Yoga Challenge Week 3 Recap

First can I just say that the more politics and debate I listen to the more I just want to live on a hippie commune. I’m already sick of this election stuff (but you can bet your booty I’ll still be voting!)

Anyway, back to yoga.

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

(Thanks again to Courtney for hosting this fun challenge!)

I kinda failed this week at yoga.

Which is really backwards because I had such a stressful week that I should have done more yoga, not less. One day I’ll get that right. I think the problem is that I’m only a teeny step of way from pulling my hair out in full-on stress mode so when I actually have free time I just want to curl up in a comfy chair and watch Food Network for hours on end.

It happens.

I did get two out of three yoga sessions for the week, which isn’t too bad.

Yoga Breakdown:

  • Wednesday: Hip-opener podcast from, my hips are getting tight! My hips used to be crazy flexible from all the dance I used to do and I’ve lost a lot of it, which makes me kinda sad. I need to work on stretching more consistently, especially after runs and spin class.

    I used to be able to do this! I want it back!

  • Today: I did a Gentle Flow sequence (also Yoga Journal, I’m telling you I’m addicted to their podcasts!), which felt sooo good. Nothing like stretching out those tired, overstressed muscles. I think my body was basically telling me “hey, yoga is good when you are stressed, stop ignoring it. I like it.” I like tough power yoga, but gentle yoga can feel so dang good sometimes.

So my yoga week was not too bad, but my body needed so much more yoga than I actually did. It’s a shame that when I need yoga the most I let it fall by the wayside. Oh well, it’s something I’m working on, and I’m hoping to get in more yoga sessions this week!

And now for some pictures of my cats, because I miss them a lot:


I put a necklace on him so he looks extra pretty.

He actually sleeps like this, he’s a pretty ridiculous cat.

We are one crazy cat family and I’m perfectly okay with that. I miss the furry nuggets like crazy.

Do you stretch after workouts? I am terrible at remembering to!

Are you a cat or dog person? I pick both, even though I have lots of cats, I like dogs too.

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  1. jessielovestorun

     /  October 22, 2012

    I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling stressed out girl. I think you need a day for yourself. You deserve it ❤

  2. Any yoga is good yoga so good for you! The hip opener sounds particularly nice to me. This morning I did yoga and any pose involving hip opening made my body super happy. I am so bad at stretching after workouts. Group fitness classes are good b/c there’s the “stretch song” at the end that forces me to do so. I also enjoy the Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD’s Long & Lean routine. As soon as I press “play” I have commited myself to 10min of stretching and that’s a good thing!

    • Group fitness classes definitely help, but I still need to do more! I think my body is still used to taking dance classes, where we’d do like 20 minutes of stretching at the beginning of class! I was super flexible doing that!
      I’ve never done a Tone It Up video, but I’ve heard lots of good things so I’ll definitely have to check them out!

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