Good Habits & Diet Staples {WIAW}

Where did August go? The fact that it is already September is blowing my mind a little bit. I’m not convinced August even really happened it went by so quickly. I’m excited for fall though, fall is beautiful up here in the mountains and one of my favorite times of year. Plus I’m ready to wear jeans, boots and scarves without sweating to death. And eat pumpkin and apple everything. Obviously.

September’s What I Ate Wednesday theme is about falling into good habits. I’d like to think I eat pretty cleanly (at least relatively speaking, most college students I meet are pretty nutritionally challenged) but I definitely have some bad habits when it comes to food. Ahem, sitting down with a spoon and a jar of peanut butter or getting a little snack happy on gluten-free cookies.

This month, I’m trying to focus on eating less sugar (I’m looking at you gingersnaps) because too much sugar makes me feel like poo and I feel 100x better without it (I even went 60 days without sweets – and felt amazing afterwards). I’ve also been trying to make of point of eating more protein and healthy fats. While carbs are super delicious I never feel satisfied after a carb-filled day and end up eating everything in sight. No bueno. So here’s to building better habits.

So yesterday I pretty much failed at taking pictures of my food, so instead here are some meals/snacks/munchies I’ve been loving lately:

Kale salads! I love them because I can throw one together in the morning before class and it travels really well. This one includes kale (obviously), edamame, some very brown avocado, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Mushrooms, chickpeas, tofu and zucchini are other favorite toppings.

I also love hummus and veggies. I picked up some greek-style Athenos hummus on sale at the grocery story last week and it’s been a great snack, especially on long class days.

Fruit! I am a golden delicious apple freak and go through a 3 lb bag in a week. It’s a problem I don’t mind having. I haven’t met a fruit I don’t like and I can eat a ridiculous amount of it. I’m pretty sure I have a second stomach reserved for fruit, like yesterday when I ate an entire container of strawberries by myself for a snack. Not so economical but whatever.

My cottage cheese combination just got a little weirder. Cottage cheese + peanut butter + flax meal + avocado + cinnamon, I think my roommates were sufficiently grossed out, but the avocado added some delicious healthy fats in there. Avocado doesn’t have a strong flavor and I’m convinced you can put it in almost anything to amp up the creamy-ness/fat factor, you may just get a few strange looks.

My friend studied abroad in Germany this summer and sent me this chocolate bar. It tasted like pure heaven, I have no other words for it. Chocolate and coffee is a match made in food heaven. Speaking of chocolate, I’ve been on a huge chocolate kick lately (hence the Baker’s chocolate) and dark chocolate in moderation can have a lot of health benefits, so I’m going to keep eating it.

Canned coconut milk. I saw Katie’s post about different canned coconut milk brands the other week so I picked up a can at Earthfare last weekend (seeing a trend with all these healthy fats?). It’s absolutely delicious. Creamy and slightly sweet, I hate to admit I’ve only eaten straight from the can so far, I should try to find something to make with it but I doubt it will last that long.

COFFEE. It’s a daily ritual and I could (and do) drink it all day long (um, hence the blog name). I’ve been trying to cut back slightly because I’ve been doing a poor job of keeping up my hydration and excessive coffee consumption isn’t helpful, but I still drink at least a cup or two every day. A hot cup of coffee in the morning just makes my whole day better. I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea lately too, which is delicious, but my love for coffee is a little deeper.

The sorry looking coffee picture is thanks to Stick Boy Bread Company‘s (the best bakery ever) Free Cookie & Coffee Day. Every year on their birthday they give away free cookies and coffee all day. I didn’t get a cookie this year because I’m not down for the stomach ache this week, but I was sure to pick up my free cup of coffee (and a cookie for my roommate who had class, because I’m nice). I attempted to get a picture of it while crossing the street, but umm… that didn’t work. Stick Boy’s brews Larry’s Beans which is my my favorite coffee brand (and local!). Larry’s Beans is a little on the expensive side, so I took full advantage of the free cup. The name of the coffee is El Salvador Dali. Love it.

How are you going to fall into good habits this month?

What are some staples (or new favorite foods) in your diet?

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  1. Happy WIAW! I am trying to limit my sugar and carb intake too. Your right, about feeling better without sugar. 🙂

  2. I am ready for the fall weather as well! I ❤ jeans and a hoodie.

  3. Sometimes the strangest combos are the best:) I love kale salads, too!

  4. Emily

     /  September 5, 2012

    Kale salads are heaven! I have one almost every day, it’s kind of ridiculous. And I completely understand your coffee obsession- it keeps me sane! And hey, there are much worse things we could be addicted to, right? (:

    Happy WIAW!


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