What I Ate Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday?

It’s that time again!


I love the Halloween theme! I love pumpkins, like a lot. Moving on…



Oats in a Jar! Is it sad that I had this for breakfast yesterday morning and I already have another jar ready for tomorrow’s breakfast? Maybe. And Trader Joe’s makes better peanut butter than Smucker’s. Sorry Smucker’s.

Morning Snack


Baby carrots with peanut butter! Such a good snack. Just ignore the fact that all the black beans on my salad rolled over on to my carrots. They rolled back over before I ate the salad though, which was good.

I also had a teeny apple, so teeny it fit in the palm of my hand. I love mini foods. I also had some some cottage cheese with peanut butter and cinnamon. Sounds weird but it so good.


That’s one spooky looking snack. Everything about cottage cheese is so appetizing.


A sad, sad lunch but one yummy bar. They were on sale at Harris Teeter so I picked one up to try it out and it was quite yummy. But can anything with chocolate and almonds really be bad?

Afternoon Snack:


TRAIL MIX! Way too sugary but I didn’t pack enough snacks and I was hungry and the student union bulk trail mix was too convenient. Some candy corn might have snuck it’s way too. No shame. Candy corn is one of my favorite things, it’s a good thing it’s seasonal or I would be in a sugar coma 24/7.



Deja vu? Romaine lettuce, black beans and tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market! The tomatoes counted as my red food for the #plantPOWER October challenge, which is turning out to be a really fun challenge. Thanks to Heather and Kasey for such a fun challenge.


I also had some roasted vegetables at 9:30 when I got back from campus. Got get my veggies in before bed time!


And I made a T-Shirt! Hand screen  Epsilon Pi Tau is the technology honors society, nerd alert.

I ate a whole lot more, but I didn’t take pictures so I kinda forgot what I ate. Sorry guys it’s been a long day. Let’s talk about workouts instead, I remember those and it’s been a really good week for workouts so far.

Monday I did a yoga podcast in the morning, it was fantastic, I need more yoga in my life! After class I went to a 45 minute spin class which is one of my favorite classes because 45 minutes is enough to get really sweaty but not be dead afterwards. Then I taught some Pilates, by myself because the other girl I teach with didn’t show up. Luckily I still felt like a taught a good class and I got some really good feedback from students afterward which is always awesome.

Tuesday I went to a Power Hour class at the gym which was pretty much an hour of circuit workouts which was awesome but KILLER. We did a minute of jumping lunges. Ouch. I hate lunges, but they’re good for me so I won’t complain too much.

Today I went to a 45-minute Body Rock class, which included strength and a circuit style workout. I really like this class because it includes a little bit of everything so I never get bored. I also taught Pilates which went really well even though only 4 people came. I like teaching small classes but it makes me ego feel better when I have a big class. Hey, I’m only human.

Yay workouts.


Do you like Halloween? YES.

Any awesome workouts this week?


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