Yoga Challenge Week 1 Recap

I have to admit I’ve been a really terrible yogi lately. I’ve only made it out to 3 or 4 yoga classes so far this semester, shameful I know, and my body is definitely starting to feel it.

I saw Courtney is starting an October Yoga Challenge and I figured that was just the kick in the yoga pants I needed to get back into my yoga practice.

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Plus I really loved Courtney’s June Yoga Challenge (recaps here, here, here and here) so I already knew it was going to be lots of fun.

For the challenge I am aiming to get in at least 3 yoga sessions a week, enough to get the benefits, but few enough that I have no excuse not to do them. The result? I got in all three yoga sessions! Boom. This week I stuck with yoga podcasts, it’s been a pretty busy week and while I would have loved to make it out to an actual class, the podcasts still gets the job done!

  • Monday: I completed a Morning Sequence podcast after breakfast, courtesy of Yoga Journal I really need to incorporate more yoga into my morning routines, it was a really great way to start the day. Now that I don’t typically workout in the mornings I feel pretty groggy throughout the morning and I think a little more morning yoga could put some pep in step.
  • Thursday: I did the Forward Bend podcast, also from Yoga Journal (I’m thinking you’ll be seeing these a lot!) and holy cow my hamstrings have gotten tight! I’ve been doing more spinning and plyo-based exercises and less stretching (bad Lea!) and I can definitely tell. I will definitely be working on loosening up those hammies this month.
  • Sunday: After lunch on Sunday I complete the Awaken and Strength the Arms podcasts (also from Yoga Journal!) and my arms were definitely shaking at the end! Lots of down dogs to plank to up dogs had my arms doing some work. My  itunes chopped off the “Arms” part of the podcast title so I wasn’t expecting it to be so focused on the arms, but I have to say I didn’t hate it (:

So I have to take a second and talk about the Yoga Journal podcasts because they’re pretty awesome. I know I’ve probably raved about them on the blog before but I really love them! I have yet to find another yoga podcast that comes close to these. Most of the podcasts are taught by Jason Crandall.


Beast. He gives a lot of great cues and is pretty zen without being too out there and granola. I mean a little granola is good but, too much gets a little crazy pants. Just saying.

I also love that the podcasts are only 20-30 minutes (but they also offer a full 80 minute class if that’s what you’re looking for) so I feel like I’m getting some quality yoga time in without having to take an hour and a half out of a busy day for it. And they offer both an audio podcast and video podcast so I can throw it on my ipod or follow along on my laptop.

So seriously, if you need some quality FREE yoga classes in your life, go check it out.

It’s only been one week and I am really loving the challenge. But really that’s no surprise because I really love yoga. Even if sometimes I’m bad and neglect it. Sorry yoga.


Do you like yoga?

And all those yogis out there, how do you keep up your practice when life gets busy?

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  1. Great job, Lea!
    So glad to have you in the challenge 🙂
    Keep it up!!!

    • greensandcoffeebeans

       /  October 9, 2012

      Thanks! So glad you made the challenge, I love it!

  2. I love the relaxation aspect of yoga. I just feel at peace when I take a class 🙂

    • greensandcoffeebeans

       /  October 14, 2012

      Me too, it’s definitely great at the end of a stressful day!

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