than I usually do. Going to bed a 2:30 am and then waking up at 7:30 am for church was not a wise decision, but I was excited when my alarm went off and I remembered I had another hour of sleep left. Such a good feeling.

A big thanks to Katie for hosting every Monday!

  1. I register for my LAST semester of college class today! Holy cow where do the time go? I’m a little freaked out that I will be thrown into the real world in 6 months. Eek.
  2. My college offers a CrossFit class!

    Whattttttt. I cried a little when I found out a can’t take it because it’s at the same time as I class I need to graduate. I guess that’s more important or something. Lame. I’m going to take a weight training class instead, because even though I already have 16 hours worth of classes I need to take to graduate on time, I like to through some extra stuff in there too.
  3. My morning snack:You should know that I’m not a fan of anything minty, but this bar is so dang good! It’s starting to make me a peppermint convert. But, the gingerbread flavor is still better (:

  4. I have artwork hanging up in the student gallery on campus!App State is doing it’s own version of the Artistic Book Rebuttal Project and my submission was one of many picked to be displayed. It feels awesome to have my work displayed!

    If you’re interested in art or creative projects of any kind you should really check out the project’s website, the story behind it is really amazing.

  5. I’m teaching a special Pilates class this Wednesday. It’s called Pilates Sculpt and it’s basically going to be Pilates using weights. Our campus offers special group fitness events from time to time but this is the first Pilates special event we are hosting so I’m hoping lots of people come out.
  6. Speaking of teaching I found out I was nominated for Group Fitness employee of the month, I didn’t win but it made me feel good I was even nominated since I’m a new instructor.
  7. I’ve been seriously considering registering for the Tar Heel 10-miler race in April. My farthest distance so far is a 10K, but I’ve been feeling the itch to get back into running again. I figure I have 5 months to train which would be more than enough time to train. I’m feeling ambitious (hopefully I won’t change my tune when it comes to doing runs in the dead of winter).

  8. I just ordered a bunch of workout clothes from Old Navy for super cheap! I was looking for a long-sleeve moisture-wicking shirt and ended up also ordering a tank top, short-sleeve shirt and capris because they were such a dang good deal. I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival!All this for $46, heck yes.

  9. The outpouring of support for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. I’ve seen so many fundraisers happening in the past couple of days It’s amazing to see what this country can do when we band together to help people. It makes me especially happy during election season (speaking of which, you better get your butt out to vote tomorrow if you haven’t already!) when the country usually seems so divided.
  10. I had to add an extra because I like even numbers.

Well apparently there are lots of things making my Monday wonderful. I need to shut up and stop whining about today because it’s actually shaping up to be a pretty good day!

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  1. Congrats on that nomination girl and woohoo for your last semester at school!

    I love that clif bar and love the pumpkin one too!
    Happy Monday! ❤

  2. 1. How exciting about it being signing up for your last semester of classes. Eh almost done girl 🙂
    2. LOVE Old Navy’s work out clothes… especially the price tag that comes along w/ them
    3. SIGN UP FOR THE 10K!!

    • Old Navy is the best, I’m pretty sure over half of my workout clothes are from there!
      I think I am going to sign up! But it’s expensive so I’m waiting a little bit longer just to be sure. I did sign up for two 5Ks though!

  3. Congrats! I love holiday themed bars, and this one sounds amazing:)

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