Yoga Challenge Week 2 Recap

How is it that I am so awesome at fitting in yoga when there is a challenge involved, but really terrible at it in everyday life?

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

I don’t know but I got in all three yoga sessions this week.

Whenever I get busy, my yoga practice seems to be the first thing I cut out to make more time, which is a huge shame considering it’s so beneficial. I always say I need to start making a yoga a bigger priority in my life, but I really suck at doing that. Well, if Courtney keeps doing yoga challenges, I will be awesome at doing more yoga (:

Yoga breakdown for the week:

  • Tuesday: I actually made it to a yoga class! I mentioned it some here, but I went to a Power Yoga class at one of the campus gyms and it was awesome. Sometimes I have those yoga classes where I’m a little miserable and constantly staring at the clock and sometimes I have classes where they set us up for Savasana even though I could have swore the class started 5 minutes ago. Tuesday was one of the classes. It’s really good that I made it to that class to because the gym I went to is closed for the rest of the semester for construction reasons (it’s also the gym I teach at which doubly sucks – boo construction!)
  • Friday: I did a core strengthening podcast from Yoga Journal and holy cow, it was tough! I’d like to think I have a decently strong core, considering I teach Pilates, but this podcast definitely put it to work!
  • Today!: This morning I completed a Sun Salutation workout, also from Yoga Journal (I told you guys you’d see a lot of these!). It was a great way to get moving this morning! I don’t have class until 12:30 on Mondays and Wednesday and even though I have time in the morning to work out, I usually save it for after class, so it feels good to get moving in the morning, it gets me energized for the rest of the day. I totally broke a sweat during this podcast too, which should say something considering it’s only 22 minutes.

I was hoping to get more yoga sessions in during the second half of the week, since I was home for fall break and had plenty of time to do so, but I’ve had a cold the past couple of days and runny noses + down dogs just don’t mix. I’m starting to feel a lot better though, so I’ll definitely be doing much more yoga this week!

What’s your favorite type of yoga class/yoga style? I love power yoga, but there are a lot of styles (like Bikram!) that I haven’t tried out yet, soon hopefully!

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