Three Breakfasts {WIAW}

It’s almost the weekend! Well, not really, but my Friday class was cancelled so that’s close enough for me! This week has just been one of those weeks were I wish weekends were about 5 days longer. Pretty please.

But it’s Wednesday!

Thanks Jenn for making my Wednesdays a little bit brighter.

Disclaimer, I think I get a little more lazy and scatter-brained every week when it comes to taking pictures. I wish I had a better excuse than I just get really hungry and I don’t think you would enjoy twenty pictures of dirty dishes and empty wrappers. Sowwy.

Breakfast = oats + peanut butter + hemp milk + flaxseed meal (woo woo omega-3s!) + too much (no such thing) cinnamon + pea protein powder. I changed things up a little by adding some pea protein powder because I’m just that cutting edge.

Breakfast #2, yes #2:

Squeezing in as many anti-oxidants as possible before 8 AM with a mug of green tea (which stayed FAR away from my laptop this time!) and some unsweetened Bakers Chocolate. We won’t talk about how I bought a whole box of Baker’s Chocolate on Saturday and it is already gone. Nope, not talking about that.

And then I had camera shy two eggs, I think those still count as breakfast but I don’t really want to admit to eating three breakfasts. Except I think I did.

I tried to pretend it was fall and put on some boots. Mother Nature didn’t get the memo because it was still 75 degrees outside. Hurry up fall!

I had a golden delicious apple in between classes while finishing up a design project I was supposed to turn in Friday. Whoops. At least the design came out good?

I had a peanut butter cookie Larabar in between my next to classes, which was secretly eaten in the computer lab. Secretly because we’re not supposed to eat in there, too bad 4 hours in front of a computer requires some snacks.

After class I ran to the bank (bye Wells Fargo! You can keep your $5 monthly service fees thankyouverymuch) and snacked on a sweet potato with peanut butter:

Recycled photo, just imagine it with a car in the background.

And I was still hungry so I also snacked on some pesto-flavored nuts:

Like this but pesto flavored because a photo never actually happened. I got these in the Healthy Surprise box I got back in September (maybe I’ll have all the snacks finally finished by the end of the year?). The pesto flavor was equally as delicious as the curry flavor by the way. I’ve still got another bag left but I might have to go hunt more down when I finish it!

After the bank I stopped by Wal-mart to restock my bar stash. I hate going to Wal-mart because it’s a 24/7 zoo but they have good prices and were close by so I gave in and picked up some Luna bars.

I headed back to campus for a Graphic Arts honors society meeting (look at me being all academic) and ate a Nutz Over Chocolate Luna bar during the meeting.

We’ll pretend that’s the right flavor.

Dinner was roasted veggies:

Look a non-phone picture! I’ve been eating roasted veggies like it’s my job lately. I can’t get enough. Broccoli, brussel sprouts and green beans, getting in that daily green quota. I just tossed them in a little olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and popped them in the oven at 425 until they started to brown. I had another egg on the side for some extra protein.

My homework snack was a Greek yogurt mixture:

Plain greek yogurt, peanut butter, pea protein powder, and cinnamon, eaten while watching The Nanny reruns (on Nick at Nite which just makes me feel old, remember when Nick at Nite was shows like the Brady Brunch?) and finishing my internship portfolio (finally!), all 75 pages of it. Yeah, a little ridiculous.

Writing this post made me realize I eat the same things all the time! I went to the grocery store this morning (I love going in the morning when it’s EMPTY and the shelves are fully stocked (:  ) and bought some new-ish things like sunflower seed milk and jicama, so I’ll try to get some more interesting meals for you guys!

What’s your favorite easy-to-make meal? After a long day of classes I never feel like making anything fancy, but I’m starting to get sick of eating the same things everyday, any good suggestions?

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  1. Did you join a credit union?

  2. I just read your about me and we have a lot in common! Mainly the inability to keep a nut butter jar around for a long periods of time. 😉 Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I wouldn’t mind eating it 3 times!

    • I’m just glad I’m not the only one who is powerless around a jar of nut butter!
      I actually look forward to getting up in the morning because I’m that excited to eat breakfast!


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